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The new version of The Shoppe, now affectionatly known as 'Sneed.' Home to the Old Kingdom RP that keeps Sanaryelle and Fishy Biscuits awake till Charter-knows-what time in the morning!
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Fishy Biscuits

This is the new version of The Shoppe. We are a General forum, with Old Kingdom Trilogy RP threads. For those of you who haven't read the Old Kingdom Trilogy (by Garth Nix), I suggest you do so now. Because they're awesome.

Basically, once you've come in and said 'hello,' I'll stick something about you here. It'll most likely be copied and pasted from The Shoppe, unless there's anything new/different you'd like me to add.

Format: Penname Nicknames (Date joined) - Description- First Name. Age. Location.

This is us:


Fishy Biscuits Fish, Fsih, Darth Fish (November 5th, 2010) - Your new Lord and Master. Fish is pretty much completely obsessed with Garth Nix's Old Kingdom Trilogy. She spends way too much time RPing - usually doing at least 6-hour-long stints, at ungodly hours of the morning, or when she really should be doing her uni work. If she's not RPing or chatting, she's probably out bell-ringing or drinking - or probably both. And she's a Brit, taking her epicness to a whole new level. Hayley. 20. England.

Sanaryelle Sana, Sana-san, Luke Sanawalker (November 5th, 2010) - Sana's a proud Canadian, and loves to get people to try her homemade mooseburger. Voted Favorite Moderator on The Shoppe's Employees of the Year, Sana's truly hilarious and a brilliant RP'er. Sana loves Shakespeare and most classic literature, and is a bookcase of knowledge about the classics, in addition to more modern stuff like OKT. Sana also loves Star Wars and has actually seen most of the Star Treks, excluding Deep Space 9. She's one of our favorite geek-nerds, and she's also one of the sweetest, fairest people on the forum. Chat with her, and she's sure to amaze you. Karen. 24. BC, Canada.


The Tenth Bright Shiner Ata, Zoe, Emperor Atatine (November 5th, 2010) - Ata is many things: Sana's stalker, an Honourary Canadian, an Empress, a Goddess, and a zombie, among many others. She's a kind, friendly vegetarian, always happy to welcome the newbies. While she leaves the glomping and nicknaming to Scrat, Ata does a fair amount of hugging. She'll glomp people when they get on, usually knocking them to the floor by accident, and making people like Rani hide behind a box to avoid her. Ata loves to play the part of the Epic Aristocrat, not using regular tissues and stuff like that. But don't let that fool you. Ata's sweet, and was voted as Fairest is The Shoppe's Employees of the Year. She loves Pokémon, OKT, and Star Wars. Watch out for her dancing, though. It'll blind you. Tammy. 14. Maryland, USA. Ata's Palace.

ResistanceIsNotFutile Rani, Nemesis, Rani-Wan Kenobi (November 6th, 2010) - Rani is random. Paired up with her partner-in-crime, Wolf, the two believe mental stability is overrated and seek world domination, and they will enslave all humanity and probably make us do the hamster dance. Rani is a lover of Star Wars and Star Trek, obsessed with Obi-Wan from Star Wars, even becoming Rani-Wan Kenobi. Rani loves Legend of the Seeker, and was voted the Coolest Reg in the The Shoppe's Employees of the Year Awards. Rani's a happy person, so if you ruin her happy, we'll ruin your happy. Morgan. Washington, USA. Rani's Box.

Ruby-Red Revenge Scrat, Scratch, Em, Eli, Emerald Vader, Scraticus, Scrattiel, Diamond, Waterbender Scrat (November 5th, 2010) - Scrat loves you. No, really, she loves you. She showers everyone with hugs and glomps and loves to nickname the newbies. Voted Kindest in the Employees of the Year awards, Scrat lives up to that reputation with her hugs and sympathy for everyone, even if she doesn't understand the whole thing. A lover of Zuko and Luke Skywalker, Scrat also loves the Star Wars and The Last Airbender fandoms, and is struggling with her long list of stuff to watch, including Red vs. Blue, Star Trek, and Hetalia. Overall, Scrat's one of the sweetest people you could meet. But beware; she's also a Sith Lord and a waterbender. Elizabeth. 14. Maryland, USA.

Blade of Fate Blade, Dae (November 5th, 2010)- Blade's the awesome Danish dude with the cool avvie. =D Denmark.

Ariana Ethaitrius Ari, Aleigh (November 5th, 2010)- Aleigh, cheery and Australian, lives in the future. She's a huge HP fan. Dejsha. Australia.

Aristocrat Emperor Of Puppies Empire (November 5th, 2009)-'Ata's little brother' is a title Empire will never escape. Empire was one of the first RP'ers, though his characters have long since retreated from the action. In addition to being an OKT fan, Empire also loves Star Wars, Super Mario World (meaning the Toads), and The Sims 3. His constant excuse for not being here is that he has better things to do, but he LIEZ. Empire's cool and uses his sarcasm as much as he can. He usually responds to most posts with a "…", and greets people with an "'Ello!" This sarcastic boy can be cheerful at times, and he'll make you laugh without trying, though he's usually in his own little world. Alan. 11. Maryland, USA.

Uesugi Arisu Alice, Emperal Alice (November 5th, 2010) - Alice is our first male regular, and our anime expert. He loves Vocaloid a lot. Alice describes himself as the typical Asian dude, who gets good grades and does his homework. He also plays badminton, but doesn't really enjoy other sports. Alice is hyper and energetic, and was best known for bounding around people to greet them when he first got here. He's still epic win, and funny, too. Chat with him when he's on. =D En. 15. California, USA. Alice's Wonderland.

Spocktimus Prime Wolf (November 6th, 2010)- The "DO" in "DOOM" and Rani's partner-in-crime, Wolf is a Star Wars fan, and has convinced herself that she's a Jedi Master of Randomness, and that her goal is to write a series of hilarious Star Wars crackfics, which she's succeeding at. Wolf is random, in all senses of the word, and can be sarcastic at times. She likes Red vs. Blue, especially Tucker!quotes. She spends much of her time on games and side threads, though she doesn't RP, and you're also likely to find her on the chat during her afternoons. Trust me, Wolf and her pineapples will blow your mind. Lizzie. 15. Indiana, USA. Wolf's Lair.

Spacegeek2001 Anna (November 7th, 2010) - Anna first showed herself on the "The East Coast is Better" thread, defending the West Coast. She likes OKT, so that makes her awesome. Find her on side threads, and sometimes in the chat.

Tahlia Westbrooke Tahl, West (November 9th, 2010)- Tahl is Captain of the Raylinn/Oliver ship on our OKT RP, and loves Sabristone and QuiTahl, two of the most awesome canon pairings to exist. Tahlia. 16. Arizona, USA.

Sairento-Shi Kik (November 16th, 2010)- Kik's a gamer girl who loves to use symbols. USA

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