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If you want to join in the ongoing RP story, fill out this form with your charcter's details. If you've already created a character back in The Shoppe, it might be a good idea to re-post their profile here.

Warning: Mary Sues will be deleted!


Appearance (inc. age):

Position (Abhorsen, Royalty, Wallmaker, Clayr, Charter Mage, Ancelstierran, Perimeter scout, anything else):




Existing Characters:

Format: Name (age, position, RPer)

Characters in bold are 'active' characters (ie, characters who have been played recently).

Abhorsen family: Cariel (19/21, ex-Abhorsen, Sana); Tarael (19, Abhorsen, Ata, deceased); Raylinn/Idriel (17/18, Abhorsen, Fish)

Royal family: Gregior (32, ex-King, Empire)

Clayr: Iselli (30/32, ex-Ranger, Sana); Linette (25/27, Paperwing pilot, Fish); Vynn (20/22, Ranger, Sana); Ally (21, Paperwing pilot, Thunder); Mielli (19, Librarian, Scrat); Rosalynn (18, Librarian, Bloo); Isavelle (17, Librarian, Ata); Sabarra (12, Ata, deceased); Eirel (12, Anna)

Royal Guards: Aedyn (35/36, Captain, Fish); Terin (32, Lieutenant, Fish); Oliver (22/23, Guardsman, Sana)

Wallmakers: Galeren (27, Wallmaker, Fish); Elandri (26, Queen, Sana)

Perimeter Guard: Cozaier Rawlins (28, scout, Ata); Nate Johnson (23, scout, Thunder, deceased); Drew DeWitt (22, guard/sharpshooter, Scrat)

Wyverley College: Yvanna Farrow (29/31, English teacher, Fish); Orien Emerson (22/23, Magistrix, Sana); Analie (17, student, Scrat); Anderra (17, student, Ata); Adrelle (17, student, Ata); Rayne (16, student, Bloo); Madeline (12, student, Thunder); Meena (11, student, Thunder)

Somersby: Llew Emerson (25/26, science teacher, Sana); Garek (13, student, Ata); Edwin (13, student, Thunder)

Evil Characters: Mawbor (31, ex-Royal Guard, deceased, Sana); Jalandir (30s, necromancer, Sana); Sorienne (28/30, ex-Royal Guard, Fish); Rayna (29, necromancer, Rani)

Other: Simton/'Sim' (80s, Justiciar/Chancellor, Sana); Darod (32/33, ex-Messenger, deceased, Sana); Serran (25, Charter mage, Rani); Jenarae (24, messenger, Sana, comatose); Sirelle (23, Nomad, Scrat); Jace (22, necromancer, Bloo); Ysabel (18, barmaid, Fish)

11/5/2010 . Edited 8/30/2011 #1
Fishy Biscuits

I'll start by re-posting my characters.

Name: Idriel - though originally called Raylinn. Also known as 'Tiddy' by her baby nephew, Nate.

Appearance: 17/19 years old, long-ish black hair, dark eyes, pale skin... typical Abhorsen appearance. According to Oliver, she has nice hands, and looks pretty when she blushes. Has various scars, including ones on her arms, wrists, stomach and chest.

Position: Abhorsen.

Personality: Passionate, brave - to the point of being reckless - and a powerful Charter Mage. A skilled swordswoman, though not quite so talented with other weapons. Rather impulsive and unpredictable, she doesn't like admitting she is wrong or incapable of doing something. She has a short temper, though she has been trying to control it more. She also sometimes suffers from depression.

History: Sister of Cariel, granddaughter of Lirael and Nick Sayre. Raylinn wanted to become the Abhorsen since she was about five or six, having grown up with the stories about her grandmother. She desperately wanted to be chosen as the Abhorsen-in-Waiting by Tarael, but when Cariel was picked instead, Raylinn ran away from the House. She lived alone for the next two years or so, travelling around the south of the Old Kingdom and getting into quite a bit of a mess. She blamed all of this on Tarael and Cariel. Eventually, trying to escape all the bad things she had been through, she decided to cross the Wall into Ancelstierre, where she stayed in Wyverley for a couple of weeks and got herself into even more of a mess, by getting engaged to a drunken, abusive arsehole - who she then murdered shortly after helping defeat the black flamey thing at Docky Point. She fled across the Wall with Cariel, Oliver and Nate, and then almost killed Cariel after finding out that Cariel never actually wanted to be the Abhorsen in the first place. Cariel passed the sword and bells over to Raylinn, who then took on the role of Abhorsen (going under the name 'Idriel' to separate herself from who she used to be), despite missing out on the relevant training. When she was captured by the Royal Guard, who were under orders to bring her back to Ancelstierre where she would be arrested for murder, she ended up falling in love with ex-Perimeter Scout Oliver Tindall. After Cariel took the blame for the murder and saved Idriel from prison, she went back to the Old Kingdom to continue her role as Abhorsen. She split from her lover, Oliver, after he told her that he had slept with another woman. Since then, she has focussed completely on her work - and on fussing over her new baby nephew, Nate. She briefly got back with Oliver, and was engaged to him for a short time, before splitting from him again. She is now married to Lord Drystan of Olmond, though she wants to officially separate from him.

Misc: She has an alcohol problem, stemming from the time she spent away from the House. When she gets drunk, she acts very flirty and does not remember anything about it the following morning.

11/5/2010 . Edited 1/4/2012 #2
Fishy Biscuits

Name: Ysabel

Appearance: 18 years old, quite skinny, messy blonde hair, hazel eyes.

Position: Barmaid at the Pond Village inn

Personality: Generally curious - bordering on nosey - about most things, especially Charter magic. Quite sassy, very talkative, and likes to gossip. Is actually very observant, but is also a bit of a dumb blonde!

History: Comes from quite a poor family, doesn't have a Charter mark, neither do any of her relatives, never had the opportunity to get much of an education. She is the sole provider for a family of seven, after her father damaged his back.

Misc: Frequently wishes she could do more with her life, but never actually does anything about it. Loves coming up with stories (usually to do with romance) about various customers who stay at the inn she works at.

11/5/2010 . Edited 12/31/2010 #3
Fishy Biscuits

Name: Yvanna Farrow - soon to be, Owen

Appearance: 29/31 years old. Average height, mid-length blonde hair, usually tied in a ponytail. Moderately fashionable.

Position: Wyverley College's English teacher.

Personality: Responsible, very interested in books, and fussy about the misuse of apostrophes! Can be serious when she's teaching, and a good laugh when she's around friends. She enjoys gently teasing her friends, particularly Orien. She can't keep a secret to save her life.

History: She lived and went to school in Bywick, a town quite far south of Wyverley, so she had no idea about magic or the Old Kingdom until she met Orien. She thought about becoming a lawyer, but (for some reason) decided to go for teaching instead. She met her boyfriend Jack, a doctor, in a cafe in Wyverley, when Orien set the two of them up on a date. Jack proposed to her after Orien and Emerson's wedding.

Misc.: Is a good friend of Orien Tindall, and is developing a growing interest in the Old Kingdom - particularly its literature (typical English teacher!).

11/5/2010 . Edited 8/28/2011 #4

I'll just repost my active characters (not sure about the one I abandoned in the Clayr's Glacier... We can probably just cut that storyline off.)

Name: Oliver Tindall

Appearance: 22/23 years old, black hair, brown eyes (nice ones, according to Raylinn). Raylinn also thinks he has a nice chest, but you'll have to take her word for it. (Fish!Edit:Everyonethinks he has a nice chest. :P) Thanks to Mawbor, Sorienne, and Rayna, he has lots of scars and a missing toe.

Position: Ex-Perimeter Scout, now a Royal Guard. Can use a large amount of power when half-conscious or drunk (or in a meditative state, but he's working on that), but it drains him.

Personality: Impulsive, pessimistic, and a bit of a show-off, but deep down a decent guy. A smart-ass, which enfuriated his teachers at Somersby. He says exactly what he thinks, which tends to annoy everyone around him. He also shouts when he's angry - which is often. Also has quite a reputation with the ladies.

History: Born in Bain, Oliver is from a military family where all Tindall men become officers serving on the Perimeter. Being rather averse to responsibility, he attended Somersby from ages 14 to 19, refused to enlist in the officer's academy, and then drifted around for a year before joining the military - but not as an officer. His father was a Captain in the Perimeter Guard until he lost his arm, and his uncle is a Colonel who resents Oliver for 'shaming the family'. Oliver and his friend Nate got caught up in things when they ran into Cariel while on patrol. He helped defeat the shadow creature at Docky Point, helped track down Nate's killer, had a relationship with Idriel, and became a Royal Guard. After a brief but passionate reunion with Idriel, he has decided to split from her for good - although he still retains his love for her.

Misc.: Oliver is the twin brother of Orien (Magistrix Tindall). He smokes a pipe. He has two fears: drowning and mice. In his own words, the two people he would die for are Idriel and Nate (junior).

11/5/2010 . Edited 9/5/2011 #5

Name: Orien Emerson

Appearance: 22/23 years old, black hair, brown eyes, pale skin, rather skinny - calls herself a scarecrow.

Position: Ex-Magistrix of Wyverley College, a powerful Charter mage.

Personality: Eccentric and moody. She has trouble getting up in the morning, reacts badly to large amounts of caffeine, and has very strange eating habits. But according to her, she's the 'normal' one of the family.

History: Has a twin brother Oliver. Lived in Bain and attended Wyverley College. After graduation she worked in the Corvere library as a researcher, until the Headmistress of Wyverley College tracked her down to replace the old Magistrix. Her life took an unexpected turn when she chaperoned the Winter Dance, and ended up battling Free Magic creatures. She has just married Somersby science teacher Llew Emerson, and they share an interest in finding a scientific explanation for Charter Magic.

Misc.: Descendent of the army Tindalls in the books. Her friends among the faculty are English teacher Yvanna Farrow and Fighting Arts instructor Andrea Winters.

11/5/2010 . Edited 7/31/2011 #6

Name: Cariel

Appearance: Long black hair, dark eyes, pale skin. 19-22 years old. Usually dresses plainly, with little ornament - especially after the birth of her son.

Position: Abhorsen-in-Waiting, for now. Mother of the next Abhorsen-in-Waiting.

Personality: Long-suffering older sister of Idriel, and long-suffering mother of Nate (junior). A skilled Charter Mage and talented swordswoman, unsure of her abilities, and extremely protective of her younger sister - when they're not fighting. Like the rest of her family she can be very stubborn, but she was often the 'reasonable one' whenever her sister and cousin were fighting. Shy among people she doesn't know, soft-spoken, and introverted - unless something threatens someone she cares about, in which case she either picks up a weapon or employs her famous glare.

History: Granddaughter of past Abhorsen Lirael and Nick Sayre, cousin of the Abhorsen Tarael. When Tarael asked her to be Abhorsen-in-Waiting, Cariel accepted out of a misguided attempt to protect Raylinn from the dangers of being Abhorsen. She fell in love with Perimeter Scout Nate Johnson, and became pregnant during the one night that they were engaged. Upon hearing that Tarael was dead, Cariel was Abhorsen for less than a day before handing the sword and bells over to her younger sister. In an attempt to atone for ruining Raylinn's life, Cariel confessed to her sister's crime. She has since been released, and now lives with her sister and son at the Abhorsen's House. She is currently in a relationship with Lieutenant Terin.

Misc.: Cariel was studious as a child, and is fond of drawing, painting, and fishing. Due to mother issues stemming from her childhood, she can be very insecure. Her low self-esteem sometimes manifests in a nervous stutter and self-destructive behaviour (chewing nails, picking scabs, etc.).

11/5/2010 . Edited 11/6/2011 #7

Name: Llew Emerson

Appearance: 25/26 years old, brown hair and eyes, moustache.

Position: Science teacher at Somersby.

Personality: Social and easygoing. Somewhat cynical; tends to make sarcastic remarks. Other than the fact he likes to dissect things, Orien Tindall considers him 'wonderfully normal'.

History: He became the youngest teacher at Somersby, mostly because nobody else wanted to teach science labs (like dissections!) to those rowdy boys.

Misc.: Likes potatoes. And microscopes. And dissecting things. And Magistrix Orien Tidall of Wyverley College. He is allergic to fish.

11/5/2010 . Edited 7/31/2011 #8

Name: Serran

Appearance: Light tan skin, reddish brown hair, gray green eyes. Is 25 years old

Position: Charter Mage. Powerful.

Personality: Sarcastic and quirky. She is a fast thinker, and very intelligent. And is very meddlesome...

History: Grew up with a group of travailing Charter Mages. Has spent the last few years travailing by herself.

Misc.: One of her mother's cousins (Lirael) was an Abhorsen. She also has Ancelstirran relatives from her mother's side. Also caries around a sword and some charmed daggers. Has a thing with plants.

11/6/2010 . Edited 12/31/2010 #9

Name: Rayna

Appearance: 29 years old. Dark brown hair, bright green eyes

Position: Necromancer. Powerful

Personality: Very calm and patient. Is calculating and smart.

History: Used to be a normal Charter Mage, but began delving into the darker arts when her little brother was killed in Ancelstierr. Her ultimate goal is to destroy the Wall.

Misc: Has a bandoleir of bells, as well as a sword. Her grandmother was a Clayr. (Currently inhabiting Kial's body)

11/6/2010 . Edited 12/8/2010 #10
Fishy Biscuits

Name: Sorienne

Appearance (inc. age): Mid-brown wavy hair, grey eyes, tall, strong-looking. 28/30 years old.

Position: ex-Corporal of the Royal Guard

Personality: Serious, cunning, and very good with her words. Very sharp-minded and observant, has a well-developed habit of making note of tiny details, due to her training as an interrogator. A relatively powerful Charter Mage, and pretty skilled with a sword. Likes power, and has the tendency to abuse it. Is unwaveringly cold, and takes care not to form any emotional attachments to anyone or anything.

History: Grew up in Yanyl with her parents and two brothers (all in the Guard). Joined the Royal Guard as soon as she was old enough. Struck up a 'friendship' with then-Abhorsen-in-Waiting Tarael, and continued that friendship over the years until Tarael's death. She decided to leave the Guard when she heard that the King had ordered her and Mawbor's Charter marks to be burnt off as punishment for torturing Idriel and Oliver, and she swore revenge on them both - particularly Idriel. She then framed Idriel for the murder of an innkeeper in Aelford, and stole her diary to use as evidence against her. She succeeded in taking the diary to Belisaere, disguising herself as a woman named 'Vanelle' and managing to fool her own brother and the King, among many others. She dated the Captain of the Royal Guard for a while (still as 'Vanelle'), and he eventually helped her escape Belisaere without detection. She is currently on the run from practically everyone, and has managed to remain undetected with the help of the necromancer Jalandir (who she most certainly does not have a crush on).

Misc.: Her eldest brother Aedyn is Captain of the Guard and Prince Consort, and her other brother Terin is a Lieutenant in Yanyl.

11/11/2010 . Edited 1/4/2012 #11

Name: Mawbor (DECEASED)

Appearance (inc. age): Straw-coloured hair, broad shoulders, ruddy face. 31 years old.

Position: Royal Guard

Personality: Takes his duties way too seriously. Hates criminals, and likes hitting them with his large fists and grinning at them threateningly. He perceives every bad thing that happens to him as a personal slight. Has the unfortunate tendency to spit while shouting.

History: Joined the Royal Guard out of a (misguided) sense of justice. Was stationed at Roble's Town, until a letter from Cariel to the King asked that the Charter Marks be burned from his and Sorienne's foreheads. Helped Sorienne in her schemes against Idriel. Was killed by Oliver Tindall in Aelford.

Misc.: One of the meanest, corniest, least-subtle, and possibly stupidest interrogators in the Guard. I also have a sneakng suspicion that he is a sadist and a pervert with a toe fetish. Ye gods, what have I created? :P

11/11/2010 . Edited 7/31/2011 #12

(Copied from The Shoppe)

Name: Iselli

Appearance (inc. age): 30/32 years old, long blonde hair, blue eyes, tanned skin. You know, typical Clayr.

Position: Clayr

Personality: Rather cynical. A no-nonsense woman, who can be rather mysterious and cryptic - she doesn't tell people more than they need to know. She can be quite commanding; a take-charge person.

History: Iselli used to be a Ranger, but now spends most of her time in the Observatory as part of the Nine Day Watch. Now that the Clayr are helping to run Belisaere after the coup, Iselli has become quite an important person in the Kingdom. She is on good terms with the Queen, the Captain, and the Abhorsen, and tries her best to keep things running smoothly. She has become a bit of a radical among the Clayr for taking action, opposed to the Elders who would rather sit back and let things happen.

Misc.: First Saw the black flamey creature that was banished on Docky Point (RP's first story arc).

11/17/2010 . Edited 9/5/2011 #13

From The Shoppe RP:

Name: Vynn

Appearance (incl age): Short blonde hair, green eyes, 20/22 years old.

Position: Clayr

Personality: Abrupt and forthright. Not very bookish. Like most Rangers, she enjoys fighting Free Magic creatures. And having casual affairs with random men, including Gal, Terin, and Oliver.

History: Knew Iselli during her Ranger years, and was kind of a younger sister to her.

Misc.: A Clayr Ranger, a talented healer, and an intermediate Paperwing pilot.

12/4/2010 . Edited 9/5/2011 #14

Name: Kial

Appearance: 22 years old. Black hair, brown eyes.

Position: Necromancer. Fairly new at it, average power.

Personality: Hot-tempered, gullible. Not the smartest person ever.

History: Is hoping to rule the world someday.

Misc: Has a bandoleir of bells, as well as a sword. Friend of Rayna, although she takes advantage of him most of the time and doesn't care for him. (Deceased)

12/5/2010 . Edited 12/8/2010 #15

Name: Jack

Appearance : tan skin, black hair, slightly gray. Brown eyes. 37 years old

Position : Charter Mage

Personality: Even-tempered. Likes talking to people. Hears everything that goes on.

History: As spent many years wandering.

Misc.: Old friend of Serran

12/30/2010 . Edited 12/30/2010 #16
Fishy Biscuits

Name: Aedyn

Appearance (inc. age): 35/36 years old, tall, mid-brown hair, grey eyes. Has a few battle scars, mostly on his arms.

Position: Vice Captain of the Royal Guard, now Captain and Prince Consort.

Personality: Responsible and serious when on duty, but he does enjoy the occasional drink (or two or three) in a tavern, and likes a good laugh. Usually a hit with the ladies, generally well-liked among the Guard. A very talented swordsman and fairly powerful Charter mage. Completely oblivious when it comes to women having a crush on him (like Cariel), and adorably awkward when trying to confess his feelings to a woman. When he gets properly drunk, he starts singing. Loudly and very badly.

History: Sorienne and Terin's eldest brother. He joined the Guard at the earliest possible age, like all of his family, and rose up through the ranks pretty quickly. He became Vice Captain under Gregior's rule, and was promoted to Captain after Queen Elandri took the throne. He acted as the Queen's Champion during the coronation feast, and was knighted by Elandri at their joint birthday celebrations. He married her and became Prince Consort on the first anniversary of her coronation.

Misc: He was quite fond of Sorienne, and doesn't like the idea of her losing her Charter mark. However, he doesn't approve of what she did, and is currently in charge of the efforts to find her.

2/1/2011 . Edited 1/3/2012 #17

Name: Darod (DECEASED)

Appearance (inc. age): 32/33 years old, wiry, dark hair, blue eyes (when he had them) - now wears a blindfold.

Position: King's Messenger.

Personality: Serious and hard-working. Extremely dedicated, uses whatever methods (including bribery and threats) to track down his goal. Doesn't really have a sense of humour, or if he does, he's so deadpan that you would hardly notice it. Didn't have friends, until Aedyn.

History: Born in a farming settlement in the Middle Lands. Went to the city to seek out his fortune. Became a Messenger who was used to track down people who didn't want to be found. Using bribes, he established connections with many criminals for information. After being blinded, he found work as a fletcher. In order to get information about possible heirs to King Gregior, Darod made deals with dangerous gangsters. When he tried to get out of the deals, he was murdered.

Misc: Talented Charter Mage, though not familiar with flashy battle magic. Talented with a bow, but not with his fists. Also gay - and with a sweet crush on his friend Aedyn.

2/1/2011 . Edited 9/9/2011 #18
Fishy Biscuits

Name: Linette

Appearance (inc. age): 25/27 years old, typical Clayr appearance.

Position: Clayr, Paperwing pilot

Personality: Likes a good laugh, enjoys her job, really doesn't like 'staring at the ceiling' (Watch duty, in other words). She isn't very good with a sword, but is average with a bow. She mainly does weapons practice to keep in shape, though.

History: Has a 3-year-old daughter, Melia, and a 9-month-old daughter, Anora - Oliver's child.

Misc: Likes men! And has a habit of rating them on an attractiveness scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being drop-dead gorgeous, and one being the equivalent of a Dead Hand.)

2/8/2011 . Edited 8/28/2011 #19

Name: Simton (or 'Sim')

Appearance (inc. age): ~80 years old, bushy white hair, liver spots, wrinkles, laugh lines. A kindly grandpa type.

Position: Justiciar, now Chancellor

Personality: Kindly, understanding, compassionate - until he gets into the courtroom. Then he's a no-nonsense pro. During Gregior's rule, he was in the habit of reminiscing about the days under Queen Ellimere.

History: Has been a justiciar in Belisaere for several decades, and is the most respected.

Misc: Likes to visit Ancelstierre once in a while on Royal Guard ships (a world traveller in his old age).

3/12/2011 . Edited 9/5/2011 #20

Name: Jalandir

Appearance (inc. age): Unknown age, but looks like he's in his 30's. Tall, slender, pale skin, dark hair, reasonably attractive. Dresses simply and elegantly in black.

Position: Necromancer

Personality: Polite, detached, sometimes laconic. Fastidious about his appearance. Almost never raises his voice. An instinctive and ruthless killer.

History: Unlike other necromancers, Jalandir never craved power. He rarely raises the Dead or summons creatures to help him, which means that so far he has remained more or less undetected by the Abhorsens. He learned necromancy to earn immortality, and to have fun during his prolonged life - which involves acting as an observer, and sometimes killing people. He will sometimes help others in their actions against the Abhorsens, but so far he hasn't directly acted against them.

Misc: Armed with twelve knives hidden on his person which he can throw or wield in battle. The last six are Free Magic-spelled.

4/9/2011 . Edited 9/5/2011 #21
Shiner Shining Bright

Name: Alanna Wood

Appearance (inc. age): Short, styled brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin, slim. Mid-40's.

Position (Abhorsen, Royalty, Wallmaker, Clayr, Charter Mage, Ancelstierran, Perimeter scout, anything else): Official of the Ancelstierran Moot.

Personality: Very professional, hard worker, and will do anything to get her way. What someone doesn't know won't hurt them-type.

History: Studied at Wyverley, decided to become a politician after hearing about the power they could have over others.


4/25/2011 #22

I think I posted my characters, but since it's not showing up... I'll just repost them..... Oh geez...... (If there is a post before this one from me, forget about this post.


Okay, of my old three characters, two of them suddenly died of a horrible accident and I'll repost Rayne.. although I don't remember half of it, so...

Name: Rayne

Appearance (inc. age): Dark brown hair. 16. soft brown eyes. about 5'5".

Position (Abhorsen, Royalty, Wallmaker, Clayr, Charter Mage, Ancelstierran, Perimeter scout, anything else): Wyverley student/Charter Mage.

Personality: Kind to people who she knows well, and is very friendly to strangers.

History: Doesn't remember much, due to her concussion some time ago...

Misc.: A very powerful CHarter Mage.

Name: Liam

Appearance (inc. age): 17. Brownish-blond hair. green eyes. fair skin. about 5'10"

Position (Abhorsen, Royalty, Wallmaker, Clayr, Charter Mage, Ancelstierran, Perimeter scout, anything else): Perimeter Scout

Personality: kind, sweet, clever.

History: Parents are Ancelstierran. Went to Somersby.

Misc.: Doesn't have a Charter Mark, but because he is so cunning, he's able to survive the Perimeter.

Name: Antonio

Appearance (inc. age): 30. has a lot of scars from past wars. fair skin. Blonde hair. Blue eyes. (Yes, I made a Nazi. XD)

Position (Abhorsen, Royalty, Wallmaker, Clayr, Charter Mage, Ancelstierran, Perimeter scout, anything else): Perimeter scout/Charter Mage

Personality: a war-hardened hero, but he's one of those rare people who are completely GOOD.

History: From the OK, but came to Ancelstiera (sp?) because his village was destroyed and had no other place to go.

Misc.: Not very strong in Charter Magic, and prefers his longsword more in battle.

Name: The Doctor (kudos to whoever gets the reference)/ River (girl)

Appearance (inc. age): white blonde hair to waist with dark highlights. Black eyes. 27. always wears a necklace - tiny beads surrounding a lone white pearl, hanging from which is a red gemstone in the shape of a teardrop.

Position (Abhorsen, Royalty, Wallmaker, Clayr, Charter Mage, Ancelstierran, Perimeter scout, anything else): necromancer-Dead-person-thingy

Personality: Evil. Cold. Calculating.

History: Was killed and brought back by Jace before I mentally killed him.... XD

Misc.: Doesn't exactly want to destroy the world. Wants to rebuild one, but in order to do that, she needs to destroy it first. Thinks herself as helping the world, making it better. (cont.)

6/13/2011 #23

Name: Elandri, or 'Ela'

Appearance: 26 years old, short reddish hair, freckles, athletic, large calloused hands.

Position: Wallmaker, now Queen.

Personality: Quiet, competent, hard-working, shrewd, fair-minded, matter-of-fact. Not a romantic.

History: One of Prince Sameth's grandchildren, Elandri learned from quite a young age to be a Wallmaker. Her father Fannon (Fan) was Sameth's son, and his wife Miranil (Mira) is also a Wallmaker. Elandri became a proper Wallmaker at the age of thirteen, and moved out of her parents' home and got her own forge when she was seventeen. She lived and worked in Yanyl with the other Wallmakers until she was twenty-six, and specialized in armour and intricate decoration. The Clayr Saw that she would be the next Queen, and she was involved in Gregior's coup. One of her first major duties as Queen was retaking Gardil from Gregior and Lord Averet. Iselli and the Chancellor help her run the Kingdom, and Captain Aedyn has become a trusted friend.

Misc.: Not a bad swordswoman, but better at defending than attacking.

6/27/2011 . Edited 10/5/2011 #24
Fishy Biscuits

Name: Galeren ('Gal')

Appearance (inc age): 27 years old, reddish-brown hair, grey eyes, tall, slightly tanned skin, wears a surcoat with the Wallmakers' trowel on, can never make up his mind about whether to have a beard or not – he often casts glamours of beards to test out different lengths/styles, carries a lot of different types of sword/knife that he has made himself

Position: Wallmaker

Personality: Easy-going and laid-back, likes a good laugh, doesn't drink (due to a certain experience in the past, involving port, a tree, and three boots)

History: Grandson of Prince Sameth, cousin of Ela, very proud of his Wallmaker skills, specialises in weaponry


6/29/2011 #25
Fishy Biscuits

Name: Terin

Appearance (inc age): 32 years old, mid-brown hair, grey eyes, tall, athletic

Position: Lieutenant in the Royal Guard

Personality: Cheerful, laid-back, and charming, but more serious and responsible when on duty.

History: Brother of Aedyn and Sorienne; stationed in Yanyl, where his now-retired parents live. He travelled to Belisaere when he heard about the coup, to help out and make sure his brother Aedyn was all right. While there, he struck up a friendship with Cariel, that then developed into romantic feelings. He proposed to her when she came to stay in Yanyl. While he has nothing personally against Oliver, he thinks that he is an irritating smart-arse. Which is pretty accurate. He was knighted by Queen Elandri during her summer tour visit to Yanyl.

Misc.: Like both of his siblings, he has a sharp mind and is very observant. Likes playing card games, and usually wins, as he can tell when people are bluffing. He and Sorienne were sometimes mistaken for twins when they were younger.

7/21/2011 . Edited 1/3/2012 #26
Fishy Biscuits

Name: Betta. Jokingly nicknamed 'the silver-tongued Lady of Yanyl' by the guards stationed there.

Appearance (inc. age): 55 years old – or, '25 with 30 years of experience'. Blue eyes, mid-brown hair, average-height, athletic despite her age

Position: Retired; formerly a Lieutenant of the Royal Guard, stationed in Yanyl; mother of Aedyn, Terin, and Sorienne.

Personality: Like Sorienne, but without the evilness. Basically: ambitious, smart, cunning, good with words, sharp-minded and observant. Good at hiding her emotions, but still a good mother. A talented swordswoman, and a fairly powerful Charter Mage.

History: Her father was a wealthy merchant, so Betta grew up in a very well-off family and was a bit of an heiress. She joined the Guard when she was sixteen, and quickly started a relationship with then-Lieutenant Mathis, despite his being thirteen years older than her. Two years later, she 'won' her engagement ring in a card game against Mathis. After they had been engaged for five months, she became pregnant, and their wedding was brought forwards so that they would be married before the baby arrived. The family lived in Betta's parents' house in Yanyl.

Misc.: Infamously good at playing cards; her favourite game is Cheat, at which she has been Yanyl's undefeated champion for many years. No matter how hard Terin tries to beat her.

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