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By: Sana

This is to help keep people up-to-date as to what is going on in the various OKT RP threads. Check out the threads themselves for the links to posts on The Shoppe.

(Bold = thread, Bold/Underline = beginning of thread.)


Another WARNING: This RP includes violence, coarse language, and mature subject matter (but no graphic sex - we're trying to keep this suitable for teens).

The First Arc (on The Shoppe Forum): Dark Flames (Since TS has started deleting the threads for this, email Tahl for a Word copy!)

In Belisaere a message is brought to the King from the Clayr Iselli, concerning a vision of hers. The messenger is sent to the Abhorsen Tarael at the Abhorsen's House, who replies to the King in Belisaere. He decides to summon both the Abhorsen and the Clayr Iselli to Belisaere to meet him and discuss the vision. The messenger visits the Abhorsen's House first, and Tarael accompanies the messenger to the Glacier.

In the Clayr's Glacier, meanwhile, the librarian Iselli has had a vision of a dark creature and enlists Sabarra's help in researching it. Sabarra finds a book about the creature, but the page describing how to defeat it is missing. Sabarra accidentally summons the creature, which puts the King's messenger in a coma and disappears before the Abhorsen Tarael arrives. Iselli and Tarael obey the King's summons and go to Belisaere, accompanied by the Clayr Sabarra and Ally. After a conference with the King they send a message to the Glacier asking for someone to find the information on the torn-out page.

In the Clayr's Glacier, Ranger Vynn has been asked to find the information on the missing page. After questioning librarians Isavelle and Mielli, the information on the missing page is found and sent to the group at the Wall (see three paragraphs below). Vynn, Isavelle, and Rosalynn face another creature in the library (this storyline is on hiatus).

Meanwhile, at the Abhorsen's House the Abhorsen-in-Waiting Cariel receives a message about strange yellow smoke near Pond Village.

At The Perimeter, scouts Nate and Oliver are sent across the Wall to investigate some strange yellow smoke. They are followed by their enemy scout Rawlins. The three of them find that the source of the smoke is a Free Magic creature that has been attacking Perimeter scouts (notthe same as the dark creature Seen by Iselli). As they flee the creature, Rawlins is separated from the group and meets the Abhorsen and co. at The Wall (see next paragraph). Oliver and Nate run towards Pond Village, where they meet Cariel and enlist her help in battling the Free Magic creature. Oliver suffers through Nate and Cariel's flirtatious behaviour. They go to the Abhorsen's House for a rest period which culminates in some drunken dancing, and then Oliver and Nate return to The Perimeter. Cariel visits them a few days later for a date (with Oliver as third wheel), and end up in Wyverley.

Abhorsen and co. (Tarael, Iselli, Sabarra, and Ally) fly their paperwings from Belisaere to The Wall where they meet Perimeter scout Rawlins and receive the information from the missing page on how to defeat the dark creature. They cross the Wall, though not without a fatality, and track the creature to Wyverley.

Meanwhile, at Wyverley College, Madeline, Anderra, and Adrelle get caught up in some teen school drama - about boys, of course. Magistrix Tindall gets caught up in the drama too, including a short visit to Wyverley where she first meets Somersby teacher Emerson. Everyone goes to the Winter Dance in Wyverley.

At Somersby School, Garek and Edwin talk about boy stuff, and try to get their science teacher Emerson sick by putting fish in his mashed potatoes. Despite that, he chaperones them to the Winter Dance in Wyverley. He gets sick at the dance anyway.

At the Winter Dance in Wyverley, some Free Magic creatures start to attack the ballroom, and the teachers and students try to fight them off. Cariel's younger sister Raylinn, who is staying in Wyverley, goes to help. She is joined by Cariel, Nate, and Oliver (at the end of their 'date'), and they manage to turn the tide in battle and kill a bunch of monsters. However, they cannot defeat the dark creature attacking them (the one Seen by Iselli and accidentally summoned in the Glacier). The entire group, students and all, moves to Docky Point to put up a better defense. They are joined on the hilltop by the Abhorsen and co. who luckily have instructions on how to bind the dark creature. The entire group performs a spell and manages to bind it. The creature is presumably taken back to the Great Library by the Clayr.

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The Second Arc (on The Shoppe Forum): Pursuit and Capture, part I

At Wyverley in the aftermath of the battle, Raylinn gets involved in a murder that makes her, Cariel, Oliver, and Nate fugitives. They flee across The Wall and meet Kenshi, a mercenary hired to find Raylinn.

In Pond Village, the necromancer Jace kills the Abhorsen Tarael, but is seen by Serran, who sends a message to the Abhorsen's House. In a place near Pond Village, known as the Dead Farm, Jace cackles over his dastardly plan and Serran decides to go to the Abhorsen's House.

Near The Perimeter, Kenshi kills a woman who matches Raylinn's description, so that she is no longer a fugitive.

The students and Magistrix have returned to Wyverley College. The Magistrix and the English teacher decide to live a little.

Raylinn, Cariel, Nate, and Oliver make it to the Abhorsen's House, where after a long night of drunken debauchery (they trash the house, burn down the shed, Raylinn and Oliver are caught in compromising positions, and Nate proposes to Cariel!) they receive news from Serran that Tarael has been killed. Cariel is now the Abhorsen. Raylinn and Oliver see the necromancer Rayna throught the telescope and, thinking that it's Serran, Nate goes to investigate and is killed. Cariel discovers his body at the same time that Serran arrives. It is decided that the four of them will find Nate's killer, and then track down the necromancer (Jace) who killed Tarael. Things come to a head between Raylinn, Cariel, and Oliver. Verbal and physical attacks are exchanged, and in the end Cariel hands over the sword and bells to Raylinn.

Meanwhile, Rayna has gone north to Pond Village, where she meets the barmaid Ysabel. She stops at the inn, and leaves the village.

After some UST between Raylinn and Oliver (mud fights, wet shirts, and collapsing tents!), Cariel, Raylinn, Oliver, and Serran track the necromancer to Pond Village.

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The Second Arc (on this forum): Pursuit and Capture, part II

In Pond Village, Cariel, Raylinn (who has adopted the alias 'Idriel'), Oliver, and Serran ask at the inn about the necromancer, who they find headed north. Idriel and Oliver's mutual attraction grows. The four travellers journey to Roble's Town, and ask the Royal Guards stationed there about the necromancer. A guard recognizes 'Idriel' as Raylinn, and there is an extended chase on horseback. Oliver, who was sharing a horse with Raylinn, voluntarily leaves himself behind. He is taken back to Roble's Town and interrogated. Cariel and Raylinn try to mount a rescue, but Raylinn is also captured and interrogated. Serran returns and manages to free Cariel, and the two plan to return later to liberate Raylinn and Oliver. Their plan fails, and Raylinn and Oliver are taken to Barhedrin. On the way they are tortured by two Royal Guards, Sorienne and Mawbor.

In the Clayr's Glacier, the Clayr Iselli (who previously helped with the creature on Docky Point) is given an assignment to help the Abhorsen. On their way to Barhedrin from Roble's Town, Serran and Cariel meet Iselli, who has come in a Paperwing. Iselli takes Cariel to the Perimeter, where Cariel enacts her plan to free Raylinn and Oliver.

In Barhedrin, Raylinn and Oliver confess their feelings for each other. They are taken to the Perimeter, where Cariel has confessed to the murder committed by Raylinn. Cariel is taken to a cell in Wyverley, where she will await trial. Oliver and Raylinn decide to return to the Old Kingdom together.

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The Third Arc: Idriel and Oliver

Raylinn and Oliver fly a Paperwing - given to them by the Clayr - to the Abhorsen's House. After several days of sexual tension they finally consummate their relationship.

Orien and her friend Yvanna are teaching at Wyverley College. Orien receives a letter from her brother, and upon his request they go to visit Cariel in the prison in Wyverley. Cariel confesses that she thinks she is pregnant with Nate's child, and the two teachers promise to help her. Cariel also makes them promise not to tell Raylinn until she has defeated the necromancer that killed Nate. They continue to visit Cariel, get their revenge on the Headmistress through a prank, plan a protest against the horrible food served at the school, and (finally) go on dates.

Sorienne and Mawbor stop in Barhedrin on their way back to Roble's Town, and voice their disgust that Raylinn managed to avoid prison. Once they reach Roble's Town, they find out that Cariel has written to the King, requesting that their Charter marks be burned off in punishment for torturing Raylinn and Oliver. They flee Roble's Town, and plan to get revenge on Raylinn.

Meanwhile Rayna, the necromancer who killed Nate has reached her destination in Ganel. Raylinn and Oliver receive word from the Clayr that the necromancer has been Seen in Ganel. They fly the Paperwing to Uppside, where they stop for the night, and then proceed to Ganel, where they find and kill the necromancer. Unbeknownst to them, the necromancer Rayna's spirit possesses the body of weaker necromancer Kial, and escapes Death.

On the way back to the House from Uppside, Raylinn (now going by the name 'Idriel') and Oliver crash the Paperwing into a mountain, and are eventually rescued by the Clayr.

Back at the Abhorsen's House, Idriel and Oliver fight, and Idriel ends up throwing Oliver out of the House. He goes to Pond Village, and then to Aelford, where he is kidnapped by Sorienne and Mawbor, who are planning their revenge on Idriel. They torture him, and then leave him for dead.

Idriel, who has tracked Oliver to Pond Village, receives a letter from Sorienne and Mawbor summoning her to Aelford. Idriel goes to Aelford, and is framed by Sorienne and Mawbor for the murder of an innkeeper. She is taken into custody and questioned. She escapes and flees into the woods, followed by Mawbor who is intent on revenge. Meanwhile, the Clayr Iselli has arrived in Aelford due to some rather disturbing visions and revives Oliver. They leave town in search of Idriel, and Oliver kills Mawbor before he can rape Idriel. They all return to the Abhorsen's House.

Meanwhile, in Pond Village Serran hears that the necromancer Rayna wasn't killed by the Abhorsen and is possessing the body of Kial.

Idriel and Oliver, on Iselli's advice, decide to take some time off and go south to visit Oliver's parents. They cross at the Perimeter, and stop at Wyverley to visit Cariel, who is in prison. They plan to get Cariel out of there by blaming the murder on Nate, but Cariel refuses. Oliver and Idriel go to Corhurst to meet Oliver's parents, and Orien invites Yvanna, and later Emerson. They get horribly drunk, visit the tourist destination Fairton Crags, go to a disco, and Orien and Yvanna become friends with Idriel.

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The Fourth Arc: The Guard's Revenge

Sorienne goes to Qyrre, where she plans to murder another man from Idriel's past and frame her for it. She sends a messenger hawk to the Abhorsen's House, summoning the Abhorsen to Qyrre. Idriel doesn't show up because she is in Ancelstierre with Oliver. Sorienne, who is now in possession of Idriel's diary, forges entries incriminating Idriel as murderer. She decides to go to Belisaere, and use the diary as evidence to get Idriel arrested. She heads for Callibe, from where she can get a ship to Belisaere, and on the way murders someone, casting a glamour to make it appear as herself.

Meanwhile, the Clayr have started to suspect that someone is trying to frame the Abhorsen. Iselli and Vynn go to Qyrre, where a murder was Seen. They find out that the murder never took place, but Iselli is convinced that Sorienne, who Idriel mentioned as wanting to have revenge, is behind all this. The two Clayr track Sorienne, and hear that a body matching her description was found. Iselli is not convinced, and Vynn has a vision that makes her insist they go to Callibe. They take the Paperwing there, and spend the entire next day wandering the docks (at Vynn's insistence).

Sorienne arrives in Callibe. She boards a Royal Guard ship, claiming to have evidence against the Abhorsen in the Aelford innkeeper murder. Vynn and Iselli try to stop her, are unsuccessful, and spend the night in cells. Sorienne journeys to Belisaere by boat, and Iselli and Vynn take their Paperwing.

In Belisaere, Vynn and Iselli try to get to the Palace before Sorienne, to warn the King that she may be trying to frame the Abhorsen. Sorienne gets to the Palace first, and provides Idriel's diary (with a forged entry) as evidence. Sorienne's brother Aedyn, Vice Captain of the Guard, tries to apprehend the two Clayr. Iselli is wounded, but is taken away the next morning by a Clayr. There is now an order to arrest Idriel on sight and have her brought to Belisaere. Sorienne stays at the Palace as a guest under the alias 'Vanelle'. At her inn, Vynn notices the King's Messenger Darod.

Darod, having tracked Sorienne to Belisaere, tries to convince Aedyn that the woman under their protection is actually Sorienne. Sorienne gives Aedyn Tarael's written order for torture, and the King decides that Sorienne is not to have the Charter Mark burned from her forehead; Darod is relieved of his mission. Vynn meets Darod, and Darod lets it slip that Sorienne is going to be at a jousting tournament. Vynn steals Darod's bow and tries to assassinate Sorienne, but is unsuccessful. Aedyn questions Darod, who is cleared, and Darod offers to get Aedyn in contact with the Clayr.

After an eventful stay in Corhurst, Oliver and Idriel get a letter from Iselli telling them Sorienne's plans to use Idriel's diary as evidence against her. They leave Corhurst, pass through Wyverley to visit Cariel, and continue to the Perimeter. Idriel is apprehended by the Perimeter Guard and delivered into the custody of the Royal Guard, who tyake her to Ironshore, and put her on the boat The Crown and Anchor, to take her to Belisaere where she will face charges of attempting to murder Cariel (an account of which was found in her diary). At the Perimeter Oliver meets the Clayr Linette, and they go to Wyverley, and get Cariel to agree to blame Nate for Garret's murder so that she can be released from prison on probation and testify on Idriel's behalf. Oliver, Linette, and Cariel go to Ironshore, and then take a boat to Belisaere in pursuit of Idriel and the Royal Guard ship. During their journeys, Linette attempts to seduce Oliver (with varying degrees of success), and Idriel meets the justiciar Sim who will be overseeing her trial.

Meanwhile, in Belisaere, Darod arranges a meeting between Vynn and Aedyn, who refuses to believe that Vanelle is really Sorienne. Idriel arrives in Belisaere, and begins her trial for attempting to murder Cariel. Oliver, Cariel, and Linette arrive and are taken to the Palace. Oliver, Cariel, and Vynn enter the courtroom as witnesses, and although Idriel is found guilty of attempted murder, she is given a conditional release. Idriel still faces two murder charges in Aelford (the innkeeper and Mawbor). After exposing herself to provide evidence, Vynn is apprehended for attacking 'Vanelle'. Oliver and Idriel are reunited, but when Idriel turns away a frustrated Oliver, he sleeps with Linette.

Aedyn questions Darod, who reveals that Vynn attempted to assassinate 'Vanelle'. Darod, Cariel, and Tindall talk about Sorienne. With Oliver and Cariel in the Palace, Sorienne enlists the help of the Captain of the Guard and sneaks out of Belisaere. Aedyn organizes patrols to track her down. Sorienne ends up in the Northern Mountains, where she strikes a deal with the necromancer Jalandir: he will see that she remains undetected, and she will enact revenge on the Abhorsen.

In Belisaere, Idriel has her second trial, and is cleared of the charges of murder. She refuses to name Oliver as Mawbor's murderer, but tells the Justiciar Sim. Vynn goes on trial for attempted assassination, and is sentenced to six months in prison. Oliver goes on trial for murdering Mawbor, is found guilty, but is only fined. With Sorienne missing, Oliver, Cariel, and Idriel return to the Abhorsen's House.

In Belisaere, Aedyn awaits the return of the patrols. Darod - and two guards - find traces of Sorienne, and he eventually ends up at the Northern Mountains, where he is blinded by Jalandir. He returns to Belisaere. The Royal Guards have lost Sorienne's trail.

In Wyverley College, Orien and Yvanna organize the protest against their Cook, and get on television denouncing the Headmistress. Rather than spend the weekend at the school with an irate Headmistress, they hang out with their boyfriends Emerson and Jack in Wyverley, before returning to the school. Once there, they receive an invitation from Idriel to visit. They travel to the Perimeter, where they meet Idriel, who flies them one by one in the Paperwing, stopping at Barhedrin so Orien can see a Charter Stone.

At the Abhorsen's House, they all spend time together. Idriel and Oliver travel to Deepmoor to get Cariel a birthday present, and they all travel upriver to Deepmoor in a boat on Cariel's birthday. Oliver finally confesses his infidelity to Idriel, and is thrown out of the House - for good.

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The Fifth Arc: The Queen

One and a half years later, Orien and Emerson are married in Corhurst. Yvanna, Jack, Idriel, Cariel, baby Nate, and Oliver are all present. Oliver is now a Royal Guard and an Old Kingdom citizen, and he and Idriel see each other for the first time since splitting up. They decide to give things another try. After the wedding, Idriel gets a message from Iselli and visits the Clayr's Glacier. She is shown a vision of a woman who the Clayr want to become Queen, and she and Iselli go to Yanyl to visit the woman - the Wallmaker Elandri. Elandri agrees to become Queen, and Idriel and the Clayr will plan to orchestrate a coup against King Gregior.

Meanwhile, Oliver has returned to Belisaere and has taken dancing lessons from Aedyn to prepare for Idriel's arrival, leading to rumours of a relationship between Oliver and Aedyn. Idriel goes to Belisaere and begins to date Oliver again. Aedyn wonders if he should propose to his girlfriend Odette, while Darod realizes that he feels more for Aedyn than just friendship. Cariel arrives in Belisaere, and convinces Idriel to date the dashing Lord Drystan instead of Oliver.

Iselli arrives in Belisaere and is summoned to an audience with the King. In the Palace, she, Idriel, Cariel, Aedyn, the Royal Guard, the Clayr, and Elandri orchestrate a coup, taking over the city from King Gregior and the guards loyal to him. Odette is killed, and later that day Darod is killed as well. Aedyn's brother Terin arrives in Belisaere, and befriends Cariel, who has feelings for Aedyn. There is a coronation ceremony, during which Oliver splits up from Idriel because he saw her kissing Lord Drystan. Terin briefly hooks up with Clayr Vynn, and a depressed and drunk Oliver attacks Cariel. Aedyn saves Elandri during an assassination attempt, and Terin questions the attackers. Elandri decides to go to Gardil (where Gregior has been sent) with Aedyn and her personal guards to try to stop these attacks.

Aedyn, Elandri, and the guards travel down the Ratterlin to Gardil, and team up with some of the local guards to take the city from Gregior and his lover Lord Averet. Aedyn and the guards go to nearby Hafmet to take it from the corrupted Lord too. Meanwhile in Belisaere, Terin and Cariel enter into a romantic relationship. Oliver takes officer training under Terin, and is a smart arse. Eventually during sword training he gets into a fight with Terin, and is put in a cell. The Vice Captain is revealed to be a traitor, and is used as bait by Terin to catch the people who attacked the Queen.

Aedyn and Elandri return to Belisaere. When she sees Aedyn again, Cariel breaks things off with Terin. Cariel eventually realizes she loves Terin, but is turned away by him. She leaves the Palace and is in a Paperwing crash, and is brought back to Belisaere by Terin. At the Palace, Nate celebrates his first birthday. After a month, Elandri and Aedyn hold a joint birthday celebration. Elandri is courted by many suitors, though Aedyn starts to develop feelings for her. Everyone celebrates Midwinter in Belisaere at the Frost Fair. Oliver passes his officer's training and is stationed at Yanyl. He gets permission to visit his daughter at the Glacier before starting work there, but cannot stay for Idriel's birthday. Oliver sleeps with Idriel before leaving, and on her birthday Idriel accepts Drystan's marriage proposal. Terin leaves for Yanyl, and Cariel plans to visit him there in the spring.

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