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The Abhorsen is a man or a woman whose duty is to fight the Dead and Free Magic creatures. Abhorsens have black hair, dark eyes, and pale skin - the skin is leached of its colour when entering Death. The tools of an Abhorsen are the Abhorsen's sword, and seven bells which produce different effects when rung. The Abhorsen is the only Charter Mage who can also use Free Magic. Abhorsens also have the ability to enter Death. Necromancers also have this ability, and also use the seven bells, but they are enemies of the Abhorsen who bring the dead to life to serve their evil purposes.

The station of Abhorsen is passed down through the family to whoever has the ability; it can pass from parent to child, between siblings, or even to distant cousins. Usually the Abhorsen selects his or her successor, known as the Abhorsen-in-Waiting, and trains them. The Abhorsen-in-Waiting begins training on a set of panpipes, each of which is a weaker version of the seven bells, and then graduates to a bell bandolier of his or her own.

The Abhorsen lives in the Abhorsen's House on an island in the middle of the Ratterlin River, in the southern part of the Kingdom. For countless generations the Abhorsens have been served by Bright Shiner Yrael, bound into the form of a dwarf or cat and known as "Mogget". After the events of the Old Kingdom Trilogy, Mogget/Yrael was released. It is believed that he is living in a small fishing hut in the Ratterlin Delta.


Women with blonde or light brown hair, green or blue eyes, and tanned skin. There are perhaps a thousand or so of them, all related, who live in the north of the Kingdom at a place called the Clayr's Glacier, known for its enormous library (The Great Library of the Clayr). The Clayr's Glacier is situated between two mountains, Starmount and Sunfall, and the Clayr live in the many rooms and hallways and caverns carved/formed in the Glacier and both mountains.

An Awakened Clayr (usually Clayr Awake between ages 12-14) has the Sight, and can See possible futures in glimpses and flashes of visions. Awakened Clayr wear white dresses and moonstone coronets. Unawakened Clayr are called Novices, and wear blue tunics. Clayr rarely marry and usually spend all of their lives at the Glacier. They have children with men who visit the Glacier, such as merchants or guards. Most Clayr have daughters who become Clayr themselves. Male Clayr are extremely rare. Babies are delivered in the Birthing Rooms with many other Clayr present; it's "more communal and fun".

The Nine Day Watch is a group of Clayr selected to combine their Sight in order to See more visions. They work together in the Observatory, a large room with an enormous flat pane of ice onto which they project their visions. Any Awakened Clayr can be called to the Nine Day Watch. If the Clayr are trying to focus their Sight on something elusive, they may call most of the Awakened Clayr. The visions of the Clayr are made known by the Voice of the Clayr, a Clayr chosen to speak for them. The Voice may be different people depending on the circumstances. The duty of the Clayr is to safeguard the Kingdom with the help of the Abhorsen and Royal Family.

Among the Clayr are Librarians, Rangers (who act like guards/warriors), the Paperwing flight (aviators who fly large paper contraptions around), etc. The Mistress of the Young looks after the Novices, who sleep in dormitories. The Rangers are led by a Captain, and the Librarians have many ranks, headed by the Chief Librarian. Working in the library can be very dangerous, as it houses not only books but mysterious magical artefacts and creatures.

Some Clayr are able to use Charter magic, but not all. When Clayr are part of the Nine Day Watch, they use Charter magic to combine their Sight. Ancelstierrans see the Clayr as "witches".

Royal line-

The Royal Family, made up of King/Queen/Princes/Princesses. Members of the Royal Family are powerful Charter Mages. They live in the Palace at Belisaere, the capital city, on the eastern coast of the Kingdom. The monarch is aided in running the Kingdom by a Chancellor, is guarded by the Royal Guards, and communicates with others via the King's/Queen's Messengers.

The Royal Line came to an end when the Queen's son Rogirek killed the Queen and Princesses. After 180 years of being ruled by a Regent, and 20 years of anarchy when the Regent went crazy and burned down the palace, the Line was restore by the Queen's bastard son Torrigan, known as Touchstone. It is thought that his daughter Ellimere succeeded the throne.

Charter Mage-

A Charter Mage is someone who has been baptized with the Charter, and can therefore use Charter Magic. A baptism is performed by a Charter Mage at birth, when a Charter mark is drawn onto the forehead. This mark becomes invisible, and can only be detected if another Charter mage touches the forehead to "feel" the mark.

The basis of Charter Magic are the Charter marks, symbols which must be learned like an alphabet (each Charter mark has a name) and are used singly or in combination to produce spells. To use Charter magic, a mage "sinks into the Charter", picturing/feeling a golden sea of Charter marks and picking out the ones needed for a spell. If many marks are needed, the mage holds them together in his or her head before casting them. To cast Charter marks, the mage draws them, with a hand or some other instrument (like a sword). Charter marks can be used for many purposes, such as making light, starting a fire, changing the weather, using battle magic, etc.

Anyone baptized in the Charter can learn some spells, and this is quite common. A Charter Mage has a more extensive knowledge and studies Charter marks for years. The three Bloodlines (Clayr, Royal Family, Abhorsen) typical have very powerful Charter Mages as members, especially the Abhorsens and Royal Line as their power is shared among fewer people than the Clayr.

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