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Fishy Biscuits

Go on... Let it all out!

11/5/2010 #1
Fishy Biscuits

A note to everyone who was in my lecture this morning: no, I don't care that our lecturer was an author who had written or co-written about a third of the stuff on our reading list. No, I don't care if we're 'very lucky to have him here.' If he goes around saying that my religion is basically a load of crap, I am not just going to sit there and ignore it. I know we're studying medieval lit, and everyone in those times thought Paganism was evil or something, but that's no excuse to start talking as if that's still the case.

I asked a perfectly reasonable question: why would a Pagan judge's corpse complain about being in hell when Pagans didn't believe in hell? The answer, 'well, he must have realised he was following the wrong religion,' was not, in my opinion, a good answer. If it had been 'he was following what was thought to be the wrong religion,' I would have been okay with it. I think it was also perfectly reasonable to then ask, 'are you saying that Paganism is wrong then?' And to reply with, 'well, they do think magic exists, don't they?' in a condescending, I'm-so-up-myself tone of voice... I'm sorry, but I wasn't going to just sit there and accept that.

So, to my lecturer: go screw yourself.

11/11/2010 #2
Fishy Biscuits

Usually, I like snow. But not when it turns into ice, and makes me slip over and nearly brake my elbow - on the way to do a Spanish exam that I really didn't want to do anyway. Not exactly the best end to a Friday afternoon. So now, I can't fully straighten my arm, and I can't bend it over 90 degrees, it bloody hurts, it's my writing hand, and I'm meant to be ringing tomorrow. Not good!

12/3/2010 #3
Fishy Biscuits

Well, I've got home after spending my first three months at uni. And, quite frankly, I'm ready to go back again. Yes, it's nice to see my family again, but seriously - couldn't they have made a little bit of an effort? My sister's just being an arse (no surprise, really), my mother's just focusing on her boyfriend and not with me at all, and my brother's just sitting on his Xbox all the time. I swear they've hardly noticed that I've come back.

And, to top it all off, my old room's been used as the dumping ground for pretty much everything - or at least, that's what it looks like. There's crap everywhere, and very little of it belongs to me. I have nowhere to put any of my stuff, nowhere to do my assignments properly, no floor space to walk around... It's a bloody nightmare. I'm missing my room at uni so much right now. I wasn't homesick at all when I left here, and I can see exactly why. I swear, next time it's the end of a term, I'm just going to stay up in Notts until Easter, then come home for that weekend or so, and bugger off back again. It's so much better up there.

And just one more thing that's really getting on my nerves right now: the desk chair I've got is shit.

12/12/2010 #4
Fishy Biscuits

Sorry about ranting two nights in a row, but I am seriously pissed off, yet again.

Can anyone tell me why it's a good idea to expect someone with a broken elbow to cook a full meal for five people? No? Me neither. But apparently my family think that's okay. Never mind the fact that I can only use one arm without inflicting pain on myself.

And now they're trying to have a go at me for cooking myself dinner and buggering off. Gods know how they managed to feed themselves during the three months I've been gone.

12/13/2010 #5

I think Fish shouldn't get to do all the ranting, so here I go:

Today sucked. Five of my grad school applications are due December 15th, and most of that stuff is done online anyway, but some things have to be mailed. Usually this means postmarked by the deadline, but for the University of Chicago it means arrived by the deadline. I found this out yesterday night (Dec 13th), so I had to stay up late getting together everything to be mailed. I had to print out some forms from the website (which can't be saved as documents), but the printer connected to my laptop was going wonky, and then the internet on our house computer cut out, so I had to navigate my way around tangles of cords in tight spaces to connect my laptop to the house computer's printer. Then this morning (dec 14th) I get to the post office at 12:30, having print out all this stuff (because printing late at night isn't a good idea when you're sharing a house with a brother who has to get up early every morning to go work at a law firm). At the post office I'm told that they stop taking priority mail at noon - I missed the deadline to get my materials to Chicago by half a friggin hour! So I drive to a UPS place, and have to pay a crapload of money to get the package there on time - but it's still weather-dependent, and they've got snow in Chicago. :P Screw it - if this is what this school did to me, I don't want to go to the University of Chicago anyway.

I could rant about the rest of the day, which was equally sucky, but I'm happy that the day is over, and I don't want to ruin my happiness. ^_^

12/15/2010 #6
Fishy Biscuits

I don't even think I should bother ranting about everything that's pissed me off today. Suffice it to say that today has ended with me helping my mum do a (literally) 4-hour supermarket shopping spree - while my brother sat in front of the fire, playing his Xbox. We get home, and my mum yells at me to help unload the car - whilst letting my brother stay on his Xbox. I pointed out that he should really help bring the shopping in, and mum calls me 'spoilt,' 'arsey,' 'lazy,' and 'stupid.'

Gee, thanks mum. And just think, for a minute there I thought you actually wanted me to come home for Christmas. My mistake. I won't bother next time.

12/17/2010 #7
Fishy Biscuits

I. Hate. Being. At. Home.

Don't need to say anything else; it's all been mentioned on my previous rants. Thank the gods that I'm going back to uni next weekend.

1/3/2011 #8
Do a Barrel Roll

Great vacation. Terrible car ride.

1/3/2011 #9
Fishy Biscuits

Guh, what's wrong with me? I was having a nice conversation with my mum on the phone, just a general update sort of thing, and the topic turns to ringing, and then to my crush. Apparently, he's spending a lot of time in Cambridge recently, and people are starting to suspect that he's got a girlfriend up there or something. So what do I do when I put the phone down? I start crying. Seriously, guys, what's wrong with me???

2/13/2011 #10

Nothing's wrong with you, Fish! But try not to form any opinions until you can be sure. Hang in there.

2/13/2011 #11
Fishy Biscuits

I. Am. Screwed.

I seriously am. I thought that the assessment for one of my courses was five mini-essays, submitted by late May-early June. Instead, I've found out that it's eight mini-essays, submitted by the beginning of May. And I haven't even done one of these essays yet. Seriously, guys, I am completely screwed! @_@

3/1/2011 #12

Poor Fish!

You have two options. The first is to go to your professor and ask for an extended deadline. Most professors are actually willing to do this, especially if you have some story about taking a lot of courses, and having a lot of assignments/papers due around the same time. They'll usually extend your deadline one week - in rare cases, maybe two.

Your other option is to just buckle down and do it. If you break it down, that's about one essay per week - which is definitely doable. In fact, I've perfected the art of the two-day essay. If you need any help at all, with ideas or prep, please let me know.

Good luck!

3/1/2011 #13
Fishy Biscuits

I haven't had a rant in a while, which means that it's time for another one!

I officially hate Spanish even more than I thought I did. Not only is it a stupid subject which I'm on the point of failing, it also chooses THE most inconvenient dates for the speaking exam. Of all the days in May, they had to pick the same one as my take-away Drama essay, didn't they. That means that I've got to go to a Drama lecture and watch a short clip from a play or something, make notes on it, and prepare and write an essay overnight. Now, in the middle of all that, I've also got to do a bloody Spanish speaking exam. So I have to somehow empty my mind of all the Drama thoughts, re-fill my head with a load of Spanish bullshit, somehow blag my way through a pointless exam that I don't even care about, and then go back to my room and write the Drama essay - hoping that I can remember everything I came up with before the Spanish.

I did ask if they could change the date, but they apparently can't. It was enough of a struggle to get my teacher to change the time of my Spanish test anyway - it was originally fifteen minutes after the Drama lecture-thing finished, which definitely wouldn't have given me enough time to even get to the right building, let alone write down all my Drama thoughts and replace them with Spanish. It was only after I said that I just wouldn't turn up to the speaking test that my teacher agreed to get the time changed.

So, yeah. I hate Spanish even more now. And if it screws up my Drama essay, I will be writing an arsey email to my Spanish teacher about it.

3/29/2011 #14

Dammit, I got Facebook! :P

4/2/2011 #15
Fishy Biscuits

Time for another Fish!rant, I think.

I would like to take this opportunity to tell my mother that permanently introducing a dog into a dog-unfriendly family is NOT GOING TO WORK.

Neither me nor my sister like dogs; my brother pretends to like them because his girlfriend has one; my mum isn't keen on them, but is very tolerant. Her new boyfriend has a small, yappy, bloody irritating dog, which we don't really like (I hate it), and yet she still thinks it's a good idea for said boyfriend to move in. I have no problem with this guy, except the fact that he has a dog. I do not want to live in a house with a dog. I can tolerate visiting people's houses if they have dogs, but I'd never even consider living with one. Especially a noisy, untrained one that decided to try and lick you whenever it sees you, and can't understand 'shut the fuck up.' It seems to think that 'go away' means 'stay with me forever,' and that ignoring it means that you haven't actually noticed it, and therefore it must bark louder.

It's great that mum's found herself someone else, but they've been moving so fast (they went from dating to thinking about moving in within three months or so) and so they haven't had a chance to properly work out all these dog-related issues. Mum seems to think that me, my brother, and my sister are all as tolerant as she is, and can therefore put up with this dog. I've now told her that, if the dog lives here properly, I'll deliberately stay away. Yes, that may seem selfish, but she did say to this boyfriend that her kids will always come first. So I think that that should still be the case now, and she shouldn't just invite this guy to move in with her when two of her three children really hate this dog. I'm not happy, my sister's not happy, and if she's not careful she's going to end up seriously pissing us both off. It's not exactly fair to ask her to break up with her boyfriend, but can't she hold off the moving in bit until we've all left home? Ugh. I can't wait to move out for good.

4/17/2011 #16
Do a Barrel Roll

This is going to sound really stupid, but I cried last night while watching American Idol.

To people who don't watch it, you won't get why. To people who do, then you know that James Durbin got kicked off, and he was my favorite to win. Not only do I love the guy because he's overcome Tourette's and Asperger's, but he's also the best singer I've ever heard in my life. And no one was expecting him to be booted, either. All three judges cried, Ryan Seacrest got upset, and the other three contestants were shocked. How does someone get kicked off after singing "Don't Stop Believin'" like a boss?

Whatever. I'm just depressed because something bad happened to my favorite singer. No big deal, I guess.

5/13/2011 #17
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