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Fishy Biscuits

Basically, just post the links to stories/other things you feel like sharing with the rest of us.

No spamming, mind you.

11/5/2010 #1

Everyone is more then welcome to join my forum:

Chatterbox tavern

No matter the time difference someone is always around to give you a smile, so come join the randomness and many other topics on the chatterbox tavern. 11/5/2010 #2
Fishy Biscuits

An epic video about the uni I go to. The guys who made it are geniuses!

11/11/2010 #3
Tammy Brighty Juliet

The Town. It's an Ultimate Crossover-type forum.

11/13/2010 #4

Okay, so thanks to Tahl who requested drawings of the characters on the Old Kingdom RP, I sketched Orien and Oliver Tindall - sketch, as in pencil on lined paper. :P Frankly I'm awful at drawing people - I can only do heads, no bodies, and only at the same angle; I can't draw them looking to the right, or at least not very well. They're not quite the works of art that Tahl wanted, but they're something:

So, this is Orien Tindall, 22, Magistrix at Wyverley College. Ignoring the general awfulness of the drawing and the weird proportions, this is pretty much how I picture her. It looks a lot better on the actual paper than on the scan. I cannot draw hair. Ugh. I like her expression, and I don't even know what it is - a mixture of amusement, scepticism, and a sense of her not being quite with it. That's what she looks like when Yvanna is talking about apostrophes.

And this is Oliver Tindall, 22, nine-toed ex-scout, jackass, and womanizer. I did a few versions of him, and this is closest to how I picture him. I actually lightly traced the picture of Orien, and then went from there - they're twins, after all. This is pretty close to how I picture him: dark eyebrows, long pointed nose, boyish features, and (thanks to Idriel - or Fish) nice eyes. I drew him angry, because he is - most of the time. Maybe he's glaring at Sorienne and Mawbor. Or at Raylinn for putting a mouse on his pack.

12/15/2010 . Edited 12/15/2010 #5

Right, so here's my drawing of Raylinn/Idriel, teenage rebel and Abhorsen. I did a quick sketch, and passed it by Fish who only said to give her a smaller nose. So, here is the latest version of Idriel, after her nose job:

I quite like her impish expression, though I'm not satisfied with the hair. It took longer than all the rest of the sketch. :P

12/15/2010 . Edited 12/15/2010 #6
Do a Barrel Roll

Was really hoping for more reviews before I update...

12/17/2010 #7
Shiner Shining Bright

New forum. Got no idea what to do with it~

12/30/2010 #8

Relatively new Warriors forum that isn't really dead, we just have next to no members. We'd love to have you~ :D

1/8/2011 #9
Do a Barrel Roll


1/10/2011 #10

A Lord of the Rings RP that I just made. I would absolutely love people to join, since RPing by yourself is so much fun.

Of course, I wouldn't be surprised if Fish RP'd by herself...

1/19/2011 #11
Fishy Biscuits

Right, well, now I've finally got back to uni with my scanner-printer, I've uploaded my drawing of Raylinn/Idriel - before she has her hair cut, because long hair is a hell of a lot easier to draw. It looks like a person, so it's a lot better than my usual drawing efforts.

1/22/2011 #12

A really funny webcomic, with tons of literature and history references:

3/10/2011 . Edited 11/21/2011 #13

Quick drawing of Cariel. Because she's the only one without a pic. :P

9/10/2011 . Edited 11/21/2011 #14

And little Nate ^_^:

9/10/2011 . Edited 9/10/2011 #15
Fishy Biscuits

D'aww! *huggles Nate*

Post the one of little Idriel! :P

9/10/2011 #16

Here's little Raylinn:

9/10/2011 #17

This is pretty much EXACTLY how I picture Oliver. There's an actor who looks like this, but I really can't remember who he is or where I saw him. He was probably just some extra on a random show years ago. Too bad that in this pic, Olly's kissing a (topless???) blonde woman. I guess we can assume that it's Linette. :P

11/21/2011 #18
Fishy Biscuits

*facepalm* Now I'm going to be late for class, because I've been uploading these:

Both taken from Merlin, Season 1, Episode 4. :P

11/22/2011 #19

This is also exactly how I picture Oliver, sometimes. Usually when he's around his family in Ancelstierre - when he isn't being a complete douchebag.

It's Olly, checking out the ladies!

And he has a nice chest, too!

11/22/2011 #20

More pictures. Because I can.

Here's Cariel, in her usual black. We can assume that she's drunk because she's dancing.

And Iselli, examining some plants.

Iselli again, looking all imperious and commanding.

Elandri, also examining some plants. I dig those sleeves.

All these pictures were taken from a website where they sell well-made medieval-style clothing for ridiculous prices.

11/22/2011 #21
Fishy Biscuits

This one could be a random Clayr, or just a blonde woman. But the dress is GORGEOUS!

11/22/2011 #22

These could possibly be bitchy!Tarael. Or bitchy!Idriel, I suppose. The expression does it.

And another one of Elandri rockin' the sleeves.

11/22/2011 #23

Yes, yes, I know... :P

Anyway, here we have Cariel! This is pretty much how I picture her - dark hair, pale skin, big eyes. And she has roses! She's probably looking dreamily up at Terin:

Idriel, with short hair and looking dangerous. I have mixed feelings about the headband.

Idriel again, with no headband. I don't know why she's crawling around in the snow. Maybe Olly pushed her? He is so dead:

Betta, perhaps? She looks like she can take care of herself. And fur is always awesome:

Adult!Nate, making the ladies swoon. He would totally wear leather and go through a beard phase:

Torry, possibly? Looks like he's got one of Frostbite's great-great-great-grandpups:

11/23/2011 #24
Fishy Biscuits

And now I've got a couple more!

Idriel, posing. I quite like her dress.

And this is one I found that could be Elandri?

11/30/2011 . Edited 11/30/2011 #25

Shamelessly advertising my forum..

It's a School RP. Uhhm..Warning: Most of us there are weird, and so I'd advice you to shield your genitals at all times.

2/18/2012 #26
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