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Ruby-Red Revenge

Post quotes here. :D

11/5/2010 #1

Justin Bieber is stupid and pointless. = The Tenth Bright Shiner.

11/5/2010 #2

(It's not quotes like that. But still.)

Dear Other Side, What's your secret?

Sincerely, Grass.


Dear dogs, You're next.

Sincerely, Curiosity.


Dear Little Red Riding Hood, Om nom nom.

Sincerely, The Wolf.


Dear people, I'm sorry, the box was just way too tempting...

Sincerely, Pandora.


Dear Luke, The Force is temporarily out of order. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Sincerely, Obi-Wan.


Dear world, We are real, but for some reason you call us rhinos.

Sincerely, Unicorns.


Dear Two Birds, I'm coming for you.

Sincerely, One Stone.


Dear Luke, Nice job blowing up the Death Star, the second one is DEFINITELY coming out of your college fund.

Sincerely, Dad

(And that's just some of them.)

(I got them from here.

11/8/2010 #3
Do a Barrel Roll

Michelangelo: "I don't know what bothers me more, that this thing actually works, or that Don carries around a pigeon puppet." -TMNT

11/8/2010 . Edited 11/8/2010 #4
Fishy Biscuits

"Is the floor of your room covered in lettuce?" - Sana

11/18/2010 #5

"You are sho pished." - Fish (or "Fis") ^_^

11/19/2010 #6
Do a Barrel Roll

"Dobby does not wish to kill, only to main or seriously injure!"

(I think it went like that)

Dobby, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

11/20/2010 #7

Friend: Why do you never get in trouble when you backtalk?

Me: I only backtalk when the teacher can't hear me.

12/9/2010 #8
Do a Barrel Roll

Youth pastor, Brendon: Jesus was the ultimate forgiver. He hanged around with the riffraff. Tax collectors, prostitutes...Now, I'm not saying you guys are allowed to hang around with strippers!

Cody: What about escorts?

12/9/2010 #9
Do a Barrel Roll

"If you have a dream, don't wait. Act." Axel, Kingdom Hearts II

1/13/2011 #10

"Mmm-mmmm. That is a tasty burger." - Jules Winnfield, Pulp Fiction.

3/10/2011 #11

"Mad, bad and dangerous to know." -Lady Caroline Lamb talking about Lord Byron

3/10/2011 #12

Speaking of Byron (and Shelley):

3/10/2011 #13

"Stop undermining my epicness!" - Fish (in person!)

6/24/2011 #14
Fishy Biscuits

'I'm confused about what you're confused about!' - Sana (in person!)

'It sounds sexy, and I want one.' - Sana, again. Whilst drunk. Predictably. :P

6/26/2011 #15
Fishy Biscuits

'Are you sisters?' - someone (whose name I can't remember!) to Fish and Sana.

6/27/2011 #16

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!" - Sana and Fish in response to the previous quote.

6/27/2011 #17
Notary Sojac

"I'll just conduct this with my butt."

-The school band student teacher, who shall go unnamed, in response to the problem of having the orchestra on one side of him and the band on the other.

6/27/2011 #18
Fishy Biscuits

'Why am I doing all these men?' - Sana.

6/30/2011 #19

"So you don't like it when I dip my fries in ice cream, but you can dip your carrot in everything else?" - Sana to Fish, talking about FOOD.

6/30/2011 #20
Fishy Biscuits

'No lobotomy for youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu... long as you stay awake!' - Sana, trying to get Fish to stay awake and RP at 3am.

8/30/2011 #21
Do a Barrel Roll

"Wait, you want me to perform on exorcism...on a toaster?" My pastor, talking to one of my friend concerning a broken, demonic toaster

9/28/2011 #22
Fishy Biscuits

"I like making babies run into things." - Sana.

9/30/2011 #23
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