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Fishy Biscuits

A town a few miles north of the Abhorsen's House.

11/8/2010 #1
Fishy Biscuits

Continued From Pond Village, page 11.


It was strange, coming to Roble's Town again, especially in such different circumstances. I could clearly remember when I'd been here, around two years ago. I didn't like to recall the things that had been going through my mind at that time. They were all recorded in my diary, but I didn't want to remind myself of them.

'It doesn't look like it's changed much,' I commented to Cariel as she directed Ale along the main road.

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I nodded, looking around the two square. "There," I said, pointing at a building that had a small red and gold flag flying over the doorway. The Royal Guard's outpost.

We dismounted, tethered the horses to the post outside the building, and then knocked on the door.

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(OOC: Seriously, I need to take a nap before I pass out... Good afternoon/evening/night!"

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Fishy Biscuits


A tall man, dressed in the red-and-gold uniform of the Royal Guard opened the door and looked at us. I recognised him, but I couldn't think of his name. I made sure he didn't get too good a look at my face, just in case he recognised me. Just to be on the safe side, I went over to our horses and pretended to check that we had taaken everything we needed off the saddles and out of the saddle bags.

(OOC: That sounds like a good idea. Night night! :P)

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"Good morning," I said with what I hoped was an ingratiating smile. The guard just nodded. "We are on the trail of a necromancer that passed through Pond Village two days ago," I said. "Female, dark hair. Stopped at the inn. Pretended to be trading hats."

"Yeah, well, two days ago the Abhorsen was killed near Pond Village," the guard said flatly. "I think we were all a bit too preoccupied to notice a stranger trading hats,Lady."

The smile vanished from my face. "You see her?" I said, gesturing over my shoulder at where Raylinn was adjusting saddlebags. "She's the new Abhorsen. So we would appreciate it if you asked your friends if they saw anything that day."

The guard peered at Raylinn with interest. "The new Abhorsen, eh? And who are you? Hey wait - aren't you that Catriel girl? The Abhorsen-in-Waiting? Shouldn't you be Abhorsen instead?"

"My name is Cariel," I said through gritted teeth. "And - I was going to be the Abhorsen, but now she is. It's complicated." The guard was still looking at me curiously. "Er - given that the previous Abhorsen was killed by a necromancer, we're keeping the new Abhorsen's identity secret. But she has the sword and bells, as you can see, and you've recognized me as one of the family. We'd like it if word of this didn't get out too much." The guard was nodding, and I was pretty impressed with myself for coming up with all of that on the spur of the moment.

"Wait here," he said, and went back into the building.

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Fishy Biscuits


I saw that the guard had gone back inside, so I returned to Cariel, Oliver and Serran.

'That went well,' I said, giving Cariel a small smile. I was still nervous about this; I wasn't sure how many of the guards here had been there last time I'd been in Roble's Town, but now I knew there was at least one. I didn't know how different I looked now, so there was no way of knowing if I'd be recognised.

After a few minutes, the guard came back to the door. I made sure I didn't look him in the eyes.

'A couple of the men think they might have seen this woman,' he said, keeping his voice low. 'I think you should come inside and ask them yourselves.'

11/9/2010 #7
Tahlia Westbrooke

(O. M. G! I can't believe you made all that stuff happen between Oliver and Raylinn! You were right - I practically did die when Raylinn sneezed in that bed scene! BUT YOU STILL DIDN'T MAKE THEM KISS! You do realise that if you don't give them a kissing scene, I'll write one for them! (Even though it won't be as well written as the role play, because I'm not as good a writer as either of you.) Make them snog already!! And wow, you were on here for over 24 hours? When is there going to be another award voting thing? I think there should be some sort of award for insanity! Another thing: are you seriously going to make a joint account and write a joint story? Please do! I'd definitely read it! :D)

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(OOC: Tahl, they've been aware of their feelings for only about two days now! We have to build it up - if they ever are going to kiss, that is! Yes, we are insane. And if Fish is up for a joint story then I'm up for it. Thanks for the support, Captain!)


We all went inside, and I noticed that Raylinn was staying near the back of the group with her head down. There were about a dozen guards in the outpost, all looking at us curiously and whispering. Two of the guards motioned for us to sit at a long table, away from everyone else. Raylinn made sure to turn her back on the rest of the room.

"You're asking about a woman in Pond Village?" one of the guards said.

"Yes," said Cariel. "She was masquerading as a hat trader."

The guards exchanged significant glances. "Yeah, we saw that woman at the inn," the second guard confirmed. "She mentioned hats. About thirty years old, maybe younger. Greenest eyes you ever saw."

I raised an eyebrow; this guard had probably tried flirting with her at the inn. Dating a necromancer might be even more dangerous than dating Raylinn - and why did I have to think about that now?

Cariel asked, "Do you know where she was headed?"

"North," the first guard said decisively. "Something about meeting a friend for business. Funny thing is, though, we thought we saw her here again yesterday."

Yesterday? That meant we really were catching up with her.

"So she'll be heading along the Old North Road from here?" asked Cariel, looking excited.

"I suppose," said the second guard.

"All right. Thank you," said Cariel. We all got up to leave.

11/9/2010 #9


A black haired woman with green eyes and trading hats. Now that I thought back to it, she did sound familiar...

11/9/2010 #10
Fishy Biscuits

(OOC: I swear this flu is actually going to kill me...)

(OOC: Lol Tahl! You're not the only one who thinks we're insane; my charming little sister has decided that we're both 'tards'! And yeah, I'm up for a joint story. It's about time I wrote something other than this RP! ^_^)


As I got up, one of the men reached out and caught hold of my wrist. I froze. It was one of the guards I'd met last time I was here.

'Don't I know you?' he asked, trying to get a better look at my face. I wrenched my arm away from him quickly.

'No,' I muttered, then quickly followed Cariel and Serran out the room, Oliver following on after me. I could have sworn the guard was still staring at me. Oh, Charter, please don't say he'd recognised me...

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(OOC: I found copious amounts of lemon honey tea helped. And I guess I should PM you about a possible joint story or something...)


It had taken every ounce of my self-restraint to keep from clobbering the guy when he had grabbed Raylinn. But starting a fight with the Royal Guard was really the last thing we wanted to do.

While we were unhitching our horses from the post, I noticed that the guard who had recognized 'Idriel' was whispering to some of his mates, and they were all shooting glances at Raylinn. Raylinn, for her part, was keeping her head down, and Cariel glanced up at them and calmly whispered, "Let's just get out of here..."

11/10/2010 #12
Fishy Biscuits

(OOC: I might have to try that... And I might have to stop doing all-nighters/all-dayers too! :P)


I nodded, not trusting myself to speak. I wasn't even sure if the guards had been contacted by the scouts at the Perimeter, but I wasn't exactly keen to find out. I could feel my hands shaking slightly as I stood - hopefully calmly - near Cariel, waiting for her to get up on Ale's back so I could join her. I wanted to look over my shoulder to see what the guards were doing, but I wasn't going to risk it.

11/10/2010 #13

(OOC: Yeah, maybe. ^_^)


Ale's reins were not getting untied from the post. Usually that would be just mildly inconvenient, but right now it was absolutely the worst thing to have happened to me all day - including the disastrous ferry crossing. I tugged fruitlessly on the leather straps as Raylinn stood nearby, trying not to look impatient. Oliver and Serran were already mounted, and were also doing their utmost not to look impatient.

"Oi - are you Raylinn?" one of the guards suddenly called from where he'd been talking to his fellows in the doorway. Beside me I heard my sister curse under her breath. Serran and Oliver nudged their horses slightly closer, sensing possible trouble.

I glared at him. "Her name's Idriel," I said icily. "And she's the Abhorsen."

The guard frowned. "But I thought - I could've sworn -"

"You thought wrong," I said, now fighting tooth and nail with Ale's knotted reins. Why weren't they coming undone?

The guard started walking towards us, followed by about half a dozen of his companions. People in the town square were beginning to look at us curiously. The situation was starting to get out of hand. I made a snap decision, and drew my sword. "Time to go," I announced, slashing through Ale's reins. The tall bay reared in alarm, and as soon as he came down I vaulted onto his back. Oliver had leaned over and was pulling Raylinn up behind him, and soon the four of us were galloping out of town as if one of the Greater Dead were on our heels.

(OOC: Cue Old Kingdom version of a car chase? :P)

11/10/2010 #14
Fishy Biscuits

(OOC: Lol sounds fun!)

As Oliver pushed Drew into a gallop, I risked a glance over my shoulder. Some of the townspeople were staring after us, and some were watching as the guards grabbed their own horses, mounted them, and took off after us. They did this very quickly - obviously it had been part of their training.

The fact that I had my arms wrapped tightly around Oliver's waist only dimly registered in my mind; my thoughts were mostly on why the guards had decided to chase us. It could only mean that the Perimeter scouts had come this far north, after all. Their horses were all properly trained and fast, whereas ours... well, we were about to find out how fast they were.

The road curved in a corner, and I had to hold onto Oliver even tighter to stop myself slipping sideways off the saddle. I realised that I was breathing much quicker, coming close to hyperventilating, and I was starting to feel dizzy. I closed my eyes and rested my head against Oliver's back, trying to calm myself down.

11/10/2010 #15

(OOC: I can't help thinking of James Bond. They should have lazers and heat-seeking torpedos installed on their horses.)


Drew rapidly fell to the back of the group, because he was carrying two people instead of one. Fortunately, his nervous nature meant that right now he was nearly out of his mind with worry, so that he was galloping down the road for all he was worth. I didn't know how long he could keep up the fast pace, though. Raylinn's arms were clamped around my waist, and I felt her leaning against my back, but all I could think about were the guards behind us, and hope that she held on.

Cariel glanced back and her eyes widened. I didn't bother looking; her expression was enough to tell me that the guards were catching up. We'd been travelling for half a day already, and there was no way we would outstrip the guards' fresh horses on one of the Royal Roads. Cariel seemed to come to te same conclusion, because suddenly she swung Ale off the road and into the trees, and was rapidly followed by Serran on Steak.

"Hang on," I said to Raylinn, and veered Drew into the dense forest. Almost immediately the jittery black horse leaped over the trunk of a fallen tree, and Raylinn and I just barely managed to avoid getting thrown. The ground was uneven and covered in fallen branches and dense bushes, and we couldn't maintain a gallop under these conditions, but at least on this rough terrain we'd have a chance of getting away.

11/10/2010 #16
Fishy Biscuits

(OOC: *cue James Bond theme music*)

(OOC: For some reason, 'Serran on Steak' made me laugh. ^_^)

(OOC: *squee* My mother's finally posted pictures from a ringing outing we did in July, so now I has pics of me and my crush! *hearts*)


I looked up as Drew's pace slowed, and saw that we were now trotting quickly through a dense forest. I looked behind me;I couldn't see the guards any more, but then again I could only just see the road through the trees. I still felt dizzy, so I concentrated on trying to slow my breathing down before I passed out. My efforts weren't quite as successful as I'd hoped they'd be.

Ahead of us, Cariel and Serran were picking out what seemed to be the best 'path' through the forest, still going as quickly as possible.

'They went through here. I'm sure of it. Yeah - there they are!'

I tensed again at the sound of one of the guards' voices, and my breathing sped up again. I heard Oliver mutter a curse under his breath and he kicked Drew into a slightly quicker trot. Behind us, I could hear twigs snapping and bushes rustling as the guards followed us.

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(OOC: I laughed at that too!)

(OOC: Aww... ^_^)

(OOC: Grad school applications are a bitch. *headdesk*)


"Any bright ideas, Cariel?" I asked sarcastically as the guards picked up our trail.

"I'm working on it!" she snapped, letting Serran pass her to find a way through the dense undergrowth, and dropping back to ride beside us. "We could always use magic against them, but I'd really hate to take on the guard," she muttered. "Idriel, d'you think you could...?" Cariel's voice trailed off, and at her suddenly-concerned expression I risked a quick glance behind me. Raylinn wasn't looking very good at all. In fact, she seemed to be barely holding on.

"We need to lose them. Fast," I decided.

Cariel glared at me. "I know that. Just give me a moment -" She broke off as Serran waved, and heeled Ale to catch up to the other woman. I watched them confer, guiding Drew around thick brambly bushes and trying to ignore the whiplike branches that kept hitting me in the face. Soon, Cariel was back beside us. "Serran heard running water," she explained in a whisper. "If we get there quickly, maybe they'll lose our trail."

I nodded. "Sounds like a plan." Behind us, the guards seemed to be having the time of their lives as they tracked us through the woods.

11/10/2010 #18
Fishy Biscuits

(OOC: Ouch... What bit are you doing at the mo?)

Oliver spurred Drew on after Serran and Cariel. I tried to listen out for the running water, but all I could hear were the sounds of the guards' horses through the forest. They seemed to be getting closer all the time.

'They know, don't they?' I whispered to Oliver, a little surprised at how much my voice was shaking. 'The scouting party came here and told them.'

11/10/2010 #19

(OOC: Socio-economic background. They're like, what is the total value of your parents' assets? So I'm emailing my parents with all these weird questions, because they're in another country right now. Guh.)


"We don't know that for sure," I replied in an undertone. Raylinn was actually sounding frightened, which was a first for her, and that was making me even more nervous. I just had to keep her calm until we found running water, assuming Serran was correct about that.

"They could be after us because we ran," I reasoned, ducking under a low-hanging branch. "Maybe that guard just recognized you from before, and Cariel panicked. And scouting parties almost never come as far north as Roble's Town." I did not add that the information could very well have travelled north from wherever the scouts actually had patrolled. The story of a murder and an escape over the wall was just the sort of thing that passed among gossipmongers.

Ahead of us, Serran had stopped and was energetically beckoning. I heeled Drew forward, and heard the water before I saw it: a shallow creek with thick undergrowth on either side. "We'll ride down the creek a ways, and then shelter on the opposite bank," Cariel decided.

11/10/2010 #20
Fishy Biscuits

(OOC: Ooh, fun... I remember doing my student loan application and having to ask my mum about her income - which was difficult, cos at the time her income was changing regularly. Are both your parents in Ecuador then?)

(OOC: XD Convo with my crush on Facebook: 'So... do you actually do magic? Or is that just a piss take?')


Serran and Cariel led the way along the creek, and Oliver followed. Drew was starting to look more skittish with the water being relatively close, and I suddenly had a horrible image of him throwing us off, and the guards catching up with us...

Stop it, I told myself. There was no point in speculating about all the things that could go wrong.

I re-tightened my arms around Oliver's waist, surprised at the feeling of reassurance I got from him.

11/10/2010 #21

(OOC: Yup, both of them are overseas. I get the run of the house! Except when my brother's home... :P And lol! No, you actually do magic. ^_^)


Drew snorted and pranced about a bit when his hoofs touched the icy water, and I swear I could have killed that horse. Except Raylinn tightened her grip, so that was nice. But finally, with his ears back and his teeth bared, he obediently stepped into the fast-flowing creek and followed Steak and Ale. The stones were uneven underfoot, and the horses had to slowly pick their way, but hopefully our trail would disappear into the water and the guards would have no idea where we had gone.

We were all silent, our ears straining for any sound of the guards. All too soon, it seemed, we heard crashing in the undergrowth and the sound of voices. We'd managed to move a fair distance downstream, but we were still out of the open and in plain view. "Into the bushes," Cariel hissed, and Drew reluctantly followed the other horses onto dry land again. The silly horse was shaking, and he kept pawing the ground nervously.

Cariel and Serran were sliding off their mounts and leading them deeper into the bushes. I turned to Raylinn. "You can let go now."

11/10/2010 #22
Fishy Biscuits

(OOC: Lol yeah, that's what I told him. And the conversation we're having now could easily be between a Charter mage and an Ancelstierran: 'But magic doesn't actually exist, though.' 'Yes it does!' XD)


I nodded and took a deep breath, then loosened my hold on Oliver's waist. I was still shaking, and so I wasn't looking forward to getting off Drew's back - I couldn't be entirely sure that my legs would hold me up. But then, I couldn't exactly stay on the horse's back, not when the trees were this dense.

Carefully, I shifted position so I was facing sideways, and then I slipped off Drew's back. As I'd expected, my knees almost gave way, and I had to grab hold of the saddle to keep myself upright. I could still hear the guards' horses, and from what it sounded like, they had gone into the water too. What if they'd seen where we'd gone? We were much slower now we weren't riding.

I pushed the thoughts of the guards to the back of my mind, and waited for Oliver to dismount.

11/10/2010 #23

(OOC: Foolish Ancelstierrans! ^_^)


I slid off Drew's back, which predictably startled the horse (what didn't?), but finally managed to get him under control and started to follow Cariel and Serran. Raylinn was gripping Drew's saddle, and seemed awfully quiet. She was looking at the ground, as if concentrating on walking. I wondered if she was even paler than usual.

"You okay?" I murmured, only for Cariel to give a sharp and angry, "Shhhh!" I rolled my eyes at her, and turned back to Raylinn.

11/10/2010 #24
Fishy Biscuits

(OOC: I know, I know... :P)


'Yeah,' I whispered back, my voice only just audible. 'Just... just a little nervous, that's all.'

I thought I heard someone speak behind us, so I turned - but there was no sign of the guards just yet. Looked like my imagination was playing tricks on me again...

11/10/2010 #25


I shot Raylinn a reassuring smile that she didn't see, and we continued to walk. Suddenly Serran flung her arm up, and we all froze. I could hear splashing, and voices - the guards were coming down the creek!

"Nobody move or speak," Cariel whispered. The thick underbrush concealed us from the creek, but maybe they would see where we had left the water. Maybe one of us would accidentally make some noise, and they would hear us. Maybe I should just relax.

Drew seemed to pick up on the tension that had settled on the group, and snorted, pawing the ground anxiously. I grabbed his bridle and stroked his nose in an effort to calm him down.

11/10/2010 #26
Fishy Biscuits


I glanced up at Drew, and was a bit surprised to see Oliver stroking the animal's nose - and even more surprised when Drew calmed slightly. I hadn't realised he could be so gentle.

'I think they went through here,' a voice said, and I snapped my gaze back along the way we'd come. The trees obscured most of the view, but I could have sworn that was a flash of red...

'You sure?' asked another voice. 'I can't hear anything. And three horses aren't easy to keep quiet.'

'They definitely turned off somewhere around here,' the first voice said again.

My heart was beating at a ridiculously fast pace now, and my dizziness was getting worse as my breathing sped up again. I didn't need to see much to know that the guards had stopped moving up the creek, and were now pretty much at the point where we'd gone into the trees.

'You see anything?' I heard a third guard ask.

'I'm not -'

The other guard's reply was cut off as Drew suddenly snorted and pranced to the side, his hooves snapping several branches with loud cracks. Oliver swore under his breath and tried to calm the horse again, but my attention was completely focused on the guards, who were now making a move towards us.

11/10/2010 #27

(OOC: It's so suspenseful - it's like a movie! ^_^)


"Over there!"

Our cover was blown. I called Drew a lot of names that cannot be repeated in civilized company, and Cariel and Serran hurried over. "There's nothing for it," said Cariel, looking anxiously in the direction of the creek. "We'll have to use magic, and take them down. Hopefully they split up to search the river."

"There's four of them," said Serran, and I didn't bother asking how she knew that.

"Right - all Royal Guards have the King's protection, so we'll have to use something powerful -"

"Powerful?" I repeated, still wrestling with a panicking Drew. "Right, because we're all in such great shape -"

"They're coming," Serran warned, and then before we knew it four red-clad guards had pushed their way through the bushes.

11/10/2010 #28
Fishy Biscuits

(OOC: I know! ^_^)


I didn't wait to see what spell Cariel, Oliver and Serran used on the guards. I just turned and ran stright past Oliver and Drew, and into the trees ahead of us, ignoring the brambles that scratched my legs. I didn't trust myself to stay and join in the spell-casting; I was panicking, and I could well remember what had happened last time I mixed panicking and magic.

I ran in a zig-zag pattern until I could no longer hear the guards' voices and I was relatively sure I was far enough away from them, and then I collapsed at the base of a tree, panting and shaking. I felt bad for just leaving the others, but running had been the only thing that had come into my head. I just hoped they were all right...

11/10/2010 #29


When the guards appeared, there was a lot of shouting and drawing of weapons, and for a moment everything was chaos.

I flung up my hands and instinctively summoned up a string of charter marks. The spell scalded my throat, and two of the guards were blasted off their feet, through the bushes, to splash into the creek. I glanced over to see Serran and Oliver bending over the other two guards, who were unconscious. We waded into the creek and fetched the other two guards, dragging them up onto the bank and out of sight.

"Looks like they'll be all right," I said, examining them with Serran.

Oliver, however, was looking around frantically. "Where's Idriel?"

My head snapped up, and I looked around. "Has she run off again?" I muttered, and Oliver shot me an annoyed look.

"She can't be too far away," Serran reasoned.

I nodded. "Right. Let's split up and look for her. First one who finds her sends up a Charter-Magicked flare." Oliver and Serran nodded, and we each set off into the trees, leading our horses.

11/10/2010 #30
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