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Fishy Biscuits


'What?' I asked, looking confused as well as afraid. 'I'm not Sorienne. I'm Vanelle.'

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Blood leaked over my arm; I didn't have long. "Well, I'm Vynn of the Clayr," I said. "And I can't let you do this."

I started to lunge forward again, when I felt a sharp pain in my ribs. I looked over to see a Royal Guard, sword drawn. The end of his blade disappeared into my side.

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Fishy Biscuits


I looked up at the guardsman, keeping the scared expression on my face. 'Thank you,' I gasped out, then I looked back at the Clayr.

1/30/2011 #33


I looked back at the woman. "Please," I managed to say, "don't -" Then I winced as the guard withdrew his sword, and fell to my knees.

1/30/2011 #34
Fishy Biscuits


I looked down at the Clayr and was tempted to smirk - but I didn't, of course. Not with the guard standing right there.

'I have to,' I said flatly.

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I could hear other guards coming down the stairs.

"You can - walk away from this," I murmured. "Just - let it go."

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Fishy Biscuits


'I can't,' I said quietly. 'It's only right that I do this.'

I looked up as more guards stopped at the top of the stairs.

'Are you all right?' one of them asked. I nodded, but didn't say anything.

1/30/2011 #37


I hardly noticed as two other guards came up to me and took hold of my arms. I did notice, however, when they tried to pull me up. I hissed.

"You're getting off this boat," said one guard firmly. "I'm handing you over to the outpost."

I laughed. It hurt, but I couldn't help it. "You - think I'll last - that long?" I gasped.

1/30/2011 #38
Fishy Biscuits


Without saying anything, I knelt down beside the Clayr. I didn't really want to do this, but I had to remove any suspicion that anyone might have about me.

'Here,' I said quietly, forming a healing spell in the palm of one hand and placing it on the wound in her side.

1/30/2011 #39


I tried to bat her hand away, but the guards were still holding my arms. I stared at the wound in my side as it began to heal, then looked at the woman. "So you didn't kill me after all," I said, managing a weak laugh. "It was only a possible future. Sure fooled me."

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Fishy Biscuits


'You Saw me killing you?' I asked, feigning surprise. I had actually been very tempted on several occasions. I moved to cast another spell for her stomach wound. 'I assume this was just a misunderstanding,' I added. 'You thought I was someone else, didn't you?'

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I glowered at the woman, and didn't bother answering.

One of the guards turned to the woman. "Do you want to press charges?"

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Fishy Biscuits


I was very, very tempted to say that I did, but I had to keep up this forgiving persona for now. 'No,' I replied. 'She didn't actually hurt me. And she thought I was someone else. It was all just a misunderstanding.'

1/30/2011 #43


"Was it?" I muttered softly.

"Fine," said the guard. He turned to the man and woman holding my arms. "Take her to the outpost. She's to be kept in a cell overnight."

As the guards started to drag me away, I looked over my shoulder at the woman. I'd been close - so close. But at least now I knew what her plans were.

1/30/2011 #44
Fishy Biscuits


'Thank you,' I said again to the remaining guards. 'Can we be leaving soon, please?'

One of the guards nodded. 'We'll be setting sail as soon as possible,' he replied. 'Don't you worry.'

He gestured to another guard, and told her to lead me to one of the spare cabins so I could get some rest. 'It'll be a long journey,' he said. 'But the sea looks good. If it stays like this, we should reach Belisaere in four days' time.'

I nodded, and started to follow the guard to my cabin.

1/30/2011 #45


I remained on the dock, and practically ran forward when two guard came down the gangway, supporting Vynn between then. "Vynn - what -?"

"Were you with her?" said one of the guards abruptly.

I nodded. "Yes, I -"

"Then you used that spell," said the other guard.

"Yes," I said, looking back at the guards. "Nobody got hurt."

"Actually, many people got hurt," the first guard spat. "Your friend is spendng the night in a cell. And so are you. Come on."

I glanced at Vynn. I could do something, perform another spell, attack these guards somehow, and get us out of here. But we were already in enough trouble as it was. "All right," I said finally. I replaced one of the guards and helped support Vynn, and then followed him towards the outpost.

"I was so close," Vynn whispered to me.

1/30/2011 #46
Fishy Biscuits


I settled down on the bed in my cabin and allowed myself to smirk. Even with those Clayr trying to interfere, things were still going according to plan. I was on a ship that would be sailing to Belisaere shortly. I had the guards' protection. I had evidence that should mark the slut as undoubtably guilty.

Someone knocked on my door and I instantly wiped the grin off my face. 'Yes?'

A guard poked her head around the door. 'Just to let you know, we'll be setting off within half an hour.'

'Thank you,' I said, nodding. The guard closed the door again, and my smirk reappeared.

1/30/2011 #47


The cells wee quite uncomfortable, and Vynn had noticeably been injured - but mostly healed. I spent a few minutes listening to her curse as she tried to heal herself.

"Did you find out anything?" I whispered finally when the guard who had been watching us left the room.

"She says she has evidence to pin the murder of the innkeeper on the Abhorsen," Vynn answered. "She mentioned a diary..."

"The Abhorsen's diary?" I said. "At the House she found she'd lost it, and I went back to Aelford to get it, but it was gone. Sorienne must have taken it."

"Maybe the Abhorsen really did kill him," I suggested, "which is why she wanted you to get it back."

"No," I said flatly. "No, she didn't. If Sorienne, and that other guard Mawbor, hadn't been involved, I'd be inclined to agree with you. But there are too many coincidences."

"So what do we do?" asked Vynn.

"We write to the Glacier," I decided. "And we travel to Belisaere."

1/30/2011 #48

(OOC: Gotta go for about an hour. Do you need sleep?)

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Fishy Biscuits


A few minutes later, another guard knocked on the door of my cabin. 'We're off,' he said, with a cheery grin.

I smiled back at him, then followed him out of the cabin. I made sure I had the pack containing the diary with me. I followed the guard to the deck and watched as Callibe grew further and further away. Those two Clayr might still come after me, but I had the guards' protection.

'Want to play some cards with us?' one of the guards asked, holding up a deck. I smiled and nodded, then went to sit with her and some of the others. Hopefully the journey would be quick, and we would be in Belisaere soon, but for now I was quite content with how things were.

1/30/2011 #50
Fishy Biscuits

(OOC: I probably need a bit of sleep, but I'm still partly on PST so I won't need much. :P See you in an hour!)

1/30/2011 #51

Continued from "Qyrre."


We didn't talk again until late that night, when the guard had fallen asleep.

"I was thinking," I said softly, "that we ought to write to the Abhorsen."

"But?" Vynn prompted.

"But," I said, "if I let her know what's going on, she'll probably want to come back. And if Sorienne does turn in the diary as evidence, then I don't know what will happen to her. I was hoping the Clayr could solve all of this before she got back."

"So much for that," said Vynn, snorting softly. "Though, seeing as this is about her, she does have a right to know..."

"I guess I'll have to think about it," I sighed.

"Well," said Vynn, "you'll have a lot of time to think tonight. These beds are so hard, we're not going to get any sleep."

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Fishy Biscuits

(OOC: Are we going to skip forwards till Iselli and Vynn are let out?)


Being on the ship almost made me forget that I was no longer a guard myself. After the card game, I'd been invited to join in with some sparring matches - during which I pretended to not be quite as good with a blade as I actually was - and then we all had a surprisingly hearty lunch, considering that we were at sea. I did, however, have to remember my new persona at all times. Just because I had gotten away from those Clayr didn't mean that I could let my guard down. I wouldn't be able to even think of doing that until the slut had been arrested.

1/30/2011 #53

(OOC: Sure!)


When Vynn and I staggered out of the guard outpost, we hadn't had an hour of sleep between us. "I'm hungry," said Vynn.

We went to an inn and ordered our meals, and I got pen and paper and started to write a letter to the Glacier.

"Are you telling the Abhorsen, then?" said Vynn as I finished my letter.

I nodded. "I think I should. I don't know exactly where in Ancelstierre she is - she said something about Tindall's house. I suppose I'll just have to put his name on it, and hers, and hope it reaches them eventually."

We decided to spend the night at the inn and recover. Though Vynn didn't say anything, I could tell that she was still suffering from her wounds. In the morning we'd get the Paperwing, and leave for Belisaere.

1/30/2011 #54
Fishy Biscuits


When the night arrived, I was actually quite grateful for the surprisingly comfortable bed in my cabin. I found that I could even start to relax a bit, once the door to my cabin was locked. I checked my pack again, just to make sure the slut's diary was still in there, and then I flipped it open to check that the part I had forged was undetectable. From what I could see, the handwriting was unbroken, and the way it was written was as close as I could possibly get it to the slut's style of writing. I'd made sure that the entry was unfinished - just as it had been when the slut's real writing had stopped - and I'd even gone so far as to make sure that the word I'd been halfway through writing was the same as the word the slut had been writing when she'd been interrupted. That way, if she was questioned about the final entry, her answers would do nothing to prove her innocence. Quite the opposite, in fact.

I smiled to myself as I replaced the diary in the pack and settled down for some sleep. Only three more days, and I would be in Belisaere...

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Fishy Biscuits


The following morning, I was able to sleep till later than I would usually do. I didn't have to go anywhere, or do anything, except wait for the ship to arrive in Belisaere. As I'd expected, the guards had woken early for breakfast and a training session, and I found myself smiling to myself as I was served a noticeably nicer breakfast than what I guessed the guards had had. As I was eating, the Lieutenant came to sit beside me.

'Did you have a good night?' he asked pleasently.

'I did,' I replied, nodding. 'I hardly noticed that we were on a ship at all.'

'I'm glad,' said the Lieutenant. He paused, then added, 'I've been meaning to ask, would I be able to have a look at this evidence you have? Just to make sure it's in order and everything.'

I nodded; this would give me a chance to see how convincing my forgery was. 'Of course. I'll get it for you as soon as I've finished eating.'

The Lieutenant nodded, and then let me eat the rest of my breakfast in peace. Once I'd finished, I went back to my cabin and brought the slut's diary out from my pack. I'd already folded down the corners of the pages that marked the starts of the entries with the best bits of evidence. Then I left the cabin again, and quickly found the Lieutenant, who was waiting patiently for me.

'Here,' I said, showing him the diary. 'I had to remove the clasps so it wouldn't lock itself again when I closed it,' I added, seeing the man look at where I'd cut the clasps out.

He nodded, and I flipped the diary open to the final entry. 'This is the evidence for the Aelford murder,' I explained. 'The entry is unfinished - I assume the Abhorsen was interrupted before she could finish it - but the evidence is there.' I pointed out the relevant paragraph, and the Lieutenant started to read it. I inwardly smirked as I saw his eyes widen.

'There's another confession in here too,' I said, once he'd finished reading. 'It's about another murder.'

'Another one?' the Lieutenant asked.

I nodded. 'One committed in Ancelstierre. I hadn't heard anything about it, but I suppose you might have done?'

'Oh, that one,' he replied, nodding. 'But - I heard that the previous Abhorsen had confessed to that.'

'That's not what it says in here,' I said, turning the pages back to the earlier entry that I had marked. 'See?'

The Lieutenant read the entry, and frowned. 'This doesn't make sense, though,' he murmured.

I flipped forwards a few pages and held the diary out to him again. 'Maybe this bit will clear things up,' I said, pointing out the passages in which the slut had described what had happened at the Wall, when her sister had revealed that she had confessed to the murder.

'That does fit with what I've heard from the lot at Roble's Town,' the Lieutenant said thoughtfully. 'If this is true, the Abhorsen has a lot to answer for.'

I nodded. 'She does. I was pretty shocked when I read it. And, with everything else she's admitted to in here, it surprises me that she was even allowed to become the Abhorsen in the first place.'

'Everything else?' the Lieutenant asked, raising one eyebrow.

I passed him the diary. 'It's all in here. It's quite shocking, really. You can read it, if you like, just... well, I'd like it back. I promised that I would deliver it to the King myself.'

'Of course,' replied the Lieutenant, nodding. 'I will have it back to you by this evening.'

2/1/2011 #56

(OOC: Sorienne is EVIL!)


I let out a quiet sigh as I settled into the back of the Paperwing. Normally Iselli and I took it in turns to fly, but this time Iselli had insisted on piloting the Paperwing, and I wasn't about to argue with her. Iselli had sent a message to the Glacier informing them of our movements. Once we got to Belisaere I didn't know what we could do - get an audience with the King, maybe. But right now we had to worry about getting there before Sorienne did.

"How long until we reach Belisaere?" I asked as Iselli stowed away our belongings.

The other woman glanced up at the sky. "If we make good time? Two days. But definitely within three."

I nodded, and sat back as Iselli climbed in, put on her shoulder straps, and whistled up a wind.

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Fishy Biscuits

(OOC: Oh I know... Hehehe... :P)


True to his word, the Lieutenant returned the slut's diary to me just after I'd had dinner with the guards. I was pleased to see the rather grim expression on his face.

'I have to say,' he said quietly to me. 'I'm not sure whether to feel sorry for the girl or not. I suppose she did have a good motive for murdering that innkeeper, but it was a murder nonetheless. And as for the other things... Well, I'm not sure what to say. I'd pity her if everything that had happened to her had been out of her control, but not everything was.'

'Personally, I think a lot of her behaviour is a disgrace to her family's name,' I replied, equally quietly. 'She's written that she changed her name to try and get away from all of that, but it doesn't change the fact that she did it.'

'You're right,' agreed the Lieutenant. 'It doesn't.' He sighed, then continued. 'It might take a while for the guards to find her and arrest her, if we wait until we reach Belisaere for the order to be given. I'm thinking that I should send a message hawk down to the group in Barhedrin, telling them to be ready, so they can put her in a holding cell until they're ready for her in Belisaere.'

'A good idea,' I said, nodding approvingly.

'We'll be making our mid-way stop-off at Aunden soon,' the Lieutenant said thoughtfully. 'They'll have the hawks at the outpost there, so I'll send the message then. It's not likely that any major threat from the Dead will crop up in the next few days, so it will be all right to have the Abhorsen arrested. And if something does come up... well, we'll cross that bridge when it comes to it.'

I nodded again, and then went to put the diary back in my pack. An hour or so later, the ship docked at the port in Aunden, and we all disembarked. The Lieutenant stationed at Aunden agreed that I would be able to stay at the outpost for the night, to ensure that I was still under the guards' protection. I inwardly smirked at that; if those two Clayr tried to intervene again, they would still be stopped. After another hour or so, during which I'd played several games of cards and had a couple drinks with some of the guards, the Lieutenant from the ship beckoned for me. Obediently, I got up and went over to him.

'I just wanted to let you know, the message hawk has been sent,' he said, lowering his voice. 'It should be in Barhedrin some time tomorrow.'

I nodded. 'And we'll be in Belisaere in a couple days.'

'We will,' he agreed. 'We'll be leaving pretty early tomorrow morning, and I'm hoping that we'll reach Belisaere by late afternoon on the following day. The sea's calm enough for quick sailing, anyway.'

'That's good,' I said. 'We wouldn't want the Abhorsen doing any more damage, would we.'

'No,' the Lieutenant replied, with a small smile. 'Well, I'll let you get back to the game,' he added, gesturing to the card-table. I smiled and nodded, then went back to carry on playing. It was difficult, but I managed to keep the smirk off my face until I was in bed later that night.

2/1/2011 . Edited 2/1/2011 #58

(OOC: I've been thinking... we could bring in another character. I know, I know, we already have a lot. But I was thinking about that Messenger who is supposedly trying to track Sorienne to burn the Charter Mark from her forehead. Could (s)he somehow team up with the Clayr?)

Vynn -

Iselli kept a steady wind, for once disregarding the rule not to alter the weather too much, in case of disastrous side-effects. We had to get to Belisaere as soon as possible, and speak to the King. It was only our rotten luck that we'd been delayed by being kept in that cell in Callibe. If I remembered rightly, it took three days to sail from Callibe to Belisaere. Iselli and I were already a day behind, and we would make it to Belisaere in two days - if we were lucky. It would be close.

"Are we going to land on the Palace platform?" I shouted.

Iselli turned her head slightly. "No," she replied. "We'll land outside of the city."


"Because if Sorienne gets there first, she might have us stopped, even arrested," Iselli said. I grimaced, remembering what I had already undergone on the Royal Guards' ship. I wasn't eager to repeat that experience anytime soon. "We'll get to the Palace, send a message that we're Clayr who want to see the King, and watch for any traps," Iselli explained.

I nodded. "Okay. But - what if there are traps?"

Iselli didn't answer, and for a moment I thought she wouldn't. Then she replied, "Then we'll be in trouble."

2/1/2011 #59
Fishy Biscuits


Early the next morning, I was woken by another guard, who was very quick to apologise for the early start. After I'd convinced her that I really didn't mind it, she led me to where all the other guards were having a quick breakfast, while those stationed at Aunden were busily loading a fresh supply of food onto our ship.

'The Lieutenant wanted to speak with you again,' the guard said to me, once we had finished eating.

I nodded, then went to find the Lieutenant, who had just finished writing something. He looked up as I entered the room. 'Ah! Miss Vanelle!'

'I was told you wanted to see me, Lieutenant?' I said.

He nodded. 'Yes. Nothing important; I just wanted to let you know that I've sent a message to the Captain in Belisaere, saying that we should be arriving at some point this evening, if the weather stays calm.'

I nodded. 'And the King will see me about this evidence?'

'I think you will have to see the Captain about that first,' the Lieutenant replied, 'and then he will be able to tell the King about it.'

I nodded again, and the Lieutenant gestured to the door. 'After you, please. We'll be leaving pretty soon, so you should probably get back on board.'

'Thank you,' I said, giving him a grateful smile before leaving the room and following the group of guards as they made their way back to the ship. I was pleased that the Lieutenant had seen the diary and hadn't suspected that the last part had been forged. With any luck, we would be in Belisaere by this evening, and then things would really start moving.

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