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Fable and Familiar of Zero, two series that have almost nothing in common, except for one thing: Albion. In Fable it is the home of Heroes dragged into adventure and revolution. In Familiar of Zero it is the Floating Island brought into revolution by religious zealots and mad men. They share a name, but could they also share history?

The Challenge:

This challange is to see how you can link the two Albions together somehow. For instance are they the same island, is the Albion of the Fable series the ancient past of the Albion of FoZ? Or is the fact they share a name simple coincidence? Whatever the answer it's up to the author to decide, however there are a few requirements to this challenge:

Challenge Requirements:

* Louise (The main character of FoZ) must summon a Hero as her familiar. The Hero can be from any of the Fable games or even a Hero pre or post the Fable series. If the author wants the Hero can be the cannon version of the Louise's familiar: Saito Hiraga. (Note: FoZ is set on a planet with two moons, meaning it isn't Earth. If you use Saito as the Hero then like in the series he must come from Earth originally. How Saito becomes a Hero when he's never been to Albion before will be left to the author as a plot device.)

* IF both Albions are the same country then one of them must be the ancient past of the other. (e.g: Fable-Albion existed so-and-so years before Founder Brimir's time who himself lived 6000 years before the events in FoZ) If you go with this and want to use Hero!Saito then it might even be possible that the island itself was transported from one world to the other at some point in its history.

* IF Fable-Albion and FoZ-Albion are two different countries from two different worlds then when the Hero asks about Albion both the Hero and Louise must misunderstand each other and believe they're talking about the same Albion they are each familiar with.

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