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Relive the 13 days and the adventure the group of l'cie took... with your own. Become the hunted or even the hunter. Interact with one another and even the actual characters. Decide your fate and Cocoons.
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Kai Yukimura

1. Be respectful. We're equals :D

2. Do not God-mod. Don't take control of other peoples characters without permission

3. Try to limit use of profanity (curses, swears, bad words).

4. Only have up to four OC characters. Do not want to over work your load. If you really want any more, please see the Admin to ask.

5. Try to detain from Mary and Gary sue's.

6. Have fun

7. No Powerplaying

8. Do not fight to much and get out of hand.

9. If you have a problem, speak with the Admin

11/8/2010 . Edited 2/5/2011 #1
Weiss Rose Schnee
I herby abide by your rules...and am joining. xd.
11/9/2010 #2
Actually Anzie

IDK why I couldn't post in your Pairings forum, but...

You guys vanished from Shaun's forum D: It's started now anyway... If you planned on joining again anyway o: I sent Zoe a PM but she never answered.

So yeah. Here I am. :D

11/22/2010 #3
Kai Yukimura

ya but all the long worded posts make me bored then I lose the will to actually post something XD So bleh... and we've also been busy focusing on our other rp forum. and work, and Thanksgiving, and setting up christmas trees and feeding chocobos on facebook xD

And you could of created a chat thread instead of putting it on the rules XD

11/29/2010 #4
Weiss Rose Schnee about wait until your OC is approved to start RPing. The Mods will help you with anything you need help with. Remember our verdict isnt to insult or detain anyones creativity. It just advice that may help you. You can choose to take our advice or stick with your profiles. Remember were all here to have fun.
2/10/2011 #5
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