Kludd's Death
I just finished the sixth book and I have to say that I'm a little pissed off with the way Kludd died at the end. Why Twilight? Why did Twilight kill Kludd? Of all the characters it should have been Soren. I just don't get it. Lasky built up suspense from
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My theory on why Soren didn't kill Kludd is because Soren was hesitant at first. You have to remember that Kludd is Soren's brother, and Soren wasn't wanting to kill him because of that. He thought maybe his parents wouldn't understand and that it was a disgrace to kill family. So, I think that's why Twilight did the deed. You remember at the end that Soren was feeling upset about it until he and Eglantine saw their parents' scrooms and were reassured that it was the right thing to do.

1/28/2011 #1
R.L. Sisters

I understand, but I just don't like how Twilight killed him. I mean, it just didn't seem right! Twilight? Really?? I don't know, it was weird.

-L. Sister

I think Soren should've manned up and killed 'em! He rips the head of mice every day of his life then yarped up their compacted skulls. You think he would be able to kill somebody who was threatening his life. Or at least fight them....It is one of the VERY FEW things that I liked they changed in the movie!

-R. Sister

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When I read it I believed, and still do, that Kathryn Lasky was simply twisting around the story- doing things differently and getting different characters rising and things. I also think, though, that he dyed far to early!

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Lasky originally planned 6 books, but extended it to 15 because of pressure
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Noctus Fury

Soren kills mice to eat. Killing family -- no matter how evil -- is another. Soren is an owl of deep gizzard. Twilight killed Kludd so that Soren didn't have to. If Soren had done it, he'd never have been able to get over it. He'd forever feel guilty because, despite all that Kludd had done to him, he still loved his brother and wouldn't want to kill him. Nothing would get him to kill Kludd unless he was cornered and it was kill or be killed. Or, if Kludd had still been alive, if Kludd went after his chicks and mate.

I've always wondered about this myself, but this is my opinion on the matter.

5/7/2018 #5
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