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Anyone have any story ideas? I'm happy to co-write!

Anyone want to co-write something with me? What I'm working on now:

1. DJ- A songfic (I'm still here - Goo Goo Dolls) about Damien and an OC

2. DJ-

3. JR- short story.

4. DN short story

5. Anything relating to OKG

That's it for now.

11/12/2010 #1
Alexia Featherchild

I don't have any current ideas... though I am still working on my current

KSB fics... (Those are here)

and JJR crack fics... (not far enough to post the first chapter yet...)

Ugh... all my things turn into multi-chaptered stories. I managed one KSB Droubble (though I haven't posted that here yet... since its so short... 200 words stand alone...)

11/19/2010 #2

I love Koisuru! I used to have the release date of the next OVA in my phone but it got stolen. :( You wouldn't happen to know when it was being updated do you?

Not big on droubbles. I guess I just have trouble limiting what I'm writing. (:

11/20/2010 #3
Alexia Featherchild

You don't happen to be NowakiStar from DA do you? Well anyway... it's supposed to come out in Japan I believe on the 26th of this month... unless they've pushed back the release date. Primte Time website has a trailer up too...

I'm not big on dribbles, drabbles or droubbles either... It was a real challenge to get it to be exactly 200 words. Everything I write other than that one I did manage on LJ ends up being multiple chapters.

My Island Enchantment KSB fic is currently 36 chapters long with 5 more chapters outlined and then hopefully it will be complete. Eternally Yours is a by the seat of my pants ff, though I do have an outline for the next chapter of that... and The Sweet with the Bitter (JJR) I don't know how long it will be, but it's going to be a few more chapters at least. I write too much, too long. ^^;

Well I do have a ton of KSB ideas, since I have a tyrant_fanfic prompt comm on LJ... and then for JJR... I was thinking of rewriting Beauty and the Beast with Usagi/Misaki in their roles... and then Sleeping Beauty with Nowaki/Hiroki in those roles... and trying to figure out what would best fit Miyagi/Shinobu (The Littler Mermaid, Anastasia or Quest for Camelot...or even the Unsmiling Prince(ss))... I like to twist my favorite fairy tales around with KSB and JJR...

11/20/2010 . Edited 11/20/2010 #4

Yep, I am. (: And thank you!

I can understand how hard that must have been. Exactly 200... I may have to attempt that. (:

I'll have to check out your stories. (: They sound pretty cool. I mostly just write whatever comes to mind and then give it a plot. I like doing parodies, although I try to give them a little under-plot too.

11/21/2010 #5
Alexia Featherchild

I'm Kyoushi on there (I believe, I don't know when we were talking, though I haven't checked out DA in awhile x_x;, but I'm sure we had a conversation at one point on there...)

Yeah, and really a true drabble is supposed to be exactly 100 words, no more, no less. A Dribble is supposed to be 50 words. Anything else is just Flash Fiction... there are a lot of terms that I found and used on 100yaoi LJ comm so x-x;;... but yeah to get exactly that many words was frustrating. It was longer than that, but I was able to rephrase/subtract some words and an entire sentence.

Thanks ^^;;, IE is the only one that really had a plot from the very beginning. EY and TSwtB not so much.

I think I'd suck at parodies... I just go with AU (not where the characters are OoC too much, but like an Alternate Timeline and winding up with someone else instead...)

I have so much to read, which takes away from my time to write, but I love doing both so its not so bad. Although both detract from my original that I haven't gotten very far with... (but right now I don't know what else to start... I have too many ideas and don't want to bog myself down too much to the point where I don't update current stories enough... but then the other ideas wont be quiet and leave me alone lol)

11/21/2010 #6

Haha. I'll look you up and give you a nudge, I suppose. (:

And I know what a drabble is. lol. I've never attempted one though. I really ought to.

Parodies aren't so hard. If you love something a lot, poking fun is easy. Like, Shuichi and Mori's relationship is totally domestic-voilence worthy. Mori is obsessive and Tasumi is just plain violent. (: Although, you kind of must have a point to it. Otherwise, people get bored and stop reading. I've always had plots, though most are hidden under all the crack. (: AUs are where it's at though! It lets you throw characters into a completely different setting to see how they'd manage! You've really got to know the characters to do AUs. Unfortunity, a lot of ideas have been done which can be annoying.

I know what you mean there. I've got a really busy home-live. Although, I'm no one to let an idea sit. My muse wouldn't leave me alone when it comes to a new story. But I always finish something I start, so it works out somehow...

11/21/2010 #7
Alexia Featherchild

No problem... though I really don't us DA often. More LJ and here now.

I have not yet attempted a drabble, only the droubble (droubble because its two hundred instead of one hundred words, so its double what a drabble is and therefore a droubble ;3, at least I think that's why its called that).

Eh, I don't really care to poke fun... I'm not really a 'humorous' person, though I can find others works funny... I can't really manage it myself...

I'd end up doing AU's in Historical settings... or cross-overs if I know things well enough to manage that. Now say if Souichi and Morinaga were to move to Tokoyo.

I'm very near to finishing IE... I want to be finished. And I have to let ideas sit... I mean I can't work on 50 different things at once x_x;; (and that is not an exaggerated number, which is why I try not to start too many, because more will just keep coming at me even if some turn out to be too silly for me to even contemplate.)... so I just write them down and save for later if need be.

11/21/2010 #8

Eh, I'm not really a LJ person. My brother absolutely loves it but I haven't really gotten on mine in forever.

Drabble, droubble it's all the same to me. lol. I feel like such a noob.

And hey, certain things work for certain people. I'm the type that can't sit on something for too long, it'll slip away. But I was raised to never abandon something that I start so I don't just forget about a story and never update... (Except for my JR parody which I seriously have to finish before my muse decides to replace me.)

11/22/2010 #9
Alexia Featherchild

I wasn't an LJ person for the longest while either. I created one quite some time ago and completey forgot about it. I was confused about how to even use LJ, but now I love it.

Thats true... but I don't want to start 50+ fics ;;. Not if most of them end up multi-chaptered anyhow hrk. I have 2 KB to finish and 3 JJR to go too.

I write the general idea down though... sometimes I can pick it up again other times I can't...^^;;.

Well hope your muse hasn't replaced you o-o;;... though I'm always thinking of the nine ^^; except as men instead of women ohdear.

12/24/2010 #10
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