Scott Pilgrim vs The Role Play
Long ago, in the mysterious land of Toronto, Canada... lived a Young heart-broken musician named Scott Pilgrim. That was, until he met Ramona Flowers. Suddenly he was thrust into a battle against her seven evil exes to win her heart. He eventually succeed
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Irv 182

In down town Minneapolis, there are a few Houses that are small and cheap, yet usually very comfortable. This particular house where we are headed to belongs to our main hero and his good friends and room mates, Samuel and Austen Pierce. This will serve as both the main base of the Hero's side as well as the site of most of their scenes. The living room is fairly large compared to the rest of the ground floor, with a nice shag rug in the middle, two worn down leather couches and a decently sized T.V. From the living room there are two placed to go. There's an open doorway to the kitchen, which has a table that can seat six, a microwave (since most of the guys can't cook well) an old stove, a refrigerator (filled with leftover Chinese and various cartons of milk and OJ). The other way to go from the living room is upstairs. There are four rooms up there. The three flat mate's rooms and the bathroom, equipped with a shower sink and toilet. The front door is usually unlocked, to allow easy access inside.

11/20/2010 #1
Austen is sleeping in bed, dreaming about stuff, when suddenly his cousin Samuel bursts open the door and gives Austen a very rude awakening. "Austen get up now and take out the trash ya lazy bum!!!" Austen jumps up in alarm and clings to the sealing like a cat.....again. "Damit Samuel, ever heard of knocking before entering!!!" "Well I'm already in and your already up so WHO CARES!!! Now get down and take out the trash before the garbage truck gets here, it was ur turn last night!!!" Austen falls down on his bed and walks out with a grumpy look on his face.
11/20/2010 #2
Irv 182

It was almost noon, and Rush had the day off from some lucky reason. So how did he plan to spend it? The best way he could think: Playing his favorite game, King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited for the PlayStation 2. He sat in the living room playing his modded PS2, his mind warped and focused on playing his game. His team, Kyo Kusanagi, Robert Garcia and Sie Kensou were taking on Omega Rugal, and he was getting pissed at how broken and cheap Rugal was, spamming his Kaiser wave technique which covered THE ENTIRE SCREEN. Kyo was dead and Robert was low on health, while Rugal stood strong at around 75% of his health left. " Come on, Robert... COME ON ROBERT! WHY WON'T HIS KICK COMBO HIT ALREADY?!" In frustration, Rush turned off the system, knowing that even with his top character Kensou, he wouldn't be able to win unless Rugal had at least 40% health left. Rush's stomach started to growl and he headed into the kitchen, searching for anything of substance to eat. He eventually decided to heat up some beef and broccoli with some white rice on the side. Only problem... no one does the dishes, so he can't cook. "God... we need a woman or a maid or someone to clean up this mess..."

11/20/2010 #3
"Well if u want a maid so much then why not advertise for one, because I'm sure as hell not gonna do it" Austen says as he walks behind Rush, over to the garbage can.
11/20/2010 #4
Gone and Gone

Somewhere on the streets Minneapolis walked Jude, a 'girl', though many found that hard to believe at times, looking for some kind of work. She normally fixed cars with minor damage but as of late that business hadn't been booming, which left her doing oddjobs and small time skatebroading, yet another business with little to gain.

"Isn't anyone hiring these?" She muttered to herself, throwing the newspaper on the ground in annoyance, "all I need is a job to pay rent."

That dreaded word. She was about a month behind now and her landlord wasn't the type to put up with that kind of thing for long.

11/21/2010 #5
Meanwhile on the same streets, Austen walks out of the apartment with the trash in tow, unaware that someone else was there watching him. "A damn these bags stink, note to self break a few of Samuel's CDs *cackle* OW!!" Austen said OW because apparently Samuel heard him and threw a bucket at his head. "Ow that hurts" He said groaning. And after putting the trash in the bin he says "Hmmm maybe Rush was right, we do need a maid, hmmm we take forever to clean the apartments and with our ruffness she would probably need to move in.....". It took Austen 5 sec to realize something ain't right. "......Wait, Rush was right!!! How can that be!!! He's a dumb ass!!". He slapped himself repeatedly because he was in total shock. He slapped himself so much that he KO'd himself right on the sidewalk.
11/21/2010 #6
Gone and Gone

Jude took note of the Knocked out person on the sidewalk, having seen him slap himself.

"Um....dude, do you need to see a doctor.....or maybe a therapist?" She asked, wondering if walking away and avoiding the crazy might be a better idea.

11/21/2010 #7
After a few seconds Austen woke up completely unharmed, he brushed himself of and Noticed Jude right next to him and said with that bored look on his face. " Nah Im fine, just had moment their, say dude u know were I can find a girl who doesn't mind cleaning and good at it?"
11/21/2010 #8
Gone and Gone

"I'd help, as long as I get paid," Jude stated, "it can't be that hard."

She half wondered if telling him she was a girl would be necessary, however it didn't seem like a big deal at that point.

11/21/2010 #9
Austen gave the person in front of him a pondering look. "Hmmmm, well of course we'd pay, we'd prefer the maid we hire to move in, but I don't think the outfit would look good on you Dude."
11/21/2010 #10
Irv 182

Rush was sitting in the living room, eating his leftover Chinese food when he noticed Austen screaming and slapping himself silly outside. Obviously the impossible happened, and Austen was freaking out: for once, Rush was right. But there was a fine line between 'dumb ass' and 'moron', and the line being that sometimes Rush had some common sense and said something actually smart. He headed outside when he noticed Austen talking to someone. First word heard heard was something about the guy he was talking to about being a maid. "Maid, huh? So now you're stealing my idea, Austen?" He turned to the person Austen was talking to. "Nice to meet you, I'm Alex, but everyone calls me Rush. The idiot you're talking to is my room mate, Austen. Sorry if he's harassing you."

11/21/2010 #11

Josh walks into the room with a cheery voice. "yooooooo rush my man whats up". he sats on the couch grabbing the remote and started to watch some cartoons

11/21/2010 #12
Austen was not pleased by being interrupted and called an idiot by the moron of the house. "grrrrrrr," BAM!!! Austen uppercuted Rush right in the stomach and sent him high in the air. That'll teach you!!" He then noticed Josh and said "sup man" then went back to the person he was talking to,"Now where were we? Oh yea, I'm sorry I didn't catch your name what was it?"
11/21/2010 #13
Gone and Gone

"Name's in in a GIRL." Jude said, with a pointed focus on her gender, "but I am not wearing a maid uniform,, am I hired?" She asked hopefully, not waiting for Austen's reaction on her true gender being revealed.

11/21/2010 #14
Boy did Austen have a surprised face he really wasn't seeing that coming and as he replied Rush finally came back crashing down behind them. " O_O Wough!!.... Well okay you got the job, although don't say didn't warn you." he said then lead Judith inside, while walking over Rush.
11/21/2010 #15
Gone and Gone

"Sweet!" She cheered, "so you mentioned something about wanting me to move in, does that mean that I pay rent?"

She really didn't mind, since she already had to and moving in their meant that she could get away from her annyoing landlord and such.

"Dude, just how much does this pay, 'cause I also fix up cars."

11/21/2010 #16
They stopped in front of the door as Austen replied "Thats right, Its pretty much preferable if you move in because of our *clears throat* 'habits', and the pay depends on performance, if you do a good job the highest you can get is 70$ per week, but if you want you can help me out at my job at an auto workshop, Now here's were you'll be working and living from now on.". Austen opens the door and reveals the whole apartment is like the city dump!! In the living room there's pizza boxes, soda cans, Chinease takeout cartons, and socks everywhere! The kitchen sink is filled to the ceiling in dishes, spilled food on the floor, and the walls has huge stains! And don't even get me started on the rooms! Austen looks at it like it's normal but Jude's expression.....
11/21/2010 #17
Gone and Gone

She was shocked, not even slightly amused at this point.

"I'll admit that I can be a little messy but....but what the hell is living here, pigs? Or a few dozen rats!?"

11/21/2010 #18
Ignoring that Austen said "Well I leave you to your work, Ya hear that Samuel! We got a lady in the house be nice, u to Josh, see ya!" and just like that he's gone.
11/21/2010 #19

while still watching the events happing Josh just waves Austen "see ya man". he then trys to judith "hello judy" waved josh while watching tv

11/21/2010 #20
Irv 182

Rush flew high in the air, and while up there admired the clouds, bird, and airplanes that flew by. he was finally at peace with himself. his mind was cleared of all distraction, and he quickly understood all the hard questions in life: The meaning of life, the cure for cancer, and that Kirk was indeed better than Picard in various ways. But has he fell back to Earth, that all disappeared and he was back to his normal self. The landed on the grass and quickly brushed himself off. The entire deal was sealed, and Jude was their new maid. As he walked in the house, he placed cat ears on her head. "There, now you're in uniform. Also, if you don't mind, I want to call you Judy because this way I remember you're a girl. As for where you'll sleep... Sam and I would both agree you can take Austen's room. he can sleep in the basement of the couch. Just mind you... his dirty clothes bite."

11/21/2010 #21
And with his incredible speed appeared next to Rush then "TIGER FIST!!!!" knocked him so hard he broke a whole in the wall. After that he said "No ones taking my room ya GOT THAT!!!!, and u Judy can take Rush's Room he'll sleep in the basement, in fact I'll help out in unloading his room, oh and by the way u look good with those ears on" Austen then zipped away to Rush's room.
11/21/2010 #22

Josh looks at the pair fighting in the air "dude you guys are AWESOME" he said jumping in the air

11/21/2010 #23
As they were fighting Samuel finally came into the living room yelling " Hey knock it off!!! I'm trying to sleep here!!!!" Austen noticed him then got a for some payback, he then shouted "Whatever, this getting boring I'm ending this NOW!!! Art of being pantsed in front of a girl!!!" He says with a goofy face. The next thing that happened was a sudden wind blown by and then Samuel's, Rush's and Josh's Pants were gone and there under ware was still there but pulled down!!!! He did Josh to because he's mean that way:3. Of course naturally Judy looks away though.
11/21/2010 #24
Irv 182

Rush flew into the wall, cracking it and leaving an giant dent. "You know you're paying for any damage that happen to this house, right Austen?" Rush said to his friend. " I mean honestly you just mooch off of Sam and I. And second of all, how the hell does he keep auto-hitting me? What is this, god-moding central? Because now it's time to get some pay back." Rush grabbed Austen by his collar, and despite being pant less he walked out side with his friend, and quickly kneed him in the gut. " Alright, let's do this! SHORYU... wait, that's copyrighted. SUPER AWESOME TACO FIST ATTACK!" And with that, Rush sent Austen flying up the air with his uppercut, setting him slightly aflame as he soared up higher. "Well, he should be busy for a while. Josh, you guard the door until Samuel and I finish unpacking his room. Fight him if you need to. And remember..." Rush said, looking to the audience, posters and all alike. "Yes I know I'm breaking the fourth wall, but NO AUTO-HITS."

11/21/2010 #25
(fine geez can't take a cartoon joke:3, Btw competition solution) As Austen finally falls back to the ground, he got really pissed off and no one pisses him off, unless they got a death wish. "THATS MY ROOM!!!!!" he yells so loud it shook the entire building. He gave Josh his signature glare, which he timidly moves aside because of it. He walks like the juggernaut all the way to his room and caught them before they finished. Seeing them touch his stuff and remembering wut Rush said to him got him a little more steamed, he said in low menacingly voice "This is my room, and I maybe lazy but your the one who's the dumb ass and even lazier than me! Plus your the one who always disappear when ever it's your turn to do chores, and your the one who keeps using Me and Sam's credit card inorder to buy new games, Now are u gonna put my stuff down or are we gonna have to take this outside?"
11/21/2010 #26
Gone and Gone

Jude watched as it all played out.

"Dude...I'm fine with the name but a maid outfit, really?" She said, "I mean, seriosuly?"

11/22/2010 #27

Josh blocks the door with his bosy while watching Rush fight "ready man" giving a thumbs up to show he's ready

11/22/2010 #28
Austen looked back at Judy and said with an innocent face "Well it wasn't my idea, Rush did it and it was his idea!"
11/22/2010 #29

Josh laughs while still blocking the door

11/22/2010 #30
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