Scott Pilgrim vs The Role Play
Long ago, in the mysterious land of Toronto, Canada... lived a Young heart-broken musician named Scott Pilgrim. That was, until he met Ramona Flowers. Suddenly he was thrust into a battle against her seven evil exes to win her heart. He eventually succeed
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Irv 182

Title says it all.

Well, this is where the magic begins. Here is where you post your finished characters.

Character Sheet Example

Character name: Alex " Rush" Lifeson (His name is a direct reference to the guitarist of Rush while his nickname refers to both the band and Megaman's pet dog.))

Age: 19

Rating: "M" For Moron

Gender: Male

Role: The Hero/ The Heroine/ Hero's Friends/ Evil Exes

Appearance: Rush is a tall, moderately built teenager with Brown hair and Hazel eyes. He is relatively lazy and lax, but has a heart of gold underneath it all. He constantly wears Band Tees and Striped hoodies (Grey with pink stripes, blur with green stripes, white with crimson stripes, white with grey stripes), and depending on the seaon wear either carpenter jeand or plaid shorts. He also has a nice pair of orange and black DC skate shoes.

Occupation: Pizza Delivery Boy

Biography: At first glance Rush is nothing more than your typical college dropout, mooching off of his friends and living with them in a house in which they all rent out. He is extremely lazy and stupid, but always means well. He is an extremely talented fighter due to his countless hours spent playing King of Fighters and watching old Bruce Lee movies, and when in tough spots for money he finds himself competing in hobo fights for food and doing extremely stupid and life-threatening stunts. For example, he once attempted to eat an entire Diablorito from Taco Taco, only to stop half-way when he nearly set himself on fire. However the situation left him with the uncanny ability to use pyrokinesis, to an extent. He can't control it, nor is it too powerful, but whenever he connects with an uppercut he seems to automatically shoot out a blast of fire in the air.

Stats: ((Everybody gets 34 points to Allocate.))

Strength: 6

Intelligence: 2

Speed: 8

Luck: 4

Endurance: 7

Dexterity: 7

Special Abilities:

Pyrokinesis- As explained in the Bio, he can hit you with a flaming uppercut, but only in a combo. And yes, it's is a Shinryuken.

Thick Skulled- Being a moron has its perks. He can't be brainwashed, nor hypnotized.

Wait... he's a GENIUS?!- Occasionally, Rush will have a moment where he becomes a complete genius. Gives him a major headache afterwords.

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The Crimson Nutcase

Character name: Dorian Saibot (Reference to Mortal Kombat)

Age: 19

Rating: "H" For Half Demon Half Nerd

Gender: Male

Role: The Hero/ The Heroine/ Hero's Friends/Evil Exes

Appearance: Dorian is a Skinny but slightly muscular, long black messy hair, slightly red eyes that will glow in the dark. he is uncaring and confident. Often wears shirts that show off how cocky he is, ''i am better then you, and i can prove it'' and other such. he normal wears jeans, and just wears trainers

Occupation: Comic book Artist

Biography: Dorian had a some what boring child hood, he grew with just his mother playing video games from a very early age, sticking to the more violent and fighting games, Such as Mortal Kombat. a few nights after his 16 father appeared in him bed room, he wasn't a piratical powerful demon but he hoped with the help of Dorian he could be come more powerful, the 16 year was having none of it and just started yelling and glaring. he is nearly 24/7 being pestered to try and help him but he all ways turns him down.

Stats: ((Everybody gets 34 points to Allocate.))

Strength: 6

Intelligence: 8

Speed: 5

Luck: 5

Endurance: 5

Dexterity: 5

Special Abilities:

Sucker Punch:before a fight starts, he will get one quick punch in, this can all so be done if sneaking up behind some one

Generic Super Strength:the generic power of Super Strength

Cheat: he will find a way to cheat


not sure who he can be the evil ex's of but meh

6/10/2011 #2

Here's my character

Name: Devon Prohias (Last name kind of looks like prohibitation shortened)

Age: 20

Rating: "R" for reality

Gender: Male

Role: Rival to main character (sorry I just didn't thin my character fell into any of the other catagories)

Appearance : He stands about 5' 10" with blood red hair, and steel grey eyes. He has a very tanned complexion. He's half Mexican and half American, and takes pride in both sides. He wears a black tee shirt, skinny blue jeans, an American flag bandana

Occupation: He's an inventory by trade, but he loves science and mathmatics, and will work with them when possible

Biography: He grew up in Austin Texas with a love for science and Math, but he often saw people doing things that to him made no sense, (Things like what Scott Pilgrim does). He saw people drifting further and further from the laws of science, and dilibritly flaunting the scientific laws, he wanted to make people understand that they needed to stay grounded in reality, and so he made it his mission to be the kind of guy who always brought people back to reality weather they liked it or not. He began to develop techniques that could force the natural laws on people weather they liked it or not. For this he was often viewed as a dick, but he grew up with his share of freinds, and has not bitter feelings towards anyone

Stats: (Same as SP vs The RP, 34 points per person)








He doesn't believe in luck

Special Abilities:

-Bring down:When using this ability, he can use verbal persuasion to disspell anything tha does not follow the various laws of nature

-Judgement:When Devon was studying the laws of nature he used his skills as an inventor to build devices that could use the natural laws, and allow him to force them on his opponet, however, they are prown to backfire, considering he's trying to control that which was never meant to be controlled. However they are formitable when functional, allowign him to use gravity, inertia, etc to his advantage

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Irv 182

That's fine. He seems like my opposite, so yeah. lol.


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polar bear killa

if we put somthin on the old one befor this was made do we re make it here?

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polar bear killa

Character name: Johnny "Les" Fogarty (His nickname is a reference to Les Claypool)

Age: 21

Rating: "R" for Random

Gender: Male

Role: The Hero/ The Heroine/Hero's Friends/ Evil Exes

Appearance: John is 6'0 tall, he has a very muscular build, he wears a muslce tee and jeans or shorts denpending on the season he has short brown hair and a constant stubble.(like stephen stills in the later books.

Occupation: Mechanic/ Bass Player

Biography: At first glance John is a stereotypical irish man he is a loud angry proud heavy drinker but he cares a lot about his close friends he will do favors for nothing in return and you can count on him to always have your back.

stats: ((Everybody gets 34 points to Allocate.))

Strength: 10

Intelligence: 4

Speed: 5

Luck: 5

Endurance: 8

Dexterity: 2

Special Abilities:

Mechanic-ness- he can fix anything

drunken brawler- Being irish has its perks, he becomes tougher when he is drunk

The Stunner- wicked bass solo that stuns you until he attacks. (can only be used once a day)

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Character name: Lea 'Marlie' Anderson (Her first name is a reference to the Broadway actor of the same name. Nickname, although spelled differently, references Bob Marley.)

Age: 20

Rating: "D" for Dramatic

Gender: Female

Role: The Hero/ The Heroine/ Hero's Friends/ Evil Exes

Appearance: Lea is a tall, slender, pale skinned girl with loosely curled brunette hair with blonde highlights that ends at her shoulder. She has expressive dark blue eyes. Depending on what she's doing, her outfits differ. She wears rather short skirts with a nice shirt on top, jeans and a nice shirt, or a short dress with a jacket over it. She's typically wearing flats.

Occupation: Singer/Actor.

Biography: At first look, Lea simply looks like a stuck up performer. She's extremely proud of her talents, and refuses to hear any different. She's a decent fighter, due to her having to fight off idiots who thought she couldn't make it nearly everywhere she went. She's extremely stubborn, and that can push her to do stupid things. She grew up in New York, and that influenced her personality and ambitions greatly. She's extremely theatrical, but she has a soft and sweet side only people close to her got to see. She's a soprano, and enjoys a ton of movies. She's also a talented gymnast, having to take rigorous classes for a role once. She was a cheerleader in high school, as well as being a huge part of Theatre Company and Show Choir.

Stats: ((Everybody gets 34 points to Allocate.))

Strength: 5

Intelligence: 7

Speed: 6

Luck: 6

Endurance: 5

Dexterity: 5

Special Abilities:

Screech- Being a short tempered soprano comes in handy sometimes. She can emit loud, high pitched blasts of sound. Not much effect on numbskulls.

Super Flip- Her years as a gymnast/cheerleader come in handy. She can flip quickly and pretty much disturb the time-space continuum for a moment, being able to pause time for a minute. Can be avoided if you move fast enough.

Saving Face- Being an actor has its perks. She can, in a manner of speaking, become her opponent for a short time. Doesn't work on numbskulls. Can be avoided.

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Irv 182


6/10/2011 #8

Awepic. Just let me know when we get goin'!

6/10/2011 #9
Irv 182

We need atleast one friend first.

6/10/2011 #10
polar bear killa

i forgot to bold in heroes friends

6/10/2011 #11
Irv 182

All right, so I think we're all ready then.

Is everyone ready?

6/11/2011 #12


6/11/2011 #13
The Crimson Nutcase

i'm READY!

6/12/2011 #14

Can I add a evil ex I mean you guys seem ready but I want to add another evil ex is that okay or is it too late?

3/5/2012 #15

Character name: Snowwie Henson (First name totally made up; last name refers to the Jim Henson Company)

Age: 17

Rating: S for Sweet!!!

Gender: Female

Role: Friend of Kim, technically a protagonists

Appearance: She has black hair with aquamarine highlights. dark-colored skin with ice-blue eyes. She sometimes wears a black dress with blue sparkles and blue flats for the "fancy" occasions but for normal days she wears an Amaterasu shirt with blue jeans and her Ammy hat. Every other week she will changer her highlights to red but they do go back to blue after the week is up. Sometimes she will change it up to her Nintendo shirt with black skinny jeans.

Occupation: Artist for the Nintendo and Amaterasu Companies

Biography: Snowwie is a mute girl from New York. She left to Canada to try and start a new life. When she met Kim, she totally fell in love with Kim's amazingness. Her and Kim would be seen together hanging out and having fun together but still Kim would not crack a smile even for Snowwie (though she did it ONCE with her because of. . . .) Snowwie tries to regain her voice after time goes on but she just cannot go above a whisper.


Strength: 7

Intelligence: 9

Speed: 5

Luck: 4


Dexterity: 4

Special Abilities:

Wolf's Lightning- Snowwie will run really fast and attack her opponent striking them with lighting but leaving them a scar a wolf would leave on its prey

Wolf's Howl of Death- Snowwie will stun her opponent with a shreiking sound that is so loud that this attack shatters the ear drum of anyone that is near and the opponent even if their ears are covered with still be damaged after the howl. Most of the time (3/4) the opponent will be left dead.

Rainbow Fire- Snowwie paints a rainbow onto the ground around her opponent. after she finishes this rainbow, it immediately turns into a hell-hole fire that sends the opponent burning toward their death.

4/20/2012 #16

Name: Kris Gaia

Age: 14

Rating: Hakaisha on the Road (reference to Kamen Rider Decade)

Gender: Male

Role: Hero's friend.


Occupation: Dōjinshi writer, amateur gamer, Kamen Rider cosplayer, Software developer in training

Biography: Half American, Half Japanese, born in Australia, Kris is the son to a Japanese software developer and an americal nurse. He developed a fasination for video games and the japanese super heroes Kamen Rider. his father taught him in the arts of software development so he could follow in his fathers line of work and get a good future. his family moved to Toronto when he was 15, which allowed Kris some personal time to create a Dojinshi (Amateur manga) about a princess of a cyber kingdom. when brought into combat, kris will use Kamen Rider merchandise to fight.


strength: 5

Intelligence: 7

Speed: 4


endurance: 3

dexterity: 10


  • Budou Squash!: Kris pulls out a toy known as the Budou Ryuhou and fires a move known as the Dragon Shot
  • Final Form Ride: K-K-Kuuga!: Kris summons a ball called the Kuuga Ball (based off the Kamen Rider Kuuga) and performs a Dodgeball like throw known as the Decade Dodge
  • Kamen Ride: Decade!: Kris transforms into a Kamen Rider for a limited time to use thier powers.
  • Changing the Story: Kris pauses the action and uses his manga making skills to tip the odds into his favour.
2/9/2014 #17

Sounds interesting. Here's my character. Hope it's not too late to join.

Character name: Gabriel Michaels

Age: 17

Rating: Meh, okay I guess.

Gender: Male

Role: The Hero/ The Heroine/ Hero's Friends/ Evil Exes

Appearance: Michael is of average height, average weight, and average body type. His head has average brown hair and average brown eyes. He normally wears his school's uniform (a white button-up shirt, black pants, and a black tie) with white sneakers.

Occupation: High School Student/High School Marching Band Member

Biography: Gabriel is average, a fact he has known and accepted, mostly because it's his life's dream. He wishes to settle down and have 2.7 children after getting an office job. The most interesting thing he's made about himself was his position in Marching Band as a Trumpetter, and even then his parents pushed him into it. And just by chance, he keeps getting pulled into strange conflicts, and to his chagrin, if he just plays his trumpet, a spirit will pop out of it to fight for him (it's simply not normal, you see).

Stats: ((Everybody gets 34 points to Allocate.))

Strength: 4

Intelligence: 9

Speed: 10

Luck: 0

Endurance: 5

Dexterity: 6

Special Abilities:

Trumpet Spirit: If he plays his trumpet, a spirit that goes by the name of Nattie King will shoot out in a puff of smoke, punching whatever's trying to hurt Gabriel with a grin on his face.

Average-ness: Gabriel is average, so it can be hard to tell him apart from other people. This can help if he's in need of a hiding spot, as he could be standing in a crowd, and no one would find him.

Simple-ness: He's got a very simple mindset, one which is easily accepting of most things, and almost immune to surprise.

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