Scott Pilgrim vs The Role Play
Long ago, in the mysterious land of Toronto, Canada... lived a Young heart-broken musician named Scott Pilgrim. That was, until he met Ramona Flowers. Suddenly he was thrust into a battle against her seven evil exes to win her heart. He eventually succeed
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Irv 182

The place: Look at title.

The Time: Now.

Once upon a time, in the magic land of the Twin Cities, there lived a young man named Alex Lifeson. He lives his boring life as a pizza delivery boy, and lives with his childhood friend John Fogarty in a small and cheap, yet very comfortable flat. This flat will serve as both the main base of the Hero's side as well as the site of most of their scenes. The living room is fairly large compared to the rest of the ground floor, with a nice shag rug in the middle, two worn down leather couches and a decently sized T.V. From the living room there are two placed to go. There's an open doorway to the kitchen, which has a table that can seat six, a microwave (since most of the guys can't cook well) an old stove, a refrigerator (filled with leftover Chinese and various cartons of milk and OJ). The other way to go from the living room is upstairs. There are four rooms up there. Each flat mate has a room, and there's bathroom, equipped with a shower sink and toilet. The front door is usually unlocked, to allow easy access inside. On another note, there is an open room upstairs which the two are looking to rent out.

Ready? And.... ACTION!

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(can I set up a thread for where my character lives?)

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Irv 182


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Oops I just found out I can't only the owner and moderaters can. Can you help me?

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polar bear killa

"Hey Rush you home?" Les yells walking in the door and throwing down his coat "rush?" he calls again he shruged and popped open a beer.

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Irv 182

Rush was upstairs in his room, asleep. HE was having an amazing dream about lazer robot pirates, when suddenly Les woke him up. gurmpy and annoyed, he walked down the stairs in his pajamas. "What the hell do you want... It's 1 o' clock and I have my day off."

6/12/2011 #6

Lea locked her phone and shoved it back in her coat pocket. This had to be the address. She was simply looking for somewhere to rent out for a little while in between gigs, and one of her friends had told her that somebody was renting out a room. Lea went up to the door and knocked on it twice.

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(I guess I'll just go here)

Devon walked up to the house then looked down at a piece of paper, this was the correct address. So this was his new home huh? Well it was a start, "Guess I'll just have to get use to it. i hope these people aren't like that Pilgrim fellow (*gasp* the plot thickens), but if they are, I'll manage" he said to himself. Suddenly he saw a girl standing outside of the house, 'I wonder if that's one of the other tenents?' he thought to himself. "Hey" he yelled at her "Are you living here?"

6/12/2011 #8

Lea span around. "Uh, no?" She frowned, a little bit confused. "I heard there was a room for rent. I kind of need a place to stay in between gigs." She shrugged a bit hopelessly.

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Irv 182

Rush looked at Les. Then at the door. Then back to Les. He left the door open. Again. Rush walked into the Kitchen and shook up a carton of Orange juice form the fridge. After nearly polishing the whole thing down, he walked over to the front door, and noticed people outside. "Les, look alive. We have people outside." He ran upstairs and put on some pants, then back ran down stairs. "HEY! I live here!" He shouted to the two people outside. " Can I help you?"

6/12/2011 #10

Lea whipped back around, then grabbed her neck. "Ow." Rolling her eyes at herself, she smiled at the guy who opened the door. "Hi. I heard from a friend you have a vacant room. Any way I might be able to rent it out? At least for a couple of months while I wait for my next gig?" She put her arm down and slipped her hands in her coat pockets.

6/12/2011 #11
Irv 182

Rush rubbed his chin. "Hmmmmmmmmm...." He thought about it for a quick second. He looked back into the house. It was an absolute mess. Garbage everywhere, as well as mountains of dirty clothes. He looked back at Lea. "I don't know... does that look safe enough for you?"

6/12/2011 #12

Lea looked past him into the house. It was messy, she'd admit that. "Well, I've been in much worse places." She smirked slightly. "This is nothing compared some other places I've stayed." She grinned. "And I could probably help clean that up. I don't mind working a bit."

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Irv 182

Then Rush had an idea. He never has ideas. Ever. But in the off chance he did... they were good. "How about... you be our personal maid here, and in return... you can stay... for free?" He said as he smiled sheepishly.

6/12/2011 #14

Lea looked at him curiously. It was a good offer. And hey. The paparazzi would go insane over this bombshell.... Bombshells equaled publicity in Lea's world of show business. "I'll do it. Sounds good to me!" She grinned.

6/12/2011 #15
Irv 182

"Wait... you will? Seriously? Just like that?" As you can tell, Rush was surprised. He smiled right afterwards and nodded. "Welcome to our home! Thank you very much!"

6/12/2011 #16

Lea laughed, nodding her head as she did. "Hey. Free board and all I have to do is clean! I worked as a janitor at a theatre back home in New York to support myself for a while." She took her hands out of her pocket and held one out. '"It's a pleasure! I'm Lea."

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Irv 182

"I'm Alex... but everyone calls me Rush." He said to her. He then remembered to add something. "Oh yeah! If you're gonna clean, watch out. one of our last maids said that she got bit by one of my shirts."

6/12/2011 #18

"I will keep that in mind!" Lea laughed, smiling. "I've been in worse situations. I actually got trampled by a horse once." She grimaced, her mouth twisting unpleasantly. "If you ever ride a horse, don't try and make it go the way you want it to...."

6/12/2011 #19
Irv 182

"I've never ridden a horse before. Do you need a license for that?" he asked her. Yes. Rush is that dumb. He then led her over to the house. "Well... here it is."

6/12/2011 #20

Lea bit her lip to keep herself from bursting out in laughter. "Nah. You don't." She picked up her duffel bags and followed after him. She glanced around, giving the whole place a quick once over. No, not as dirty as it seemed from the outside, at least to her. "Hm. It's pretty nice."

6/12/2011 #21
Irv 182

"Oh... well, okay then. I thought you might." Rush then hopped over some garbage onto the sofa, and turned on the TV. " Hey, why don't you relax for a bit? I'll show you your room after a while, okay?"

6/12/2011 #22

"No no, you don't." Lea smiled helplessly. She grinned a bit. A tiny bit. "Sure. I did have a long flight anyways. Non stop flight from Singapore. And that's fine!" Lea glanced at the trash, then smiled, somersaulting over it onto the couch. She crossed her legs, grinning.

6/12/2011 #23
Irv 182

"Where's Singapore?" He asked her, curiously. He watched as she flipped over onto the couch, and clapped. "Wow, that was pretty cool!"

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polar bear killa

(sorry i havent been here my bro stole my laptop)

"rush what the hell are you yelling about?" Les asked annoyed "Who's the girl rush?" Les grinned grabbing rush and giving him a nuggie "sorry about this dumbass he is half retarded" Les laughed.

6/12/2011 #25

Lea grinned over at Rush. "Thanks," she said modestly. "I was a cheerleader in high school." She then glanced over at the other guy. "Eh, not as dumb as some other guys know." Lea grinned. "I'm Lea, Lea Anderson."

6/12/2011 #26

(Good lord you people post fast)

Devon watched the conversation with mild amusment, this rush character was as dumb as a brick, but he seemed nice enough. "Hi My Names Devon Prohias. I'm looking for a place to stay tonight while my place is being cleaned, I live just down the road (Tied that in nicely). Anyway I was wondering if it would be possible for me to stay here tonight, if that's okay."

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(This is nothing compared to the Glee RP I'm in. There are several postings a minute there.)

Lea glanced around again at her surroundings. It could've been a lot dirtier. She used her foot to nudge a pile of clothes by her and it shuddered. It plain out MOVED.

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polar bear killa

"John Fogarty, my freinds call me Les." Les laughed at her reaction to rush's clothes, "be careful they bite, anyway Rush where's my tire iron" he asked "and he is dumb he tried to eat ascrew once i told him it was candy."

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"Nice to meet you Les." Lea grinned. She glanced over at it. "Nah, I'll be okay. Being trampled by a horse and falling off a cliff are worse than biting clothes."

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