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Princess of All Cosmos

(( Roleplay. And Blah. ))

11/18/2010 #1
Princess of All Cosmos

Maki laid down on her bed, staring at the ceiling. School was boring. Life was boring, and she needed something to do.

11/23/2010 #2

(So uh, do the two of our characters know eachother? Or are we going to have the two meet together?)

11/23/2010 #3
Princess of All Cosmos

(( What about let's have them meet each other? ))

11/23/2010 #4


Suika gently walked up the stairs to the 3rd floor. Today was the day she was moving into Tokiwadai, and attend one of the most prestigious schools for espers. She was excited but mostly nervous at the moment because she was about to meet her new roommate.

knocked on the oak doors of 302. "Excuse me? Is anyone in there?" she asked softly.

11/23/2010 #5
Princess of All Cosmos

"Yeah. What do you want?" Maki yelled, not bothering to get up and walk to the door. Probably some idiot who was lost, the dorms were pretty big.

11/23/2010 #6

Suika jumped a little from the voice inside. "...I'm your new roommate, so may you please open the door?" she asked.

11/23/2010 #7
Princess of All Cosmos

"Oh." The dorm manager had said something about that...

She got up from her bed, opening the door.

11/23/2010 . Edited 11/23/2010 #8

The door opened, and a girl came into view. Suika smiled and bowed, "Hello, n-nice to meet you, my name is S-Suika Fusatshi." She had practiced introducing herself all the way from the orphanage to Tokiwadai.

(Sorry about the delayed replies.)

11/23/2010 . Edited 11/23/2010 #9
Princess of All Cosmos

(( I have schoolwork too, everyone's busy :P I'm just better at procrastinating than most. XD ))

Maki scratched the back of her head, not sure how to introduce herself, so followed Suika and bowed. "Maki Busujima."

11/23/2010 #10

(Lol. XD Yeah, it's the schoolwork.)

"V-very nice to meet you Busujima-san," Suika said politely, "May I please come in?"

11/23/2010 . Edited 11/23/2010 #11
Princess of All Cosmos

"Uh, sure," Maki replied. She sat back down on her bed, yawning. "Where did you come from?"

11/23/2010 #12

"Umm, I came from an orphanage," Suika said quietly, "It's nothing to worry about." She placed her bags in a corner near the dressers.

11/23/2010 . Edited 11/23/2010 #13
Princess of All Cosmos

"Oh, okay." Maki wasn't sure what to say now that they'd gotten on a strange subject. "Then, what grade are you in?"

11/23/2010 #14

"I'm 16, but I have to start in sophomore year. The pace that the orphanage taught us was quite slow because they also had more work to do. I will probably be the oldest in the grade," Suika replied softly.

11/23/2010 . Edited 11/23/2010 #15
Princess of All Cosmos

Maki nodded. "And your ability? You have to be pretty good to get into Tokiwadai."

(( I just your pic from Yosuga no Sora? I couldn't tell at first cause of the "Yippy" across Haruka's shirt. XD ))

11/23/2010 #16

(Yeah it is, are you watching it? I don't but I watched the first episode and found a pic so meh. XD And yeah, I put my penname on pics.)

"Flame manipulation," Suika answered, "I can control fire at will, and I'm also a level 4." She smiled at Maki, "How about you Busujima-san? What is your ability?"

11/23/2010 #17
Princess of All Cosmos

"Reinforcement," Maki answered abruptly. It was a pretty crappy ability anyway, and she'd found almost no use for it. "Level 3."

11/23/2010 #18

"It sounds like a useful ability to me," Suika smiled as if she read Maki's mind. "You can reinforce objects so they do not break, as well as make a shield."

11/23/2010 #19
Princess of All Cosmos

"And how do you attack people?" Maki muttered. "You can at least control fire."

11/23/2010 #20

"I will admit that it may seem that you cannot attack people, but attacking isn't everything. Protecting others is important as well," Suika said.

11/23/2010 #21
Princess of All Cosmos

"Whatever," Maki mumbled. "Anyway, are you hungry? We could get something to eat."

11/23/2010 #22

"I think I'm fine, rather, I would very much like to rest," Suika declined Maki's offer.

11/23/2010 #23
Princess of All Cosmos

"Okay then," Maki said, putting on her shoes and walking out the door. "See ya."

11/23/2010 #24

"It was nice meeting you," Suika waved before she closed the door behind Maki. She strode over to the bed before laying on it. Maki seems a little immature, however, she sounds like a nice person at heart, she thought, before falling asleep.

11/23/2010 . Edited 11/23/2010 #25
Princess of All Cosmos

Maki came back around midnight, having gotten past the dorm inspector. She opened the door quietly, to see if Suika was still asleep.

11/23/2010 #26

Suika was at one of the desks, already preparing for the next day of school. She heard the door opened, and turned to see Maki. "Welcome back Busujima-san," she said softly.

11/23/2010 #27
Princess of All Cosmos

"Shouldn't you be asleep already?" Maki asked, rummaging through her stuff for a change of clothes.

11/23/2010 #28

"I rested beforehand, so I don't feel like sleeping right now," Suika laughed softly, "I'm just getting ready for tomorrow."

11/23/2010 #29
Princess of All Cosmos

"Oh." Maki picked up her pajamas and went into the bathroom. After changing quickly, she walked into the room. "You should get to sleep before the dorm inspector catches you."

11/24/2010 #30
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