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Alright people, I've spruced up the place a bit and decided to be more strict on the guidelines as well as revising the rules to make sure that fairness is accorded in all areas. Additionally, I'll post the starting scenarios here, so choose one. Please read all the rules and guidelines carefully and attempt to follow them as much as possible. People who flout the rules will be given a warning up to a maximum of two times before something bad happens.

In no order of importance or category:

1. One-line posts that expect other people to infer what the heck you are saying is strictly discouraged. You've got something to say, make it clear, make it direct and make it understandable. I understand your need for time but if you want to roleplay, then at least put some effort into it. An example of an acceptable post:

Kevin grimaced. Oh great, not again... "Look," he said, trying to be amicable, "Do you mind? I'm trying to sleep here."

Something like this: He sighed. "No." Is not encouraged. No? No what? tell us what you're thinking, what makes your character tick, why does he or she react that way.

2. I don't think I have to post this but as always - Be POLITE. Rudeness will not be tolerated here. I don't care if your dog died or something. If something bad happened, post it in chat thread and we can help you. Spamming the roleplay with sudden outbursts of rage will not help your case.

3. Speaking of spam - NO spam/advertisements/website links should be posted here. Otherwise, I'll serve you a banhammer link.

4. Do not whine/complain without valid reason if your character is rejected for one reason or another. There is always a good reason why we don't approve and we will explain. I'm the powers guru here. If you can't come up with a good reason why your ability or power works as such, then too bad. I expect an ability to be sensible and plausible, not some random superpower to live out your little dream world where everyone bows to your magnificence.

5. Speaking of which - No Mary Sues or Garu Stu's are allowed. If you don't know what it means, it simply refers to a character without any real flaws or emotions whatsoever. They don't get pissed, they don't get angry and they are always right. Oh, did I mention that the male is usually unbelievably handsome and charming while the female is so sexy yet pure that she can even convince rapists to be gentlemen and turn over a new leaf? Anyone that goes against them is wrong and they will hate that person forever. Mary Sues and Gary Stu's are wish-fulfillment characters and generally hog the spotlight.

We'll let you know if your character is one. If you disagree and don't listen to reason no matter what anyone says - the door out is that way ^

6. Oh, this leads me to yet another point ^^ - No God-Modding. A well-known topic and especially in light of exactly where we are roleplaying. Our characters are not Gods or some divine being from another land. They are not invincible neither are they all powerful. We are just teenagers who just happen to have some powers. Any skills they come equipped with should be realistic for their ages and affiliations and their abilities should be plausible. They do NOT spontaneously gain new skills nor do they suddenly gain incredible strategic genius-like qualities from playing chess or shougi. Such things will abruptly result in a hammer dropped on your head with the letters B-A-N engraved on it forever.

7. Approvals will be made through the mods. I'm more or less stricter on the ability side. How the other two grade you is strictly up to them but they're all seasoned RP'ers so you don't have to worry about us being biased or anything. We're not.

8. Abilities and their applications should be stated clearly and neatly in your character profile. Failure to do so will restrict your character in many ways. It's a character you are using, put some back into it. And yes, Espers only have ONE ability. DUAL SKILLS not allowed.

9. Magicians are not encouraged until a certain arc. It's simple - people tend to aggravate matters by saying - it's magic, it doesn't work like you think it does. Sorry dudes, but even magic has its rules and limits and I'm very well aware of that.

10. Lastly, be realistic with regards to characters and their emotional states, reactions and age. Being unrealistic can lead to awkward messes. Romance is allowed and in fact encouraged to have some good laughs. Also a good way to keep posting. Just look at Tumania and myself. XD

And yes, have fun. If a roleplay isn't fun then there's no point in it at all.


*** XXX ***


1) Our characters go to the same school - Najou School for Ability Development: Has two branches, one within the school garden or richer people and high level abilities and one outside. Lessons are conducted interchangeably depending on timetable. Teaches from junior school all the way to high school. Is considered a good school that caters to all sorts of students.

2) Free for all. This one can get messy.

3) ???

*** XXX ***



Your Guardian Wolf - Stormwolfex

5/14/2011 . Edited 6/29/2011 #1

Plotline idea: see my last post in the roleplay thread. I think it summarizes the idea pretty nicely.

5/14/2011 #2
Aunt Nancy

I like it, personally. That way there'd be more to the RP 'arc' than just a tournament (which I think would be a little boring), so thumbs up from me.

I have a few ideas myself, actually, though I don't know if they're any good. *scratches head* I'll just post the gist here, too. So, basically...

Joel wants to forcibly manifest an incomprehensible-by-the-human-brain entity not unlike Aiwass, but way more Nightmare Fuel inducing, to do what he thinks is allowing the world to go through the Nietzschean Endgame - a state of self-enhancement and immense spiritual wars, in concept ascending to something far above what it was and turning humans into √úbermenschen which he also wants to use to literally kill God. Because he's a crazy, brilliant bastard who read too much Nietzsche in his childhood.

The strife caused by Grakkis' storyline idea would be somehow beneficial and entertaining to the bastard, though that's more for a RP #3 than anything. I just want to know if I can start setting events in motion etc., one of which I kind of already did (that is, espernapping Takeru and several others). Sorry? *sweatdrop*

Ah, btw... don't you mean ''work in progress?''

5/14/2011 . Edited 5/14/2011 #3



Ok, now that it's over with...

I like Grakkis' idea, it seems fitting. Man, as an author, this really gets me going. I've just about snapped out of my writer's block. Time to go back to 'Of Science and Magics' so I can complete the next chapter!


In other news...

Where would Joel get the resources to accomplish such a thing? He called in a Magician, a ridiculously powerful one at that, and is able to hack into Academy City's systems quite easily. The connections would not only be mind blowing, he would be pitting himself against a even greater mind than his: Aleister Crowley. Still, it'd make for an interesting concept to Crowley, I guess.

He loves having fun too.

The concept you just explained seemed like a Holy Grail War to me too. O.o

Damn, but the idea sounds pretty darn good, actually. Hmm...

5/14/2011 #4

Maybe Joel might support Joseph in an attempt to keep the tournament on track? I'd say that if Joel is trying to use ESPers like that, a tournament would be a great way to easily locate suitable ESPers and would provide an excellent distraction for anybody who might try to interrupt his plans.

EDIT: Wait, no, I misread Storm's post. Skimming is a bad thing!

Anyway, perhaps Joseph could fund Joel's project in exchange for Joel's help?

5/14/2011 . Edited 5/14/2011 #5
Aunt Nancy

Joel is a social genius. He's an actor and a liar who won't bat an eyelid if he doesn't want people to see him doing it, or if it doesn't help him get something somehow.

It's easy for him to make connections, which was his starting point. His entire life, influenced by an event I'd like to reveal later, he's been shoving everything else aside and focusing on accomplishing his goal.

Him and Asanis go way back to his childhood home; he didn't just call her in, he made sure to manipulate her into falling hopelessly in love with him years before so she could be useful years later. There's a twist in there, too, since Asanis to him is disposable but also very convenient. Asanis, herself, was very respected in her Church, so she was able to get him more contacts, which he used to get more contacts, then even more contacts, ad infinitum.

The matter of him hacking into the systems is a matter of his general genius. He's able to pick up things extremely quickly and then evolve them, making him a skilled hacker. As his plan isn't something to be undertaken by just anyone, he's picked up a lot of different skills and talents, since he has to survive it through somehow as a non-Esper or Magus.

Regarding Aleister Crowley, Joel is mad. *laughs* He also doesn't care much for the odds and possibilities because he's so focused on his plan, he's mentally unable to imagine it failing or him doing anything else. If he even tried he'd get a monster migraine. Joel's kind of like ''there there, I'll do what I can which I hope will be enough to go against Crowley. If it fails, I'll come back in another life and try again until I succeed.'' Honestly, though, he's not an enemy to be taken for granted either.

I have no idea what a Holy Grail War is, but Google says it's got something to do with Tsukihime, and I'm pretty sure Nietzsche was around before Tsukihime, lol. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Grakkis, that's pretty much how it would turn out plausibly. Joel has a close relationship with many firms and companies, and enough crap on quite a few to ruin them completely.

Hmm... I based him off Orihara Izaya, an information broker who at a similar age (give or take a year or two) has enough connections to literally dissolve the government overnight and is trying to bring about the apocalypse (because he's afraid of the nothingness after death and wants to get into either Valhalla or Helheim so he can continue to exist in some way), so that's where a lot comes from.

Uh... I'm done oo''

5/14/2011 . Edited 5/14/2011 #6

Well, every genius is fallible, so be careful, ok?

Joel sounds like a souped up Light Yagami from Death Note. I'm surprised he knows about Crowley, very few even acknowledge that there is a premier power behind the Board of Academy City. Still, he's a genius so... Well, as long as you don't fall into the trap of making a 'Batman' then he should be quite the interesting villain.

Hmm, a genius psychopath that wants to play against the Magic and Science societies, potentially even Laura Stuart. How very bold.

Holy Grail War refers top Fate/Stay Night, which is a Visual Novel that was made into an anime and a movie. The VN is still the more important source. I derived Caliburn from that source myself. I was just comparing the similarities though.

On Joel and Joseph, final say goes to NaXyld. Nuff' said.

So I take it that you'll want to be the antagonist character this time? Or will you be both, using both a good and bad persona at once?

Hmm... Orihara Izaya... sounds familiar. Was it Durarara or something like that?

5/14/2011 #7
Aunt Nancy

Of course he's fallible, that's why he won't succeed :D It'd be weird if the world actually evolved in the middle of the RP. Dunno whether I want him living or dead, though, or what he's going to do after if he does survive. I'm going to use both Joel and a more heroic persona, yes, though I don't know if that will be Takeru. She's... sleeping and won't wake up for quite some time. A note on Raitoooo, they're only superficially similar. Joel hates it when everything goes as planned, and he loves the dark side of humanity & life.

And yep, it's DRRR!! Try googling him, you'll see the evil on his face. Incredible.

5/14/2011 #8
Azure of the Auspicious Rain

Er, on the matter of Joseph, I didn't really paint Joseph as a villian... let's put it this way. He doesn't give two cents on whether people think he's good or evil. Mainly, he will act either good or evil, be like a quadriple agent, fund various programs and it would turn out he had a good motive and had countermeasures against every possibility should the bad guys realize what he's doing... but like his personality, you have to dig VERY deep down. I am sure Joseph is willing to help Joel, but if he does he will probably be trying to stop it behind the scenes. Of course, Joseph also has a very troubling superiority complex and tries to do more than possible, which is why some of the other characters need to get involved... but that's also part of his plan. I mean, how many of you remember Joshua from The world ends with you?

5/14/2011 #9

I never really meant to imply that he was a villain, it just seemed like a halfway logical course of events that would make things interesting to roleplay.

Anyway, it's up to you.

5/14/2011 #10
Azure of the Auspicious Rain

Sure, Bass Music Corporations will fund the project xD

5/14/2011 #11
Aunt Nancy

As a note, though... Joel would never let anybody know about his actual plans (aside from his very closest companions), especially not the head of a company. He uses lots of excuses and cover-ups, and would never let info trickle either. If they did somehow find out, he'd either recruit them, blackmail them, kill them or if all fails, send figurative Hell after them to finally get the job done. So in retrospective, Joseph would either be unaware of what Joel is really planning or things wouldn't quite work out in a meta-sense.

5/14/2011 #12
Azure of the Auspicious Rain

Well... that may be what Joel thinks, but Joseph has tricks of his own... his own spies... ppl that can literally become invisible xD And if Joseph does find out, well, he can fend for himself...

5/14/2011 #13
Aunt Nancy

Hm, you'd have to create a spacehole and force an explanation out of it though. Joel literally doesn't (didn't) have anyone but Asanis and some chosen others know, and they would either never even think of betraying him or actually aren't capable of doing so. Everyone else thinks assorted lies. Someone with enough connections will likely get suspicious at the variety of things he's 'purported' to be doing, of course, but actually knowing that elaborate scheme? Unless Norah was somehow able to get through some of Academy City's most advanced detection hardware...

5/14/2011 #14
Azure of the Auspicious Rain

Well... that's only with the raw power of an esper... but Bass Music dabbles in all kinds of technology... enough to turn Espers into this?

5/14/2011 #15
Aunt Nancy

JOSEPH RUSH (it's the only exposure to Starcraft I have :'D)

I thought they were a music company or record label or something. I doubt they have as much technological force as MER, since MER is specifically a research facility. Modified for Joel's purposes too.

5/14/2011 #16
Azure of the Auspicious Rain

Ever since Joseph took over, he, using files stolen by Norah, had been developing many Esper technology with company resources and facilities... underground, of course. This is part of the reason why his company sponsors the tournament. Of course, one of the items developed was a "stealth suit" for Norah.

5/14/2011 #17
Aunt Nancy

Eh? Why does she need a stealth suit if she can turn invisible at will? If it's to counter any potential loopholes, then why doesn't she wear it all the time?

I still think it's unlikely a sixteen-year-old who took over a company only quite recently has equally advanced tech as a prodigious research facility that's existed for decades... You're taking them for granted :p

5/14/2011 #18
Azure of the Auspicious Rain

It's not just to counter loopholes, it's for infiltration, which she only does at Joseph's request (and, despite his attitude, he gets worried about her easily so he almost NEVER asks her to do it unless he is sure she can succeed... such as medical facilities). She doesn't need it all the time since she usually goes as a bodyguard, and Joseph doesn't go sneaking into buildings laced with traps. And His parents were also corrupt and began this work. They actually were assassinated because of the research, so he inherited their fortune.

5/14/2011 . Edited 5/14/2011 #19

Well, I've reviewed Norah's abilities and am feeling a little sketchy. There are so many flaws with dodging nearly all forms of security with merely invisibility that I'm scratching my head on how exactly an your ability would work to avoid so much detection.

And, no, GHOST suits, or SPECTRES in the future of Starcraft, are far more advanced than what Academy City has to offer. Their suits work on a mini-fusion reactor as well as a psychic processor to allow them to use their psychic powers effectively. Not to mention that the suit itself has its flaws and gives off a tremendous amount of heat that is only masked by their psychic powers.

I can see a powered suit, albeit a more advanced version of the one Komaba Rikotu was using, existing. Hard Tapping, I think. That would work pretty well, actually, since a trained fighter like Rikotu was able to outfight Move Point Awaki. You have your security well taken care of.

Now, for the points I wanted to bring up because as a business student and graduate, I don't like illogicality. So...

While you may think it makes sense for Joseph to do all that, if you say what he has been doing is illegal research, technically, he should be dead if his parents were assassinated by people. Corporations operate on their own politics and traditionally, even if you are a heir, you can't use the company resources until you reach the legal age of 21. And no, you can't inherit a company unless they left the shares to you. Which begs the question of why they don't just kill him off instead of picking him up from the orphanage if they went through the trouble to kill his parents in order to take over the company.

And if Joseph has dabbled into so many different aspects, some of which include a violation of national security, illegal weapon import and creation and massive transfer of funding, there's simply no way for him to remain undetected in Academy City. Judgment was able to accurately pinpoint illegal arms trade with just regular surveillance systems and records. How would he smuggle the parts in? Academy City is very strict in protocols and imports and I simply can't see underground research being carried out so casually. Especially when its related to ESPER research, which the Board watches over like a hawk. Money gives you everything but security in Academy City where a single order from Aleister Crowley would have you completely eliminated by GROUP or even ITEM.

Even Bruce Wayne had to rely on people like Lucius Fox to even begin to contemplate becoming 'Batman' and he was in his twenties when he tried. .

As a business student that has studied company politics and business law extensively, this is incredibly unrealistic to me. I'm sorry, but that's how it is. Thankfully though, this is only a RP, so I guess I can close one eye... I think.

5/16/2011 #20
Azure of the Auspicious Rain

Ooh... I guess that's true... alright, I will not use ghost suits... none of that... How about this? Joseph would fund Joel's research, but whether Joel divulges the secret is up to him. Joesph will still have his doubts on Joel's project though. As For Norah, fine, no ninja suits. And Forgive me, but I am not a buisness graduate. Nor am I a high school graduate, so my imagination may prevail over my logic...

5/16/2011 #21

Nah, it's fine. Sorry, was just a little prickly because I had a very heated debate with my friend.

In any case, like I said, there already is an existing power suit: Hard Tapping. Komaba's was incomplete and needed a lot of additional parts. Maybe Joseph could have acquired one like Komaba and was able to get improvements made so that Norah could wear it.

My suggestion would be to have a ward that advocates Jospeh's authority and has a great deal of influence within the company itself. That way, to make Joseph an enemy is to invite that person's wrath as well. That could work out. Since that person is a staunch supporter of Joseph, few people will attempt to use to politics to get rid of Joseph.

5/17/2011 #22
Azure of the Auspicious Rain

On the note of the power suit, sure, except it should be altered to be more stealth oriented.

And what do you mean by ward? Sorry, it's 8 am here and I'm tired... mind's not working... oh never mind, figured it out. But who would that be?

5/17/2011 #23

A high ranking official, possibly a CEO depending on hierarchy. Either that or the managing director.

5/17/2011 #24

Keep in mind that hard taping can cause major problems for the human body; while hard taping works on many things, it was meant first and foremost for the Armored Suits seen near the end of Railgun. Using it on humans is sort of like a DIY application, which makes sense considering the nature of Skillout, but it isn't meant to be used that way.

5/17/2011 . Edited 5/17/2011 #25

Which is why I specified it had been heavily modified and improved to be safe by Joseph's massive wealth. Komaba didn't have the cash to acquire anything else beyond the prototype.

5/17/2011 #26

Oh, duh. Sorry, I guess I overlooked that part of your post. My bad.

5/17/2011 #27

Well as I said the other day in the chat thread, I'm writing up a new character. He's definitely going to be a villain, but not of the big-bad or arch-nemesis sort. Rather, I'm writing him up as more of a character to be used by a bigger villain. Something like an Elite Mook, maybe even The Dragon.

In any case, if any of you(cough) could use a character like that(I know, this roleplay is just filled with chessmasters and big bads, right?) then input and coordination would be nice.

5/23/2011 #28
Aunt Nancy

Roleplays generally seem to have a dire lack of villains. Maybe because of the inherent job risk... that is, dying all the damn time. Haha.

Well, I would welcome a Dragon or Elite Mook warmly,... if you don't mind ;_;

5/23/2011 #29


I'm going to make the history section of the profile ~extra mysterious~ so you can fill in the blanks, then. Should make it easier to get the ball rolling.

I'll have the application up some time tomorrow.

5/23/2011 #30
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