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Wandering to her doom

Candy yawn as she woke up and walked into te bathroom and took a shower everyone stikll asleep. "Damnit Hunter we would of been here faster if you haven't stopped to get blueberries!" Hissed a pink monkey as the mobkey known as Hunter glared eatting a basket full of blue berries. "Well i was hungry and I love blueberries!" he said and started nosebleeding from the memoires of his mate in a strriper outfit made of blueberrires.

(XD more fails)

12/20/2011 #1
wolfgirl and sonic 23

Storm was asleep. A monkey with purple hair to a ponytail, got out a hammer and smashes the berries." oops...I thought those were blackberries..." he said. Suki, who was nearby, facepalm herself.

(*facepalm as well)

12/20/2011 #2
Wandering to her doom

"My p[oor blueberries.." He sobbed as Dove rolled her eyes the the group enter the house. Soon candy was out of the shower and saw the group. "Hey Dad, mom Ash and what you other apes I forget..She said wearing nothing but a towel and looked at Kenage and Suki. "Just though you want to know your son pregnant..well i have to dry my hair later~!" She said and went to dry her hair. Ash was punching himself in the face from seeing candy in just a towel. "Stay clean Ash mama want's you to stay clean.." He said Hunter smirked and looke at Kenage and chuckle.

(Fail...beyon failing now.)

12/20/2011 #3
wolfgirl and sonic 23

Kenage narrowed his eyes." That explains why there were screws..." he muttered, glancing back outside at the tree, Shin hiding behind there. Suki twitched." Oh...I believe in mircales?" she said.

12/20/2011 #4
Wandering to her doom

Hunter sighed. and twicthed when he saw Dove saying it over and over again. "Itake it they want a grandaughter..." He said. Candy soon fishen drying ehr hair and went into her and Storm's bedroom. "morning sugar." She said and kissed his cheek.

12/21/2011 #5
wolfgirl and sonic 23

Suki continues saying it, Kenage looked dumbfounded and repeats it as well. Storm wakes up, covering his head with a pillow." Five more hours..." he groaned. Cloud comes in to see them repeating, looking at Hunter and Ash." Granddaughter?" he asked.

(XD He catches up fast!)

12/21/2011 #6
Wandering to her doom

candy rolled her eyes. "Well and I think they would want to see you. your parnets are in the living room." She said and went into the room. Hunter nodded and seen candy. "By the way if it's not a girl what are you gonna do?" he asked. "Well me and Storm agreed on plan B stuff out gentics in Cloud." She said and soon notice Cloud was standing there and grinded nersuly.

(XD Plan B...better hope saying that works)

12/22/2011 #7
wolfgirl and sonic 23

Storm smiled and rushes out to hug Kenage and Suki. Kenage felt dumb for a moment." Speaking of gentics...I haven't forgot that Satan is still virgin...how does he do that?" he said. Suki hugged back as Cloud looked scared and walks out the house.


12/22/2011 #8
Wandering to her doom

Candy eyes widen. "really am I the only one who lost my virginy before I got married?" she muttered. Hero yawn as he woke up and seen his grandparnets. "HI GRANDPARNETS!" he said and hugged them all.

12/22/2011 #9
wolfgirl and sonic 23

Kenage takes a moment, thought of an idea and takes out a random box and goes off, Storm twitched to hoping whatever his father was going to do. Suki was still saying it, Shin comes in." I was right...training was worse then death," he said.

(O_O...what is he gonna do?)

12/22/2011 #10
Wandering to her doom

Candy sighted as Ash sturmed his gutiar. "I got an idea let's thorwn a party I bet Candy and shin could do the robot." he joked as Candy rolled her non robot eyes. "Ash jokes are not your thing.." She said.

(O_O dunno)

12/22/2011 #11
wolfgirl and sonic 23

Shin glared at Ash, not impressed by that. Suki was continuing when she stops to hear Kenage scream, her and Storm look out the window glass that Kenage was being chased by Satan, who looked pissed with a few feathers on his furs with knifes." Yeah...he should have learned that by now...he nearly got me in the pride.." he said.

(XD Dove in a box!)

12/22/2011 #12
Wandering to her doom

Dpve gritted her teeth upset that a poor dove was invole in this. "I'll be back." She said and went outside. Soon she whisled and a flock of doves came and grabbed Satan carrying him off. Candy was looking out the widow and smirked. "Well at least that gets me out of getting lnifed cause I stoled this cards and buy more p*** and bras.." She said. "Gee tough crowd.." Muttered Ash.

(XD And DOve doesn't like it one bit)

12/22/2011 #13
wolfgirl and sonic 23

Kenage watched, holding a dove." man...I think I figured out how he got it...or am I talking to myself," Kenage said. Storm sighed, realizing that she isn't gonna learn her lesson. Shin glared at Ash." Say that to the world and see how many try repeating the same thing..."


12/22/2011 #14
Wandering to her doom

Dove smirked. "i refuse to let any beauitful doves get harmed." She said Ash rolled his eyes. "This is why I chose music over comdey.." he muttered. " Meanwhile Nega was at his and family houe wacthing his daufhters play with there new toys till he froze. "my pregnancy senses are tingeling.." he said and dashed out of the house breaking though the wall and glomped Storm's stomach. "The miracles of life....so beauitful..." he said. Candy's eye twicthed at that. "There are so many things not normel about you Nega.." She muttered.

(XD Fail)

12/23/2011 #15
wolfgirl and sonic 23

Storm growled and ( few minutes of a major beatdown XD) he is now sitting on the couch, leaving bruises on Nega. Kenage smirked, petting the dove." I believe that behavoir was from me...or Seth..." he growled, Shin stared wide eye on Storm.

( Or it could be a violent moodswing...O_O Please don't let the baby be evil!*repeats it to see if it works*)

12/26/2011 #16
Wandering to her doom

"So worth it..." said Nega with an ice pack. Candy rolled her non robot eye. Dove seen Kenage dove and grabbed it cuddling it. "Oh what a sweetie-poo you are~!" she said to the dove.

(repeats it too)

12/26/2011 #17
wolfgirl and sonic 23

Storm sat on the couch, pouted for which could be a moodswing. Kenage frowned as Suki twitched." Violent moodswing means the child may be evil....please don't let my grandchild be evil!" she continues repeating. Shin facepalm himself.

(O3O Speaking of violent moodswings, would Pink or Storm's be more violent?)

12/26/2011 #18
Wandering to her doom

"Oh where Candy's bloodline lies it's a sigh it's a girl (A firty one too)" said Hunter. candy sighed and sat next to Storm. "You alright sugar?" she asked geantaly kissing his cheek.

(O_O Dunno Maybe Pink cause of her dark side..O_O OR WHAT ABOUT NEGA! he bashed Storm's head into the wall)

12/26/2011 #19
wolfgirl and sonic 23

Storm looks away." You don't love me..." he pouted. Kenage glanced at Hunter." Thanks for the encouraging their mircale belif.." he growled as Suki now goes back repeating it.

( You got me on that one...he beated Nega up...and Nega Storm had no moodswing?O_O He didn't even hurt anyone!)

12/26/2011 #20
Wandering to her doom

Candy rolle ddher eye and gentaly hugged Storm. " What makes you say that sugar hon of course I love you." She said. Hunter rolled his eyes. "Well excuse me mr neagtive. for looking on the bright side." he growled.

(XD yeah..nega storm is Storm's negative though so they oppists in looks and persoanly.)

12/26/2011 #21
wolfgirl and sonic 23

Storm got angry and picked up the couch and smashed it on Hunter and Kenage." WHY ARE YOU GUYS SO MEAN!?" he cried and goes to the room, crying. Kenage pops out, rolling his eyes." You should be telling that to Nega and Nega Storm...you know, their "Nega"tive?" he said as Shin facepalm.

(Storm moodswing fail and those Nega jokes...T_T)

12/26/2011 #22
Wandering to her doom

Candy rolled her eye. "Maybe he's just cranky he can't have coffee anymore.." She muttered and got a slice of cheese and went to the room. "Oh Sugar I got your faveiort cheesecake~!" said. Hunter glared at him. " I wasn't making nega jokes I was just saying all you do is complain!" he hissed

(Maybe it's not a mood swing you know how STorm is when he doesn't get his coffee)

12/26/2011 #23
wolfgirl and sonic 23

Storm sees it and eats it." I love you!" he said, hugging Candy before goes off to get more. Kenage rolled his eyes." I complain and you just keep whining like a baby all the time. In fact, you're whining that I'm complaing!" he mocked as Suki was watching the scene.

(Yeah, it is! Storm gets cranky if doesn't get his caffine and he has to keep this up for nine months..but he can have cheesecake which are right now his cravings?XD)

12/26/2011 #24
Wandering to her doom

candy sighted. Hunter glared at kenage. "And our complaning that I'm whining!" he hissed as Dove rolled her eyes.

(XD yeah and epic dads fail)

12/27/2011 #25
wolfgirl and sonic 23

Storm was eatting cheesecake as Suki comes in the argument."Will you both stop! Both of you sound like an angry married couple!" she said as Kenage twitched on that, looking at Hunter." You're right...Hunter started it.." he muttered.

(XD Prepare for battle...KenagexHunter..O_O I'm scarred!)

12/27/2011 #26
Wandering to her doom

"No you did.." Hunter missed in a whisper. Candy came in and seen Storm eatting the chesecae and sighed. "better stock up on cheesecake.." she muttered.

(XD HunterXKenage O_O if that did happen how would Storm and candy be together they would be step sister and borther!?)

12/27/2011 #27
wolfgirl and sonic 23

"NO, you did!" Kenage growled and slapped Hunter so hard to a wall. Storm was still eatting cheesecake, Suki facepalm." Like husband and wife...only it's husbands..." she muttered.

(XD A fight? O_O I guess...)

12/27/2011 #28
Wandering to her doom

Hunter glared. "Put a sock in it shorty." he said and puched Kebage in the stomach senting him into the wall. Candy rolled her eyes. "Damn it Suki can you get kenage to stop." She muttered as Ash got bored and radomily ripped his shirt off.

(Oh dear and Ash...not a good time to rip your shirt off.)

12/27/2011 #29
wolfgirl and sonic 23

Kenage glared as energy covered his fist, nuclear energy to be exact and delivers an uppercut at Hunter, sending him through the roof. Suki covered her eyes from Ash, not listening. Storm watched, wide eye." He gets nuclear power, awww~!" he pouted.

(XD Storm, you can't tame your electricity which is one level lower then that~! This is why Shin doesn't let Kenage out of his sight for that power...blowing up those boxes...)

12/27/2011 #30
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