this is about a clans of cats. These clans are Tundraclan, Mountainclan, Desertclan, and Swampclan. Seperate clan threads will be made for each.
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Taco Kickline
This is where clan updates are posted.

TC= tundraclan


DC= Desertclan

SC= Swampclan

12/5/2010 #1
Taco Kickline
(TC)= Star the rogue has been accepted into Tundraclan and given the name Starpaw. Foxpelt and Wheatpaw are out hunting with Windheart and Mistmask.

(DC)Sandbone and Brokenshadow are plotting to take over the camp.

(SC) Liquidshadow received a message from starclan, and her and Blizzardstar went to see starclan.

12/5/2010 #2
Taco Kickline
(ALL CLANS): It is a few days away from winter!!! Tundraclan will be in trouble!!
12/5/2010 #3
Taco Kickline

(TC) It is snowing :3

12/17/2010 #4
Blizzard Wings

(TC) DesertClan have attacked...

12/22/2010 #5
Blizzard Wings

(TC) Twilightmist is acting strange

(SC) Blizzardstar has returned from the gathering and loosing her second to last life

(DC) Flarestar has been overthrown

(MC) Shadowpaw and Tigerlily are fighting

(WP) Talon was pushed off a cliff

12/28/2010 #6
Blizzard Wings

(DC) Flarestar and Creamfur have died, Sandbone is now the leader, but has not yet gone to the Crystal Cave.

12/31/2010 #7
Blizzard Wings

(DC/TC) Are at war.

(TC) Poppyfrond has died at kitting.

4/2/2011 #8
Queen Viserys

(MC) Two kittypets have joined as apprentices.

4/3/2011 #9
Taco Kickline
((DC)) Sandstar is dead, apparently he was not accepted as a leader by Brokenshadow will be the new leader.

((TC)) Star lost her first life.

4/3/2011 #10
Taco Kickline
((All Clans)); it is spring now, which means that Swampclan will be flooded. It will be hard for them to live as of now. Tundra clan is free of snow... Yay.
4/5/2011 #11
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