Cracking Up Junjou Romantica
What does it mean to Crack Up Junjou Romantica? Simply it is to create stories based on crack non-canon pairings of the cast within the JJR fandom. Therefore only crack pairs will be discussed, recommendations for nicely written JJRC.
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Alexia Featherchild

Misaki as the Uke

Hiroki x Misaki

Nowaki x Misaki

Yo x Misaki (You is Miyagi)

Shinobu x Misaki

Ryuichiro x Misaki (Ryuichiro is Isaka)

Kaoru x Misaki (Kaoru is Asahina)

Takahiro x Misaki (Not my cup of tea, but if its yours...)

Furutre!Mahiro x Future!Misaki (Not my cup of tea, but if its yours...)

Haruhiko x Misaki

Fuyuhiko x Misaki

Mizuki x Misaki

Keiichi x Misaki (Keiichi is Sumi-senpai)

Ryoichi x Misaki (Ryoichi is Keiichi's father)

Tanaka x Misaki

Kyou x Misaki (Kyou is Ijuuin-sensei, mangaka of The*Kan)

Shinnosuke x Misaki (Shinnosuke is Todou)

Shinoda x Misaki

Tsumori x Misaki




Misaki as the SEME

Misaki x Akihiko (I know their canon, but not like this.)

Misaki x Hiroki (seeing as HIROKI is a typical TSUNDERE, this makes more sense than the other way around... sort of)

Misaki x Nowaki

Misaki x You

Misaki x Shinobu

Misaki x Ryuichiro

Misaki x Kaoru

Misaki x Takahiro (Not my cup of tea, but if its yours...)

!FutureMisaki x !FutureMahiro (Not my cup of tea, buf it its yours...)

Misaki x Haruhiko (Fudge, this is too hilarious for me to contemplate... some others are too, but this?)

Misaki x Fuyuhiko (Ditto!!!)

Misaki x Mizuki

Misaki x Tanaka

Misaki x Keiichi

Misaki x Ryoichi

Misaki x Kyou

Misaki x Shinnosuke

Misaki x Shinoda

Misaki x Tsumori








Misaki as the erstwise suitor. Apparently he likes chasing after mainly older women...

Misaki x Kajiwara Manami

Misaki x Usami Kaoruko

Misaki x Takatsuki Risako

Misaki x Aikawa Eri

Misaki as the chased after man

Kajiwara Manami x Misaki

Usami Kaoruko x Misaki

Takatsuki Risako x Misaki

Aikawa Eri x Misaki

11/23/2010 . Edited 2/10/2011 #1
Alexia Featherchild

Shinobu as the UKE

Misaki x Shinobu

Akihiko x Shinobu

Hiroki x Shinobu

Nowaki x Shinobu

Ryuichiro x Shinobu

Kaoru x Shinobu

Takahiro x Shinobu

!Future Mahiro x !Future Shinobu

Haruhiko x Shinobu

Fuyuhiko x Shinobu

Mizuki x Shinobu

Tanaka x Shinobu

Keiichi x Shinobu

Ryoichi x Shinobu

Kyou x Shinobu

Shinnosuke x Shinobu

Shinoda x Shinobu

Tsumori x Shinobu




Shinobu as the SEME

Shinobu x Misaki

Shinobu x Akihiko

Shinobu x Hiroki (considering that HIROKI is a typical TSUNDERE, this seems more plausible...but still somehow... I don't know how this pair would work.)

Shinobu x Nowaki

Shinobu x Ryuichiro

Shinobu x Kaoru

Shinobu x Takahiro

Shinobu x Haruhiko

Shinobu x Fuyuhiko

Shinobu x Mizuki

Shinobu x Tanaka

Shinobu x Keiichi

Shinobu x Ryoichi

Shinobu x Kyou

Shinobu x Shinnosuke

Shinobu x Shinoda

Shinobu x Tsumori

Shinobu x Yo (I know their canon, but not like this)








Shinobu as the chaseD

Manami x Shinobu

Kaoruko x Shinobu

Risako x Shinobu (Ugh...)

Eri x Shinobu

Shinobu as the chaseR

Shinobu x Manami

Shinobu x Kaoruko (This is the only one I think could be cute.)

Shinobu x Risako (Ugh...)

Shinobu x Eri

11/23/2010 . Edited 11/23/2010 #2
Alexia Featherchild

Hiroki as the UKE

Misaki x Hiroki

Akihiko x Hiroki

Yo x Hiroki

Shinobu x Hiroki

Ryuichiro x Hiroki

Kaoru x Hiroki

Takahiro x Hiroki

Haruhiko x Hiroki

Fuyuhiko x Hiroki

Mizuki x Hiroki

Tanaka x Hiroki

Keiichi x Hiroki

Ryoichi x Hiroki

Kyou x Hiroki

Shinnosuke x Hiroki

Shinoda x Hiroki

Tsumori x Hiroki

Hiroki as the SEME

Hiroki x Misaki

Hiroki x Akihiko

Hiroki x Yo

Hiroki x Shinobu

Hiroki x Ryuichiro

Hiroki x Kaoru

Hiroki x Takahiro

Hiroki x Haruhiko

Hiroki x Fuyuhiko

Hiroki x Mizuki

Hiroki x Tanaka

Hiroki x Keiichi

Hiroki x Ryoichi

Hiroki x Kyou

Hiroki x Shinnosuke

Hiroki x Shinoda

Hiroki x Tsumori

Hiroki x Nowaki (I realize they are canon, but not like this)








Hiroki as the erstwise suitor?

Hiroki x Manami

Hiroki x Kaoruko

Hiroki x Risako

Hiroki x Eri

Hiroki as the chased after man

Manami x Hiroki

Kaoruko x Hiroki

Risako x Hiroki

Eri x Hiroki

11/23/2010 #3
Alexia Featherchild

Nowaki as the SEME

Nowaki x Misaki

Nowaki x Akihiko

Nowaki x Yo

Nowaki x Shinobu

Nowaki x Ryuichiro

Nowaki x Kaoru

Nowaki x Takahiro

Nowaki x Haruhiko

Nowaki x Fuyuhiko

Nowaki x Mizuki

Nowaki x Tanaka

Nowaki x Keiichi

Nowaki x Ryoichi

Nowaki x Kyou

Nowaki x Shinnosuke

Nowaki x Shinoda

Nowaki x Tsumori




Nowaki as the UKE

Misaki x Nowaki

Akihiko x Nowaki

Yo x Nowaki

Shinobu x Nowaki

Ryuichiro x Nowaki

Kaoru x Nowaki

Takahiro x Nowaki

Haurhiko x Nowaki

Fuyuhiko x Nowaki

Mizuki x Nowaki

Tanaka x Nowaki

Keiichi x Nowaki

Ryoichi x Nowaki

Kyou x Nowaki

Shinnosuke x Nowaki

Shinoda x Nowaki

Tsumori x Nowaki








Nowaki as the man who is chased

Manami x Nowaki

Kaoruko x Nowaki

Risako x Nowaki

Eri x Nowaki

Nowaki as the erstwise suitor

Nowaki x Manami

Nowaki x Kaoruko

Nowaki x Risako

Nowaki x Eri





Tsumori x Nowaki x Hiroki

Shinoda x Nowaki x Hiroki

Tsumori x Shinoda x Nowaki x Hiroki

Akihiko x Nowaki x Hiroki

11/23/2010 #4
Alexia Featherchild

Miyagi as the SEME

Miyagi x Misaki

Miyagi x Akihiko

Miyagi x Hiroki

Miyagi x Nowaki

Miyagi x Ryuichiro

Miyagi x Kaoru

Miyagi x Takahiro

Miyagi x Haruhiko (this seems, implasible, but...maybe someone can pull it off.)

Miyagi x Fuyuhiko

Miyagi x Mizuki

Miyagi x Tanaka

Miyagi x Keiichi

Miyagi x Ryoichi

Miyagi x Kyou

Miyagi x Shinnosuke

Miyagi x Shinoda

Miyagi x Tsumori

Miyagi as the UKE

Misaki x Miyagi

Akihiko x Miyagi

Hiroki x Miyagi

Nowaki x Miyagi

Shinobu x Miyagi (I realize they're canon, but not like this)

Ryuichiro x Miyagi

Kaoru x Miyagi

Takahiro x Miyagi

Haruhiko x Miyagi

Fuyuhiko x Miyagi

Mizuki x Miyagi

Tanaka x Miyagi

Keiichi x Miyagi

Ryoichi x Miyagi

Kyou x Miyagi

Shinnosuke x Miyagi

Shinoda x Miyagi

Tsumori x Miyagi








Miyagi, chasing after love... hmmn... doesn't seem to fit, but here it is.

Miyagi x Manami

Miyagi x Kaoruko

Miyagi x Risako (Hmmn, wasn't this canon at one point before the series timeline?..going to include it anyway...)

Miyagi x Eri

Miyagi is a CHASED man

Manami x Miyagi

Kaoruko x Miyagi

Risako x Miyagi

Eri x Miyagi

11/23/2010 #5
Alexia Featherchild

Usami Akihiko as the SEME

Akihiko x Miyagi

Akihiko x Hiroki

Akihiko x Nowaki

Akihiko x Shinobu

Akihiko x Ryuichiro

Akihiko x Kaoru

Akihiko x Takahiro

Akihiko x Haruhiko (Not my cup of tea, but if its yours...)

Akihiko x Fuyuhiko (Not my cup of tea, but if its yours...)

Akihiko x Mizuki

Akihiko x Tanaka

Akihiko x Keiichi

Akihiko x Ryoichi

Akihiko x Kyou

Akihiko x Shinnosuke

Akihiko x Shinoda

Akihiko x Tsumori




Usami Akihiko as the UKE

Miyagi x Akihiko

Hiroki x Akihiko

Nowaki x Akihiko

Shinobu x Akihiko

Ryuichiro x Akihiko

Kaoru x Akihiko

Takahiro x Akihiko

Haruhiko x Akihiko (Not my cup of tea, but if its yours...)

Fuyuhiko x Akihiko (Not my cup of tea, but if its yours...)

Mizuki x Akihiko

Tanaka x Akihiko

Keiichi x Akihiko

Ryoichi x Akihiko

Kyou x Akihiko

Shinnosuke x Akihiko

Shinoda x Akihiko

Tsumori x Akihiko




Usami Akihiko as the erstwise suitor

Akihiko x Manami

Akihiko x Kaoruko

Akihiko x Risako

Akihiko x Eri

Usami Akihiko as the chased after man

Manami x Akihiko

Kaoruko x Akihiko

Risako x Akihiko

Eri x Akihiko

11/23/2010 #6
Alexia Featherchild

Isaka as the SEME

Isaka x Takashi Misaki

Isaka x Usami Akihiko

Isaka x Kamijou Hiroki

Isaka x Kusama Nowaki

Isaka x Miyagi You

Isaka x Takatsuki Shinobu

Isaka x Asahina Kaoru (I realize they're canon, but not like this)

Isaka x Takahashi Takahiro

Isaka x Usami Haruhiko

Isaka x Usami Fuyuhiko

Isaka x Shiiba Mizuki

Isaka x Tanaka

Isaka x Sumi Keiichi

Isaka x Sumi Ryoichi

Isaka x Ijuuin Kyou

Isaka x Todou Shinnosuke

Isaka x Shinoda

Isaka x Tsumori




Isaka as the UKE

Takashi Misaki x Isaka

Usami Akihiko x Isaka

Kamijou Hiroki x Isaka

Kusama Nowaki x Isaka

Miyagi You x Isaka

Takatsuki Shinobu x Isaka

Takahashi Takahiro x Isaka

Usami Haruhiko x Isaka

Usami Fuyuhiko x Isaka

Shiiba Mizuki x Isaka

Tanaka x Isaka

Sumi Keiichi x Isaka

Sumi Ryoichi x Isaka

Ijuuin Kyou x Isaka

Todou Shinnosuke x Isaka

Shinoda x Isaka

Tsumori x Isaka








Isaka as the chaseR

Isaka x Kajiwara Manami

Isaka x Usami Kaoruko

Isaka x Takatsuki Risako

Isaka x Aikawa Eri




Isaka as the chaseD

Kajiwara Manami x Isaka

Usami Kaoruko x Isaka

Takatsuki Risako x Isaka

Aikawa Eri x Isaka

11/24/2010 . Edited 11/24/2010 #7
Alexia Featherchild

Asahina as the UKE

Takashi Misaki x Asahina

Usami Akihiko x Asahina

Kamijou Hiroki x Asahina

Kusama Nowaki x Asahina

Miyagi You x Asahina

Takatsuki Shinobu x Asahina

Isaka Ryuichiro x Asahina (I realize they're canon, but not like this)

Takahashi Takahiro x Asahina

Usami Haruhiko x Asahina

Usami Fuyuhiko x Asahina

Shiiba Mizuki x Asahina

Tanaka x Asahina

Sumi Keiichi x Asahina

Sumi Ryoichi x Asahina

Ijuuin Kyou x Asahina

Todou Shinnosuke x Asahina

Shinoda x Asahina

Tsumori x Asahina




Asahina as the SEME

Asahina x Takashi Misaki

Asahina x Usami Akihiko

Asahina x Kamijou Hiroki

Asahina x Kusama Nowaki

Asahina x Miyagi You

Asahina x Takatsuki Shinobu

Asahina x Takahashi Takahiro

Asahina x Usami Haruhiko

Asahina x Usami Fuyuhiko

Asahina x Shiiba Mizuki

Asahina x Tanaka

Asahina x Sumi Keiichi

Asahina x Sumi Ryoichi

Asahina x Ijuuin Kyou

Asahina x Todou Shinnosuke

Asahina x Shinoda

Asahina x Tsumori








Asahina as the chaseD

Kajiwara Manami x Asahina

Usami Kaoruko x Asahina

Takatsuki Risako x Asahina

Aikawa Eri x Asahina




Asahina as the chaseR

Asahina x Kajiwara Manami

Asahina x Usami Kaoruko

Asahina x Takatsuki Risako

Asahina Aikawa Eri

11/26/2010 . Edited 11/26/2010 #8
The Bluntest

I have to pick... Shinobu x Misaki for the reason that it has two yandere in it.

And also... Hiroki x Miyagi (Hiro!seme) because I love Tsundere x Tsundere pairs just like Yandere x Yandere pairs.

And... I am straying way too far from canon here... Shinobu x Usagi (Shinobu!Seme) because a Yandere-Kuudere pair... is really interesting, to say the least.

Misaki x Nowaki would definitely be interesting to read about. Yandere x Deredere... I would love that combo.

1/29/2011 #9
The All Pairings

I'm definitely in love with Aikawa x Misaki. :D

4/23/2011 #10

Shinobu and Misaki are yandere?

8/29/2011 #11
Alexia Featherchild

I don't know myself... I wouldn't think so. Maybe Shinobu... but Misaki? Then again across cultures the definition of yandere could be different. I only thought Misaki was a Tsundere type B and Hiroki a Tsundere type A, at least according to TvTropes... That site will suck your time away though... so much information about tropes/cliches/etc.

9/14/2011 #12

Hi I was wondering if u want to be friends with me and i know this might be very late with all of this since i just saw it now and Im kind of a new member. I think the main couples for Junjou Romantica are to stay the way they are. I'd understand if it was like all of them in one story together in an o*** or something but like that...i cant picture Misaki with Akihiko, Shinobu without Miyagi and Hiroki without Nowaki...because they have a type of pattern in their type of life that no one should make up a couple because they do not like the original couples

12/26/2011 #13

Um I swear in the manga Tsumori has a cannon crush on Hiro-san come kill me nowaki i called him hiro-san anyone else notice when Hiro-san was lost in thought Tsumori tried to give him' the slip' Please tell me I'm not the only one!!!

11/7/2015 #14
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