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Military Challenge

I've found a lot of twilight military stories, but I have one problem with them. The majority of them have the men in the Military, and the majority of them are all human. This is my challenge to change that.


- The Edward, Alice, Jasper, Carlisle, Esme, Rosealie, and Emmet must be vampires and part of the smae coven

- The Quillete must still be Werewolves

- Bella must be coming home after serving in the Military or visit Charlie while on leave when she meets and falls in love with one of the Cullens or is imprinted on by one of the wolves


- FemSlash

- Bella having been Special Forces (I know women can't in actuallity, but this is fanfiction)

- Bella having been a pilot

- Bella having been an officer

- Bella graduating from USMA, USNA, or USAFA



PM or Post if you Accept the Challenge

8/30/2012 #1
Can she be SOF instead of Special Forces? Only difference is that SF is Green Berets, while SOF is like Rangers , SOAR, and a bunch of other units.
8/31/2012 #2

Of course. I only recomend SF because it's easier to just say SF than list all the elite military divisions, including Rangers, Berets, SEALS and so forth.

8/31/2012 #3

alright, ill probably end up doing this challenge, but ittl be after i finish my current story.

anyway, ill have a preview/prologue up today

8/31/2012 #4

oh, and is it okay if i bash the Cullens? more specifically, Edward?

8/31/2012 #5
Lost Dragon-Albarn
Honestly, I have no feelings on the subject of Twilight. Don't like it, but also don't dislike it. That said, this challenge peaks my interest. Again, just like the Half-breed challenge, I will not be working on this exclusively so it may take a while. Now, I know the basics of Twilight- sparkly vampires, forbidden love between vamp and human, native werewolves hate immigrant vamps, and a couple of rogue vamps try to eat Bella on more than one occasion-, but I need a few, random seeming, specifics. One, I'm going to assume that we are changing Bella's age to something appropriate to have been able to serve a full term of service. Is early twenties okay for that? Second, what is her last name? Third, I'd like to do the recommended femslash, but find werewolves, in my personal opinion, to be cooler than vampires and have no idea of any weres in Twilight except for Jacob. Can you give me a name or is it okay to make up one on my own. As for the military service, I have multiple, non-movie related sources to go to on that, so I'm good for that side of things.
8/31/2012 #6

Ginger- Go ahead and Bash the Cullens, especially Edward if you wish.

Lost Dragon - Yes early twenties is alright, I'd assume Bella's age would be tweaked to fit when I made this challenge. Bella's last name is Swan. Leah Clearwater is the only female werewolf in Twilight, though there are a few women associated with the pack that you could easily turn into werewolves. I would suggest going to the twilight wiki if you need info (go to your prefered search engine, type in twilight wiki and click on it when it comes up in results)

8/31/2012 #7


i have a preview of the story up now

8/31/2012 #8
Soundwave SIC
I think ill take a crack at this to and does a Bella/Leah sound like a good pairing
9/1/2012 #9


9/2/2012 #10
Soundwave SIC
ok well i started writing up concepts for both this and the half breed challenge for this i one i have belle being either a navy seal kinda like in the movie Gi jane or a Marine sniper like shooter or instead could i have her have been born in britiab while the swans where on vacation and have her go back there after her and charlie split and have her be apart of The S.a.S because im a legal american citizen but im also a british national and i go there every year to vist my granparents and here storys about how my granfathers brother was S.a.S and have always wanted to join
9/2/2012 #11

Considering I don't specify which military Bella joins, Bella could be SAS. Go ahead.

9/3/2012 #12

ok, i got the actual story im doing for this challenge up right now. could you possibly point out any grammar or spelling errors i made? my doc program doesn't really do autofixes, so i gotta find the mistake myself, which I sometimes mis.

9/5/2012 #13

Saw your post on the Military Twilight prompt and if you are looking for female wolves for the pack for Bella to be imprinted on I would suggest either Leah who is already one of the wolves and in need of some lovin, if not Leah than I would suggest either Rachel or Rebecca Black who are the older sisters of Jacob Black and also twins. In Breaking Dawn it's mentioned that Rachel came back to the Reservation after college and was imprinted on by Paul Lahote. Rebecca however, I think but am not sure, lives in Hawaii and after she went through college married a surfer and either already has children or has one on the way, I don't think Rebecca comes back to the Rez during the cannon story.

If you want either or both of the twins for your story before the Breaking Dawn timeline I'd suggest bringing them back to the Reservation for some reason or another and transfering to a closer school either because the transformation or the imprint.

Considering Leah was able to shift it makes sense that Rachel or Rebecca would be able to as well. Both sisters are descendants of Ephraim Black who was the pack's Alpha while the Cullen's were originally living near Forks during the 30's or early 40's. That said the ability to shift into wolves may actually be weaker in the twins than they are for Leah or Seth considering that Leah was the first female of their tribe known to shift and Seth was barely fifteen years old when he and his sister shifted the first time.

Those are your best choices for female werewolves if you want to stick close to cannon.

1/20/2013 #14
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