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This is where I will post any challenges I've come up with. and feel free to discuss any of the challenges.
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First I have to say that I am shocked. There are 2 stories in the crossover section of LotR and PB/CoR. Neither involved Riddick, hence this challenge. I'm hoping it will inspire someone to write one.


- Riddick must somehow find himself in Middle-Earth

- Riddick must join the Fellowship before they venture into Moria (I say before Moria because I've seen stories where a 10th walker, both crossover character and OC, got involved anywhere between Bree and Rohan)

- Riddick cannot be in a M/M pairing


- Riddick receiving elven knives in Lothlorien (hope I spelled that right)

- Kyra ends up in Middle Earth with Riddick

- A hellhound joins Riddick

- Riddick introducing himself as 'Convict, murderer.' (Can you imagine the reactions of Théoden or the elves, even the Hobbits)



That's it. PM or Post if you Accept

4/2/2013 #1
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