Vocaloid Couples RP
Have a favorite Vocaloid couple? Do you want to RP them until your fingers bleed from typing? Any pairing, any gender, any age rating, yaoi, yuri WHATEVER you want! Find a partner and RP away! :D
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Hi there :D

Welcome to my Vocaloid Couples Role Play forum.

Here you can team up with a person with the same favorite pairing as you make a thread and RP away!

Any Character, any pairing, any gender, yaoi, yuri, rating, or maybe you can find something exotic (has absolutely no clue what the means myself –[]-)

Twists the story as you like into any direction you and your partner seem fit or perhaps keep your plans it a secret and see how how your partner plays their character.

That's about it for the introduction from me. Let me hand you over to the Forums Guidelines and Rules.

Guidelines and Rules

Picking you character You know how you go to an RP forum with your heart set on Role Playing as a certain character but then when you look the character is already taken? Well I will have none of that here! Or are you worried that a pairing will already be taken? Well phooey! There can be as many RPs of the same pairing as there are fans! Make sure when creating the threads you make it so you can tell that it is the one you and your partner can recognized and not confuse with anything else. If possible number it or something, I dunno.

Finding a Partner Finding a partner is simple. If you are looking to RP as a pairing that has not yet been requested, simply post on the "I wish to RP as ... and am looking for a ..." With the names of the characters where the '...'s are. If someone has posted a pairing that you are interested in post a response, saying you would like to RP with that person. But make sure you put the person's name or else they won't know you are interested o.o To keep things organized I would like to ask the person who posted the request to edit their post once you have a partner and are ready to start an RP and put in capitals "PARTNER FOUND". If this isn't done then things will start to get confusing and all that. If you forgot and I notice then I'll probably change it myself but please purposely not edit the post just because you a lazy otherwise I would just get annoyed with it if it happens a lot n

Thread Creating Once found a partner the person who requested a partner will make the RP thread. However you can only post RP threads. Any non-RP threads will be deleted.

Once you have made a thread it is basically yours and your partners Yep, basically once you made the thread together do what you want with it (except for pinning it -_- if that's possible for non moderators o.o) But anyway, you two alone will use that thread to your heart's content.

Ratings I will say this now. Mature content WILL be allowed HOWEVER (note the capitals) if you and your partner decide that you want mature content then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put [M] in the thread title name! That way it signals a warning for those who aren't interested in the mature content section and the person can't report it for having mature content because it SHOULD have the warning. If your thread is caught with mature content in it yet there is no warning...oh well you're in trouble.

No Abuse WHATSOEVER!!! I will NOT tolerate ANY abuse! No bashing someone's favorite pairing! If someone likes a certain pairing that you don't then please don't start shouting abuse over it or in the pairing thread.Abuse will lead to temporary ban and if continues then the ban will be permanent.

I think that's just about it for now. If I think up of anything else then I'll add it later.

Have fun RPing :D

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