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Azuria Tayutama

(Yay! And thank you! ;3 Epic pairings? Yup, I have to agree with you!)

Mikuo laughed a bit at Luki's embarrassment, even if he was himself embarrassed. "But you just looked so happy with Miku. I never thought that you were doubting about loving her... You were always so lovey-dovey with her... Y-You...I was dreaming about you Luki, I thought it would always stay some damn dreams..." He murmured, some tears of joy in his eyes as he smiled when he leaned into his caress. "It's really true, right? It's not dreams anymore, right...?"

He nodded, though. Maybe his best friend was right; they should get positive, not thinking about the negative things that might happen. He then quickly kissed his lips; he couldn't take it anymore, his face as red as tomatoes. Even if it was fast, lot of feelings were invading his body.

He scratched the back of his head timidly, nodding. "Yeah... Miku and Luka are close friends, after all. But I don't think she'll kill you..." He giggled, slightly amused, even if he was a bit worried about it.

He frowned at how Luki was stuttering, sighing. "She should come over. I-I'll help you telling her, alright?

9/14/2012 #31

"They aren't dreams anymore, I'm right here." Luki stated, ruffling Mikuo's head lightly. He wiped away the tears that were forming in the teal headed man's eyes and grinned, "This is all true, nothing is fake right now." His thumb gently swept over the other's cheek as he leaned his forehead on the other to gaze into the hypnotizing teal eyes that always got him. "Everything will be fine for us, that's all I want to know right now." A grin split his face as he laughed, "Since it means everything won't go wrong and we'll all be fine."

Luki froze, eyes wide at what just happened. D-Did Mikuo just...? He gulped before glancing at him, eyes softening when he saw how he looked. Chuckling, the pink haired man moved forward and gently placed his lips onto the other's before he pulled back with a smile.

"N-No! You don't get Luka, do you know what she can do with just a tuna?" He exaggerated, making chopping signals as he flailed his arms around playfully. Lighting the mood was what he wanted to do before things get awkward... real quick.

"A-Alright then." Luki bit his lip before sighing, "Ah, Luka? Mind coming over to Mikuo's and Miku's place right now? W-We need to have a t-talk about what's going o-on right now..." His fingers clenched at his pants as he sat on the couch, bouncing his leg.

Luka blinked, "Are you alright Luki? Do you have a fever?" Her brother seemed to have shaken his head on the other line as he laughed, though it seemed forced. "Haha, no everything is f-fine. Just please, come over." The pinkette nodded, "I'll be there in a few then, don't worry." With that the call ended as Luki let out a slight cheer, "God this is gonna be weird...." He glanced at Mikuo, "A-Are you going to get Miku as well then?"

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Azuria Tayutama

At Luki's comfortable words, Mikuo started to cry even more, cursing himself from being so emotive, but he couldn't help it. He was so happy. It wasn't some dreams anymore. It was real. "L-Luki..." He murmured emotively, a happy smile on his face. "It's...I... You're so sweet, Luki... But I still can't believe it's happening. Just a a few minutes ago, you were kissing and hugging Miku..." He chocked his words because of the emotions. "I-I was so sad, but now, you're making me so happy..."

Mikuo's eyes then widened when his love suddenly returned the kiss. His cheeks darkened, a bit surprised. He stupidly thought that he wouldn't reciproqued the move. It was fast, but yet it seemed like an eternity before he pulled away. His heart was beating much faster, all his body firing up. He touched his own lips, gulping. He wanted more, but restrained himself since now wasn't the moment for that.

He chuckled a bit at Luki's exaggerated gestures. He really doubt that Luka will do that. "Well, fortunately, we don't have tuna. And I don't think she'll bring one." He chuckled playfully, but soon returned to his serious state.

He carefully listened to what Luki was saying in the cellphone, nearly facepalming at how he was nervous, but he could understand. He would also be nervous at his place. But he knew that they'll have to tell them soon; he knew that he would have to see Miku's sad face. He took a deep breath. He really hoped that everything will be alright.

"Ah, y-yes...I'm going to get her right now..." He gulped before climbing the stairs, opening slowly Miku's door. "Hey sis, you can come back..." He nervously muttered, making her sister frown, but she nodded.

When the tealette was downstairs, she immediately jumped into Luki's arms, making things even more awkward. "I already missed you!" She purred with a grin, as Mikuo looked away, uncomfortable.

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Wiping the tears away once more, Luki beamed softly. "It's alright, I'm here now for you now anyway." He uttered under his breath, completely captivated with how adorable his friend/now-boyfriend was reacting. The way his teal eyes glistened got to him enough to just hold onto the younger man and never let go, staying latched in content. "I... I would have never wanted to hurt you... You know that, right?"

The pink haired man paled, "She always has a tuna with her, I think she hides it in her clothes...." He trailed off, motioning to the kind of skirts the pinkette wears to his chest. "One time, she had a deck of cards in her bra and I didn't even know!" He exclaimed, eyes wide in his surprise.

Luki stumbled back slightly, awkwardly hugging Miku back as he grinned weakly. "He-Hey Miku!" He muttered lowly, gently pushing her onto the couch as he sat down across from her. He looked sadly at Mikuo, giving him a look saying that all would be better soon. Standing at the sound of the doorbell, he opened it to greet the pinkette on the other end as he looked away from Luka's calculating gaze.

"Come on Luka," she nodded, entering before smiling politely at the two teal headed siblings. She sat next to Miku, waiting patiently for the two guys to begin. Luki shook his head lightly, glancing at them all seriously as he leaned lightly on Mikuo. "We need to talk..."

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Azuria Tayutama

Mikuo smiled softly at how Luki was such a great person. He was always there for the others; he didn't want to hurt anyone. He couldn't help himself but to always think that he was lucky. He was lucky that his dreams finally came true, that he could finally kiss him, touch him...

But now the teal haired man was slightly afraid about Luka's reactions. "W-Why did you invite her then?" He gulped, not wanting to have a tuna slap on the face. It must really hurt. It probably already happened to his new boyfriend, chuckling a bit at the thought.

He also uncomfortably looked at the exchanges between him and Miku, but he soon calmed down when he met his sad eyes, probably saying that it won't happen anymore. It wasn't really the thing that was worrying him; Miku looked so happy to be with Luki, and he was about to tell her that he was now going out with him. He took a deep breath, a lump forming in his throat.

The tealette looked at her lover with a worried face. It wasn't normal at all. Normally he would sit her on his laps, saying that he missed her also. But it wasn't the case. The atmosphere was awkward; both Luki and Mikuo seemed nervous. She started to panic a bit, wondering what was wrong. It was making things even worse when Luka was there, and when she heard the 'we need to talk'. She didn't understand what was going on.

Mikuo was so nervous when he saw the two pair of eyes looking at them that he felt dizzy. He clutched into Luki when he leaned against him. "Y-Yes w-we need to talk..." He murmured, Miku watching at the way they were standing. "I-I don't know where I can start this..." He muttered, looking at Luki for help, taking a deep tremble breath. "...I was already in... love... with Luki, even before you were going out with him, Miku..." He said, the silence invading the room.

He could read on his sister's face some shocks; she probably knew what was going on now. He looked at his new boyfriend, hoping he could continue for him.

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"I got her here because if she finds out from someone else, it'd be so much more worse..." He muttered, shaking his head gravely at the thought. He pouted slightly at the sight of Mikuo laughing, crossing his arms as he looked away. "I even had to deal with it a few times... Did you know how much they hurt?" Luki joked around, hanging his head. Glad that the teal headed man was now happy, he grinned at his accomplishment.

The male Megurine looked back and forth continuously as he kept bouncing his leg, he didn't know how to start. He didn't even want to know how things end up, so he prayed that everything will soon go back to normal like it's always been even though he knows that won't happen. He was only slightly worried at Miku's reaction though, he didn't want to break the siblings apart because of this. Guilt would eat at him, endlessly.

Catching Miku staring at him, Luki looked away quickly to avoid the looks he was receiving from the two women. He knew that they were both probably struggling to understand what he called them for, but he was too terrified to speak.

Subtly, Luki gently rubbed his thumb against Mikuo's palm. Making sure no one else can see what he was doing, he held the younger man's hand tighter when he spoke. Seeing the looks on his about-to-be ex's face had his teeth grinding together as he clenched his fist. Luka had her eyes wide, mouth slightly gapping from what she had just heard. She saw her brother breath in before helping his now boyfriend out.

"Y-Yeah... I'm sorry Miku, but I love you more as family now. It's what I realized when I think back, and I just can't give you my all if my heart isn't in the right place... W-We need to cancel the wedding and... and b-break up. I'm so so sorry!" He cried out, feeling his shoulder's shake slightly as he panted lowly.

Luka closed her mouth, only to open and close it again when she looked at their brother's postures. Biting her tongue, she glanced at Miku and put a hand on her shoulder while gazing at her worriedly. She stayed silent, waiting for something to happen.

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Azuria Tayutama

Mikuo couldn't help himself but to burst out laughing, grinning. "Oh? So your sister is able to beat you?" He teased. He was laughing even if he didn't want to receive some tuna slaps either. He just hoped that Luka won't be that angry.

The teal haired man was carefully looking at Miku's reactions, sometime looking at his new boyfriend to notice his great nervousness. He was also nervous. Terribly. He was often taking deep breaths, feeling dizzy at the awkward situation. He didn't want to break his sister's heart, but even if it was selfish, he prefered that than to see her marry the man he loved more than his own life.

He calmed himself down when he felt Luki rubbing his thumb on the palm of his hand. He forced a weak smile, trying to tell him that everything was alright. Even if he knew it wasn't really the case by seeing Miku's face; she seemed so shocked, probably speechless. Luka seemed as much as surprised as her with her mouth slightly opened.

His heart beat nervously after Luki's confession. He didn't want to look at his sister anymore, but he had no choices, standing straight.

The tealette stayed silent, looking elsewhere. All the words that his now old boyfriend told her pierced her heart like an arrow, a lump forming in her throat. It was so sudden; her body and her mind weren't prepared for that. She loved him. She truly loved him. She was looking forward to their wedding, looking forward to spend the rest of her life with him, to have children. She didn't care if they were both guys. She just cared about the fact Luki loved someone who wasn't her.

After some long seconds of silence, she suddenly started to sob uncontrolledly, unable to stop. She was deeply heartbroken. "W-Why...?" She hiccuped, looking difficulty at Luki, her vision dizzy from tears. "I-I love you! A-And you were the first to talk about wedding!" She shouted, stammering, gently pushing Luka's hand from her shoulder.

Mikuo bit his lips and looked at Luki.

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"Yes! Yes, she does!" He sighed out, gravely looking to the ground as he uttered. "You don't want to know what she can do!" He nodded at Mikuo, smiling at the giggles escaping the younger man's mouth.

Luki felt everything around him shake, crumbling as he focused on his ex-girlfriend. He couldn't bare to look at the faces his own sister gave him, instead he gazed at his bouncing legs. He felt his fist clench against the fabric of his pants, closing his eyes in sadness...

Flinching from the words coming out of Miku's eyes, Luki teared up some more. "I'm sorry Miku! I-It just wasn't your fault, my heart just wasn't really into it as a whole. Please, I'm sorry..." He felt the water trickle from his cheeks before he stood up in slight anger, "Don't you know how I feel then? I never wanted to hurt you, I never wanted to hurt anyone!" He sobbed out, finally breaking down as he sniffled.

Seeing Mikuo gazing at him had him crying harder, he bet he looked so weak right now.... He was pathetic, hurting everyone like that! "I thought it would distract me if we could do something big with our lives, I thought you really were the one... I'm so sorry Miku, it's all my fault this happened!"

Luka rose gently, wrapping her arms silently around the tealette as she cried. "Calm down Miku, let's all hear them out first..." She gently whispered, seeing her brother break down had her knowing they needed some time, know the two men needed to recollect themselves and they just all needed to calm down.

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Azuria Tayutama

Mikuo silently looked at what was happening, his throat tightening. He was unable to speak, he was out of words. He knew Miku would react that way, but like Luki said; did she know how he feel? Did she know how they both feel?

He grabbed Luki's hand in his, kissing the top of it. It was the first time he saw the pink haired man seeming so weak, so defenseless... He pulled him into a hug, rubbing his back, trying to calm him down, as he looked at his sister a bit angrily. "Miku! Think about it; do you prefer to be with Luki all your life while he doesn't like you that way, while he wouldn't be completely happy?" He asked, nearly shouting, as he tightened the hug. He wanted to cry also, but he was able to restrain his tears.

He completely knew how the tealette could feel -and he was worried about her-, but he wanted her to think about it a bit. He was glad Luka was there to try to comfort his sister.

Miku leaned her head on Luka's chest when she wrapped her arms around her, still crying, even if she calmed herself down a bit, looking at Luki with the corner of her eyes. "I-It's not your fault..." She sadly murmured, clutching on Luka's shirt. "I-It's okay...It'll be okay. My brother is a nice guy..." She said, her voice wavering. She couldn't be selfish, even if she loves him.

"Just please, Mikuo... Take care of him... And same thing Luki; you better take care of my brother..."

Her brother nodded and thanked her, a lump forming in his throat. He knew how much it could be hard for his sister.

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Luki buried himself into Mikuo's shoulder, sobbing as tears stained the younger man's clothes. He sniffled when he heard his new lover defend him, glad someone at least understood. He couldn't blame Miku though, since he really did start this all. He latched onto the teal headed man, never once loosening his grip. The pink haired man raised his head slightly to gaze at the tealette, nodding in thanks for trying to understand.

"I-I will Miku, you can trust me on this." He stuttered out, trying to calm himself as he shakily inhaled. Luki hugged Mikuo even tighter to him, closing his eyes as more tears just seemed to stream out of him due to happiness, hurt, and acceptance.

Luka held Miku close, running her fingers through the petite woman's teal locks sadly. It must have hurt a lot for the sweet and cheery girl to act like that, since heartache is the worst pain to ever endure. The pinkette sighed softly, nodding lightly at the two men as she smiled. "You better take care of my brother Mikuo-san, and I accept your relationship together..." Was softly coming out of her lips, her arms stayed firmly around the tealette's waist.

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Azuria Tayutama

Mikuo kissed tenderly Luki's forehead, smiling softly. "Hey, it's alright now. See? They are accepting it..." He whispered in his ear, holding him even closer to him. But he couldn't help himself but to cry also, to cry in relief, even if he was still worried about his sister; maybe she was accepting them, but he knew she was heartbroken. Just like he was a few moments ago.

He smiled weakly at Luka, nodding. "I'll make him the happiest man of the world, I promise..." He seriously said, before looking at Miku. "I'm sorry, sis, but don't worry, I'm sure you'll find someone else for you..." He murmured, trying awkwardly to cheer her up, kissing his new boyfriend on the cheek.

Miku really calmed herself down into Luka's warm embrace. She wanted to stay like that from now on. "Just don't let me go, Luka..." She whispered, hearing her breathing and her normal heartbeat. She looked at their brother, and forced a smile. "I knew you were into men, Mikuo! I guess it's not really a surprise that you like a nice guy like Luki!" She exclaimed, trying to calm the awkward situation.

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Sniffling, Luki nodded as he smiled weakly and shakily. He clung back onto Mikuo as they both cried softly, keeping the other man's body close to his as he laughed and chuckled lowly. "Y-Yeah, it's all better now..."

Luka thanked him, watching her brother blush slightly at the affection the teal headed man was showering him with. It looked like Luki might actually be on the bottom this time, the pinkette laughed, it was quite ironic actually. She saw the pink haired man nod, "Y-Yeah Miku, your a great girl but I just don't think I was the man..." He trailed off gently, afriad another drama-bomb might start.

"I won't Miku, don't worry about that." The older woman muttered, keeping herself idle by playing with the tealette's hair. She nodded with a slight grin at how the petite woman tried to help the situation get better, and quickly began helping her out. "I actually had a little thought into Luki being into guys as well, and Mikuo will definitely be a great match for him since Luki is rather sloppy with his items..." She chuckled out, watching her brother blush and stutter. "I a-am not!"

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Azuria Tayutama

Mikuo blushed slightly as their body were close, even pressing against each other. He was so glad to be so close to him, now. He was starting to be depressed by seeing him with Miku. He smiled softly to himself. "Yeah...It's better for sure..." He murmured more to himself than to Luki. "I really love you, Luki..." He seriously said, not caring about the fact their sister were here.

Miku mainly avoided to look at them, at their moments of affections or she'll feel like she would cry. She was glad for her brother, really, but she felt so empty now, still clutching on Luka. Her eyes soon widened. "W-What do you mean you weren't the man...?" She asked, a bit confused. But her face suddenly fell. "...Oh. I'm not girly enough, uh..." She desesperated. Mikuo couldn't help himself but to chuckle a bit. "Well, you're not doing the dishes, you're not taking care of your things and you're quite possessive..." He grinned, trying to annoy his sister. "T-That's not true! I-In any case, you're not too manly either!" She replied back, arms crossed.

The tealette weakly purred like a cat when Luka was playing with her hair, finally chuckling a bit. "Yup, you are Luki." She agreed, nodding, as Mikuo also laughed.

9/18/2012 #43

Luki smiled. "I know, it's why I love you too..." He murmured, grinning at the blush adorning Mikuo's face as he nodded. He was still careful of what to do with his ex in the room, he didn't want to hurt her anymore then he already did.

"T-That's not it Miku!" The pink haired man stuttered, laughing lightly at where the tealette's train of thoughts was heading. "I meant to say that I just wasn't really the guy you were meant for.... Heck! For all we know, it might not even be a man!" He joked around, chuckling lightly before he glanced at Luka. They were all a pair of pink and teal when he thought about it.... He gasped, whoa... He just had a thought, an epiphany. What if he was supposed to be with Mikuo while Miku was supposed to be with the pinkette? Luki smirked at his thoughts, they'd be perfect and everyone would be happy!

Luka watched, amused at everything going on. A light and barely noticeable blush made it's way onto her cheeks when she felt the tealette relax into her, gulping as she coughed lightly into her hand. "So then, what shall we do now if you don't mind me asking?" The pinkette gently asked, voice low.

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Azuria Tayutama

Mikuo blushed even more at Luki's grin. "I-I know..." He muttered, holding his hand. He didn't care doing things like that in front of Miku; she'll have to get used to it anyway. He didn't care if it was making her sad; she had to understand it.

Miku looked at Luki, grimacing, listening to what he was saying. She calmed herself down a bit. "...I really thought you were saying I'm not girly enough..." She pouted, looking blankly at the hand her brother was holding. "You were too sentimental, too caring, Luki. I might not even find a guy like you anymore." She sadly murmured, as Mikuo chuckled a bit. It was true that his new boyfriend was one of the few guys to act like that. He grinned. "That's why I'm lucky!" He exclaimed, gaining an unamused glare from his sister.

Miku curiously looked at Luka when she spoke in a low voice. She cocked her head slightly in one side, before looking at their brother. Maybe they needed some times alone now? She grabbed the pinkette's hand, already starting to go upstairs. "Let's leave them alone!" She exclaimed cheerfully, her voice wavering, leading her to her room.

9/18/2012 #45

"N-No! I would never...-!" Luki babbled, looking away in embarrassment at confusing his on words. He chocked slightly in laughter though, only Miku can break such tense atmospheres. He squeezed Mikuo's hand back, biting his lower lips gently as he looked around the room to look for any sign of a distraction.

His blue eyes looked apologetically at the tealette, "You'll find someone, promise. And who knows, you might find them sooner or later then." He grinned back, nodding his head. He sighed before gently and playfully thumping Mikuo on the head as he chuckled lowly, "Don't antagonize her!" He chirped, clearly finding everything embarrassing and such with all the compliments. "But uh, thanks for the compliment...."

Luka yelped slightly, smirking crookedly as she hummed. "Sure sure Miku..." She got out, winking at her brother discreetly. The pinkette entered the younger woman's room, quickly moving to place the photos of Miku and Luki together face down as she sat on the petite woman's bed. "Hmm? What should we do now then?" She smiled out, blushing slightly at the thoughts assaulting her mind.

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Azuria Tayutama

Mikuo couldn't help himself, but to chuckle a bit. He never saw Luki being embarrassed like that. He squeezed his hand back and smiled lovingly. He was so glad Miku was being fair, that she was accepting them; if Luka wouldn't be there, it won't have been that way. His sister wouldn't probably have calmed down. "It's all thanks to your sister..." He whispered into his ear.

He knew Miku would find someone else; she was quite popular, so he nodded in agreement. Everything would be fine, he knew it. Miku would be fine. But more importantly, he and Luki will be completely fine. He looked at them as they left, sighing. "That was hard..." He mumbled, relieved. "But hey, I'm really lucky..." He laughed, pulling himself closer to him.

He looked into his eyes, as he finally broke the distance between their lips, unable to restrain himself anymore.

Miku quietly thanked Luka when she hides the photos of her and Luki, a weak smile on her face. She stayed silent for a while, before taking a deep breath, trying not to think about what happened. "...What should we do, uh?" She thought, a smile appearing on her face. "Hugging!" She exclaimed, wrapping her arms around her, resting her head on her chest as she purred.

9/18/2012 #47

Luki watched the two disappear atop the stairwell before nodding, "Yeah, Luka sure knows how to handle these kinds of things..." He whispered back, as if afraid the two women might hear him should he speak louder. He knew that if the pinkette wasn't there, there probably would be more heartbreaks and pain instead.

"It totally was, I was about to completely lose it..." The pink haired man sighed himself as he whimpered slightly, "I'm lucky as well. Oomph-!" He was slightly caught off guard as Mikuo kissed him, stunned as he tried to comprehend what happened. Blinking, Luki laughed into the kiss as he nibbled on the teal haired man's lower lip back. Right now was perfect for him, he finally felt fully complete. Moaning softly into the kiss, he tightened his arms around the other man's waist.

Nodding, Luka waited patiently before she too was caught off guard. She grunted softly, back hitting the bed sheets as she stared up at Miku's ceiling. She lost herself within her thinking before she turned to the tealette curling herself around her, the pinkette giggled at the petite woman's childish actions. The blush on Luka's face darkened when she saw where the younger woman placed her head, before her fingers found itself entangled within the soft teal locks again. "Heh, hugging it is then..."

9/18/2012 #48
Azuria Tayutama

Mikuo nodded, sighing. "I was actually a bit afraid she would beat us with a tuna..." He whispered back, giggling softly. "And yes. It was finally a good thing you invited her. I think Miku appreciates her a lot, since she was doing her annoying purring sounds. She only does it to people she likes a lot. She does it to me rarely..." He murmured, shrugging.

The teal haired man was about to say something, but closed his mouth when Luki kissed him back. He immediately closed his eyes, enjoying the moment, moaning softly as he nibbled his lower lip. He encercled his neck with his arms, pulling himself closer to him, his heart beating fast against his boyfriend's chest. A blush covered his face. "Luki...I...I'm so happy..." He tenderly said, poking his lip with his tongue, asking for entrance.

Miku looked up at Luka's beautiful face, smiling. A real smile. It wasn't a forced one anymore. She mewled when her fingers restarted to play with her hair, relaxing. She giggled. "Yup, hugging!" She cheefully exclaimed, listening to Luka's breath, staying silence in the warm embrace. She thought the pinkette would have the same perfume as Luki, but it wasn't the case. She thought it smelled better. A question was into her head for a while now. "Nee, Luka... What do you think about Mikuo and Luki being both guys?" She asked, gulping slightly. Why was she feeling a bit nervous?

9/18/2012 #49

Luki felt his eyes widen, "I forgot about that little fact for a moment..." He admitted sheepishly, scratching the back of his head as he laughed lightly. "Your right with that at least, she does like doing that purring sound. Suits her, it's cute." He chuckled out, "But your cuter..." He purred, staring straight into teal eyes as he grinned.

The pink haired man groaned slightly, grunting as he sat down on the couch with Mikuo straddling him. "Me too..." He uttered out before giving the other man entrance, his tongue fought for dominance as he smirked into the kiss. His body was burning with desire for the man in front of him, and he couldn't ever say no. Slipping his hand with Mikuo's shirt, he gently ran his hand up and down the other's abdomen in a slow caress.

Luka couldn't help but smile back at seeing Miku begin to be herself again, the joy inside her erupting into fireworks as she nuzzled into the tealette. Her head laid over the other petite woman's crown, as she sighed in content. Her eyes closed as she enjoyed the moment, before she quickly opened them when she heard the question she was asked. Sitting up slowly, she kept the other woman in her lap as she thought on how to answer, she sighed again. "I really don't mind to be honest, since as long as the people I love and care for are happy then I don't care who they fall in love with. I actually thought it might happen eventually because Luki never really showed any interest to love at all when we were younger... I think love is love, nothing should change that." She admitted, her smile now reappearing on her face.

9/18/2012 #50
Azuria Tayutama

(I just changed the rating to M, and added Luka/Miku as a pairing. Hope you don't mind. (-:)

Mikuo's eyes widened slightly, as he felt like if acid burned him from inside. He knew that sensation; it was jealousy, but he calmed himself down when he said he was cuter, blushing more at his grin. "Y-You scared me. I-I was really jealous for a moment..." He chuckled a bit, even though that he thinks Miku's purring sounds were annoying because she was doing it really often to Luki.

The teal haired man thought that he was in heaven, moaning and shuddering."L-Luki..." He tenderly murmured into the deep kiss, his eyes shining lovingly. He tried to fight his tongue, but he felt so weak because of all the feelings that were invading his body; it was like if it was firing up, like if there were butterflies in his stomach. He could barely breath when he felt his hand caressing his skin, shivering, as he traveled kisses on his neck.

Miku smiled sweetly when Luka nuzzled into her. She tightened the embrace, not wanting to let go, as she, too, enjoyed the moment. She made a slight dissapointed sound when she sat down. At least, she was still on her laps, and she refused to unwrap her arms from around her. She curiously looked at her as she was hearing her words. "...You're so sweet, Luka." She seriously said, her head now resting on her shoulder, as she breathed on her neck. "I think you're right. I like the way you think, but most of people sadly doesn't see it that way. I'm a bit afraid about Mikuo and Luki's future..." She murmured, before chuckling. "Seems like you know what love is. Do you have a boyfriend?" She asked, as she again began to feel nervous without knowing why.

9/18/2012 #51

(I don't mind at all, to be honest I was about to ask you about the ratings... -w-")

Luki frowned gently, "Sorry, I didn't mean too..." He whispered gently, smiling lightly. "You know I would gave never done anything to hurt you..." He trailed off, melting into the kiss he was sharing with Mikuo. His smile never left his lips as they stayed connected, joy running through his veins as he sat there. A moan escaped his lips when he felt the teal headed man focus on his neck, unable to stop himself from panting louder at the heat going through him.

Slowly, the pink haired man unbuttoned the other man's shirt. His hand struggling slightly to get his lovers pants off as he used his other arm to keep them in balance, his eyes hypnotized at what Mikuo was doing. He groaned, "M-Mikuo... Your just making me want you more, you know that right?" He forced out, trying to keep the other from noticing what was happening to him below the waist.

Luka watched the smaller woman, she too was enjoying the warmth the tealette was giving her as they continued to embrace. She set her gaze down, meeting curious teal eyes as she chuckled.The pinkette tilted her head slightly, smiling and blushing in appreciation. "Thank you then, and your right with that. People now are nothing but hypocrites, saying that love is love yet saying loving one of the same gender is disgusting? Forgive me for my language, but that's just seriously fucked up." She growled, "I guess I do, but no. I don't have a boyfriend since someone else has caught my eye, she doesn't seem to notice though..." Luka looked sadly at Miku, conflict within her eyes.

9/19/2012 #52
Azuria Tayutama

(Oh, it's fine then! ;3)

Mikuo smiled back at him, nodding. "I know you wouldn't never do something to hurt me, Luki. In fact, you don't want to hurt anyone. You're a sweet guy..." He said, his eyes shining with happiness. He was shivering at his new lover's moans. Each sounds he was hearing from his mouth fired up his body even more. The fact Luki was enjoying it was just making the teal haired man even more turned on. He wasn't really certain that the pink haired man wanted to go that far, that he wanted to bring things in that level. He was afraid that he would notice he wasn't into men.

Yet he relaxed when he started to undress him, saying that he wanted him. He blushed slightly, feeling all his body becoming really hot. "If it makes you to want me more, then, I'll continue..." He breathed, continuing to travel hot kisses on his neck, as he also started to remove his shirt, before pausing, thinking about something that froze him a bit. "How far did you go with Miku?" He seriously asked, frowning.

Miku was slightly taken aback by the 'vulgar' word Luka just used. It was a bit weird since she couldn't even imagine her saying such a word. But Luka was right. She struggled into her, searching for more warmth. "You're completely right. Gender, skin color or whatever shouldn't matter. The feelings are more important than the rest, right?" She asked, smiling widely, before seeming surprised. "Eh!? You like someone!?" She exclaimed, looking away, biting her lips. Why was she feeling so disappointed? She gulped, breaking the embrace. "Nee... Who is it...?"

9/19/2012 #53

"I... I'm not that great..." Luki admitted, blushing as he looked away. He watched with a critical eye, seeing the way Mikuo moves and reacts to the things he does. The pink haired man panted lightly, breathing raggedly as he prevented himself from clutching at the other man. His blue eyes were filled with love and affection and care when he gazes at his lover, all of it coming in with it's full effect as he embraced it.

The sight of the teal headed man freezing mid way had Luki snap back to reality as he looked at the younger worriedly, eyes widening as he looked away in shame. "We... We went all the way once, it was because I... I was just..." He stuttered, keeping his gaze down. "Everything was confusing and I wanted to know where my heart stood, it just... it just didn't feel right since you kept popping to mind..." The older man breathed out, teeth clenching. He knew that would probably end up hurting their relationship a bit, he bit his lip at the thought of Mikuo hating him for that... He wouldn't be able to bear it if that happened.

"Definitely, Miku. Feelings and personalities are the best way to judge someone, not appearances, races, or wealth and fame." Luka nodded her head sagely, blue eyes sparkling in joy and happiness when she saw the tealette agree. Nodding, she watched amused as Miku looked away before her eyes widened at their broken hug. The pinkette already missed having the younger in her arms, she felt cold without the other's warmth right then and there. "Yes, I do..." She trailed off, praying she wasn't doing the wrong thing as she leaned in. "It's you, Miku-chan..." With that, her lips were gently placed over the the petite woman's as she closed her eyes.

9/19/2012 #54
Azuria Tayutama

"Yes, you are that great!" Mikuo immediately replied back, before taking a deep breath. "You just don't know how much you are great to me..." He murmured, looking deeply into Luki's blue eyes that were watching him with affections. He smiled tenderly. Luki was his now, his heart beating at full speed, his body becoming hotter with each passing seconds.

Mikuo's eyes widened slightly, shocked, his hands trembling slightly. "R-Really? I-I didn't think you would go that far with my sister..." He whispered sadly; he hoped to be Luki's first time. "W-Well, I-it was to be expected... And what do you mean I was in your mind? You mean, when you were having that moment with Miku?" He hesitantly asked, biting his lips.

Miku looked at Luka with admirations, her facial features softening. The older woman was such a great person with a big heart. She always appreciated that fact of her. "I'm jealous. I wish I could be as great as you!" She exclaimed, giggling. She also wanted to hug her again, to feel her warmth, but Luka liked someone! She curiously looked at her as she leaned in, before the tealette's eyes widened in shock. S-She was kissing her... She blushed heavily, unable to react, her heart beating so fast into her chest. She suddenly started to sob, jumping into her arms again. "N-Now I understand how Luki was feeling... W-Why you didn't tell me? Were you hurt...? I-I'm so sorry...!"

9/19/2012 #55

Luki didn't have the guts to look up as he saw Mikuo's body start to shake, he hesitantly re-wrapped his arms around the other man's body and buried his head into the teal headed man's shoulder and neck. He didn't want to hide anything from the other, he wanted their relationship to be truthful and not full of lies. Taking in a shuddering breath, he sighed. "When we were in the middle of it, you kept appearing in my head instead of Miku... Every time I saw you, it didn't feel right. It didn't make me feel complete, and I just... couldn't help it but imagine you instead..."

The pink haired man braced himself, shouts of disgust or a slap in the face. He didn't know, but he was ready for any kind of punishment the other might give him. He knew he deserved it anyway...

"Your already great the way you are." Luka gasped out gently, face reddish from the compliment. Her eyes widened at the sight of tears coming from Miku's eyes, the sobs escaping her body as she held onto the tealette as she did her. Face softening, the pinkette gently whispered soothing nothings within the younger's ears as she rubbed circles within the petite woman's back. "It's alright, I didn't tell you since you looked so happy with Luki. You always talked about him, always filled with joy once you see him. I-It really did hurt, but I thought that as long as your happy and Luki takes care of you, I'll be perfectly fine!" She chocked out, tears of her own beginning to fall from the corner of her eyes with small grimace of a smile left on her face.

9/19/2012 #56
Azuria Tayutama

It was such a shock that Luki already went that far with Miku that Mikuo couldn't talk, completely speechless. He calmed himself down a bit when he felt his lover's hot breath tickling his neck. It was also remarkable how Luki felt bad about it. Even if the situation was shocking him, he couldn't help but blush slightly as he heard he was thinking about him instead of his sister while doing it. "...I-Is that so?" He murmured, his voice wavering. "I-It's okay. Y-You were dating for some months, it's completely normal, b-but I can't believe you were imagining me..." He said, surprised.

It was obvious how Luki waited for a slap or something like that. He grinned. "For your punishment..." He started, kissing a sensitive spot of his neck. "...you'll have to make love with me..." He whispered, before softly sucking.

Miku shook her head. "I think you're greater." She said, tightening the embrace, pressing their body together, her words just making her cry even more. She felt so bad for Luka for not noticed her feelings. She thought she really was happy to see her with her brother. "...Y-You're an idiot, Luka. I don't even understand you. H-How can you be perfectly fine to see the one you love with someone else, especially with your brother? I-It's impossible. B-By God, now that I think about it, if I was seeing you happy with Mikuo, I would want to die. I-It's selfish, but I want to be the one who give that kind of happiness to the person I love! Not someone else!" She exclaimed, wiping her tears, looking into Luka's eyes.

9/20/2012 #57

Luki nodded, ashamed at everything that was just revealed. "Y-yeah... It is..." He breathed out, keeping his eyes closed as he gulped. Raising his head gently, he gazed at Mikuo with saddened eyes before they widened. "I... I guess, but I should have waited and made sure. Sorry... did I disgust you with that fact then?" The pink haired man asked, mistaking the other man's surprise with something else. He felt his heart clench, fear overriding his senses.

Gasping, Luki shivered and moaned when he felt Mikuo's lips on his body. Breathing out, he pinned the younger man under him as he flipped their positions. Mikuo now laid under him as his own body towered over and covered him, a smile pulled at his lips as he nodded. "Fine then." His lips found the smaller man's collarbone as he bit gently, planning on leaving a mark.

Luka looked away, making sure to keep Miku close as she hugged her. "I just... I..." She stuttered out, breathing in. "I thought you would be happy if I supported you, and I thought Luki might have been happy too. I couldn't have broken you too apart, especially when you look at him like that." The pinkette pointed out, biting her lower lip. "You- You would...?" Her eyes widened before she snapped out of it, replaying what the tealette said within her mind. "It's not selfish Miku-chan, and I too would like to be able to give you the happiness you deserve also..." Luka beamed, cupping the petite woman's cheek as she leaned her forehead against the other's. "That is, if you accept me..." Was whispered as she playfully looked back at Miku, winking.

9/20/2012 #58
Azuria Tayutama

Mikuo was really feeling bad that Luki thought that he would find it disgusting. It wasn't really it; it shocked him and sadden him a bit. "No, you didn't disgusted me. It's just that it's sad I won't be your first time, Luki. A-And I didn't expected you to go that far with my sister..." He admitted, biting his lips, sighing. "I-I don't blame you, but since you weren't sure... Now, are you sure you want to do it with me?" He seriously asked.

"L-Luki?" He gasped out when he pinned him under him, blushing at his smile. He chuckled a bit. "Seems like you'll enjoy the punishment, uh?" He murmured between laughters. He soon started to moan and gasp when his lover started to bit is collarbone. He then completely removed Luki's shirt, looking and gently caressing his stomach and his back.

Miku felt her heart hurt in her chest as she heard what Luka was saying. "Yet I was hurting you a-and I didn't notice!" She exclaimed, tears in her eyes. "I truly loved Luki, I-I think. I-I'm not sure anymore..." She weakly whispered, before a heavy blush covered all her face, her heart beating faster, as she looked away. Though, she purred slightly when her cheek was cupped. "I-I don't know, Luka. I'm confused. J-Just let make me certain of it..." She said in a murmur, her fingers hesitantly intertwining Luka's ones, as she approached her face, meeting her lips.

9/20/2012 #59

"I.... I'm sorry." Luki kept apologizing, guilt eating at him as he coughed a bit to help regain himself. "I-I know I want to do this with you Mikuo, this is what I am perfectly and truthfully honest with." He stated, looking within the teal headed man's eyes just as seriously. "I want to be with you Mikuo, that's something I am 100% sure off right now..." He trailed off, lovingly smiling at the other man.

Chuckling, the pink haired man nodded. "I definitely will Mikuo-kun, I will." The noises he seemed to receive spurred him on as he unbuckled the younger man's pants, panting lightly at the caresses the smaller man was leaving on his body. Slowly, he slipped his hands into the other's boxers with a small and seductive grin. "You ready for this Mikuo...?" He asked carefully, still wanting to make sure. "Tell me what you want."

Just as Luka was about to respond, her mind went blank at the sudden kiss. "Miku..." She muttered softly, smiling before she closed her eyes to enjoy their special moment. She shifted them so her back was leaning slightly on the tealette's headboard, the younger woman still on her lap as they stayed lip-locked. The pinkette's hands gently brushed against the petite woman's thighs and stomach, her head dipping to start nibbling on the other's ear lightly. "Let me help you be certain then..." Her heart clung on to every word the tealette said, keeping it locked within her as she was filled with happiness. "It's alright now, isn't it?"

9/20/2012 #60
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