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Describes itself.

11/27/2010 #1
Wolf Passion

Lily soon made it back home, back to the Seventh Division Barracks. The brunette smiled kindly to each passing officer and member of her Captain's division before she reached Zweiss's office.

Her jaw nearly dropped at the amount of paperwork that was piled high on his desk. Gulping silently to herself, Lily took a deep breath as she walked slowly around his desk and sat down in his over-sized chair, compared to her anyways. "It's okay... I got all day!" Lily chirped to herself in a hopeful kind of way.

Grabbing one of the pens on Zweiss's desk, Lily began to scribble her signatures where they were needed and reading small excerpts to important documents before making notes.

12/4/2010 #2
Wolf Passion

Lily's head was rocking forward slightly as her lids became heavy from the over excessive paperwork she was doing and still going through. "Just… a few… more." She mumbled to herself. The Lieutenant did an exceptional job with helping her Captain; the once 'mountain' of paperwork had turned into just a small stack of papers left on the desk. Her hand ached considerably but determination was driving her to fulfill her duty and please her Captain.

As she wrote another signature her etch became wobbly and possibly a little hard to read before the brunette collapsed her whole body weight forwards, her head thudding against a stack of papers before closing her eyes. "Sleep… good." She sighed in defeat.

12/7/2010 #3

Yachiru hopped through the window of the 7th squad Captain's office, seeing Lily asleep at the desk. "Par-Hey Flower!!!" She yelled excitedly, flash stepping over to the desk and showering Lily with flyers. "Party at the beach! Me and Kenny planned it!"

12/12/2010 #4
Wolf Passion

Lily nearly jumped out of the large Captain's chair when Yachiru zipped into her room hollering about a beach party. "Eh!? Eh!?" She stammered while rubbing her eyes from their groggy state.

The lieutenant slowly picked up one of the flyers and smiled to herself. "Ah! The beach!"

12/14/2010 #5

"Yes party~!" Yachiru cheered dancing around on the desk before suddenly stopping to look at Lily. "Bring lots of candy." The 11th squad lieutenant said seriously before smiling brightly once more. "Bye Flower! See you later!" Yachiru waved excitedly before zooming back out from where she came on a mission to tell everyone about the party.

12/15/2010 #6

"You're beach party idea sure has taken off..." Zweiss said from the doorway, leaning lazily against the frame.

12/15/2010 #7
Wolf Passion

"C-Candy!?" Lily stammered as the swift, pink-haired lieutenant flew in and out of her Captain's office. "Ah! ...Oh dear.." She mumbled to herself as she began to stuff the beach flyer in her pocket when Zweiss presented himself in the doorway.

"Captain Zweiss!" The brunette exclaimed in surprise before scratching the back of her head sheepishly and letting a small, nervous laugh escape her. "Oh um.. it seems that way huh?"

12/15/2010 #8

"Well.." Zweiss said as he fully entered the office and walked over to the now empty desk. "How about we go down there hmm?"

12/18/2010 #9
Wolf Passion

Lily's fingers tangled themselves in front of her as a light blush crept onto her cheeks. "O-Okay... but um we should dress properly first so.." She mumbled as she moved forwards and around Captain Zweiss.

"Okay! Please change quickly!" She exclaimed with a goofy grin before zipping off to her room.

Once there, the brunette closed her door and quickly threw off her Shinigami robes and replaced them with a two piece white and black polka dotted bikini. Lily looked into the mirror and tied up her long, wavy brown hair into a ponytail before slipping on see through, white, thin, silk beach robe. The Lieutenant then put on her brand new Gucci shades, courtesy of her Captain, and then a large sun hat before draping a pink towel over her arm and running out of her room.

"I'm ready!" Lily shouted.

12/19/2010 #10

Zweiss didn't bother changing. He remained in his Captain's robes, not intending on swimming. He was more the type to lounge about and explore the beach side. He also had to talk to a few of the Captains about his excursion into the World of the Living during this time.

He smiled when he saw Lily and nodded. "Lead the way."

12/19/2010 #11
Wolf Passion

Lily nodded her head before blinking and holding up her index finger at her Captain. "Wait!" She exclaimed before dashing into her room and bringing out her sandals which she clumsily put on while hopping out the door and sun tan lotion. "Okay! Now I'm ready!" She declared with a goofy grin before heading out the door while looking over her shoulder and gesturing for her Captain to follow. "We have to hurry otherwise we won't get a good spot!" She explained before noticing he didn't change. "I mean… Since you won't go in the water you'll need somewhere to sit right?"

12/19/2010 #12

"True.. Though I'll probably just walk around." Zweiss said as he walked out the door with Lily.

12/19/2010 #13
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