Bleach: Severance
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Warning All slots that are open are not mentioned in here. So, some numbers skip to the seated position. If there is a seat open, then you can have it. Also the first seat (captains) I left open for everyone to see and know!

Taken Ranks

Thirteenth division 1. Arren 2. Abeyuki

Twelvth Division 1. Mayuri 2. Nemu

Eleventh Division 1. Kenpachi 2. Yachiru

Tenth division 1. Hitsugaya 2. Rangiku

Ninth division 1. Zion 2. Hisagi

Eighth division 1. Shunsui 2. Nanao 9. Junichi

Seventh division 1. Zweiss 2. Lily

Six division 1. Byakuya 2. Renji 3. Kobayashi 4. Kirakira

Fifth division 1. Amelia 2. Hinamori

Fourth division 1. Unohana 2. Isane

Third division 1. Cielo 2. Kira

Second division 1. Akane 2. Aoi

First division 1. Yamamoto 2. Ling


Espada XD

10th Espada.

9th Espada.

8th Espada. Taken

7th Espada. Diablo

6th Espada. Oro

5th Espada. Kevin

4th Espada. Yoquofre

3rd Espada. Taken

2nd Espada. Angela

Primero Espada. Wrex



RPed Canons

At the moment -

Yamamoto: Dillon

Hitsugaya: Lobo

Urahara: Grim

Isshin: Grim

Rangiku: Wolf Pride

Yoruichi: Wolf Pride

Yachiru: Jaz

Kenpachi: Lobo

Hinamori: Wolf Pride (temporary)

Available: Kira, Unohana, Isane, Byakuya, Renji, Shunsui, Nanao, Hisagi, Mayuri, Nemu

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