A place to dicuss Quinn&Artie, the couple that hasn't yet been realized but that we know will one day be EPIC.
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Would You Rather... Glee/Quartie style!

Would you rather have Quinn or Artie initiate the first kiss?

12/6/2010 #1

I'm trying to answer this, but I keep going back and forth! Them both initiating it because the moment calls for it!

12/6/2010 #2

That's not how the game works, Justine lol. You need to pick one or the other!

And you need to post a new question!

12/6/2010 #3

Um...I choose Quinn then, because I would love to see Artie's initial reaction to it.

Would you rather...see Quinn hang out with Artie's friends or Artie hang out with Quinn's friends.

12/6/2010 #4

(Quinn and Artie have friends?)

Quinn with Artie's friends.

Would you rather have Quinn fall for Artie first or Artie for Quinn first?

12/6/2010 #5

I want Quinn to fall for Artie first.

Would you rather have their first date out somewhere, or at one of their houses?

Bonus question: Why?

12/6/2010 #6

Out somewhere, because I love the idea of them cruising around a park at night and talking.

Would you rather Quinn teach Artie something new or Artie teach Quinn something new?

12/6/2010 #7

So many implications, Justine...

Quinn teach Artie something.

Would you rather have Quinn be older or Artie? (we don't know this, right?)

12/6/2010 #8

I want them to be the same age, but you're going to hit me with a stick if I answer that...

So, I want Artie to be older.

Would you rather have Artie wake her up in the morning by singing to her, or her waking him up by singing to him?

(wordy sentence, much??)

12/6/2010 #9

I would not! I want Quinn to be a cougar though lol.

Her singing to him.

Would you rather see QA go to Disneyland or SF?

12/6/2010 #10

I don't know, which is why I haven't responded to this.

For the sake of keeping things moving, Disneyland.

Would you rather see them buy meaningful Christmas gifts for each other, or make them?

Bonus question: Why?

(I am always going to ask why. I WANT TO KNOW the reasons behind people's answers.)

12/8/2010 #11
VM is My Religion

Make them because it's sweet

Would you rather Artie spoil Quinn or Quinn spoil Artie?

12/13/2010 #12

Quinn spoil Artie.

Would you rather have the slow build up, friends for awhile then romance, or go straight to romantic!Quartie?

12/13/2010 #13
VM is My Religion

Slow build

Would you rather Quinn ask Artie out first or Artie ask Quinn out first

12/13/2010 #14

Artie ask Quinn out in all his awkward glory!

Would you rather Artie and Quinn enjoy breakfast in bed or breakfast at a restaurant?

12/13/2010 #15
VM is My Religion

Breakfast in bed

Would you rather Quinn and Artie text each other all night or talk on the phone all night?

12/13/2010 #16

Talk on the phone.

Would you rather have her initiate the call, or him?

12/13/2010 #17
VM is My Religion


Would you rather they talk about her day or his?

12/13/2010 #18

His...I guess

Would you rather Artie make Quinn breakfast in bed or Quinn make Artie breakfast in bed?

12/13/2010 #19
VM is My Religion

Artie make Quinn

Would you rather Artie sing a love song to Quinn or Quinn sing a love song to Artie?

12/13/2010 #20

Quinn to Artie.

Would you rather have Artie talk to Quinn about his accident or Quinn talk to Artie about Beth?

12/13/2010 #21
VM is My Religion

Quinn to Artie

Would you rather Quinn and Artie live together before getting married or after?

12/13/2010 #22


Would you want Quinn to be the 'boss' of the relationship or Artie? (Or just equal balance)

12/14/2010 #23

I'd rather it be an equal balance.

Would you rather have Artie ask Quinn to prom or Quinn ask Artie?

12/14/2010 #24
coffee-stained lips

I'd like to come in here now :)

Artie ask Quinn, with all the stuttering and sweating and nervousness!

Would you rather have one of Quinn's exes jealous of QA, or Artie's exes? If so, which specifically and why?

12/14/2010 #25

Tough one! I want a jealous!Sam lol...but I'd rather have a jealous!Brittany and a jealous!Tina because of my issues with Tina and Brittany wanting to Artie to walk. I want Quinn to comment on how neither girl is worthy of Artie.

Would you rather Quinn be the A student in the relationship or Artie?

12/14/2010 #26
coffee-stained lips
Quinn because then Artie will tear out his hair at her higher intelligence level xD Them singing a duet, or one serenading the other?
12/14/2010 #27


Would you rather have Artie be the nerdy one or Quinn?

12/14/2010 #28
coffee-stained lips
Artie is already nerdy, but I'd vote Quinn because it'll show she's beautiful, talented, but still tough! Dinner with the Fabrays or the Abrams (ie Quinn or Artie's folks)?
12/14/2010 #29

Dinner with the Abrams.

Would you rather have Artie propose in grand, romantic way or a more subtle but still super sweet way?

12/14/2010 #30
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