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Anything Human Target related is welcome! It would be good to see some prompts/requests for particular scenarios, pairings and ships. Human Target deserves a lot more fics in its honour! That's our mission, more fic, better fic and more varied fic! Please
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Any questions/thoughts about Guerrero's character or personal history?

Who would you ship him with?

Is there anything you'd like to see him do?

What are your thoughts on the idea of him having a kid?

This is an all-purpose Guerrero thread, use it as you see fit!

12/13/2010 #1
aloysia piton

Oh well, I try to answer all your questions :)...his personal history I think is full of troubles, I seem him a someone not bad from the beginning but compelled in taking that job as killer cause he had no other choice..and that new life has shaped his personality into what it is now...what is your thought?

Then, I imagine him having a daughter only because I think it will be funnier to see him dealing with a girl..stubborn and clever as her father for example!

I don't know at all with whom I'd like to ship him...maybe with Ilsa, only because they are so different..Ames no, she is too young and I think of her more like a "pupil" for him.. then Layla just too young I think Ilsa could be the best...or maybe a new character, such as a woman a bit younger than him, really different from him, who hasn't anything to do with his life, they have met in a casual way, such as when he was escaping from someone who wanted to kill him and ran into her...


1/4/2011 #2

In the episode "Christopher Chance", at the end of the fight scene between Guerrero and Junior, when Junior points the gun at Guerrero, Guerrero mumbles something that sounds to me like "Don't make a whole lot out of it!"

What does that mean? I've come up with two explanations so far

a) make it a quick and clean shot


b) don't lose sleep over killing me

Does anyone else have another explanation? I find both not really satisfactory.

1/7/2011 #3
aloysia piton

Well, I can't understand what he says..however, in Italian they have translated it as "Do it quickly.." so I think he refers to Junior shooting him..

1/7/2011 #4

I'm not sure they've already shown the episode on German TV. The German translation cannot be trusted anyway... they make so many mistakes, it's horrible. However, "Do it quickly" would make a lot of sense and I actually would have preferred it to that enigmatic English sentence.

1/7/2011 #5

I took it to mean 'don't make a big thing about us disagreeing. It's just a job.'

It's one of those wonderful Guerrero comments that can be interpreted in quite a few ways and I think the ambiguity is deliberate.

Some possible interpretations:

Don't make a big deal about killing the girl

Don't make a big deal about us disagreeing

Don't turn our disagreement into a life or death issue

Don't take this personally, it's just work

Don't make an easy job a huge hassle / do it quickly/ get it over with

Funnily enough "hurry up and shoot me" wasn't something that crossed my mind straight away. The "don't make a whole thing out of it" struck me as a funny line, as in here's Junior having this huge personal, life changing moment and Guerrero responds with a childish sheesh-don't-get-your-panties-in-a-twist kind of remark! It seems to fit Guerrero's sense of humour and gift for deflating egos down to size.

But hey that's just my own overbearing opinion...


1/7/2011 #6

FUNNY? Now, that's something that didn't cross my mind.

Not the solution I prefer, but yes, it would make sense, too.

I agree with you, the ambiguity is deliberate, but I don't think it's well done; in this scene I find it rather confusing.

1/7/2011 #7

I laughed when I heard the line, as did my husband. It's more about Guerrero's delivery than about what the words themselves mean. Although in any other context "don't make a whole thing out of it" would mean don't make a big deal out of nothing (common English phrase 'don't make a mountain out of a molehill') so I don't think it's unreasonable to assume that meaning here. It's the fact that its such a childish inappropriate thing to say in those circumstances that makes it so funny... and so very Guerrero!

1/7/2011 #8

I guess it's just me then, I felt it was perfectly clear that he meant for Chance to stop making a big production out of it and to hurry up and get it over with. Kind of like an understated version of Rorschach telling Doctor Manhattan to "DO IT!" in Watchmen. I mean, they're hitmen, killing is their job, so why isn't Chance pulling the trigger...? It never occurred to me that it could be interpreted any other way so it just shows how people see things differently.

Heh, just imagine if we were all giving witness statements to the police!

1/14/2011 #9

LOL, I wouldn't want to be the one taking THAT witness statement.

Just saw ep09 'Imbroglio' and I guess that confirms the speculation about Guerrero having a thing for posh totty!

It was funny to see the bad guys taking a leaf out of the Joker's play-book in this episode. Guerrero's solution to the problem was typically awesome!

1/14/2011 #10

I just saw that too! Surprised the crap out of me. Didn't take her for his type. Especially after what she had said at the opera about the team. Poor Guerrero's getting framed as i type.

1/14/2011 #11

Well, he has a history of drooling over the more sophisticated women in evening dress he meets, remember Agent Barnes in the red dress?

Sidebar to the shippers: Ames never gets so much as a compliment from Guerrero when she dresses up!

1/14/2011 #12

You have a point. But seriously, who robs gun world?

1/14/2011 #13

i'm going out on a limb here and saying that i killed the discussion. DANG IT! Any way, i think Guerrero has lost some of his Scariness since the beginning of Human target. i don't know what you guys all think but my sense of him has been warped the last few episodes.

1/17/2011 #14

Guerrero does have an attraction for high-class women -- Emma Barnes, Allyson Russo, Ilsa Pucci, now Connie Pucci. He always has a habit mentally undressing them, which is creepy (as a woman myself) and charming (because it's Guerrero).

1/18/2011 #15

That's exactly the way I saw it too. Really don't see how this could be interpreted in a funny way, even with Guerrero being his usual cryptic self. Guerrero's coversation with Baptiste was likewise cryptic, but I think the writers do that on purpose so they won't tangle themselves up in later episodes with something that was said earlier. But I, too saw a bot of Rorschach in "Don't make a whole thing out of it." Funny thing is, if one of us wrote a conversation like this in a fic, the reviewers would be like: What the hell does he mean? How can you write that, I don't know what your characters are talking about." Still doesn't answer my question what Guerrero would have done if he had won the fight. Or did he let Chance win and he "sacrificed" himself? Cause he must have bargained on Chance pulling the trigger... one of the most mysterious moments on the show but still one of my favorites.

1/18/2011 #16

Okay the Guerrero/Ames shipping has been extremely fluffy so I couldn't resist writing a grittier version of what a G/A scene might be like. There's quite a lot of set up but 'Taking one for the Team' gets there in the end. Would love to know what people think!

1/19/2011 #17

Tree979 wrote somewhere some time ago that she would be disapoointed to see Guerrero live in a fancy suburb utopia house with a white picket fence, so I lol'ed at the last scene of Cool Hand Guerrero, but at the same time It, too, felt really disapopinted. I think they made him too homely, too settled down in this last ep. I can live with him having a picture of his offspring in his briefcase (I can't live with the most paranoid man having the name of his car as a password but that's another story) and I liked the dialogue between Chance and Guerrero over the snowglobe, kind of a cute moment between friends and a great way to end the ep. Thought I. But then this last scene just was... overkill. What do you guys think? Does he live in that house? Or do his son and his mom live there? Still, I never thought the mom of Guerrero's son to be so... domestic. I also kind of thought he wouldn't have any contact with the kid/the mom, so he wouldn't endanger them, but now he's like all family man. Anybody else think they should have left more of it in the dark?

1/19/2011 #18

I don't think so. I think Cool Hand Guerrero brought more questions along with answers which is what Guerrero is about really. I liked the ending because it shows more of Guerrero's humanity, as opposed to his usual scary self. It makes him vulnerable which in turn makes angirls go awwww lol. HOWEVER I don't think he lives there at all. Guerrero, despite his moral ambiguity, seems like a one girl kind of guy. He acts like such a lecher throughout the show with all these classy women that I seriously doubt he's married or has a significant other. And I don't think the writers would have made such a big deal out of Guerrero crushing on Connie in the last episode for no reason, they could have been making a point about him being a free agent despite having a kid. Also, does the kid even live with his mother? We really have no proof of that and I'm inclined to think she may be A Problem Like Maria Guerrero gets this haunted sort of look on his face when talking about emotions getting involved in the work they do...could his baby mama been killed because of him? Idk, this is all speculation but it does bring home my point...I don't mind getting some answers to the mystery that is Guerrero as long as we keep getting more questions to speculate on :)

1/19/2011 #19

I think it makes complete sense that Guerrero is a "family man." Chance was a man who ran away when things got too emotional and intimate, so he lives this very no-nonsense life of a bachelor; no telling what would have happened if Katherine had lived. Baptiste couldn't understand why Junior left ship over a woman. It makes sense that Guerrero's motivations would be different, that he became the most vulnerable out of all of them, that's why he keeps his professional and personal life completely separate. Yet we see tiny traits that showed us clues, such as his constant txting on the phone, his wisdom of the inner workings of women, that he drives luxury family vehicles. I really love him snapping at the guy who missed the trash-can with a paper cup: "Dude! Were you raised in a barn?" sounds just like a dad. I love that he also

I wasn't disappointed at him being in a suburban home at it. I totally called it, but it opens to a lot of debate as well.

As for Connie, although his attraction to her is genuine, I feel he's leading her on for those opera tickets. His eyes light up at the aspect of watching opera in Venice; as an opera fan, I would, too!

1/20/2011 #20

You make a good point but I still think he's single... anything is possible with Guerrero. That's the best part about him I think, that you never REALLY know what's going on with him. Hopefully we'll get some answers before this show is canceled :(

1/20/2011 #21

I don't think Guerrero would have any problem obtaining tickets for the opera in Venice on his own. I think he was picturing what he could get up to in the privacy of a private box with Connie...

1/25/2011 #22

Just posted a Guerrero fanvid on youtube

You might find the music choice a bit odd, but it came from a suggestion on LiveJournal and I love this song!

1/25/2011 #23

Hey, does anyone around here happen to speak Spanish? I used some Spanish in one of my one-shots about Guerrero and I could really, really do with a beta. It's just three very short sentences, twelve words. Please PM me! I don't want to post the sentences here, that would kind of give away the point of the fic.

Thank you in anticipation!

2/23/2011 #24

Wow, that was fast! I've already found help!

2/23/2011 #25

Oh hey if you still need help, Spanish is my first language :)

2/23/2011 #26

Thank you, Marvelchick! Hautkopf of Ulm has already checked everything and I think I'm going to post the fic tonight, but it's really kind of you to offer help!

2/23/2011 #27

Dios mío, now I really hope I got it right, otherwise me daria increíblemente corte;) I read a book once where a traveller met an English speaking and a Spanish speaking girl and the English of the Spanish woman was well far from perfect and she thought 'embarrassed' was the English aquivalent to "embarazada" (I can see why) and every time they met (on the Way of St.James) she would ask the English woman: How's the baby? because she thought that she was preggers and everytime the English woman would respond that she was embarrassed because she wasn't pregnant and so the misunderstanding went on to infinity and beyond... Why am I telling you this? Right, I'd be embarrassed. Not pregnant.

2/24/2011 #28

Oh that's cool :) HautkopfofUlm are you Spanish? Your dialect is different from mine which I just think is kind of awesome. I'm Mexican btw so we speak two completely different dialects...which is interesting to me....because I'm weird ;) Anyway I look forward to reading the fic :D

2/24/2011 #29

Lol I'm alemana with only a few years of School Spanish on my shoulders and a bit of Peru experience some 3 years back, but do tell me: those three sentences I translated for Cedricsowner, how can you possibly read an Ecuadorian accent in them? o.O I mean I could understand if I like wrote how Ecuadorians speak (no chance at understanding them- Puequemueria, Bamori', 'Tamuera?), but these 3 little sentences are so basic and short, how can you express them mexican-ly? I listen to some Spanish bands though and one of them has songs in some secondary dialects and extinct dialects and connected with my studies I come across catalá, occitan, extremeno etc and I speak some portuguese, still I don't see how these could have possibly influenced the sentences? ALways keen to learn so please tell me how would've translated them! Especially since I'm trying to get away from the Europeancentric Spanish and more into the Latinamerican dialects. Muito obrigada:) Not sure this belongs in the Guerrero section, pero no me importa. Maybe you can just PM me?

2/24/2011 #30
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