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My story stats are acting up AGAIN! I know other people are having the same problem so it's not just me. I'm just wondering how far spread the problem is so I thought I'd leave a post and see who responds.


1/9/2011 #1

My stats aren't working since about two days (after being out of order from New Year till about the fourth of January); I repeatedly get the message "no reviews for this story" although I get alerts, and the message "story not found". Besides that whole stories appear and disappear (now you see it, now you don't), same for threads in this discussion forum.

1/9/2011 #2

I have no idea because I so very rarely check my story stats. Considering about 98% of readers don't bother to review, I just get annoyed at people's rudeness. And it's not that they don't like things I've written, considering how often two of them get favourited. (Which is nice, but it doesn't recommend the fic to other readers since they'll probably never know.)

1/14/2011 #3

I'm a bit obsessed with my stats BECAUSE so few people review! I need to know if people are reading them. It's nice when people favourite a fic but I have to admit I get more excited about even a bad review than a favouriting!

Thankfully the stats seem to be catching up again.

1/14/2011 #4

I'm not getting any alerts since yesterday, not even when someone has sent me a PM. Besides that the traffic stats are stuck. Anyone else having that problem?

2/27/2011 #5

Yes, I'm not getting all the alerts I should and the stats are all over the place.

2/28/2011 #6

I'm beginning to see a pattern in how often the site keeps messing up with the stats. It always seems to happen at the end of the month. THE GODDAMN WEBSITE GETS PMS!

3/31/2011 #7

I don't know what the user stats for ff.n are, but I'd be surprised if at least 80% of users (readers and/or writers) weren't female. Which is to say, maybe you're on to something! ;-)

4/20/2011 #8
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