Human Target
Anything Human Target related is welcome! It would be good to see some prompts/requests for particular scenarios, pairings and ships. Human Target deserves a lot more fics in its honour! That's our mission, more fic, better fic and more varied fic! Please
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So out of boredom and thinking we needed two forums, I made a forum of my own ^_^ All are welcome!

http:// f o r u m . f a n f i c t i o n . n e t / f o r u m / H u m a n _ T a r g e t _ S o u n d s _ L i k e _ A _ T o m o r r o w _ P r o b l e m / 8 5 4 3 8 /

Just get rid of spaces :3 For some reason it doesn't show up on the Human Target forum list.... Hurm. Yer guess would be as good as mine.

1/9/2011 #1

Try posting something is one of your topics. I seem to remember this forum didn't show up until I left a post in at least one topic.

Also seems to be a bit temperamental at the moment and a lot of stuff isn't displaying properly (it keeps losing chapters and story statistics).

Don't lose hope though, these things take time to get going and I know there are plenty of people who will appreciate your persistence!


1/9/2011 #2

I don't think I have ever lost chapters or stats but how do you know this happens unless someone tells you or does it come up disabled or something?

2/10/2011 #3

When I got several favourites for a new fic that had zero hits it was a bit of a clue. Also I got reviews for a chapter that had zero hits and my number of hits went from 300+ a day to zero but when the stats caught up the numbers for the days that showed zero, the numbers were in the hundreds again.

I've never had chapters go missing but at peak times it can take hours for the fics to update in the summary page even though people who click on a alert to read a new chapter may or may not be able to read it before the summary page updates.

Hope that helps.


2/11/2011 #4

Hey guys. I'm sadly putting the word out that Human Target just got canceled. I'm REALLY hoping that someone else picks it up! You may get this message multiple times because I'm putting it on eath thread just to cover the bases. I'm sure we all did as much as we could!

5/10/2011 #5
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