Watership Down RP!
You be the rabbit. Come and join the Watership down RP! Make up your own rabbit and join us!
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Anything that doesn't go inside the other places may be placed here.

11/29/2010 #1

hey hey hey! :3

just to let you know, im a very serious and expertly roleplayer xD

1/29/2012 #2


um.... there are different threads in the topic.... if your rabbit is in the woods, do you post the comment there? ^^'

1/29/2012 #3

Hey, sorry... Yes, if your rabbit is in the woods you would post there. When they leave the woods, change threads to the place your rabbit went to..

2/11/2012 #4
Keeralie Starflight

OK, so, I have never done this before, so does this work, like, if my rabbit is in the woods, I say what they're doing? And I do this whenever, or when others are on here?

Sorry, I am young, and inexperienced...

2/22/2013 #5
That is fine. I was new at this once as well. You can write what ever you want whenever you want. Just make sure not to control what another character will do. For example, don't say something like this: (Your rabbit) went outside and (my rabbit) followed. Instead, you should only write (Your rabbit) went outside and paused, waiting for (My rabbit) to follow. I could then reply and say (My rabbit) hopped after (Your rabbit) and came to a stop next to him/her. If you have any questions just ask. I can most likely answer them. I can also tell you if you do something wrong, although I doubt you will -- it is really quite simple once you get used to it. Anyway, sorry for not being on earlier. I will try to be on tomorrow sometime.
2/22/2013 #6
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