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(Ok guys! I know there's not many of us here, but I wanted to get a role play up and running. When we type in brackets, that's not part of the story.

So, we can use the characters that we made originally, and I was thinking no MAIN canon characters. So no Will, Halt, Horace, maybe mentions of them but no POVing. But there can be breif P.O.Vs of characters like Duncan, Crowley, etc.

And try not to create the monsters we like to call Mary-Sues. Basic Role Playing rules apply: No killing someone else's character, no 'adult' ...stuff, etc etc)

Sapphire moved through the forest quickly, silently and unseen to the untrained eye. Ahead was old castle ruins, which had been virtually forgotten by the general public for 50 years. But apparently that was not the case anymore. At a glance it could have been empty, but little signs told otherwise. Horse droppings, tree stumps and scraps of cloth lying around were enough to arouse the Ranger Corp's suspicion.

That was why she was here: to check things out. She silenty moved through the rubble which was once the castle wall. A small room, which was probably once a bathroom was lit up by a single candle. A group of men were huddled over some sort of parchment. Sapphire strained to hear what they were saying.

'Are all of the contacts in place?'

'Most are, a few have been held up by flooding over the road. We will be ready to start very soon.'

'One flaw could send the whole plan tumbling down.'

'That is why we are NOT going to have any flaws. Inflitration has been sucessful so far.'

'This kingdom will not stand a chance. You are all dismissed, go back to your posts and do not raise suspicion.'

The men all stood up, except for who seemed to be the leader. Sapphire quickly moved deeper into the shadows, all ready drafting the report for Crowley. She had a feeling that the saying 'one riot, one Ranger' was not going to work in this case. A very odd group was going to be needed...

(Ok, that was my first ever time at RPing. I thought I should write a longish bit to start. Should I write a bit about the basic story line (with the evil dudes) so everyone is on the same page?

Also, can everyone spread the word about this forum?)

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(Hi, Raider here! Um, I wasn't sure if I was allowed to role play with you... This seems really interesting, but I am confused how it works....If you would like to explain a couple things to me, or if this is just for the people who created the forum...um just let me know! Thanks!)

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(You just reply like she did, inserting your character into the story. Since I'm sure no one else is around anymore -my bad- I'll try to get this forum back up.)

EDIT: (I don't feel like double-posting, so I'll just go here.)

Rose rolled down the hill happily, spraying leaves everywhere. She knew Halt would laugh at her for acting like a teenager, when really, despite her looks, she was more his age.

'Technically, I am a teenager compared to my kind.' she thought, giggling to herself. She flipped on her back and looked up at the sky.

"Rose!" came a voice from the direction of the cottage. "Rose!"

"What?" she called back lazily.

"Message from Crowley!" Rose shot up and took the missive from the messenger. Scanning it quickly, she quickly deciphered the code to say 'Emergency. Being infiltrated.' and it gave her a location.

"Reply." she told the messenger boy, handing him some coins. "I'm there." The boy gave her a confused look, and she handed him some extra coins. "Shhh."

Once he was gone, she whistled for her horse, grabbed a few ready-packed necessities, and set off straight across the countryside. No time to waste on straight roads.

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(So, we just continue on from there? Does it have to be related, because I have nothing to say to that. There is no way that Marie could come into that, unless...how old is Halt now? I may have an idea...)

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(Do what I did and come up with something. We never decided the time frame, but let's not have anyone claiming characters they didn't create. You can interact with Halt, but don't write anything from his PoV. Stick with your character. Does that make sense? So it can be anytime I guess. Saph never decided, so I'll let you. Just jump in! Say your character's at home, out training, whatever! And got a message from Crowley! ;D)

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(You can do it from your character's p.o.v, basically what Jess said. And eventually all our characters' story lines will meet and tie in and it shall be epic. :D I was thinking that a new task force is assembled with our characters who all have various skills and occupations etc.)

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Marie stomped through the forest, purposely making as much noise as she could. "Claire! I'm coming to get you!" she exclaimed, making her voice low and powerful. "This giant is hungry and..." She stopped, her eyes widening. She could have sworn she saw something. Some movement in the trees. She could just make out a flash of brown and green and gray. A Ranger! Marie had always yearned to be a Ranger, and wear a camouflage cloak and an oakleaf necklace and carry a bow and arrows and knives. But the problem was, most, if not all. of the Rangers were boys, and Marie did not know if it were possible. She'd better come up with a backup plan soon, since Choosing day was next week. Marie went over all the occupations available in her mind. There was Battleschool, but that was for boys. A scribe or courier would not suit her, and she could never be a blacksmith. Perhaps she would just spend the rest of her life as a farmer. For some reason, this possibility did not seem as daunting as it should be. Marie decided then and there that she would be content with whatever life threw at her, and that would be that.

By this time, all thoughts of hunting down nine-year-old Claire had been forgotten. Now she sat down, puzzling over her future. Somehow, she was more curious than worried about what would come. She wished she could see the future, so that all this wondering would cease. It could get rather annoying.

Marie was startled as a small girl popped out from behind a tree. "Marie, why are you sitting down? I thought you said you would be the giant." Claire said. Marie smiled up at her from her sitting position.

"Oh, yes. Sorry, I just got a little...sidetracked. I'm coming."

(First RPing. How was it? Oh, and Sapphire, that is going to be a large group if you let my whole gang in. You know, Marie, Rosen, Eli, Gideon, Jack and Lilly. All those guys, and I really hope you will.)

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Sapphire swiftly ran up the steps to the castle, and with a quick look at the sun, dashed inside. She had forgotten it was ruddy choosing day, and that the Ranger in charge of this fief was away, meaning she had to see potential apprentices.

No one noticed her as she slipped in the room, of course. Except for one, the tallest girl at the end of the line who's head had flicked around when she moved into the room.

Sapphire looked over each of the young teenagers in the room. The Ranger Corps hadn't noticed any potential apprentices in this group, but Sapphire had her eye on someone. So Sapphire stood there, not moving a muscle, watching.

The Baron had started at the smalled and worked up to the largest, and it was the tall girl's turn. 'Marie Shallows. I'd like to be considered to be a Ranger's Apprentice.' She spoke out.

The Baron looked quite startled. 'Uh, are you sure about that? It's not a common choice for girls, and we don't have any representitives here from the Corps, do you have a second choice?'

'No, sir. Not really.'

Sapphire sighed. I guess I'll have to make my pressence known, she thought to herself. Stepping forward, she pushed off her hood. 'I'll take her on as an apprentice.'

To her amusement, everyone in the room was startled by Sapphire's sudden appearance. Everyone except the girl.

(RangerMarie, you can take on from here. I know in your bio it says you were already a Ranger, but your previous post was you wanting to be, so I decided to do her choosing if that's ok!)

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Rose flew into a nearby fief, deciding to try to pick up a trail here. She wandered through the town, inconspiciously looking around, listening in on conversations casually. She didn't pick up anything unusual. Although, after a while, she picked up on the fact that there were very few teens about. Do any other fiefs have a Choosing? Maybe that's what's going on. At any rate, she went to go find the Baron and report in.

Once she arrived, she noticed all the teens gathered inside. A Ranger like herself stepped forward. "I'll take her on as an apprentice." Ooooh....new Rangers! Silently slipping inside, she noticed the Ranger's head turn slightly. A soft melody common among Rangers was all it took to reassure her. Stepping forward, she threw off her hood and faced the Baron. "Morning."

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(Ahh! I wrote a whole thing and then it erased it all! Now I have to rewrite it! Okay, this is about Rosen, Marie's best friend, who is also apprenticed as a Ranger. And by the way, you can just call me Marie. Don't worry, it isn't my real name, but I've been obsessed with my character since way before this, and now some of my friends call me Marie, just because.)

Marie grinned happily as she was chosen. She was going to be a Ranger! All her dreams were coming true, and...Suddenly, all trace of excitement was wiped from her face. If she had been apprenticed, what about Rosen? And she knew that her best friend wanted to be a Ranger every bit as much as she did. But would she be able to? Who had ever heard of two girls being apprenticed at the same time? One girl was unusual, but two was almost impossible! And one look at Rosen and Marie knew that her best friend was thinking the same thing

Rosen's face paled as each one of her wardmates were apprenticed to the craft they requested, until it was almost her turn. Even Marie had become a Ranger's apprentice, though at the moment, she didn't seem all that happy about it. Rosen was so nervous, she could have died from anxiousness. But she decided, then and there, that she would be confident in her decision. After all, the worst they could do was send her away to work on a farm, and if she didn't speak up, she would do that anyway.

When it was her turn, she proudly stepped forward. "My name is Rosen Connway and I would like to be a Ranger apprentice."

Everyone was startled by this. They all must have thought that two girl apprentices was impossible as well. Rosen paused, but before the Baron could say anything, she continued. "And no, I do not have a second choice."

Sapphire was impressed. It took a lot of courage to stand up for oneself to the Baron's face, especially if it was to achieve an impossible goal. She decided she liked this girl. If the Baron didn't turn her down immediately, she would probably accept her as an apprentice as well, despite the others' protests. After a long moment, the Baron sighed and turned to her. Immediately, without glancing at him, she said, "Yes."

Rosen's widened and she stared at this girl Ranger in awe. This was definitely one heck of a master, if she would do that for both Rosen and Marie. Of course, she was a girl, so of course she saw in girls what no boy could. And Rosen adored her for that. She grinned at her best friend, Marie, and Marie smiled back. But when Rosen looked back to where the Ranger had been standing, she was gone. It was as if she had never been there. Soon, she decided, she would be able to do that.

Marie was beaming. She seemed to be glowing from head to toe. Not only had she become apprenticed to a Ranger, all her friends had gotten what they wanted as well. Gideon, of course, was apprenticed in the Battleschool, Lilly as a diplomat, Jack as a blacksmith apprentice, and Rosen as a Ranger as well. Suddenly, what Marie had thought would be the worst day of her life, now became the best. Yes, life was good.

(There. Sorry, I used your character, Sapphire, but I had to, or it wouldn't work as well. I really hope you don't mind. It was only a paragraph, so no harm done, right? Anyway, hope you like it! And yes, Rosen looks and sounds a little like Rose, but it's not a big problem, I don't think. Lots of people have similar names!)

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Rose frowned. "If I might." she began, stepping forward. "Two apprentices is a lot. I myself do not have an apprentice. I once trained alongside Halt of Redmont. I can take one of these girls as my own apprentice." She looked at the two and smiled gently. "You will still be able to remain friends and see each other, do not worry. My fief is not far." Halt would laugh himself to death at her, but, well, having an apprentice couldn't be that difficult, could it? He'd done well enough with Will. And she'd laughed herself silly at him, but that was besides the point.

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Marie's eyes widened. She hadn't noticed the other girl Ranger in the corner. Actually, come to think of it, she had heard an unfamiliar voice from that direction, and it had probably been her. Marie saw Rosen step forward. "I will be your apprentice." she said, smiling, when Marie made no move. Marie smiled at her. Rosen knew just by looking between the two Rangers that Marie would like to be apprenticed to the one who had accepted her, and though Rosen admired the first Ranger, as she looked at the one that had just popped out of the shadows, she felt something click in her brain, like the feeling you get when you feel like you've met someone before, even though neither of you had laid eyes on each other. Rosen knew that she was the master for her.

The newcomer smiled at her. "I thought you might volunteer."

Rosen frowned briefly. Had this girl Ranger felt the connection as well?

Marie watched them for a moment, then turned her gaze to her new master and smiled. This was going to be very enjoyable, she could already tell.

(Sorry, I've been telling almost more about Rosen than Marie, but if you want to know Marie, you have to know Rosen as well. And eventually, her other friends, Gideon, Eli, Jack, and Lilly. But we can get to that later.)

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(Guys, what do you think about having a thread where we can discuss where we want this story to go, ideas and stuff? That way we don't have to talk in brackets all the time and be all confusing. I'm loving this RP!!!!!)

That night, Sapphire tossed and turned. Her mind was racing, thinking of a million things at once. The people in the castle ruins were still in her mind, and Crowely hadn't gotten back to her yet as she had submitted her report the previous day. Also contributing to the lack of sleep was the fact that she was getting an apprentice tomorrow. Her first apprentice. She was grateful that Rose had choosen to take the other girl as an apprentice, she did not feel a connection with her like she had with Marie.

There were very few female Rangers. She was the second. Rose had taken her on as her apprentice when she was young, much younger than when the boys start out. Rose told her that that was because boys developed and grew maturity at an older age. So not only was Sapphire the second female Ranger, she was also one of the youngest apprentices to receive their Silver Leaf.

It wasn't that hard being a girl in a man's profession. The other Ranger's respected her to her face, although she had the feeling that sometimes some would talk behind her back. Rose agreed, but she told her not to worry and keep her head up. The general public didn't care. They had heard the rumours of the female Rangers, but the majority had never encountered one. Being short and stocky, no-one could tell that she was a girl when they saw her. If they saw her.

And now two more girls were joing the corps. It was exellent that they were, but they couldn't have picked a worse time. Not only did Sapphire now have to train an apprentice, but she had to deal with the possible inflitration of the Kingdom.

Putting her pillow over her head, Sapphire sighed. Tomorrow would come soon enough.

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(Sure I'll get right on that. :D)

Rose sat outside under the stars, not really needing to sleep yet, but knowing she should, to save her strength. Halt, where are you? She hadn't seen him in so long. She saw Will every once in a while, and Sapphire occasionally, but not Halt. Sometimes it felt like he was avoiding her.

Thinking about her new apprentice, she smiled. Rosen certainly had potential. Hopefully we can increase the number of female Rangers to an extent that we're not an abnormality anymore. The only problem was that now the two girls who were supposed to be investigating an infiltration both had apprentices.....Ooops. They both had more than enough potential to be quick learners. It would all work out in the end.

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Melody wandered the forest, looking around carefully. She knew they were close by, the ones who kidnapped and most likely killed her family. She shook back tears that threatened to fall and tiptoed around a thorny bush. Seeing the castle ruins, her heart beat faster. There! He was the one who ripped her brother from her arms-they were still here!

Melody settled in to wait, observing the camp quietly. She would analyze everything they did, so that her revenge would have the highest rate of success.

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Gideon liked Battleschool enough. He had some friends already, and he liked the practice drills. But despite the way he acted like he didn't care, he missed his wardmates. Especially Rosen and Marie. The two of them had been very close to him since they were babies, and spent all their time together, even before Lilly came to the ward when they were six, and Jack when they were ten. It was natural to miss them, he supposed. His wardmates had been, and still were, the closest thing he ever had to siblings. And considering the time they had spent together, Gideon, Rosen, and Marie were like twins, while Lilly and Jack were the equivalent of younger siblings. And right now, lying awake on his cot after only a week at the Battleschool, he wished none of them had been apprenticed. Then everything would be back to normal, and Rosen wouldn't be so far away.


Marie held a little flower in her hand, fiddling unconsciously with the leaves and stem. I guess it's natural for me to miss her. I rarely go anywhere without my best friend, and now she's an entire fief away, she thought. She'd been hoping that the two of them would be apprenticed to Rangers, but she really hadn't thought it through. Marie never realized that one of them would be sent to another fief. Oh, she was happy all right. Being a Ranger's apprentice was even more wonderful than she could have ever imagined, but that didn't mean she didn't miss her friends. If only they were closer...

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Sapphire rose with the sun. It was habit now to wake so early, but sometimes she wished she could have the occasional sleep in. Throwing her day clothes on, and her cloak, she left her cottage, and started jogging up to the castle. She needed to make contact with Crowely before her apprentice arrived.

He was in his office, going through paper work. When Sapphire entered, he stood up and motioned to the door. 'Let's take a walk.'

Working on a case like this, it was especially importatant that they were not overheard, so they headed in the direction of Sapphire's cottage and walked slowly, always glancing around.

'I've been thinking about the information you've brought to me.'

'And?' Sapphire prompted.

'It's very disturbing information. The two of us are the only ones that know the details, and we need to keep it this way. I understand you are taking on an apprentice today? I think you can handle this case and teaching at the same time, accelerate her learning, but not too much.'

'You've got a lot of faith in me, considering this is my first apprentice.'

'Everyone has to start somewhere. Also, you can't work on this case alone, you need to work out who you can trust, and who you can work with. And I know you can do that.'

'I hope so.'

'You also need to find more confidence in yourself. Maybe this will help you. Oh, you better hurry back to your cottage before your apprentice arrives, that's her walking down the hill.'

Crowley pointed, even though Sapphire had spotted her at the same time he did. She nodded and Crowley, raised her cloak back over her head and ran down the hill.

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Rose jogged back towards Sapphire's cottage, hoping to find her apprentice nearby. It had been a long time since she'd spent time with someone, enough for them to get to know her. She sighed. She'd have to go through the same explanations as always. That was the part she hated.

Slipping quietly into the woods, she decided to start the girl's training right away. It would help her practice as well. If one didn't practice, they lost the skills. Rule number one. Or two....Well, there were more important rules, but this would be the first one anyway.

Rose settled onto a tree branch, scanning the area and listening to the sounds on the breeze. No sign of her apprentice. Did she change her mind? Is that even possible?

6/25/2012 #18

Rosen was still. She hid in a tree just above her new master, not moving a muscle. The only one who knew her location was, of course, Marie. At least, as far as she knew. She stared intently at her mentor, barely daring to blink. Surely she had noticed her by now. Probably. But if she didn't, she certainly put on the pretense that she had no idea where she was, the way her head turned from side to side, as one would if they were searching for something...or someone. Rosen held her breath and waited for the Ranger to look up. When she did, it would be all over. She would certainly see her, and then the little game Rosen had been playing would come to an end...abruptly.

Rosen saw a movement to her left. Her eyes followed it, her head not turning. It was Marie and her new master entering their cabin. Rosen wondered where her mentor's cabin was. All she had said was for Rosen to meet her here, near this cabin, the one belonging to the other girl Ranger, the one her mentor had called Sapphire.

She frowned slightly, realizing that she had no idea what her new mentor's name was. She had the urge to shrug. She'd find out sooner or later.

Glancing downward with her eyes only, Rosen realized it was probably the time to reveal herself. She jump lightly down from the tree, landing on her feet, like a cat. She'd always been light on her feet. She smiled up at the Ranger, who was studying her with amber eyes, still positioned on a low tree branch. "Hi," she said simply, reach up her hand to shake. "How are you today?"

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Marie looked around at the cabin as she entered. She'd never actually been inside a Ranger's cabin. It was simple enough. The main room served as a kitchen, dining room, and living room in the same small space, and two short hallways each led to a bedroom; the bigger for the residing Ranger, and the smaller for his (or her) apprentice. Marie was surprised to find that, despite what rumors told, the cabin was actually pleasant and quite cozy inside. Marie immediately decided she liked it.

Sapphire gestured to the hallway to the right. "Your room is in there. You can put your belongings there, and meet me back in here in ten minutes."

Marie nodded and walked slowly to the other room, still taking in her new surroundings. Who knows when it will come in handy, she thought. Her new bedroom was small, with a small bouquet of wildflowers set on the bed to liven things up. Along with the bed and the flowers, a small desk-like table stood in one corner and a dresser was shoved into another.

The newly apprenticed Ranger slid her small pack off her back and emptied it onto the table. These were her few personal belongings. Her clothes, of course, and a couple other little things that Marie had kept with her all these years in the ward. A small clay figurine of a dragon from Jack, the lyrics to some of her favorite songs, a picture of a rabbit that Rosen had drawn when they were eight, and a beaded bracelet from Gideon. Other than these little things, all she had left of the ward were memories.

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Rose stepped up behind the girl moments after she spoke. "Rather annoyed." she stated. I should have known! "Your instincts are good. That will make your apprenticeship easier. If you can focus." Feeling like she had made enough of a rather Halt-ish impression, she smiled. "I'm Rose, by the way. Come on!" She led her new apprentice deeper into the woods, staying out of sight as much as possible to assess Rosen's skills in tracking her. Her first assumption proved right. Rosen's skills surpassed even Will's when he had first become apprenticed.

Rose called out from a tree several yards ahead of the younger girl. "You're probably the best thing that's happened to female Rangers since we started. You and Marie both show incredible skill. We'll show these men that we're just as good as they are!" she teased, leaping down. "Look." She gestured towards her horse. Leading Rosen around behind her, she explained. "This is Phoenix, my horse. You can ride her for now, since I don't really need one." Sensing the questions 'why?' coming soon, she beckoned her apprentice over.

"Since we'll be training and living together for some years, you should know. I'm not human. I'm a star." She raised her hand, asking for silence. "I am a sworn Ranger in the service of Araluen above all else. If my presence should ever put you in danger, I will take you to a safe place where you can train-most likely here with Sapphire. She is my former apprentice as well. Yes, she knows what I am. Throughout your training you will see that I can do things you cannot. That humans cannot. I'm not trying to show off-actually, I pretend I'm human unless I have to for the most part-or make anyone feel inadequate. I mean it when I say I want to be friends. The best way to get past an enemy is to know your allies well. If you can predict and trust each other, you can work together as one. The more people you learn to read, the easier it is to read people you've never met. This starts with me. Now. Any questions?" Rose understood this was a lot, but Sapphire had handled it well, and Rosen had already shown incredible quality.

7/1/2012 #21

Rosen stopped where she was and thought for a moment. "No," she answered, a little absentmindedly. This star news didn't really shock her. She had heard that Rangers were somewhat supernatural beings, and though she had always thought they were merely rumors, apparently not all of them were. And she was fine with that. She continued. "And thanks for the complement. Marie and I used to play games in the ward that we thought would help us with tracking and undetected movement and the like. Games like capture the flag and hide-and-go-seek." her voice trailed off at the end, when she realized that to a Ranger, or to any adult, these games may seem childish. But Rose didn't seem to notice.

"Good for you! Thanks to the two of you, the Ranger Corps may soon consider it an honor to be a girl in the Corps, instead of just a break in tradition!" she called as she picked up speed and grew ahead of Rosen once more. "But in order to do that, you need to pay close attention to what I say, alright?"

Rosen nodded in agreement, though she knew that her mentor wasn't watching.


Eli was a bit lonely. He had grown up in the ward, with no real friends. The two boys in his age in the ward had only joined when they were each eleven, and were the best of friends, while Eli had been told that he'd been brought to the ward when he was two. The other boys in the ward, Thomas and Samuel, were big and warrior-like, though Thomas was a bit on the short side. They were both muscular, and Samuel was a few inches taller than Eli. They were very unlike Eli, both physically and mentally. Eli was tall, with pale blond, almost white hair, and was extremely skinny. The fact that he was not as strong as them, and looked different, had separated them. But that wasn't the main reason Thomas and Samuel thought themselves above Eli. Eli never wanted to be a knight. None of it appealed to him. And he could never stand carrying all that weight around everywhere he went.

However, Eli was light and quick on his feet, and a fast climber. He had no fear of heights, and was an excellent swimmer. He loved the pleasure of not being noticed by those around him, and so naturally, he was drawn toward Rangers. Oh, he had heard the stories that told that they were sorcerers, that they practiced dark magic, and worshiped idols, but surely these couldn't all be true. And he had a feeling that their ability to blend into the shadows had something to do with those gray-green cloaks, not magic.

And soon, his chance would come. Choosing day was in a week, and Jerom, the Ranger of his fief, would be present.

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Rose smiled. "All right! Let's start with some basics. You may have noticed that the way here was a sort of assessment-just me seeing what your natural skills are without training and what you might need to work on. Focus seems to be one, but that's okay. It's natural for humans, and not a big deal. Watch out for leaves-pick your feet up higher than you normally would. Sliding actually makes more noise, because you move the leaves with your feet. The fewer leaves you move, the less noise you make." she advised. "Actually, your playing those games probably contributed to your promising skills now. I can almost guarantee it. If you can take a game seriously enough to gain skills like that, it may be a good way to continue training, if you don't mind." she added with a smile, eyes sparkling.


Melody rose from her hiding place as one of the bandits approached her. The past hour had been spent arguing over who would take guard duty. Honestly, didn't they have anything better to do?

When one of the 'guards' dozed off, another whacked him on the head. "How do you intend to overrun Araluen if you can't stay awake!" he snapped.

"But we've already infiltrated......" the sleepy guard mumbled, trying to go back to sleep.

"It'll be a lot harder to assassinate-" Melody's eyes widened and she gasped. The man stopped talking and looked up. "What was that?"

"Some night critter." murmured his partner, before snoring softly. The man shook his head and stood up, tiptoeing towards Melody's hiding place carefully. She edged backwards, all her nerves on high alert, so much so that she was amazed he didn't hear her body vibrating with anticipation. She quickly checked how far they were from the others and figured if she was quick and silent she could take him down. The problem with her plan became apparent when she fell off a ledge and into the creek behind her. Quickly ducking back under the ledge, she waited for the bandit following her to go away, her heart pounding so loud she was sure he would hear it and come down to finish her off. She'd hit her head and was pretty sure it was bleeding but couldn't do anything about it. Faintly she heard his footsteps retreating before she fainted.

7/1/2012 #23

Lilly absolutely loved being a Courier, even if she was only an apprentice. And the white Courier dresses for the girls were amazingly comfortable, as well as fashionable. Lady Alexandra, the head of the Diplomatic Service in Meric fief, was a kind and gentle woman, loving to every living creature, and Lilly liked her immediately. Of course she had seen her around the fief before, and once on a recent ward trip to the Diplomatic Service tower in the castle, but she'd never really known her. Apparently, though Lilly didn't quite believe it yet, Lady Alexandra thought that she had great potential as a Courier. When she'd said this, Lilly had smiled and replied simply, "Thank you," for she did not know what else to say.


Jack enjoyed his apprenticeship as a blacksmith, and not least because he was allowed to sleep in and stay up late. Pierce, his new master, was just as nocturnal as he was. Jack decided right away that this was going to be fun, even though he missed his wardmates, his two sisters, and his brother. Of course, he saw them on Saturdays and holidays, but still, he somewhat wished he could visit them more often. And, he realized with a sigh as Pierce shouted his name, right now he wished his mentor wasn't so busy.

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Marie checked her arm guard once more before she lifted the bow, the arrow nocked carefully on the string. She'd never shot a bow before, so she was nervous. Of course, it was only a recurve bow, not the fully powered longbow, but it was still her first time, and suddenly, for the first time, she was worried her mentor would laugh at her. She glanced at Sapphire for reassurance before she drew the bowstring back. Her mentor only smiled in return.

The young girl breathed deeply for a moment before she realized that she couldn't put it off forever. She had to start now if she was going to have a chance of becoming a Ranger. Marie pulled the string back to the corner of her mouth, as Sapphire had said, and...released.

The arrow flew to the left, completely missing the tree she had aimed at. She groaned and dropped the bow, sending it clattering on the ground. Marie looked at Sapphire in embarrassment.

Her mentor only smiled.

7/2/2012 #25

Melody awoke to see a wall of rock. Twisting to the side, she saw it was sunset. How long have I been out? She wondered, forcing herself to sit up. Biting back a m***, she staggered to her feet and stumbled out from under the overhang. She wandered off into the forest, not knowing or caring where she was going, as her head was dripping blood and she was only barely conscious. She finally stopped to rest, ripping her skirt to form a bandage and tying her hair up away from the blood. Finding a stream soon after, she washed her hair, wound, and bandage before replacing the cloth and continuing on. She traveled gently, staying to the side of the road and hiding behind buildings in villages to avoid animals at night.

Eventually, she reached a larger area. Melody knew her head wound was infected, and although she could see the city below, she was up on a ridge, and unless she jumped-in which case she would most certainly die-she wouldn't get down fast enough. Tears filled her eyes as she thought of her family, her head throbbed once, brutally, and she fainted, barely breathing.

7/9/2012 #26

"Ready, set, GO!" one of the younger wards yelled, and the three boys took off, Eli already in the lead. Though both of the other boys were stronger, and one taller, than him, Eli knew he had the advantage. He'd always been a fast runner. His legs were long, and, unlike others, he liked to run. So when Thomas and Samuel had challenged him to a race, he had accepted without hesitation. He had no doubt that he would win, and he had been hoping that the Ranger Jerom would be around to see it, and would therefore be more likely to pick him as an apprentice.

He raced faster, putting on another burst of energy. For my future, he thought. This is all for my future.

Eli shot across the finish line, a long streak on the ground formed by twigs from the surrounding trees. They were in the forest, of course. It made for a track with a greater distance, working toward Eli's advantage. The others panted across the finish line behind him. Eli breathed deeply and walked over to them. Reaching out his hand to shake, he said simply, "Good job."

Samuel began to reach his hand forward, but Thomas, the leader of the two, swatted Eli's hand away. "I don't shake hands with losers." he told him.

Eli grinned and cocked his head to the side. "But I won."

Thomas scowled and walked away, still panting, with Samuel trailing behind him. Eli shrugged. Oh, well, he thought. So much for that, I guess.

7/9/2012 #27

John stepped into his new quarters carefully. "Welcome." Lady Alexandra told him. "We don't have many male couriers, but I hope you will find friends and be at home here."

My home is with my siblings. "Can I have permission to visit my siblings once a week, at least?" he asked carefully. "I look after the family at home."

"In that case, where is your home?" Lady Alexandra asked, smiling warmly at him. "If it is close then you may live with them and only come here when you are needed. If it is far, we can bring your siblings here to live with you. We will not separate families." John nodded respectfully.

"It is rather far..." he admitted sheepishly. "On the outskirts of the fief."

"Very well. They will be sent for. You may rest here until we have a party ready to go." Lady Alexandra told him, excusing herself to allow him time to settle in.

7/9/2012 #28

Marie trudged up the slope behind her mentor, Sapphire. She knew this trail. It led to the top of the ridge, a place she had been to with her best friend Rosen many times. She wondered why her new master was taking her there. Marie was silent for the trip. There was no need to say anything. She already knew where they were going, and she would find out, sooner or later, why they were headed there. Probably even sooner if she didn't ask questions.

When they reached the top of the ridge, Marie was almost exhausted. She had taken that hike many times before, but she almost always rested along the way, something they had not done. Still, she did not complain, or even sit down. She just watched as Sapphire reached out her arms, feeling the wind. Not sure if she should do the same, Marie just stood there, looking about in boredom. There was nothing much of interest up here. Most of the times she had come here, it was to talk with Rosen in privacy, or to simply get away from life in the ward--It wasn't easy to be an orphan.

And suddenly, she saw something out of place. Marie knew this ridge well enough to spot it. Another, from this distance, would pass it off as a mere rock, but she knew better. Eying her mentor, she crept closer. Soon she was close enough to see what it was. She stopped, gasping.

Sapphire immediately opened her eyes, her left hand dropping and her right moving toward her saxe knife. Realizing no immediate danger, her arm fell to her side, and she walked over to her apprentice, who was looking, shocked at the form beside her.

It was a girl. A very pale-looking girl, with strawberry-blond hair and freckles. Her head was stained with blood. Sapphire bent down and felt her temperature. It was warm. She looked up at her apprentice. "We need to get her to the healer. Now. Help me pick her up."

Marie nodded silently and picked up her legs while Sapphire carried her head. They both knew that the way back would be hard and dangerous, but this girl was in desperate need of care.


Hours later, they reached the healer's home. Marie remembered that Lilly's father had once been the healer. Now it was a rather plump old man, but he was a good healer. They lay the girl on the sick bed and left at the healer's command.

Back at the cabin, around the dinner table, Marie brought up the subject.

"Sapphire, who do you think she was? The girl on the ridge, I mean. Do you think she'll be all right?"

The Ranger shrugged. "We'll find out the answer to both those questions soon enough. Now eat your food."

Marie did so, but these questions stayed in her head. She was a very curious girl, and so that night, she had trouble sleeping. She tossed and turned, unable to find a good position, while these questions spin, unanswered, in her head. She tried to reassure her self that the answers were unimportant, but still, she wondered.

And finally, she drifted off to sleep.

7/9/2012 #29

Melody drifted in and out of consciousness. Sometimes she heard voices, others it was silent, except the merry crackling of a fire. Her head felt cooler than the last few times she'd floated to the surface of her mind, and she wondered if whoever had found her had treated the gash in her skull. She knew it was bad enough to cause lasting damage. Unless she found........her.

7/9/2012 #30
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