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Guardian Alpha

technically this is more of a "What you do what you get board"

If you're caught seriously threatening another Roleplayer 1 day ban for the first time. one day each time (second time means two day ban and so on)

12/6/2010 . Edited 4/18/2013 #1
Guardian Alpha

Request for ban: someone requests that you are banned. They have to have a legitimate reason, and they must provide at least two pieces of evidence that you have broken the rules or come extremely close.

this is a variable term ban, so the harshness of your actions determines how long you're banned.

12/6/2010 . Edited 4/19/2013 #2
Guardian Alpha

Possesion: Do not take full control of another Roleplayer's character

So you can't change people's actions unless you have a specific ability to do so.

5/11/2011 . Edited 4/19/2013 #3
Guardian Alpha

Spamming: Putting up the same post on multiple topics- Ban for forever

5/11/2011 #4
Guardian Alpha

Over powering, and Outnumbering.

Over powering: If a character seems to have no descernable weakness and is extremely overpowered, that character is either banned from the forum, or is asked to be revamped to be weaker or have a greater weakness. If the author refuses they will be banned.

Out numbering: Characters are assumed to be within each other's general power level. So if you have twice the number of characters than your opponent, please lower the number to be fair if they ask.

8/9/2011 . Edited 4/19/2013 #5
Guardian Alpha

Character acceptions

Since we never seem to break an average of 4 Roleplayers on any one topic, your characters are automatically accepted, but if they're overpowered when we fight them, the character will be taken off the forum and asked to be decreased in power or have another main weakness, or a few smaller ones. Just to make fighting him/her fair.

4/19/2013 #6
Guardian Alpha

Devil Fruits

All Devil Fruits, cannon or not are treated under the same rule: 1 character can only have 1 devil fruit (No Blackbeards), and each devil fruit only exists once, within the Roleplayed characters.

I.E. the Gum Gum fruit is owned by Luffy. Guardian Alpha's character also has the Gum Gum fruit (OK)

I.E. The Gum Gum fruit is owned by Luffy. Guardian Alpha's character also has the Gum Gum fruit. Another character owns the Gum Gum fruit (Not OK, Guardian Alpha's character would keep the fruit because he called it first.)

Custom Devil Fruits:

I.E. Gatescholar owns the Copy Copy fruit. Another character owns the Copy Copy Fruit (Not OK).

1/4/2014 #7
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