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Gather your friends, form a crew and set off on the greatest adventure of a lifetime! This forum supports more than just One Piece style characters, so if you're not into crossovers I'm sorry to say you'll need to look elsewhere.
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Guardian Alpha

Rules, gotta have 'em. Trust me, I've tried not to... didn't end well.

12/6/2010 . Edited 5/20/2015 #1
Guardian Alpha

Common Courtesy:

A few rules to keep things nice and friendly around here.

Do not threaten other participants. This can result in temporary, or permanent ban depending on severity.

Don't bring personal stress and grief onto the forum, please.

5/20/2015 #2
Guardian Alpha

Roleplay Rules:

Don't god-mod: This means that your character is so powerful that s/he is over the characters heads, invulnerable, instant-death shots, etc. If someone comes to a moderator with a complaint about this the mods will work with the complaint-filer and the accused to figure out a way to stop it from happening again.

Don't control another person's character: If you're fighting them, it's the hardest to avoid doing. Basically don't make it so your blows automatically connect. You don't know exactly what powers your opponent has, or how they work. There's no guarantee that your opponent can't lift his shield or cast a spell in the time it takes your fist to connect to their face. Otherwise, during RP moments this boils down to make sure you aren't putting words in the other guy's mouth.

5/20/2015 #3
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