Anyone up for a bit of competition?
Interested in writing challenges and honest, hard critiques from other NiGHTS authors? Come on in! Current challenge - 50 One-liners challenge!
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Challenge: Create 50 poinant one to three sentence clips based off of the given prompt. Responses may be listed as a story and linked to this page or posted below. Get as creative as you want!

1 - Peace

2 - Language

3 - Weight

4 - Careless

5 - Red

6 - Houses

7 - Program

8 - Ironic

9 - Fringe

10 - Storm

11 - Neutral

12 - Sharp

13 - Flutter

14 - Change

15 - Muscle

16 - Complex

17 - Impossible

18 - Wood

19 - Water

20 - Wait

21 - Ace

22 - Knot

23 - Future

24 - Small

25 - Tape

26 - Coma

27 - Win

28 - Clear

29 - Hello

30 - Bubble

31 - Elephant

31 - Hand

32 - Deep

33 - Repetitive

34 - Skirt

35 - Magnet

36 - Mercy

37 - Switch

38 - Color

39 - Shortcut

40 - Sun

41 - Question

42 - God

43 - Sin

44 - Metal

45 - Go

46 - Thought

47 - And

48 - Kept

49 - Car

50 - Death

And remember - have fun with it! The rules are pretty loose on this one. The main point is to get those creative juices flowing!

12/6/2010 #1

To start things up, I thought I'd add my own response to this challenge! As a note, NiGHTS is both portrayed as a he and a she in different snips.

1 - Peace) "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world shall know peace," she said forlornly. A Visitor had told her that, once. She gently touched the red shard in her chest and sighed. "Why do I even try?

2 - Language) There was something different about him from the start. In the way he moved, and smiled, and even in the way he spoke. Like he had his own language, seperate, but the same. We could understand what he was saying, but never what he meant.

3 - Weight) In his hands, it weighed no more than a single feather. But on his face, it seemed as if the world was trying to pin him to the floor.

4 - Careless) "Not again, NiGHTS," he moaned, pushing his ashen blonde hair out of his eyes as he started to climb the golden chain, "Every single bloody time..."

That's all for now. I'll finish when I have the time!

12/6/2010 #2

5 - Red) Reala, the tough one, the sullen Nightmaren who scoffed at any show of emotion , felt his face grow hot as a lively blush spread across his cheeks. So this is what a hug felt like...

12/7/2010 #3

6 - Houses) He sat on thin air, glaring in both agitation and fear through the translucent walls of the Ideya Capture. He spotted a familliar blonde head on the beach...

7 - Program) He couldn't underastand it. What had gone wrong? Why was the undying loyalty programed into every Nightmaren missing in her? Why did she have to be a glitch? "What went wrong?" he shouted as his fist punched another hole in the wall. Or maybe... maybe something went right...

8 - Ironic) "...isn't it?" he chuckled dryly. His hand strayed to his heart. The one he captured... had captured him.

9 - Fringe) He regarded the orange bundle with mild curiosity. "You're going to ruin your cape if you keep worrying the ends like that," he sighed. Jackle would never hear him - the glass was just too thick.

12/13/2010 . Edited 2/10/2011 #4

10 - Storm) It only rained in Nightopia on the day she died.

11 - Neutral) NiGHTS sighed, putting it back on her face, rocketing off, hurrying on 'home.' She knew she was getting careless. She knew she would have to choose a side eventually. Little did she know, that decision was creeping closer and closer with each passing instant.

2/10/2011 . Edited 2/10/2011 #5
Ura Omote Author

12 - Sharp) Every word he said was agony. I wanted to be on his side, no matter what... but he is the enemy now. Even being near him is like being stabbed with a spike. A very sharp one.

10/29/2012 #6
Princess Emeralds

13 - Flutter- If she had a heart I suppose that's what it'll be doing. It would flutter at the sight of him. It's too bad Reala and NiGHTS are on opposite sides

12/15/2013 #7
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