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Aleine Skyfire

For now, we'll just be informal and say "Yes, I want to help." All right? Thanks!

12/7/2010 #1

I'm interested :) It will take some work, but I'd like to try it.

12/7/2010 #2

I'll be able to help out some, but my schedule is pretty packed until at least the middle of January. (Stupid job taking up valuable fandom time!)

-Christine 3

12/7/2010 #3
Aleine Skyfire

(Lol, Christine, isn't that supposed to be the other way around? ^^)

Thanks, Arisprite! Yes, it will take work, but I'm sure it can be done!

12/8/2010 #4

I'm in :)

1/5/2011 #5
Aleine Skyfire

Yay! *hugs Tristan*

1/6/2011 #6
Catherine Spark

And me!

1/6/2011 #7
Aleine Skyfire

*cheers* Group hugs all around! (Yes, I'm excited. =D)

1/6/2011 #8
Protector of the Gray Fortress

At the very least I'll help. I'll let you know if I can go full in (if that's alright).

1/20/2011 #9
Aleine Skyfire

That's perfectly all right, thank you! Welcome aboard!

1/21/2011 #10

Well, I'm in!

12/6/2012 #11

Well, I'm in!

12/6/2012 #12

If you're still up for it... I'm in as well!

2/15/2013 #13
Lilly McMissile

I know i'm a bit late (haha, duh!) but what was going on here?

5/8/2013 #14
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