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Aleine Skyfire

We won't have: slash or sex (smut), or any such like.

What will we have? That, fellow participants, is up to all of us. What I would like to include are AUs and maybe some good Holmes/OC (Tristan's fic comes to mind).

As far as that latter goes… well, let me explain this and get it out of the way. I very much a shipper; I have my romances in the stories that I love and I love those romances. However, I'm actually "okay," as it were, with Holmes's eternal bachelorhood in the Canon—that is to say, I don't die of grief that he never got married or had a sweetheart as far as we know. I'm not pro-Holmes/Irene, though I wouldn't mind a good AU if I could find it (I've only found one thus far, and it's not that bad). I am pro-Holmes/OC, but only if it's well-done—the characterization and character development better be good, or I don't buy it. (I actually like Holmes/Aggie if it's well-done, 'cause, c'mon, that's just plain cute.)

All right, now that that rant is over with… Sorry for making you sit through that, but I thought I'd just say it now and get it over with. All right, so anyway!

I had the idea that the book could be divided into sections that are for specific types of fics. You know how your high school literature textbooks were divided into sections? It would be like that. Something like:


--Scotland Yard




--221B drabbles

--Holiday (Christmas, etc.)



--WWI-era (maybe?)

--"The end of all things" (character death)

Just to give you an idea. Something like that. What do you think? DISCUSS.

1/7/2011 #1
Catherine Spark

Hi - perhaps a good compromise for romance would be speculative? As in, for example, a piece from Holmes's POV where he's kind of monologuing on his views on romance. Also, in Lion's Mane, there is a paragraph of such speculation: He is struck by the beauty and innocence, as well as the personality, of Maud Bellamy, to an extent that even seems to surprise himself. I was very surprised that there aren't any more Holmes/Maud stories around, if any. Not that she's a major character, or that a romance between them would be appropriate given the age gap, but a little story of friendship with subtle hints would be very heartwarming, I think. I would write one, but though I have that idea, I don't have a plot to go with it at the moment, which for me is not a good way to start a story. But to summarise, perhaps speculation on romance would be a good in-between point. Not that I'm strictly against romance being included, but as you say it would have to be done well.

1/7/2011 #2
Aleine Skyfire

*nods* Tristan-the-Dreamer's "Orbis Aureus" is, by far, the best Holmes romance I've seen to-date, which is why I included it in my little list of stories. It's established—it's actually Holmes's wedding night—and the first half of the fic artfully focuses on his panic at not being able to get his ring off. In the second half of the fic, he and his wife Abigail are lying (at her sympathetic suggestion) on opposite sides of the bed, and it's like she's gently getting him used to the novelty of being married. There's enough poorly-done Holmes romance out there—I think it would be nice to show people what an IC romance is really like. *slinks down from soapbox*

I'd love to discuss the Holmes/Maud angle with you further, 'cause that's something that only occurred to me just the other day for the first time, but I don't want to spam my own thread. xD Mind if I continue this in the Holmes romance board? ^_^

Anyway, speculation is good, too. =D

1/10/2011 #3
Protector of the Gray Fortress

I think there's a wealth of early Watson fics we should certainly consider. Particularly those dealing with Afghanistan.

1/20/2011 #4
Aleine Skyfire

Oooo! *facepalm* I knew there was something I was forgetting! You're absolutely right, PGF! Early days (Watson and Holmes) could be a category in its own right!

1/21/2011 #5
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