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Aleine Skyfire

Since Catherine asked...

Some of the following authors haven't even said "yes" yet. Even so, I'm just letting you know some of the stuff I'd really love to see in the book. (Note that this is by no means a comprehensive list, and that I have not even read all the works of all the authors I asked or who have signed up. It took me two months to get through KCS's stories alone!)


--"Scotland Yard Synonyms" (chapter 3 of All in a Name)

--"Truth is the Critic"

--"Just Inspector Will Do"

Catherine Spark


--"Why Holmes Carried On"

Kaizoku Shojo

--"Easter Sunday"


--"For This Night"

--"A Man's Limits"

--"To Live Afresh"

--"All God's Little Creatures"

--"Christmas" from Holidays with Holmes

--"A Case of Collaboration"

--the "Case of Immortality" trilogy



--"One of Their Own"

--"Applying His Methods"

--"Mystery of the Moonlight Bathers"

--"Walking the Mile"

Ready-made Prodigy:

--"Soldier Boy

--Sherlock "Hammer Hands" Holmes


--"Orbis Aureus"

--"A New Era"


Westron Wynde

--"The Weight of Worth

Myself ("Sky" to you folks ;D)

--"Their First Christmas"

--"The Doctor and the Storyteller"

1/7/2011 #1
Catherine Spark

Yay! Ashamed to say I have not read any of the others you've listed - but I will try and make time to check them out soon. And those ones of mine are fine to use - exciting!! One little request - I was wondering if there might be a place for my one called "The Man on the Cliff"? If not, that's fine, but that is one that I think turned out quite nicely, if unusual. I hope that request doesn't look like I'm blowing my own trumpet and trying to get a bigger part, and I'm willing to make edits if need be. Thanks!

1/7/2011 #2
Aleine Skyfire

(Sorry about the delay - I had this typed out yesterday but no chance to post. =P)

It's okay, Catherine! =) "The Man on the Cliff" and maybe even "Spectacled Sherlock" would be fine. The two that I listed were simply what I thought were the best of your shorts. …And I get the feeling we'll all need to do some editing. ;D

1/10/2011 #3
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