The Reformation Alliance
We are the Allies of the Maximum Ride Fandom. We will not judge you on your writing ability or your use of grammar or how well you spell. No matter if you write slash or humor or angst or adventure, all are welcome within our ranks. Our goal is to make
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little lea valkyrie

Welcome to the General Discussion! Here all forms of random, day-to-day chat are accepted. We'll get some new topics going soon enough, in which the chats will be more specialized. But for now, have at it!



12/11/2010 . Edited 12/12/2010 #1

Hiii (:

I'm not going to lie - I just had to google 'How to post on forums on'

...I'm just that lame. (':

12/11/2010 #2
little lea valkyrie

That's okay. I'm such a n00b at this, too. Hahah. *shakes head*

12/12/2010 #3

It's all good now, though, I think I got it all figured out. (:

12/12/2010 #4
little lea valkyrie

Yay! So, do you have a bit of free time right now? Do we want to get started on making up the rules?

12/12/2010 #5

Sounds good to me; what are your ideas so far?

12/12/2010 #6
little lea valkyrie

In the simplest form possible (I can clean it up and make it look all official later)

1. No flames, no coarse language, no innuendo. Respect your fellow authors.

2. As little chat speak as possible. (Internet slang is okay, like pwned and n00b and w00t) ((This is mostly because we all slip up from time to time, even me.))

3. Try for correct grammar. As in, sentences with periods. ((Run-ons are so hard to follow))

4. Mods word is law

5. Please make sure with us that it's okay to make a new topic

Um, that's all I have.

Also, check this out. (I feel pretty special. :)) )

But that still means I'm sticking it out here.

12/12/2010 #7

They sound good to me. I think we should try and keep them short and simple, like you just listed - we don't want to intimidate any of the authors sent here.

Hey, you're making a difference over there! *high-fives* The Jessamine Riot PM'd me yesterday about the rant on my profile, asking me to quit stereotyping their Project because of a few members. I'm also talking to CrazyNerdyFangirl about flaming in general, and she brings up a few interesting points, though I'm never going to agree with it in the slightest.

Things are heating up with the Aerites, huh? D:

12/12/2010 #8
little lea valkyrie

They are! I feel like we're making a difference, which is really cool.

Okay, I'll get that all typed up and posted. Thank you!

Oh, can we put up your flame rant? I think that could do some good, too.

12/12/2010 #9

Yeah, it's good to see things moving already.

Feel free! I have like another six paragraphs that I sent to CNF if you're interested.

So what are we going to do thread-wise? I'm thinking we'll need one straight off to introduce ourselves, mods and authors coming to improve.

12/12/2010 #10
little lea valkyrie

Cool! Just send them over in a PM. :)

Hmm, well, we need a rules one (which I'm currently working on), one for your rant and any comments people want to make on it, and one for introduction on everyone. Then we'll need one for stories that we love, and stories that need improvement. And maybe we could get a list going of people who would be willing to beta, even if it's only a chapter or so. We could do a little circle thing, where a story that really need help could get looked over by a bunch of different people so they could all give it their own critiques.

Do you want to get started with the intro topic? Just pin it, so it stays at the top.

12/12/2010 #11

Will do.

So, to organise: rules, intro, views on flaming and CC, loved stories, stories that need improvement, and possibly one for willing betas. We could have another one, which just offers general advice to aspiring writers? Just in case someone's nervous about joining, or anything, and is looking for advice straight off.

*salutes* On it.

12/12/2010 #12
little lea valkyrie

Yeah, that sounds good. And I like the advice idea a lot! Then, of course, as many chat topics a necessary. (But those don't have to be pinned.)


12/12/2010 #13


Form to fill out for the intro: yay, or nay? I'm leaning towards nay, but it could be a more organised way of doing it all.

12/12/2010 #14
little lea valkyrie

Hmm, maybe a basic form. Name, when you first found fanfiction, when you posted your first story, and a few sentences about yourself and your writing style.

Then, if they wanted to, a quick little something random about themselves.

(I did a random factoid contest-thing for my chapter story, and my readers really loved it.)

12/12/2010 #15

How does this sound?

'Late jumping on the bandwagon, and wondering who someone is? Too nervous to start off posting in the general chat straight away, and just looking for somewhere to start off? Wanting to show everyone what you're really about? Whatever your reason, you can learn about the current members of the Reformation Alliance here, and tell us all about yourself!

Name (nickname?):

When you first joined fanfiction:

When you posted your first story:

Favourite fandom/s:

Writing style:

About yourself:

Feel free to add anything random onto the end!'

I'm not sure about the opening, but it felt a bit odd to just have the form up there.

Hey, that's an awesome idea. We should have a thread for random things like that... like the do's and don'ts of story participation? (':

12/12/2010 #16
little lea valkyrie

Actually, I like that a lot! It's fun and not very bland, which is something we need. We're not bland and boring and depressing. We're fun and uplifting and creative! Go for it!

Ooh, a good idea! Also, I have a truck load of papers and packets from when we were drilled in grammar and punctuation on 8th grade. A lot of it was actually helpful, and I think I could type up a list of basics.

12/12/2010 #17

All posted! I'll do my introduction in a moment.

Ah, awesome. If you type up the original list, we could allow members to submit ideas to be added and edit as we see fit? It'd reinforce the whole community idea, something which the Aerites kind of failed on (so I think, at least). (:

12/12/2010 #18
little lea valkyrie

Yeah! Well, it's pretty long (and covers a bunch of different things) but I could put up the basics that people struggle with the most. (The biggest problem I see is with quotes and run-on sentences, so those would be the first thing I tackle.)

I saw that, too. They were a community when they ganged up and flamed one person, but other than that, not so much.

12/12/2010 #19

Don't worry about doing it all straight off - we could all add to it as we go along? Yeah, I also think speech is one of the big ones. Tenses, too. I don't mind helping out with those (and others). (:

Yeah, it seemed like a few people ruled it, and the others were sort of in the middle. Praise? As if! D:

12/12/2010 #20
little lea valkyrie

Oh, good. (I have so much work to do today.) Thank you!

Yeah! The Mods and a few of the originals were like, dictators. I keep coming to a Hitler-Nazi analogy.

12/12/2010 #21

No worries! I don't have much time left, though - maybe half an hour? D: School tomorrow, so I'm forcing myself to get a decent night's sleep (not gonna happen).

Ahaha, can't help but agree with you on that one. I also really hated the way they posted replies and things on there, and openly encouraged people to flame them. /: I think that was my biggest problem with them, how they rarely did it by themselves, it was always two or three of them.

12/12/2010 #22
little lea valkyrie

That's okay, I've got homework and stuff to do, too. (That I really should be working on, haha.)

Jeesums. Don't you think we've all had enough of high school without it transferring here, too? Like we actually need more of the backstabbing and the rumors and the tear-downs.

12/12/2010 #23

Tell me about it! D:

I know, it's like they've become one clique, and if someone doesn't conform to their standards then they all gang up on them. I guess it's their choice, if that's how they want to run it, but I hope we'll be able to create the happy, kind community that they like.

The Reformation Alliance FTW! (:

12/12/2010 #24
little lea valkyrie

Yeah, it makes me kind of sad, really. I do, too!

*high five!!*

12/12/2010 #25


Best be off now, it's almost 10pm. Early night fail. (': See you!

12/12/2010 #26
little lea valkyrie

Good night! If you want to talk tomorrow, just PM me. I won't even get home until 10 PM your time. (4 mine.) *hugs* thanks for everything!

12/12/2010 #27

I'm feeling a bit left out here.... ;)

Anyway, maybe you should have a thread where people can discuss the flames they've got? Because some of them are really hurtful. I've been flamed three times in the last 24 hours.

It's hard to decide how to reply to a flame, especially if you're planning on continuing the stories.

Just a suggestion. ;)

12/13/2010 #28

Hey! (: I'm Molly, I don't think we've met before?

That's an awesome idea - we should definitely include a basic reply structure in with the basic rules, and a whole seperate thread for discussing them.

Three times?! Dear God. Not the Aerites? D:

12/13/2010 #29
little lea valkyrie

Ohh, that's awful, Leprechaun! *hugs* Don't worry, I'll get right on it. :)

You think you feel left out? This was all going on while I was still in school. D:

12/13/2010 #30
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