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We are the Allies of the Maximum Ride Fandom. We will not judge you on your writing ability or your use of grammar or how well you spell. No matter if you write slash or humor or angst or adventure, all are welcome within our ranks. Our goal is to make
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Late jumping on the bandwagon, and wondering who someone is? Too nervous to start off posting in the general chat straight away, and just looking for somewhere to start off? Wanting to show everyone what you're really about? Whatever your reason, you can learn about the current members of the Reformation Alliance here, and tell us all about yourself!

Name (nickname?):

When you first joined fanfiction:

When you posted your first story:

Favourite fandom/s:

Writing style:

About yourself:

Feel free to add anything random onto the end!

12/12/2010 #1

Let's get the ball rolling, eh?

Name: Molly. People who get to know me can call me Moll!

When I first joined fanfiction: March 2010.

When I posted my first story: I actually deleted it. It was, surprisingly, a Glee (TV show] future fic. It was choppy, badly planned-out, and didn't do too well. Everyone's gotta start somewhere though, right?

Favourite fandom/s: MR is my main one, though I've been reading more HP LilyxJames fics recently than anything MR. Occasionally branch out in The Mortal Instruments, Harry Potter, and The Hunger Games. (:

Writing style: It varies! My AH fic is definitely very much humour-based, but I also like writing drabbles, like my LilyxJames one-shot Mine. Depends on what I'm writing.

About myself: I speak fluent sarcasm. Sometimes I'm real quiet, sometimes I'm real dramatic. I don't usually come across as peppy, or optimistic - I'm a pessimist, though when it comes to writing I believe there's always at least one good thing to be found. Real strong views on flaming that aren't about to change any time soon.

(: So... hey!

12/12/2010 #2
little lea valkyrie

I feel like I should go first!

Name: Lacking Stealth (Lea, please)

First Joined: February of '10.

Fist Posted a FanFic: March of '10. (It was so cheesy: a songfic about classic Fax fluff. I read it over and either laugh or wince, but I keep it up because it's a good example of my growth.)

Favorite Fandoms: Maximum Ride and Harry Potter (I'm a convert. I love Lily/James fics.)

Writing style: My sentences have become long and flowy after NaNoWriMo. I think my strong points are in description and dialogue. I can't so suspense well, in my opinion.

About Me: I've been writing forever, but I really fell in love with it in fourth grade. I will tell you neither my name or my age, but I live in the US in the Central Time Zone, so the times that I'm on FanFiction are based accordingly. I want to get my name out there and write something that makes people feel afterwards. I want people to read a story or book by me and sit back and feel satisfied by the ending.

Something random: I have worm-ophibia. I hatehatehate worms and their slimy, slippery, wiggly-ness. Also, I have a dog. He turned six years old in April, and he's a German Shepherd/Lab mix. (Essentially, a Lab with a Shepherd's coloring.) His name is Meatball and I love him to bits.

12/12/2010 #3

Name (nickname?): I'm Not A Leprechaun, and you can call me Leprechaun.

When you first joined fanfiction: Can't remember exactly, sometime during the summer holidays.

When you posted your first story: Ditto.

Favourite fandom/s: Max Ride, Harry Potter, Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, Skulduggery Pleasant, Artemis Fowl

Writing style: I like writing descriptions and humor. Especially humor, although I haven't posted any humor fanfics yet.

About yourself: Well, as I'm sure you've realized, although I am Irish, I am not a leprechaun. I love reading and writing and I'm working on a humor novel right now. I wrote it, read it over, and then realized half of it didn't make sense and the plot was too complicated, so I'm rewriting it from scratch. I have a Lab I love, who is four and still as hyper as ever.

12/13/2010 #4
Nicolette May Summers

Name (nickname?): Nikki

When you first joined fanfiction: April 28th, 2010, I believe. It was ten days before my birthday.

When you posted your first story: I can't totally remember. It's a bit fuzzy but perhaps around ... say, May 1st or 2nd?

Favourite fandom/s: Maximum Ride, Hunger Games, Vampirates, Virals, Savvy, etc.

Writing style: I love writing romance fics. Humor fics are another personal favorite, however romance takes the cake in this category. My weak points are descriptiveness. Yikes, that's a super weak point.

About yourself: Well, for starters, I am a huge animal lover. I have a three-year-old Chinchilla, two dogs--a black lab named Ellie, 10 years old, born on St. Patrick's Day; a Great Pyraneese, white lab mix named Raegan, she's about 9 months old, born in an unknown time--I used to have a hamster (Angel, 3 years old, deceased, owned by my sister, born who knows when, died the day after the 4th of July. So ... the 5th of July), a dog (Max {also known as Maximus}, a Shih-Tzu/Poodle mix, 4 years old, deceased, had epilepsy [crazy seizures], born January 23, 2006, died March 3, 2010), another dog (Zoey, who knows how old that evil little dog was, who knows when her birthday was, who knows when she died, she was crazy and bit everything in her path [INCLUDING PEOPLE!], deceased by now [but unknown whether or not that is the case, though is evident, considering she was at least 9 when we gave her up to the Pound {no one wanted her. Surprise, surprise. Hint the sarcasm}, and that was nearly 9 years ago so ... probably deceased.]), Squeakers (Oh God, why do I even bother? I owned this thing [guinuea pig] ten years ago), another guinuea pig, forgotten the name though ... wow that's sad. But we DID only own it for like, how long? A month? Yeah ... it got sick. We returned it to the pet store ...

And one more animal. Well, not really but ... three hermit crabs. They're names .... who the heck really knows, you know? They were REAL hermit crabs, NOT the ones you get from pet stores. The ones that you get off the side of the road in Florida kind.... yeah, they resorted to cannibalism in their final days. MY hermit crab (out of my brother's crab and my sister's, lasted the LONGEST out of the three. AND it was the smallest.) died last. It at the other ones. I swear, only the claws of my sister's were left. NOTHING ELSE [aside from the shell]. Same with my brother's. The only difference, only ONE claw was left. Holy Shudder Island!

Anyways, most of my family hails from Europe. I am twenty percent Irish and lovin' every minute of it (except for being 13 and only 5' 3 and a quarter inches. My fam also comes from Czech, Slovakia, Romania, Norway, Turkey, Italy (Like, ONE PERCENT), France, and a bunch of others that hardly count because of the small percentage I gain from them.

My dad works for Best Buy and is on the Geek Squad. I'd die if he drove me around in that thing...ugh.

I have natural born talent in basketball, soccer, volleyball, tennis and a bunch of other sports ... but I kicked aside all of them (except for soccer), and joined cheerleading. And it IS a sport!

I also have natural born braniac-ness from both my braniac parents.

My dad: Computer and math smarts (Also gained: Spelling and Grammar smarts [oh, and the ever lovely common sense smarts {I swear, my sense in that category is WAY sharper than normal people's}])

My mom: Math ... Grammar ... strength ... cook-of-awesomeness ... girl power ... "pretty" big, blue eyes ... and that's pretty much it. Oh! And basically most of her looks. Not her height ... yet.

And that's about it. I tend to ramble, too so ... yeah. I have OCD, ADHD, and ... a SUPER extremely mild case of scholiosis and another SUPER extremely mild case of dyslexia. Can't tell right from left ... glance at things and get confused at what they say .... ugh. Not my idea of a GREAT life. Ah well .... I ramble so ... there ya go!

12/15/2010 #5

Name: You can go ahead and call me Hunter ^.^

When you first joined fanfiction:

March 1, 2010.

When you posted your first story:

I actually deleted my first I don't remember :3

Favourite fandom/s:

Maximum Ride, Percy Jackson, Chaos Walking, Artemis Fowl, and a few others I'm too lazy to put down :P

Writing style:

I suppose I write like authors such as Rick Riordan and James Patterson (before he went all crap-writing with the last 3 MR books). I write no where near as good as they do, but my style is similar. I love humor in my stories, and my favorite thing to write is action. I have trouble including description when I write, and I'm working on that. I do love sentence fragments though. To death. And, commas ;D

About yourself:

I've written this 'about yourself' so many times now XD I usually write this long, stupid description that no one ends up reading, so I'll keep it nice and short here :D I'm obsessed with commas, chickens, and cows. Don't ask why, because I don't know. I love to read and write, but I suppose most of us here do too XD I'm crazy and insane most of the time, and I love to laugh, though I haven't been doing much of that lately. Hmm, I can't think of anything else to add. I feel all grown-up writing like this, because usually these descriptions end up not making any sense XD So be grateful that it's 2:30am here, and that I'm just not in the mood to jump off any walls right now XD So, hi everyone :D *waves* 12/24/2010 #6

I'm Setet17(obviously not my real name sorry)

I joined fanfiction about 3 days ago(I'm too lazy to see what the date was then:/)

My favorite fandoms are Max Ride, Twilight, Hetalia crossovers, and the avengers

No first story YET( if you have any storylines you really want to see PM me and I'll try)

I write mostly action I guess. I have a few uglies story's that I might post someday. When I write I'll probably mostly do Max Ride stories.

I love animals(insects not included), I love to read and everyone says that I read really fast(I guess I do because I read all the Harry Potter books in about a week the first time I read them?), and I play Minecraft(and to those people out there who think Minecraft is a nerd thing,including my sister as she refuses to do it in public ever since I addicted her to it, I think that you shouldn't be so biased)

5/25/2014 #7
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