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The Cooper gang is retired and new Thieving gangs are taking over. Make an OC and band together to take down teh Sunderous Seven, Supernatural Six, Fierce Five, Furious Four, Terrible Three, Thunderous Two, and the Omega One
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Ok thanks to PhilE, he gave me this idea, Basically its Resident Evil Worldwide. Objective: Get to the Safe Zone and make contact with anyone there. All Nano-bot characters will be deactivated until a certain point so none of that (Besides Electricity doesn't effect Zombies anyway) Make posts realistic. If youre going to find a weapon look for it in a realistic place (i.e Military Truck, gunshops, Armory,) unless we're talking light weapons (Shotguns [Civilian variant] Pistols, Semi-Auto Rifles, Knives, etc {these may be found on dead bodies}).

Rule: Everyone must start on their own, with little ammo, a poor condition weapon, or no weapon at all. Good news is melee weapons are very abundant (within reason {I.e. No Chainsaws, or powertools}) and can be picked up or weapons can be crafted. Basically use the Super Six Armory list and Character Creation tool.

Have fun...Oh and one more thing....There may or may not be boss characters. Basic Zombie Tip: More Noise= More Zombies. Use Silent Weapons. Once again be realistic here people.

Name: (Simple Enough)

Nickname: (Be creative)


Zombie Apocalyspe Bio:

8/31/2011 . Edited 9/1/2011 #1

Name: Kaleb Kross

Nickname: Kilo

Equipment: Titanium Baseball bat, 4 9mm pistol magazines, a broken Beretta 9mm, Paper Cutter blade, US Army Issue Backpack, Small Med Kit, Zombie Survival Guide by "Zack Nooks" (Note: Actual book written by Max Brooks. For a ficitonal guide its pretty legit.)

Special Facts: Can Run silently and is a proficient Parkour Specialist. Carries Deactivated Plasmatic Nano-Bots that were disabled during an EMP wave

Appearance: A Black and White Boxer that is decently built and often wears a Black Duty cap. He is always seen with a Phoenix necklace. He is often seen wearing loose Cargo shorts/pants and a Camo T-shirt (Camo often varies)

Zombie Apoc Bio: Kaleb has been alone since the beginning of the Zombie Quarantine. He barely made it out of New York before the US Military forces closed it down. To make matters worse, they utilized a tactical nuke to cleanse the city. Kaleb received no radiation but the EMP burst knocked his bots offline. Afterwards he slipped into unconsciousness and woke up a couple of hours later in a house he crashed in. Realizing he was ok he started scavenging food and supplies. While in the house he found a pistol, 4 mags for it, a baseball bat, and a paper cutter. After securing his gear, he saw a book on Zombie survival. Even if it was fake back then it was real now, and the boxer needed all the help he could get. He stowed it in his pack and gave a slight tug on his Duty Cap and headed out of the house and into the Zombie Wasteland.


Kaleb silently used the PC Blade and caved a cat's head in. He wiped off the blood using the cat's shirt and stowed it in a makeshift sheath on his pack. Kaleb had been by himself for 3 hours now and he had seen and destroyed seven lames so far. He had to find a way to get the bots back online. He thought about going to the military, bt they'd kill him and utilize him to make something that would cause worse problems. "Hmmm....BanditNet should still be active. I could probably get a message out on that."

(note: Everyone MUST Start off by themselves. You can meet up eventually but not quickly.)

9/1/2011 #2
Fuzzy Teeth

Name: Alan Dunes

Nickname : Kicks

Equipment: Fire axe, Steel-Toed Boots, Worn out Remington 1100 (it jams occasionally), 7 packs of 12 gauge shells, Knapsack, Home-mad pipe bomb, and small Swiss army knife.

Special Facts : Proficient in Pakour, but excels in climbing quickly.

Appearance : African Wild Dog, spotted brown, orange, and black he has a medium build, but more on the slim side. He is seen wearing cargo pants/shorts, climbing boots, and muscle shirts. The tip of his left ear is chipped. Wears a gas mask, but when no on it hangs off the top of his head.

Zombie Apoc Bio: Alan quickly joined a group after the beginning of the Quarantine. His group quickly feel to the zombies, himself caring on. Making his way out of New York, he was barely out of the range of the Tactical nuke the US military forces used to wipe the city clean. He found a abandoned military base. After searching it, he found it mostly clean expect for some canned goods and a leftover worn out Remington and shells for it. He also found a Gas mask inside, and not knowing if the outbreak was airborne or not, took it with him. Gathering every he could in his knapsack, he set off into the wasteland, searching for life, knowing there was power in numbers.


Pulling the fire axe out of a Gorilla's head with a wet squish, Alan looked around, seeing if any other zombie were still stalking him. Seeing none he head onward into the town. Coming across a market he headed inside looking for supplies. Heading for the canned goods section he saw the rows still had some cans on it. Beans. All beans. Alan chuckled to himself quietly. Quickly he stuff the cans into his knapsack, he headed towards the exit of the store. He stopped dead in his tracks when he heard a silent moaning from the checkout center. Seeing about 7 zombies he grimaced. Slinging his shotgun off his back he crouched and started towards the stumbling zombies. once he got close enough he knew the shotgun would hit its mark he slammed his foot against the floor. The zombies quickly spun round seing there prey. But the one closet to Alan lost its head soon as it turned round. In rapid succiosn he took another three down, ejecting the shells outward.

But as we know, Fate is a bitch. The Remington decided to lock up. Cursing loudly as he slung the gun back to his back, he whipped out he axe low, taking the approaching zombie's head off.Turning the blade round he caught another on his back-swing. The last zombie lunged at Alan grabbing him. Alan quickly reacted elbowing the zombie backwards. With a mighty swing downwards he spilt the zombies head in half with the axe. Leaning against the counter, he caught his breath. Quickly unjamming his gun. he made his way out of the store. Hopefully, I'll find someone soon. Being alone is getting tiresome, Alan thought to himself.

9/1/2011 #3

Kaleb picked up another Baretta 9mm. "Hmmm....still poor condition. Need to find a weapons shop. They may have extra weapons and gear." Kaleb walked down the street and saw a mob of zombies. "Shit...not goin that way. Need a the mean time...I need to find a place to hunker down for the night wheen it comes."

9/1/2011 #4

Name: Jamie Vincent

Nickname: Copper

Equipment: Hes starting with a pistol with only a box of 60 bullets.

Appearance: Hes a 17 teen year old beagle. Mostly black but he has a brown ring around his eye and hes short his stomach is compeltly white. Hes small, but fast and sneeky.

Zombie Apocalyspe Bio: He was born and raised in Canada, his family was abusive, he learned how to hide out in different place, when was 17 he ran away on a bus to new york city as soon as he got there he found out about the vombies. He found an older male who took him in and helped him. He then got in some trouble and got biten. He had no choice but to kill him.

9/1/2011 #5

(Good to go)

9/1/2011 #6

Jamie sat on a roof looking over the streets, "Shit.. no where to go... I can do this." He looked around he headed to the latter, going down it."

9/1/2011 #7

Kaleb had found a house that was a two bed room house. He had already began blacking out the windows and boarding them up. He checked over the house's security and he made up his mind. "I'll spend one week here: Scavenging weapons, ammo, food, and other gear. I'll see if I cna't find any survivors." For the first time Kaleb thought about the team. " Iwonder how everyone is..."

(Alternate Universe: Kaleb and Nikki never dated, TNT never died, the kids were never born.)

9/1/2011 #8

Almost dark, if it gets dark Im so dead... Jamie thought as he ran down the street trying to be quite. He slipped into an old hotel where he was staying he locked up the door and ran up the stairs. He locked more door on the way. He got to the top, to his place. He walked in, "Tomorrow we will break into the Weapons store. We'll take what we need, okay boy." He said to his dog. He smiled, "Yeah here you go." He said, giving him the last of the tuna. "And any food we can find."

9/1/2011 #9

Kaleb had stumbled ona wifi connection in hte town that was well outside the range of the blast. "Good...let's see if we can't find a weapons shop, and food store here." He opened up the browser and searched for stores in Fairbanks, NJ. He found a list: A gun Pawn shop, a food market, and a wal mart. "Hmmm...wal marts a no go. Everyone and their brother will be there. The gun shop could have been looted but I'm just looking to fix this pistol...and the food mart...could have some canned good left. So...the pawn shop and food mart...tomorrow." He headed downstairs towards the basement. He closed the door slightly and turned ona flashlight.

9/2/2011 #10

Jamie got out his camra, fliming the sun go down. "No surviver's yet." He turned the carma to himself. "No food, for me tonight. Tomorrow Ill get some more. Along with guns. Ammo. That is if they down get me tonight." He closedthe carma. Closed up the windows, turned off all lights. He layed on the matress he had pulled off the bed and had his gun in his hand. He had a hand on his dog too. He soon fell asleep.

9/2/2011 #11

Kaleb's eyes snapped open as his watch vibrated. He looked at it. "0815 hrs. 13 hours of Daylight remaining." Kaleb got up and popped open a can of spam and cracked open a bottle of water. He poured an energy supplement in the water and started to guzzle down the stuff. "Elugh....delightful." He muttered. He picked up his zPod. It was a variation of an iPod that Kaleb had crafted solely for zombie purposes. He locked the music feature on it and left others: I-Detection app, a GPS app, and Inventory list. "Ok..." He started to suit up. He looked out the door and saw no contacts. "Let's go."

9/2/2011 #12

Jamie got up, he looked around, one bottle of water. He poured some for Mika (His dog, which is a doberman pinscher) He drank the rest himself. He grabbed his gun, "Not going to come back here. Change every week. Sorry girl, I know you like it here." Jamie grabbed his backpack. He sighed, it had cloths in it, thats it. He opened the door, "Stay close girl." He said, his gun locked as he walked down the stairs.

9/2/2011 #13

Kaleb pulled out his PC Blade and looked at the zPod on his arm. He was 3 city blocks out from the food mart. " contacts yet."

9/2/2011 #14

Mika walked beside Jamie, close. "First weapons store." Jamie said as he jogged down the street, he saw some zombies andhe they say him, "Shit!" He yelled shooting at them. "Run Mika. Go!" He turned and ran acrossed the street turned a corner and there were over one hundred Zombies. Jamie fell over. He got up quick and ran down the streets. Even though he knew, no one was out there, he screamed, "Somebody help me! Anybody." He ran, Mika way infront of him. "Mika here." He ran down back lane to a different street.

9/2/2011 #15

Kaleb ran the PC through a Zombie's midsection and stomped his head in and made his way inside the market. As he walked inside the smell of rotting fruit and meat slapped him. "Ewww....let's just grab the can goods and go." He found a shopping cart and held his PC blade out.

9/2/2011 #16

Jamie ran down the street as face as he could. He turned the corner to see the food market, he looked back seeing them coming after him, he slipped and fell, ripping up his arm. "Shit," But he kept moving he ran into the store and let Mika in he then grabbed a rod and put it through the doors so they could get in. The smell was horrible. "Hello! An fucked up monsters in here?" He yelled looking around. He looked at his arm, "Good goin..." He headed to get son rfood.

9/2/2011 #17
Fuzzy Teeth

After climbing up a pole on the side of a building, he went to the edge of the building to get a better look a the city. IN the distance he swore he heard something, but put it off as zombies making noise. He jumped down to a lower building, Walking towards the west. He needed to find some shelter for the night.

9/2/2011 #18

Kaleb heard someone come in. Shit....this isn't good. Kaleb loaded up a few more cans and water and heard more movement. Damn...sounds like more than one. Gotta get outta here. He grabbed the cart and slipped out the back door.

9/2/2011 #19

Jamie watched down the hallway, "Good get all the food we can find girl." He said, looking over at Mika. He went to the foods, Looks like someones been here. Jamie looked around, "Hello!? Anyone there!?"

9/2/2011 #20

Kaleb loaded the extra food in his bag and grunted in exertion. "Gonna need to do a drop off." He said as he made his way back to the house.

9/2/2011 #21

Jamie packed his dag full, he grabbed some beer too. "Good to go." He put it all in a extra bag he had. He could canned goods and chips. Stuff like that, he got water as well. "Off tot he gun store." He went out the back.

9/2/2011 #22

Kaleb dropped the food off and headed back out immediately. There was one Lame in front of the house and it growled at him. Kaleb sneered and took the PC Blade to the lame skull. He wiped the blade off and put another tic mark on it. 8. He walked down to the weapons shop and looked inside. He saw a shotgun in a good condition and the very thing he was looking for. "Yes..." He quickly headed inside. He picked up the Benelli M4 shotgun. He also found some holsters and slung the shotgun in it. "ok cool." He found the repair station and took out the pistols. He took them apart whcih took about 15 minutes and then put them together. He inspected the Beretta 92fs and slipped in the magazine and picked up several boxes of 9mm ammo and 8 extened magazines. He also found one of box of 12 gauge ammo and put 5 rounds in the shotgun. He heard something outside the gun shop which sounded like a dog. Zombie Dogs? What is this CoD Zombies?!

9/3/2011 #23

Mika barked loudly at a dead Zombie, "Mika its dead! Come on girl." Jamie walked in and saw Kaleb, pointing his gun at him. "You don't look as bloody as the others." Mika growled at him, barking.

9/3/2011 #24

Kaleb had the Benelli beared on Jamie. "Not a zombie. Just a guy trying to survive." He pumped the shotgun. "You realize that if we have a shootout we'll have more zombies than neither of want or can handle. about I just walk out of here nice and easy, and you cna take whatever you want. I got what I needed."

9/3/2011 #25

"Dude, I've been looking for anyone. Mika, and I have no where to stay." Jamie said, "Im Jamie, you can all me Copper." He reached out his hand.

9/3/2011 #26

Kaleb looked at him and the dog. Another survivor could help strengthen things. "All Jamie. You can come with me. But if this is some kind of setup I will find you and leave you as zombie bait." He smirked. "Now all threats aside get what you need and let's go. You got 10 minutes."

9/3/2011 #27

"Got some food." He said, "And water. But no set up." Jamie smiled. Mika barked, not meanly now but more happy. "This is Mika." He said smiling. He then turned to get ammo, he got a shot gun, tons of ammo. And a rifle, "I got all I need." He put it in the bag and then grabbed more ammo.

9/3/2011 #28

"Good...cuz i was running low on water. I got plently of food between the 3 of us." He said safing his Benelli and he grabbed a sling for it. He also found a Beretta M9 and another holster for it and slipped it in. He was about to head out the front when he heard a large thud. "The hell was---"


Kaleb ducked behind a wall and told Jamie to do the same. As they hid, a large shadow casts itself through the window. Kaleb looked over a little more and he became breathless. It was a mix of a bear and a wolf. "My God....." He motioned to Jamie to move silently out the back. Kaleb crouch walked past the counter and opened up the back and pulled out his PC Blade he walked out and held the door open for Jamie and Mika. "Let's go."

9/4/2011 #29

"Wait." Jamie grabbed his arm. "Mika, get 'em." Mika slipped away slowly, "Watch this." Jamie said. "YO! THING!" Jamie jumped on the counter He smirked.

It looked at him, growling loudly. Mika jumped out at the thing, grabbing its neck. She then crawled up its side biting the back of its neck, yanking up. Making it fall over, Jamie grabbed a knife running out and jumping on the thing, stabbing it in the heart, and for good measure, slitting its thoat. He cleaned the knife on the ground, smirking, "Im not a total lose." Jamie said smirking, "Good girl Mika," I said throwing her a treat. She happily caught it in her mouth.

9/4/2011 #30
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