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We've got some crazy amounts of talent in this fandom. Why not collaborate?
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Beyblade Community Project

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What is the Beyblade Community Project?

The BCP (as it's known by the cool kids) is a giant collaborative, improvisational fan fiction with a different author contributing a new chapter every week.

In order to pull this off we need your help.

Why should I get involved?

There are a million reasons why you should contribute but, in the interests of space, your attention span and a desire not have my fingers fall off from too much typing I've condensed it down to a three key reasons.


This project offers you a chance to be part of an ongoing fan fiction without any commitment. Do you know what that means? Literally anything can happen. If you've always wanted to dress Kai in a tutu or have Tyson go on a hunger strike but never wanted to deal with the fallout now is your chance. Also, half of the fun of these kind of things is finding out where other people will take what you've written... Which brings me rather neatly to my second point:


Believe it or not, as a community we've all got a lot in common (Shocking, right?). We all love Bey and we all choose to express that love by writing fan fiction about them. Imagine what else we have in common? Use this as an opportunity to meet fellow fans. Who knows? You might even find a few new friends.

Readers and Reviews

Who doesn't want more readers? The more readers you get, the more chance someone might grace your inbox with a review. And that's a cause we can all get behind. Reviews are awesome. By contributing a chapter you'll be getting your name out there and exposing yourself to more readers and more potential reviewers. When you contribute a chapter you'll be credited and BCP will add you to its favourite authors list so readers, blown away by your amazing literary skills, can find you and your stories easily.

How do I get involved?

We'll be creating a discussion board whenever a new chapter is posted, asking for an author for the next chapter. It's first in, best dressed so if you read the latest chapter and think 'I could do something with this' there really is no time like the present. Post in the discussion board and claim that chapter as yours.

Once you've claimed a chapter you've got a week to write it! We're looking for around 2000 words per chapter but that's just a rough guideline, so go wild. When you've written the chapter simply email it to us (You can find our email address in our profile) with a brief synopsis and list of things you think might be relevant for future authors. Your friendly moderators will read over it to check for any pesky typos and compliance with the rules (see below) before we post the chapter and let the public bask in your glory.

Even better, you can write more than one chapter! Just so long as they're not consecutive you can write as many chapters for a BCP story as you want! (Though, to give new authors a chance you must wait a few days to claim if you're a repeat customer)

The Rules

-Have fun.

If you're not enjoying yourself you're doing something wrong.

-No pairings

We want to keep this open to EVERYONE and pairings are where lines tend to get drawn.

-No OCs

With so many people involved it's best to stick with what we all know. OCs can become involved in bit parts as needed but let's try and stick to canon characters (God knows there's enough of them)

-You cannot ignore what has gone on before

As with regular improvisations, things work better when ideas are first proposed then built upon rather than being shut down. That means that should Max turn out to speak fluent Klingon in one chapter he must continue to have this talent in later chapters. There are no bad ideas, just hilarious ways to shoehorn random tangents into a coherant plot. We will be creating a thread that keeps track of the key points and random details to make things a little easier to keep track of :)

-Have fun

Post in the forum, get to know the people around you and, above all else, ENJOY YOURSELF!

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