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A few weeks ago, I floated the idea for the BCP to have another story other than Colour My World. Most people seemed to like the idea SO now the question is- WHAT STORY? And also, who wants to write the first chapter?

I was thinking, maybe a humour fic? Thoughts? Opinions?

EDIT: New story has been decided on and begun. This forum is being re-purposed for discussion about Firelight and where the plot is heading

1/20/2011 . Edited 2/13/2011 #1

Humor sounds like a nice switch from my usual, maybe something friendship also.

Something else I thought might be interesting was a crime fic. I've been reading a few of those lately and their quite interesting and I couldn't help but imagine how awesome that would be to have one written by a whole group of people. It might get a little complicated but it would be too interesting to see how that one turned out, with so many opinions on who's behind what and why. Just putting it out there.

2/2/2011 #2

I -love- crime fiction.

I tend to swing wildly between Angsty-McAngstastic and Humouriffic. But I've never done a crime fic before it could be fantastic! Could it be a murder? Can we kill Robert?

2/2/2011 #3
I'm so with you on the murder thing, there just aren't enough of those fics around. Yes yes! lets kill Robert! [maybe I'm getting too excited about this.]
2/3/2011 #4

Totally not getting too excited. This could be awesome!

Pertinent Questions:

AU? Or shoehorned into canon?

Serial killer or just poor, dead Robert?

Detectives? Forensic specialists-with-highly-questionable-field-qualifications? Lawyers?

*snickers* I just had a mental picture of Brooklyn as a Psychologist. It was -gold-

2/3/2011 #5

I'm guessing AU would be more appropriate and flexible.

Serial killer definitely, maybe a psychopath that would be interesting.

Detectives for sure

Psychologist Brooklyn - that is golden

what about location?

And characters? I'm thinking Detective Hiro in glasses and a trench coat.

2/4/2011 #6
Beyblade Community Project

Psychopaths are my pet characters! I love going in their psychology and why they do the things they do (in this case horribly murder people XD)

Hmmm location. I'm all for Japan just because that's where the series is based. Or we could just base it in Mystery City #0012 because no matter where we put it we're going to have an implausible number of foreigners chillaxing around the joint.

Detective Hiro sounds amazing on all levels! Umm... other character ideas... (It occurs to me that the 'Story so Far' forum will have to be much more organised with cast list, clues list etc etc to keep up with everything hmm.... tricky...)

Snotty-Nepotism-is-great-Dectective - Kai?

Chief o' police - Voltaire (Just because it amuses me to have him in some legitimate power)

Gopher - Kevin

These are all just suggestions. I'm thinking just add characters as necessary and people can pick and choose their favourites because it's an AU and anything goes?

EDIT: I'm absolutely terrible at remembering to switch accounts XD It's Panda

2/5/2011 . Edited by PandaPjays, 2/5/2011 #7

@Voltaire - dunno I've always seen him as more of a corrupt business owner type, maybe that's just me.

I like that Idea with the characters too.

ok ON TO CHAPTER 1 - Who's going to write it?

2/5/2011 #8

Would you like to write the first chapter? If not I'm all good with having a crack at it (BCP stuff means I can ignore my own fics XD)

*looks at interesting new userpic for BCP* Hm... I'm unsure if I should be worried.

2/5/2011 #9

I actually would have liked to but I cant right now [I've got my hands just a little full]. So you go ahead and take a shot at the first chapter and hopefully I'll be able to pic up on the second of third one.

About the user pic - we really should get that done shouldn't we. I had this idea of an 'all hands in' sort of thing but I feel like it's missing something, I'm thinking I'll e-mail it to you, to see if you want to maybe add something to it.

I'm finding it a little disappointing that no one new wants to claim a chapter.

2/6/2011 #10

Sure ^^ I'll whip up something (*realises that this means I have to come up with story title, summary and Story so far format as well* Gah X.x) I'm mostly worried about the story so far just because it's going to have to be able to cope with a much more complex structure than CMW. I'm thinking chapter summary and important points (like CMW) plus cast list in the first post that I'll keep adding too as the story goes on. The important points will be split into character relevant and plot relevant (clues etc). I'm also thinking maybe a section for who you think the murderer is but maybe like a link to the picture so people can't accidentally spoiler? I don't know XD It seems important that authors have an idea about who the murderer might possibly be so that we don't have one chapter hinting that it's Tyson (lol) and the next being mega-obvious that it's Miguel (Also... lol). Unless you have a better idea? I'm all ears.

I like your idea for the userpic- email it through ^^ I tried making pic wit the beyblade logo and Community Project tacked on and it turned out terrible XD So anything is good. And better than scary grey face.

I think it's disappointing as well :( But at least we've got about 5 people who're contributing. Do you have any friends who'd be interested? If not, I think I'm going to have to do a little bit of (figurative) legwork and maybe go around and leave a few reviews to put peole in a friendly state of mind before pouncing on them with BCP-awesomeness.

Though it occurs to me that in order for that to work I'm going to have to read outside of my normal genres so I can reach a wider range of authors (You may notice every single person who has contributed writes yaoi XD And out of those, 4/5 write KaRe.) I'm dreading this.

2/6/2011 #11

That seems like a pretty good way of doing things

Alright I'll e-mail it but it's just a rough sketch it still needs a lot of work, [cleaning up, inking, and possibly coloring], but I wanna add the additional bits before I do that. Plus I dont know how you wanna do the logo.

Sadly I don't but I'll try and see if I can get anyone involved.

2/7/2011 #12

oooooo *pokes sketch* You can draw hands! I'm eternally jealous that you can draw hands. -I- don't even know how I want to do the logo. Maybe just do like a big BCP in that gap on the left? Maybe? XD You decide.

*eyes burn a little* I remember why I'm normally so selective about the fanfic I read. I found this truly terrifying Kai/Tala torture/graphic sexytime fic. Eugh.

Hm... I don't know if I'm happy with how the chapter is going so far... Mostly because the main character seems to be Mariah and I'm not sure if I'm a fan of that idea... XD On the plus side, I've only written about 500 words and Detective Hiro is awesome and I've already sent Rei off to get drunk. Life is good.

2/7/2011 . Edited 2/7/2011 #13

And with a quick rewrite I may have just made Brooklyn the main character O.o Is that okay? I seem to have a thing for Brookles at the moment.

XD It was either him or Kai again and I thought we might have had enough of him in CMW. I'm just afraid that if I make Brooklyn the main character, the story will end up much more psychology-based (remember how I said psychopaths were my pet characters? Psychology (and sociology, I'm finding XD) is my pet subject) than it really should be... tricky...

Who do you think the MC should be?

I never had this issue with CMW. Hm....

EDIT: Totally just solved my problems by focussing on Robert before he meets his untimely end... And I think he's a drug lord O.o Or maybe involved in some kind of white collar crime... Art forgery? *clicks fingers* Art Forgery! Done! *scuttles off*

2/7/2011 . Edited 2/8/2011 #14

That is definitely OK. I love psycho based stories. You're right making it Kai again would be a little redundant, a change of main character definitely keeps people interested.

Robert + Art Forgery = Brilliance, I can't wait to read what you've written!!!

About the user Pic - Thank you [I can draw hands just not on people, lol how convenient.] I'll figure something out

wait hold everything, I've just had an even better idea for the user pic [at least i hope it's better] A PUZZLE!! I am so going to try that out.

2/8/2011 #15

ooo! A puzzle! Big fan, Big fan.

Once I finish writing the first chapter can I email it to you to have a look over and help me work out title/summary/everything in general? Also to tell me I don't suck? Because that would be really helpful right about now *stares at word document hopelessly* XD I vowed that I'd finish of this chapter AND work on my BryBrook AND maybe start off a new oneshot. Instead I spent my time doodling on livestream and baking muffins.

Funny how life happens. On the plus side I've got some delicious orange and poppy seed muffins ^^

2/9/2011 #16

Yeah sure that be a pretty good idea [yes!! I get first dibs on reading].

ouch!! overload, it happens to the best of us. On the bright side your muffins sound delicious.

2/9/2011 #17

Okay! Done! I've sent you an email with it attached so let me know what you think? It's only the first chapter and already the cast list is pretty damn involved. It's a little intimidating, actually. Though let me know what you think ^^

*snuggles down to go to bed* (P.S. Reply to this post and we will officially have overtaken the 'Yaoi curse, or blessing?' forum to be 8th place out of all of the beyblade discussion forums. Yay!

2/11/2011 #18

I love it, absolutely LOVE it. Reading that just made my day, So here is the summery I have come up with:

'Wise men say that "On wrongs swift vengeance waits." He has been wronged, and he wants his revenge. When detective Hiro Granger finds himself a case, it's not one easy to be solved, and with his team of abstract investigators he rises to the challenge to track the man who vows to take his the light of the burning flames.'

I hope it works, I'd don't mind if you tweak up a little. I like the casting, it's really interesting, though I'd say its a little too soon to guess who it is.

I actually like the title, though I guess it does remind of twilight a bit [I hate those stories]. Maybe something like 'feeding the flame' or 'by the light of the fire' i don't no something to that effect.

I love the way you did Mariah!!! Normally she is my least favorite character, but you really made me love her. Plus I'm getting images of Tyson sitting at a desk with his feet kicked up mocking Hiro and I'm liking it, this could turn out better than I expected, I so want to writ the next chapter.

@ p.s. - YAY!!!

2/11/2011 #19
Beyblade Community Project

^///^ I'm glad you like it. I've posted it now so we'll see what happens with that.

I tweaked the summary a little just so it could fit into the character count (And fit 'A Community Project' on the end) but it's excellent. I fail hardcore at summaries XD I always end up saying something that makes sense in my head but leaves everyone with absolutely no clue as to what the story's about.

I decided to stick with Firelight. It's easy to remember and it's nice and ambiguous. (I also think I've got an obsession with fire XD But it's so prettyy)

I actually really like Mariah. As long as pairings take her nowhere near Rei she's one of my favourite characters XD Hell, I think in reality they're all my favourite characters. I don't think there's a single character in Bey that I actively don't like. But Mariah's near the top of the favourites list. She's got all the strength and fire of Hilary but goes about it in a gentler way. I like that. XD And the idea of her getting excited by dead bodies just makes me lol.

2/11/2011 #20

Good - firelight sounds better to me to, its more catchy.

2/12/2011 #21

*snuggles down for a nap*

I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the next chapter. Personally, I'm hoping Tala shows up. (I tried to get him into the first chapter but it would have gone on too long XD I almost didn't add Kai in)

Loving the hands picture. I'll change BCPs userpic to that soon so that at least we don't have the scary grey face anymore.

Also- I see you've updated Behind the Mask! It occurs to me that I was a horrible person and despite meaning to review your last two chapters (down to clicking on and opening the review box and everything) it just... didn't happen. Sososo sorry. I'll review this time- Promise.

2/13/2011 #22

@ Tala - I plan to put him in there, hopefully it won't get too long on me though, I have plans. I've got like half the chapter written out [i don't even know how that happened on second I was staring at a blank word document panicking and the next I had like 900 words written out.]

@ Userpic - Thank you, glad it works.

@ Behind the Mask - don't worry about it.

2/14/2011 #23

Damn....I'm so out of the loop it's like I'm in a seperate galaxy system.

Anyways...might I offer up some ideas for Voltaire and Tala?

I personally find the idea of Voltaire as the chief of the crime thingie awesome. Maybe a corrupt crime chief, leading all of them in circles 'cuz he's with the pyro-serial-killer-guy? Just think about all the places that could take the story to....

And Tala - on Tyson's team?

(completely random...the pyro-serial-killer-guy sounds like my dream-Axel....from KH. Pathetic? Completely. I'm so friggin' obsessed with fanfic it's not funny anymore. I mean, ideas pop up even in PE, which has got to be the most boring and most uninspiring class in the world.)

2/18/2011 #24

O.o What's your galaxy like? Is it full of pretty stars?

XD I always found PE to be great for inspiration. If only because I disliked it so much I ended up thinking about -anything- to get my mind off it. :) Then I became a senior and didn't have to do it anymore. And NOW I laugh at the thought of having to move in any way that resembles being energetic. Life is good.

I'm hoping that -someone- picks up Firelight soon. I wanna know what happens next. I'm interested to know what the ID card is all about and I wanna keep watching how Hiro's team interact. Because they mostly don't talk/meet in the series I thnk it's going to be really interesting to see what happens between them all.

3/7/2011 #25

Not 'pretty', per se... More along the lines of giant and red. Eh.

I only need one more year of PE...then I'm done with it for the rest of my LIFE!! *cheering*

I might take chapter 3 for Firelight, if I can finish IWLY before late April/early May.

3/7/2011 #26
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