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Maya Sushi

Freakin' do it man! I'll have to start paying you if you're right! It's just too awesome.

Mmmmm... I've had so many random injuries in my life I don't even feel it when I step on bees anymore. I don't think I ever wear shoes outside if it's not wintertime. This one time, my best friend Kelcie was on the other side of the yard, and I wanted to sneak up on her, so instead of risking crossing the open yard, I just went through our woods, and I stepped on like everything that could possibly hurt my feet on the way. You name it. I was all bloody and swollen but you know what, I totally scared her! Like twenty minutes later! I don't remember what she was doing over there for so long, but thank god she was taking such a long time at it!

12/13/2010 #31
S.N. Rainsworth

And the woods, huh? I remember when there was this huge jungle-like place in my backyard, and I would literally go in there and sleep there, just looking at the stars or sharing stuff with my little sister.

Annie -- You're shy, but you know how strong you are inside. You've got a cheery personality, a bright smile, a tendency to get angry sometimes but that's what makes you -- you! And you love to cherish the little things in life, you wouldn't change anything right now, you feel happy and grinning like an idiot - and you also have a soft side that has a weakness for crying people. :) Am I right in any way?

12/13/2010 #32
Harp Strumming Choirboy

Know what you mean~ I walk barefoot all the time.

Even in the winter, actually.

My mom tries to make me wear slippers outside, though. -_-

12/13/2010 #33
S.N. Rainsworth

Slippers? What's the fun in that? D:

I love walking barefoot. There's this meadow right behind the jungle in my backyard, and it has sunlight all the time - I feel like it's enchanted or something, y'know? Sometimes I even sleep on the grass with my dad. It's so peaceful, I fell in love with it.

12/13/2010 #34
Harp Strumming Choirboy

... for the most part, yes.

How I would describe myself is...

Easy to anger, Violent, I hate being ignored or treated as 'inferior', I start crying if I see anyone else crying, I'm usually smiling a lot and rather optimistic but I also worry a lot, If I had to change one thing... it would probably be the fact that we have no money whatsoever and that my sister would pay attention to me more, I get really excited over little things and cherish them, I'm usually the one to cheer someone up... or at least the only one trying if no one else is, I am very shy, but i'm rather blunt and rather... brave-- i'd say.

another random thing, I once had a dream I bit someone's thumb off... defending my mother-- I think...

Which is weird, because she's missing half her left thumb. o.o

12/13/2010 #35
S.N. Rainsworth

I was right! [For the most part anyways, but it still makes me happy like you've never seen :D ]

...My dad has a scar over his left eye. The skin is all white. But he still looks like my daddy. :)

12/13/2010 #36
Maya Sushi

The only reason I ever where shoes is because I get yelled at so often :/ , my mother just doesn't understand my hatred for things on my feet.

I DESPISE slippers most of all. I do! They're horrible!

I think I have that condition where you randomly fall asleep at times and you don't realize it, because I wake up in weird places all the time. Like out in the yard a lot, or against my kitchen window, or on the kitchen floor, or under my bed, or on my living room floor. And sometimes I don't even remember going there! Let alone falling asleep.

12/13/2010 #37
S.N. Rainsworth

That doesn't happen often to me, maybe once in a blue moon :/

I sleep mostly in grass, the sofa, the futon, and under the coffee table in the living room. I have carpeting, so it's seriously nice there.

In fact, I think you could just say I'll fall asleep in any area that is warm and soft. Any area at all. Seriously, I fell asleep on my mom once just because she was there and I was super tired and she was warm :) I was ten, I think, and my dad labeled it as a 'kodak' moment.

12/13/2010 #38
Maya Sushi

My daddy's got some intense scars on his legs, he had to have these big bolts holding his bones in place, and they were like, an inch in diameter, and he's got circle scars from them. They're actually pretty intense.

...randomly on the subject of scars and the like, I get told that this is odd often. But I LOVE scars.

12/13/2010 #39
Harp Strumming Choirboy


I almost never sleep in my own bed-- usually in my mommy's.

Is that odd?

Heh, heh...

12/13/2010 #40
Harp Strumming Choirboy

mmm, my mom has a few scars..

Like, once, she was riding her bike, then she hit something, the curb, I think, and she flew over a fence, cutting her chin open, then cut her leg open on a bottle of pool acid. Then.. the thumb.


12/13/2010 #41
Maya Sushi

Do YOU guys have any scars?

12/13/2010 #42
S.N. Rainsworth

Really, Maya -- you like scars? I guess I should tell you I have a big one down my face - from the middle of my temple, down my right eye, all the way to the end of my cheekbone. It's kinda...usual to me, but freaks normal people out. I got in a car accident that caused my dad to get his scar over his eye.

And Annie, it's alright to sleep in your mom's bed. :) My mom is usually out at night for her job, and I sleep on her bed because I miss her a lot, especially when she's on her important business trips. I'm sixteen, so... I even fall asleep on my mom.

I like scars too. Especially the one down my face - I think it hold the biggest significance, even if it hurts sometimes and bleeds if I scrape my face again.

12/13/2010 #43
Harp Strumming Choirboy




I've sprained both my ankles at least twice, and both of my middle fingers... at least twice.

No scars, though.

I should really draw one on, somewhere.

12/13/2010 #44
Maya Sushi

Holy Christmas Summer, that's freaking sweet! I mean... Not that you got into a car accident and got your face cut open! But for the record that totally wouldn't freak me out, I would actually think it was pretty awesome. For some reason that sounds insensitive to me, but I hope it's not! Haha!

I don't have any scars that can necessarily compare to Summer's B-A- one, as she pulled out the big guns right away, but I've got plentttttyyy of them.

OUCH! Spraining your ankles sucks, I've sprained my left ankle like a million times (really, like five) pitching. (I hear it looks really funny when it happens, as everyone starts laughing before they realize my ankles turned black, ha), and as you know, I recently broke and sprained my thumb. I didn't excactly [/shuffles feet] let that heal the way I was supposed to. I hurt it all the time and I can't move it certain ways now, because I didn't stop using it. But... Basketball season was coming! (I personally thought I was a genius, the emergency room lady was all like, "Do I have to write a note that says you can't play gym and sports?" and I was all like, "Nope! Our school just assumes that if you're hurt you're not playing!" and then I skipped out of there and into a volleyball tournament the next weekend. :) )

12/13/2010 #45
Harp Strumming Choirboy

I'm prone to sickness, so there's probably some sort of scar in my immune system?

Seriously, I get sick once a week.

Its terrible.

With the congestion, and the headaches and the..


12/13/2010 #46
S.N. Rainsworth

I KNOW! I love the thing, and my mom and dad are like, put makeup on it! Cover it up! I'm not afraid to show my scars, damn it! Don't worry, it isn't insensitive. I feel the same way you do, which is unfathomable to my parents.

I have sprained my ankle once in basketball...and I've broken my left arm twice, not counting the car accident injuries. The same bone, twice before either healed. Ahh...I'm so stupid.

Volleyball tournament? After basketball, I went straight against the nurse lady and joined the soccer team! I think that particular nurse is still pissed at me, because I didn't follow her orders to keep off my feet~! But the soccer was so fun...even if I almost broke my ankle by risking it...[didn't happen though, so that's something to think about! Hah! :D ]

12/13/2010 #47
Harp Strumming Choirboy

Fuu, I'm bored.

Nothing to read, no writing inspiration.

I can't listen to music either. [/pout]

12/13/2010 #48
S.N. Rainsworth

Why not?

12/13/2010 #49
Harp Strumming Choirboy


12/13/2010 #50
S.N. Rainsworth

Aw...want a soothing song to help you? I have one if you want.

12/13/2010 #51
Harp Strumming Choirboy

I'ma go make boredom food.

12/13/2010 #52
S.N. Rainsworth

...okay...? :)

12/13/2010 #53
Maya Sushi

oooh, I'm feelin' ya on the sick one there girl.

I've got a severely deviated septum, (I'm getting surgery on my nose soon! As soon as I can find a time period where I have a two week gap in which I'm not playing sports), Geoesophigal Reflux Disease (probably spelled that one wrong!), cough induced asthma, and irritable bowel syndrome. If someone is sick within like twenty feet of me, I've got it. (I'll probably get sick from you through the computer)

12/13/2010 #54
S.N. Rainsworth

Oh dear, Maya. How bad ARE you beating yourself up? :O

Random, but I just wrote a little snippet for the beginning of my Christmas one-shot -- you guys can read it. I can imagine how much emails Laura is getting if she has this on subscription. :)

He should have probably been inside know, with the way the weather was going.

The air was chilly, cold and brisk with the bright sun that did no justice melting the newfound ice and snow. Soft flakes had fallen the day before, piling up and laying in mounds of frozen wonder. The temperature was freezing, but he didn't mind. Snow was a very limited thing in Risembool, and so much of it was almost a miracle. The cold made his automail ache, but Edward wasn't invulnerable to beautiful things; the snow had enchanted him, and he simply had to go and see it.

The frostiness of the air bit his cheeks and made them look like they were painted with rouge; his hands and feet both felt cold, numb, automail and flesh. Winry would probably kill him for this later, but he couldn't help but sit, reveling the feeling of the softness around him.

The pond in front of him had been turned into a water reserve with a thick layer of ice on top, shavings of snow falling gently. He felt some of the frozen water fall on his nose, cheeks, and eye lashes, but he was too focused with the feeling of steadily coming nostalgia.

I love snow. :3

12/13/2010 #55
S.N. Rainsworth

And do you mean gastroesophageal reflux disease? My mom's a doctor, and she was looking over my shoulder while I was reading that -- told me to correct you.


12/13/2010 #56
Maya Sushi

Wow, behind again! Haha!

Yeah, scars are badass. I've got so many on my knees that I'm pretty sure they are permanantly a different color than the rest of my legs. And I used to have some really bad ones on my wrists from two times I fell out of trees. One I caught my wrist on a branch, literally hung there for a sec (shiver), but it wasn't that high of a fall, and the other was a super high fall (i used a ladder to get INTO the tree and climbed up from there, it's a miracle I didn't break my butt when I landed in my softball sliding position instinctively!) and it looked some animal decided to claw across my entire left arm. I felt like a cutter or something!

And recently I've found A LOT on my legs that I have no idea where they came from.

Eh, nurses have no idea what they're talking about anyway. When my thumb was broken, she was just a PA and she was looking at the X Ray pointing to the crack and going "If I use my imagination... That could be a crack." Turns out it was. Haha. What a dummy!

Food... I need some of that now that you mention it...

12/13/2010 #57
S.N. Rainsworth

...I want food too...

12/13/2010 #58
Maya Sushi

Tell her yes, thank you, that is what I meant. :)

I love your little snippet there, it's so pretty! Makes me wish I was appreciating all the snow outside of my house right now, except I'm in my room and my window is broken and I'm too cold to really do anything but wish it wasn't so snowy where I am. There's SO MUCH! And it WON'T STOP!

12/13/2010 #59
S.N. Rainsworth

She says you're welcome.

It's SNOWING over there? And you're not enjoying it? :O It's only raining like hell over here! Like nature's gotten lazy and didn't want to deal with us or something -__-

Maya, I ORDER you to go outside...tomorrow...and enjoy the snow!

That reminds me -- I have to go now, dinner then some studying before I have to go to sleep. _

12/13/2010 #60
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