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S.N. Rainsworth

I felt really bored, and I guess I just wanted to post something --Okay, so here's the deal.

Maya, Laura, and Annie, you guys have to write a one-shot -- don't worry, so will I -- while listening to what I consider one of the best musical groups of all time.

[Jeez, I sound so full of myself. Please don't tag me as someone like that -- I just really like them. And it's totally optional. You don't HAVE to do it, it's just because I was bored and I wanted to see your intake of what you think Christmas and snowfall would be like in Amestris, and how everyone would react to it. :)]

You have until Christmas to write it, on December 25th. Just to be safe, I let my little sister pick all the songs that we have to listen to ( and maybe base upon ) while writing.

[Remember, it'soptional.As in, you don't have to do it. :)]





Post the link here once you're done! :)


12/15/2010 . Edited 11/9/2011 #1
Harp Strumming Choirboy

Sounds like lots of fun. :D

12/15/2010 #2

Dear God...that song is epic. Where would I find some downloadable stuff from that group? o_o

Also...wait, are we supposed a Christmas, snow scene from that? Or just something FMA. I've never done a challenge or anything before.../noob

Because I'm not sure anything peaceful could come out of listening to that song over and over again XD

Finals update: 2 A's so far! And another one is probable, as I've ended up with a 97 before the final in psych :D But I've almost lost hope in my bio grade...shooting for a B. Grahhh

*poofs away to memorize the endocrine system*

12/15/2010 #3
S.N. Rainsworth

I..have no idea. I'm actually listening to my song and drawing manga at the same time -- it's turning out epic-ly. If that's a word. XD

Yeah, just like -- listen to it while writing the one-shot. Only listening to THAT.

[Peaceful? Who said anything about peaceful? ) ]

Nice! Got an A on my bio semi-finals. Hope you get the same luck. [Tries to rub off her luck on Laura]

(And don't forget to memorize the other four or five systems! :D)

12/15/2010 #4

*has been distracted again*

Haha of course it's a word! Don't question it ;D

Hmm that's true. You just said Christmas and snowfall and the connotation of that, to me, is peaceful...XD Whoops. Okay, I'll take that into account.

Yay! Congrats. And honestly I think it's beyond hope, it's just gonna be damage control from here on out D: Because I went to a review session, and I literally had NO idea what they were talking I understand everything they went over, but not anything else DX

Haha oh yeah, forgot about those! Ahh. This is so complicated. It's like, a semester's worth of anatomy, stuffed into two weeks D:

Anyway. Must actually leave now, or I might do bad enough to drop my grade to a C...and that'd be bad. Toodles!

12/15/2010 #5
Harp Strumming Choirboy

Are there any rules, by the way? I haven't started writing, yet.

And uh.

Someone should Update-- if they want to that is.

I'm... bored.

12/15/2010 #6
Maya Sushi

So is it a Christmas story or just any story? I'm pretty excited about seeing how all our stories turn out!

12/15/2010 #7
S.N. Rainsworth

Yup! Christmas story -- and you have to mention the contest between the four of us. Oh, and check out the new picture I drew! It has you in it, and Laura, and Annie. x3

BTW, do you guys like your songs? Did you get the link? All you have to do is click your name. :) I know Laura and I like ours. ;D

12/15/2010 #8
Maya Sushi

Hold up, I'll listen to it. I don't know why I don't just post this after I do... But... Teehee.

12/15/2010 #9
Maya Sushi

Summmerrr! You're drawwwinngg!!!! :)))

12/15/2010 #10
Harp Strumming Choirboy

To be honest, I like really sad songs that have lyrics and stuff.

If I haven't mentioned it-- I really REALLY like singing to myself, even though i probably don't have the best voice and have never taken a singing class.

I also sing in the shower. [ahem]

But i did like the beat~


I really like ColdPlay, and the Fray (sometimes, not all the time), Lifehouse is pretty awesome, Jimmy Eat World, The Cure is pretty good... uh...

Twisted Christmas?

c: I'm rambling again.

12/15/2010 #11
Maya Sushi

You are certainly not rambling, rambling is when I start to talk about music. I could talk about music for three days straight. No joke.

But I just had a super exciting moment! I... thought... OF AN IDEA! It took a lot of little random charts and lots of arrows but I finally got something together that I want to write. :) Who wants to try to beat me? Race! Muahahaha!

12/17/2010 #12
Harp Strumming Choirboy

Eh, I'm not keen to race. (hasn'teventhoughtofideayet)

Lets talk about music instead, neh?

Filth, Mudbloods, Scum!

Mudbloods and Filth, dishonoring my house.

Ah, Mrs. Black.

12/17/2010 #13
S.N. Rainsworth


Okay, I like classical music, rock, metal, hard metal, [sometimes] screamo, maybe one or two of those pop songs that sound catchy at first then get annoying so I don't like them anymore, and the only rappers I like are Eminem and Lady Sovereign.

I don't think I've met anyone else with my style of music. Maybe you guys...? It consists of those two above ^^ and Three Days Grace, Panic! At The Disco, The Fray, Lifehouse, My Chemical Romance, Two Steps From Hell, Cornerstone Clues, Backstreet Boys[ -- don't ask] many countless others I can't name, and, just to say again, Lady Sovereign. Like, seriously -- she's my favorite female artist of all time, curses like hell, hardcore rapper and feminist, and she's brave enough to admit she's openly lesbian. Of course, I'm not on the 'DARK SIDE' but I admire her courage to step forward and admit it, she's doesn't care about the media. Plus, she can diss people so bad, it's funny.

What's your music style? :3

12/18/2010 #14
Harp Strumming Choirboy

I don't really have a type of music I like, i'm not even really sure if i know all the genre's.

But, I like the older rock music like Def Leppard, NickelBack, James Blunt, Dido..

That stuff.

Bands I like are~

ColdPlay, The Fray, LifeHouse, Dido, OneRepublic, The Offspring, Rise Against.

Thats the basic gist.

12/18/2010 #15

I don't know about racing, Maya D: I haven't thought up an idea for mine yet, haha. *must get on that*

Music tastes? Oooh...I pretty much like rock stuff, mostly, I, not totally hard-core, but not always the slow and melodious stuff. Hmm, how to describe...I dunno...well, favorite bands are 30 Seconds to Mars, The Maine, All Time Low, uhhh...Breaking Benjamin, Shinedown, Jack's Mannequin...

Oh, and I love listening to Japanese music~

I got 3 A's!! And a B in bio, but I was expecting that. Yay me! And chapter 5 of Penance is halfway written, I think. As long as I don't decide to scrap I need to write that challenge thing, because it's such a great idea. But I need to be inspiiiiiiiiiiired first D: That's the hardest part...

12/18/2010 #16
Harp Strumming Choirboy

I got my idea, and I'm working on it.

I've decided it will be funny.

I don't know why, but my humor was complimented, so I'll build off of that.

I like sad love songs that make you want to cry, too, like Break Even.

But catchy all the same.

You know?

I like Japanese music too~

I like trying to sing it, but totally messing up when it gets faster.

12/18/2010 #17

Oooh can't wait to read it :D Mine is kinda calling for epic action battle scene, but then, listening to more stuff by 2 Steps from Hell, everything seems to imply epic action battle scene, so that really doesn't help much. Gahh, must listen to it againnnnnnn

I guess I like sad songs too, depending on my mood and whether I can relate them to my life. Like, if it's a sad song about your boyfriend breaking up with you, I'm like pfffffft. Because (pathetically) I've only ever had one boyfriend, for like 2 months, and *I* broke up with *him*. Jeez I feel heartless o_o BUT ANYWAY. Other sad stuff is really good. Like those songs people mentioned earlier. Fix You and Hear You Me I think? I downloaded them off iTunes and am listening to them constantly. Haha

I sing to it too! I feel like such a nerd, I copy-pasted the Japanese lyrics from the internet, and then found the best translations of all of them, and then printed them all off. Of my, like, top 20 favorite songs. So now I can sing AND know what they're saying, and teach myself some vocab~

(I'm totally not any good at it though. And some songs, like the third opening to Brotherhood, Golden Time Lover? That'd be, like, the final boss battle of the Japanese-singing video game. It's ridiculous.)

...Learning new languages is HARD D:

12/18/2010 #18
Harp Strumming Choirboy

12/19/2010 #19

Wow that's really good o_o Wish I could sing like that!

...Though, I must admit, the best part of the page was the Al background XD

12/19/2010 #20
Harp Strumming Choirboy

Al's great, isn't he? :D

12/19/2010 #21

Haha yeah! And wow, I actually got on at the same time as someone? This is amazing!

How've you been? I've been sleeping for like 14 hours every's been kinda awesome :D

12/19/2010 #22
Harp Strumming Choirboy

I'm good, my sister is actually being nice. c:

12/20/2010 #23
Maya Sushi

Before I bring the subject of music up again, IT FINALLY HAPPENED!

Well, first off, I GOT A TWO FOOT LONG SPOON! That finally happened!

But really, that ONE person who is from Malaysia and reads my stories finally messaged me! I was looking at my stats and it said that there was ONE person from Malaysia who kept coming back, and she was the only hit I've had from Malaysia, so on my profile I was like, "Yo, Malaysia lady, I love you, talk to me" 'cept not like that. Then she DID! I was like WHAT THE HELL! YES! I LOVE LIFE!

She was all like, "I think it's cool that you like Malaysia!" lol

12/20/2010 #24
Harp Strumming Choirboy



How's Rue coming?

12/20/2010 #25
S.N. Rainsworth

Oh...Maya. xD

I want to have a country that is near my name...but sadly -- nothing comes near the name Summer.

Oh, and if you see a new DeviantArt on my page, and it's BIOLOGY NOTES, please ignore it. My sister thought it would be funny to get back at me and hacked on my account, scanned by bio notes, and posted it as some of my 'Ed' pics. I WILL GET REVENGE! :O

Stupid prank war.


12/20/2010 #26
Maya Sushi

Ha ha ha hahaha.... Hahaha... Ha...

So I've been writing it (at a snail's pace mind you), but I am having some serious plot conflicts, like there's... like fifty different directions I want to take it at once. The one's I think I'm using for sure include a Kreacher speech where he lectures them mysteriously about messing with him, and they should know better, and shizzle like that. And they'll be bringing the squib into custody, but I think I'll lead up to a "The squib is gone... But so is the boy."

There's probably going to be an encounter with Voldemort soon. And I'm conisdering what Edward's first impression should be, but I've also considered some devious undercover-Ed assignment that he gives himself. That maybe ultimately ends in their first confrontation! FIGHT! WHOO! He's going to end up back with the children at some point, because pretty soon I think he'll be separating from them. I'm very conflicted about it all though. There's a lot of ways i could change it up!

12/20/2010 #27

Look, people are here~! I always get on at the off times, haha

Congrats, Maya! Hmm...are there any countries that sound like Laura...? Latvia, maybe? XD I dunno. My world geography sucks.

GRAAAH ASDLF;KJOPIQWEJRAKSDF I wish I thought up cool plots like that. That sounds, like, totally amazing. Undercover Ed? Can't wait to see what...!

...Can I ask you guys for advice for Penance? It'll kinda spoil you guys for chapter 5, but...please? DX I'm stuck

12/20/2010 #28
Maya Sushi


12/20/2010 #29
S.N. Rainsworth am I. [/sweatdrop]

I guess we;re all in the writers block room together, huh? =(


[Well, not like it's a bad thing. :)]

12/20/2010 #30
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