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Madame Apathy

You can basically do what you like. However, I will insist on these rules:

1) No godmodding. It ruins things for everyone.

2) I would prefer not to have sex scenes in the rps, as it can make others uncomfortable and I have no sure way of knowing how old the people here are. Kissing/cuddling is fine, but if the clothes start dropping off, take it to the PM. Or fade in/out. Just don't do it in here. If nothing else, it's supremely annoying for other rpers to have to read through hnd when they're trying to see what's happened in the rp since their last post. If you go too far, the mods have every right to edit/delete the posts or replace what you said with the following video:

3) If you think it might offend another rper, don't do it. If you get into an argument with someone else present, take it to PM, please.

4) Please read the rp before you jump in. Or at least go to the OOC and ask how to get involved in the plot.

12/14/2010 . Edited 4/5/2012 #1

MA idea to clarify the rules, ok they're not mine I stole them from siefer but they seemed to keep the last forum in good order.

No God moding

No harrassing other players

No killing characters that are not yours, you also may not control them in any major way without permission from their creator

Players are mostly free to do as they wish, however, certain actions will be barred and the player will be notified without penalty, for the sake of keeping the story from being ruined, however, there will be some flexibility afforded and players will be allowed to make decisions affecting how things turn out - just simply don't go killing main characters constantly and at random

No playing as canonical characters, OC's only, however under certain circumstances controlling an NPC is allowed

While players are encouraged to do as they wish and make decisions that will affect the course of events the rules are being changed slightly. You may still do as you please, and are even encouraged to come up with little twists that add to any current mission we are on, anything that will affect the story will have to be run by me first so I can decide whether or not it'll work out. Too many people doing too many things pulling in too many different directions can really ruin things so we'll try and keep that to a minimum.

12/14/2010 . Edited 9/19/2011 #2
Madame Apathy

That's fine. Just shoved the first post up to edit later.

One more rule: Mary-Sues will be shot. Survivors will be shot again.

12/14/2010 . Edited 12/14/2010 #3

Agreed XD and if they're still alive well we'll think of something.

12/14/2010 #4
Madame Apathy

If they're still alive, we'll throw them to twitards. :P

12/14/2010 #5
If they're still alive, yell "Witch!" and burn them at the stake.
12/14/2010 #6
Madame Apathy

And if they're still alive... fetch me musket. :P

12/14/2010 #7
Luna Goddess of the Night

Hmmm...I might be able to get in on this Rp, if that is acceptable.

1/24/2011 #8
Madame Apathy

Sure, go ahead. :)

1/24/2011 #9
Luna Goddess of the Night

The only GTA I've played is Vice City, though. Does this Rp follow a certain game?

1/24/2011 #10
Madame Apathy

Nope. It ranges through different games. Could I just direct you to the OOC chat, please?

1/24/2011 #11
Luna Goddess of the Night

Yes, sorry about that. I agree to the rules. There. Now when I get a chance, a character will be created. Just not now.

1/24/2011 #12
Madame Apathy

Great! Look forward to rping with you. :)

1/24/2011 #13

i accept

4/15/2013 #14
Distant Keeper

What if we throw the Mary Sues to the bunnies?

12/23/2013 #15

You still living?

6/8/2014 #16
Madame Apathy

We are indeed. :)

6/9/2014 #17


6/9/2014 #18

I accept these rules

2/5/2016 #19
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