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Exactly what it says on the tin. RP in a world where drug stashes are worth millions and your soul's worth a dime.
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Madame Apathy

Stick your character up. Once you've been approved, jump into the rp.

Full Name:







Important info(optional):


12/14/2010 . Edited 12/15/2010 #1

Name: Lacey Stewart

Age: 18

Nickname (Optional):

DOB (Optional):

Personality: Outgoing, charasmatic, party animal, clever

Bio: Lacey grew up rich, getting everything and anything she wanted. So now even though she is underage, she still gets into all the hottest clubs and gets served alcohol because of who her father and mother are.

Appearance: About 5'7, pale skin, green eyes, full lips, and an hourglass figure. She has long fiery red hair that falls halfway down her back. She is always dressed to party, wearing the hottest trends.

Favorites (Cars, weapons, radio stations etc)(Optional):

Significant other/relationships (Optional):

LCPD Database (Recorded offenses) (Optional):

Roleplay: Club

12/14/2010 #2
Madame Apathy


12/14/2010 #3

Full Name:Stone Sanders



Bio:Con-man dad, poor life, learned parkour, lockpicking yada yada Im gettign lazy this is like the 3rd time

Appearance:Long black hair pulled back in a ponytail, White sports jacket, white pants, red fancy shirt, black loafers

Personality:Quiet, sneaky, Doesn't take crap, smart, plans, cunning

Personal Effects:Lockpicking, hotwiring, parkour (Im guessing thats what this section is)

Important info(optional):

Roleplay:None created yet

12/14/2010 #4
Madame Apathy


Do you guys want to start the rps afresh or just continue on?

12/14/2010 #5

Start a new one. I kinda got bored of the FRWL

12/14/2010 #6

Mouse just to let you know Club scene is dead it is gone and never coming back. A new forum desrves a new world so I'll start a brand new rp it'll be up when I finish this campagin speech.

12/14/2010 #7
Madame Apathy

Got it. Any preference what we do?

12/14/2010 #8

Name: Vladim Ekomov

Age: 36

Nickname (Optional):

DOB (Optional):

Personality: Grim, merciless, unpredictable, desires wealth and power.

Bio: Vladim grew up to a poor family in Russia, it did not take him long to become a thief. At 15 he was put into prison for stealing and there he joined the Russian mob. He became a contract killer murdering three men in prison and once he had been released he murdered two more men. At 20 he was arrested for his sixth murder upon his release, he left Russia and moved into Bulgria. He spent 2 years in Bulgaria before he moved back to Russia. He was busted during an arm robbery of a bank and sentenced to life in prison. At 37 years of age he escaped prison by killing three guards and gouging out the eye of another. A friend smuggled him aboard a boat destined to America.

Appearance: Pale, muscular, short brown hair, tattoos all over body, scars on chest. Wearing blue pants and a old leather jacket, long-sleeved black shirt

Possessions (Cars, weapons, radio stations etc)(Optional): None

Significant other/relationships (Optional): None

LCPD Database (Recorded offenses) (Optional): None yet as he is just off the boat

Roleplay: All for the American dream

12/15/2010 . Edited 12/16/2010 #9

Name: Peter Black

Age: 27

Nickname (Optional): Black

DOB (Optional):

Personality: Peter is overall a fun loving, Charming Party goer, who enjoys getting wasted and high. Though most times, he's an overall nice guy, peter can surprise people with his ruthlessness, anger, and violence

Bio: Used to be on his way to nascar until a voilent incedent sent him to prision. Peter is a street racer, is entire life evolves around racing, drinking, and drugs.

Appearance: Tan skin from a tanning both, Brown hair shaved an inch from his head, a designer black t-shirt, and 850 dollars a pair jeans. 350 dollars a pair black sneakers. He wears variants of what I stated.

Possessions (Cars, weapons, radio stations etc)(Optional): Black Coquette, 9mm

Significant other/relationships (Optional):

LCPD Database (Recorded offenses): Assualt with a deadly weopon(landed him three years in prision.)

(Optional): Roleplay: Nights on the town

12/15/2010 #10

Full Name: Vladimir Rumov



Bio:Working for the mafia for a lower Russian-Georgian mafia He gained alot of skills. Mostly how to properly kill someone. He was a made man and mostly the mafia's assassin until his mafia leader got more paranoid and worse in health he heard about the mafia in LC. Ahh the land of oppurtunity. Soz for crappy bios Im usually better at this

Appearance:Short brown hair swept back (kinda like Niko's),Brown, winter, Russian jacket; Jeans, black and white sneakers. Buff, scar on right cheek

Personality:Merciliess,Loves guns, doesn't like killing innocents, will speak his mind..with words and fists, Loves his family and friends, persistent

Possessions: Sniper rifle, knife, silenced 9mm,

Important info(optional): Old Russian mob may be after him

Roleplay:All for the American dream

12/15/2010 . Edited 12/15/2010 #11

It's good enough, and I think possesions isn't ablilties but like guns, cars, and houses that you own.

12/15/2010 #12

Its says personal effects but MA needs to add the 'Possessions' slot

12/15/2010 #13

Possessions and personal effects are the same thing XD

12/15/2010 #14

really? Whatever MA should change that

12/15/2010 #15

Ya it does, XD

12/15/2010 #16

I edited my char so it would have possessions not effects

12/15/2010 #17

Ok, didn't really care just though you should know

12/15/2010 #18
Madame Apathy

Edited it to say possessions. :P

12/15/2010 #19

Full Name: Anthony Gardux

Nickname: Dux

Age: 24

Bio: Dux grew up in the harsh slums of Liberty City. He was raised by a drug lord that was gun down by LCPD in a bust. He then took on the life of a drug trafficer and later moved over to a hired muscle. He was taken to prison, but escaped shortly after and has since been erased from the database thanks to a link within LCPD. He is currently looking for work.

Appearance: A light skinned black male, faded haircut, wears hoodies, sweats and/or baggy jeans basketball shoes.

Personality: A hard-nosed go-getter. He has a soft side at times, but continues to hide it. He is very stubborn as well. He will help those in need. His ruthlessness over shadows his selflessness.

Possessions: None

Important info(optional): Brother works for the LCPD as a detective.

Roleplay: Nights on the Town

12/16/2010 #20

Full Name: Domien Gardux

Nickname: Dom

Age: 30

Bio: Dom is the older lost brother of Dux. He works for LCPD as a detective. He grew up and started a life of small time crime. He got married to a preacher's daughter.When his wife died of cancer he knew he had to change his life, joining the LCPD. He is out to get any criminal that crosses his path.

Appearance: Light-skinned black male. He has a faded haircut and wears jeans with t-shirts and sometimes a jacket. Still wears his wedding ring.

Personality: A once great cop, but now stressed out detective looking to bust any criminals. He is very sensitive to his wife and tends to drink himself out of anger and depression.

Possessions: None.

Important info(optional): Has a blood brother whom he doens't know about that is a criminal.

Roleplay: Nights on the town

12/16/2010 #21

Full Name: Anton Gurlukovich


Age: 33

Bio: An ex-KGB operative that was dismissed after he was framed for murder. He has no family left and was down on his luck. He was then hired by a Russian gang to kill a russian politician. He succeeded, but the police were alerted of his actions by the gang. He found himself on the run after he was double crossed. He then looked for a way to escape Russia. He found his way on the boat destined for America, looking for a new life.

Appearance: Dressed in a white t-shirt and black pants with tennis shoes. He likes to wear

Personality: A take charge attitude and a bad case of PTSD from his days in the KGB.

Possessions: Nothing

Important info(optional): Has a tattoo of a barcode on the back of his neck. Suppose to be a simble of a Russian prison camp.

Roleplay: American Dream.

12/16/2010 #22
Madame Apathy

All approved.

12/16/2010 #23
Madame Apathy

Full Name: Darya Nakabov


Age: 19

Bio: A young prostitute trafficked from Russia a few years ago.

Appearance: Brown hair, blue eyes, average height and weight. Short skort, vest top, and high heels.

Personality: Wary, tough and calcuating. She does what she can to survive.

Possessions: A lighter

Important info(optional):

Roleplay: The American Dream

12/16/2010 #24
The Counter-Point Man

NAME: James Styles

AGE: 25

NICKNAME: Jamie, 'Sarge' (only to people that really know him well)

PERSONALITY: If you were to meet Jamie Styles before and after joining the military, you would see two completely different people. As a young man, Jamie was a charismatic, affable, and enthusiastic youth, always willing to go out of his way to please others and party with his friends. He was also quite intelligent, having never got so much as a letter grade lower than a B in high school. Since his discharge from the service, Jamie has become much more introverted, shy and somewhat paranoid, losing most of his friends and keeping to himself, save for his multitude of odd jobs he does. He has since allowed himself to become a bit more open to the fellow employees of a newly-established night club in Liberty City, but is too worried of offsetting them to truly connect.

BIO: Born and raised in the industrial Broker neighborhood of BOABO, James Kilpatrick "Jamie" Styles was the second and youngest son in a family of five, and arguably the most popular in his prime. His parents owned a small pharmacy in the nearby neighborhood of Rotterdam Hill, where his older brother Frankie worked. His older sister, Sidney, worked at a small establishment known as the 69th Street Diner, before moving to Los Santos, in the west coast. Throughout his childhood and teenage years, Jamie was a showman, always seeking attention from his fellow classmates and siblings, much to the dismay of the latter group. After high school, Jamie found himself standing still, all of his friends having moved on to college or out of Liberty City. To get his boring life in motion, Jamie joined the US Army, and was quickly deployed to the most violent hot spots of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Not much is known about what had occurred during Jamie's time in the war on terror, but one thing is for sure: it changed him, in more ways than one.

When he returned home, Jamie was no longer the affable party-boy he had been before he joined the military; now, he was a paranoid, antisocial introvert, keeping to himself and away from his family as much as possible. He developed a bad case of insomnia, which he has yet to truly conquer. His opinion on the government became that of pure conspiracy, and with him cut off from everybody and everything around him, Jamie turned into a pure downward spiral. He finally hit rock bottom when his parents were murdered in a robbery of their pharmacy, with the culprits still at large. With the death of his parents a wakeup call for his life, Jamie released himself from depression's vice grip and began working several odd jobs throughout the city, including a taxi driver for a Serbian man named Roman Bellic, working the graveyard shift for the Schottler Medical Center morgue, and most recently, working various jobs for a new night club. Unbeknowst to his few companions, however, Jamie been building something of a personal arsenal, a collection of weapons to work out a planned vigilante career on the streets of Liberty City.

APPEARANCE: A face sharp and angular, with reddish auburn hair that curls in a tangle. Jamie has his fair share of scars from several incidents in the war, however, including one that traverses his right eyebrow down diagonally to his left cheekbone. He stands a little less than six feet, his height nothing of serious note. Surprisingly, he is a rather thin man, somewhat lanky, but more than lightly muscled. Jamie has bright, cerulean blue eyes, seemingly cheery and youthful, yet with a hint of melancholy and frustration. He'll wear whatever's practical enough, he doesn't have a preference to what clothes are in his wardrobe, just as long as they're not flashy enough to be picked out a crowd.

FAVORITES: Jamie's favorite radio stations are The Journey and JNR, mostly for their soothing and calming sounds.


12/16/2010 #25
Madame Apathy

He's great. Bring him in whenever.

12/17/2010 #26

Full Name: Natasha Solovok


Age: 21

Bio: She came over from Russia when she was 18 looking for a better life. So since then she has been working random jobs to get by.

Appearance: 5'7, long black hair, blue eyes, hourglass figure. She wears mostly casual clothes.

Personality: Sense of humor, fun, easy going. smart.


Important info(optional):

Roleplay: American Dream

12/18/2010 #27

Full Name: Carlos Ernesto Rodrigo Rivarez

Nickname: Dinero

Age: 26

Bio: He was born in America to Puerto Rican immigrant parents in Liberty City. He was taught how to respect both his Puerto Rican heritage while having American values. He managed to live a normal life in Bohan despite his dad being a top-level runner for a major Puerto Rican gang and his mom working at a car factory leaving Carlos at home by himself for most of the day. That lifestyle toughened him up, taught him how to hustle and work hard to make thing happen by just watching the people around him. Now that he's a man he's using what he learned to make money as a man

Appearance: He has light brown skin and brown eyes with his hair in cornrows and a goatee on his face. He prefers to wear sporty clothes like jerseys and tennis shoes. His body is fit and in good shape too.

Personality: Smooth, proud, confident, calm, brash, hard, direct, and honest.

Possessions: A Dukes muscle car, a pistol (fully loaded), and 500 dollars in his pocket

Important info(optional): His goal is to open up his own night club

Roleplay: American Dream

12/18/2010 #28

Welcome looks, good. Have your guy show up at Comrade's bar looking for Feodor and I'll work you in.

12/19/2010 #29

Name: Nikoli Ekomov

Age: 25

Nickname (Optional): Nik

DOB (Optional):

Personality: Wants family to be safe and come to America. Does what is needed to survive. Dreams of a better life where he will not have to be a criminal

Bio: Nikoli has spent his entire life as a criminal, doing various sorts of crimes in America and Russia. At 15 he was sent to America to get away from crime but became even deeper in the Russian Mafia. He dreams of the day that he'll be something more of a mobster and be able to send for his family. Works for Gregori and his Russian organization.

Appearance: Pale, muscular, short blonde hair. Scar below left eye. Wears a black turtleneck sweater and jeans

Possessions: Tec 9 smg, Black Willard

Significant other/relationships (Optional): Family in Russian Cousin to Vladem

LCPD Database (Recorded offenses) (Optional): Breaking and entering, theft, assualt 1, and suspsected of 2 counts of murder.

Roleplay: All for the American dream

12/20/2010 . Edited 12/20/2010 #30
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