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In London. . .

name: Sarah Fanterny

age: 15 (just turned)

likes: peace, life, friends, family, light, yellow

dislikes: dark, war, battle, bullies, dark colors

what you are (pirate, lost boy etc.): London school girl

flaws: yells at mean people, tattle tail, always jumps in to save someone, always wants to help without thinking about what she was in for, she always tries to make peace

looks: Sarah has shoulder length straight blond hair and beautiful bright blue eyes. She has dimples when she smiles and freckles across her nose. She wears a yellow v-neck shirt under a blue jacket that nearly matches her eyes, knee length jean shorts, and blue and white sneakers.

history: When Sarah was five her father moved to London from NewYork for a job offer. A year after her father confirmed that he got a job and paid for her mother and her to move out to live with him. Sarah went reluctantly, not wanting to leave her friends and school. After living in London, England for ten years her life was changed dramatically though she tried her best to stay the way she wanted to be. To her life in England was to different and unfriendly especially when the war started and she had to throw her life away to protect her mother when her father's work place was bombed.

personality: caring, helpful, always positive, loving, jumpy, enthusiastic, cheerful, holds grudges easily, can't wait for the war to end so she can get her life back

extra: Only leaves the bomb shelter to get supplies or to just get fresh air and a war update.

2/21/2011 . Edited 2/21/2011 #31
Lita Aquaheart


2/21/2011 #32

Thanks Lita! :D

2/21/2011 #33

Fixed my charrie.

2/27/2011 #34
Lita Aquaheart

Definitely not accepted though. Personally, I hate it. Nightmares about neverland? A random kid being the creator? Hate it.

2/27/2011 #35

See. He was experimental. The first London character. I'll try to shape him up in another post. As I said, he is a experiment. He he he. HE he he. HE HE he. HE HE HE HE HE HE HA HA HA HA HA *Cough* *cough*. Woops! I felt like Dr. Frankenstein there for a sec. He he he he. He.

2/28/2011 #36
Lita Aquaheart

Jeremy is, actually, since yours stunk.

2/28/2011 #37

Created. I didn't say accepted. ;)

2/28/2011 #38

In London

Name: Harry Scott

Age: 16 (Yes, all my charries are a range from 16-20. HEHEHEHHEHEHHE)

Likes: Staying alive during the bombs, history, fighting back, hope, hymns

Dislikes: Germans, told no, getting rejected, seeing his sister, brother, and sister die in a bombing run in his nightmares, school

What Are You: A Boy in London

Flaws: His anger toward the Germans, his easy temper, smacking every German he sees, his aggressiveness toward German Students, getting into fights

Looks: Shaggy black hair covering his eyes at times, a scar across his face like Luke's, several shrapnel in his arms and leg scars

History: Harry tries to keep everyone's spirit up despite his own. One day, evacuating school, his sister, brother, and his other sister tripped and all got bombed. Harry was near her, and he has a scar across his face (like Luke's) for his permanent reminder. He is always happy.

Personality: He has always kept other spirits up, but not his own. He feels pain and never lets it out. But he always is patient with everyone, even the Germans.

Extra: He always strangles Germans that by themselves with no one around.

2/28/2011 . Edited 2/28/2011 #39
Lita Aquaheart

Too similar to Jeremy's. Try again. Better though. About 1,000 times better than that last one.

2/28/2011 #40

Who the heck is Jeremy? If he lost people, THIS GUY LOST THREE RELATIVES. Three. xD What do I edit?

2/28/2011 #41
Lita Aquaheart

He's only the first London character to actually be RP'd with. And Jeremy lost his mom. He also stays cheerful around his brother and sister, but lets out his anger behind closed doors. And the knife.

2/28/2011 . Edited 2/28/2011 #42

Yes, well I came original with the scar and lost three relatives. I said he keeps other spirits up, meaning everyone. And the anger thing you would think he would have after losing three relatives.

2/28/2011 #43
Lita Aquaheart

Still, too much like Jeremy.

2/28/2011 #44

I'll change the knife, k? xD

2/28/2011 #45
Lita Aquaheart

You're going to need to change more than that to egt my to accept it.

2/28/2011 #46

Not angry?

2/28/2011 #47
Lita Aquaheart

I just don't want you to copy Jeremy. They're too much alike, even with the edit.

2/28/2011 #48

That's 1 SIMILAR thing. I erased the other ones.

2/28/2011 #49

The bio, personality and age are all really similar.

That is my input.

2/28/2011 #50

As I said, I range my characters age 16-25 at the least. I want my charries to be old and mature. xD

2/28/2011 #51
Lita Aquaheart

Very fitting for a PP RP. -_- Now go change your charrie.

ED: Took a look at it. It's accepted...I guess...

2/28/2011 . Edited 2/28/2011 #52

THANK YOU mai friend. xD

2/28/2011 #53

name: Luci Smith Evans

age: 14

likes: Blood, torture, silence, swords, darkness, and pants.

dislikes: Dresses, skirts, sun, children, happy people, animals (especially pigs) , and pink things.

what you are (pirate, lost boy etc.): Pirate

flaws: Luci has a secret fear of pigs. If she sees one she'll immediately freeze and won't be able to do anything. Luci has a problem with talking to people and usually let her fists talk instead. She never listens to anyone and doesn't have any patience for anyone who doesn't think she's amazing. Sometimes that will prevent her from doing anything because she just wants to prove a point.

looks: Luci has dark orange hair that goes down to her waist.Its usually let down loose, the bangs come down her face scruffily. She has a fairly skinny body that is covered by baggy pants and a puffy shirt. Luci has dull dark brown eyes and black eyebrows. Luci is pretty short but stands on her tiptoes to try to match others' height.

history: Luci's father was a wealthy merchant in London that was known as a legend. She grew up in a rich environment that provided her with whatever she needed when she wanted it. Luci's mother died when a mysterious illness spread across London straight after Luci was born. At the age of six, Luci had a tutor who taught her everyday. After awhile Luci became spoiled as an only child and started to forget her manners. When Luci was ten she learned about her mother's death and had to get used to her new stepmother who had tricked Luci's father into marring her by threatening to tell one of his best-kept secrets about how he got so many customers. One day when Luci was thirteen, she woke up in Never-land. She didn't know how she got there but struggled to survive on her own.When she got used to the fact that she couldn't go back to her perfect lifestyle she joined the gang of pirates.

personality:Luci is really closed off. She never shows her feelings or confesses anything. Luci is not hesitant to hurt anyone's feelings and will do so to every person she meets. When she's reminded of her old lifestyle she'll remind everyone around her that she is better that everyone. She likes to live as a pirate but would rather live back in London. Luci is basically really mean.

extra: ----

4/12/2011 #54
Lita Aquaheart

Oh my gosh! You actually joined! I'll join your forum now too. What was it called again?

4/13/2011 #55

Hi! :D Nice to meet you, I'm Izzie.

Accepted, unless Lita already did so. Good job!

4/13/2011 . Edited 4/13/2011 #56
Lita Aquaheart

Oh yeah. Wow, that one simple word "accepted" I forgot to say it.

4/13/2011 #57


Its nice to meet you Izzie. Here's the link to my forum :

4/14/2011 #58
Water Phoenix Star


age: 10

likes:adventure, solving problems, fairies, swimming, training, sword fighting, archery

dislikes:bossy people, people calling me "dwarf", people patting me on the head, idiotic minds

what you are (pirate, lost boy etc.):Fairy-human, part of Peter's group

flaws:Quick temper, threatens people, superiority complex at times, darkly secretive, not afraid to coerce

looks: Long black hair, large, dark blue eyes, four feet tall, elfin face, blue wings, slender. Wears flowy blue dress with leggings. Bow and arrows are with me at all times, in addition to a slender sword. I have a coronet in my hair; I am a princess, of course I am. But I have joined Peter.

history: If I told you, I wouldn't be myself, now would I? But I suffered a lot...that's all I'm telling you.

personality: Secretive, sardonic, quick witted, dangerous, slightly (read: extremely) frightening, dark yet light sometimes

extra: Quite athletic. Don't mess with me. You'll regret it. I'm a master at combat...all types of it. And I'm smart.

10/12/2011 #59
Lita Aquaheart

You are not your character. And you do need to give a history. Even if she won't tell us what it is, she still has one. Please Capitalize, and have at least 5 dislikes.

10/23/2011 #60
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