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Who are going insane in the small town of Brekenbridge? Why, the victims of the looking glass, of course. Every night, another is pulled into it's mirror world. But not a one has returned with their mind. -RE-STARTED APRIL 12 2011 NOW OPEN-
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Brekenbridge Iowa, for the longest time, was just as any other Midwestern town. Small, out of the way, and the poster place for a typical middle-class life.

Then... there was Rorrim.

Every summer solstice, a handful of the young population of Brekenbridge begin have visions Rorrim. First, they're simply passing nightmares: out of order, nonsensical, and completely harmless. But then, the dreams slowly become more and more real, and they begin to fall deeper and deeper into this nether world, consumed both night and day by it's fantasies until one morning their families wake to find them gone for good.

"Gone for good" being a fairly relative term. It's either they are physically a missing person, the only traces leading to the foot of looking glass, or they are bent and are left a babbling mess jabbering things about a world no human has gone to and back with their head on strait.

No one knows why this connection opened up between the unfortunate town and the twisted Wonderland. Contrariwise, not much is known about Rorrim in general. What is known is this: 1) The creatures there are human-like for the most part. 2) In some accounts, the creatures have claimed to have once come from "topside", i.e. the human world. 3) A system of devotion has been seen among the creatures of Rorrim, and each seems to fall into one of three catagories: Lord/Lady, Alterling, or Drifter. The Lords and Ladies seem to have the run of the realm, the Alterlings most literally bound to do whatever they command. Drifters, on the contrary, have no attachments whatsoever, wandering the outer regions of Rorrim. 4) In all cases, the term "Finele" has come up at least once, and its use seems to escalate as time goes on.

Just as funny, there never seems to be a single stroke of bad luck in the town (aside, of course, from the maddened youth). Crops are always plentiful, there is no crime, no disease. Families grow up healthy and strong, and never move away. It's as if the town's trying to make up for the annual disaster that comes with the heat and flower petals.

Now it's summer again in Brekenbridge, and Rorrim is now opening its gates to new blood...

...would you care to join the dance?

3/28/2011 . Edited 4/12/2011 #1
Captain Happiness

I don't say this lightly but - Best. Backstory. Ever. XD Chyesss...this could be fun. *evil grin*

4/12/2011 #2
Latest From The Asylum

Why thank you! ^_^

Of course, it will be added to as the RP progresses- See what our fellow RPer's have up their sleeve, no?

Speaking of other players... that's what we cheifly need at the moment. I'm probably going to send out a bunch of invites, and you have no idea how grateful I will be if you could ask a friend or two to join as well! The more, the merrier as they say!

4/12/2011 #3
Captain Happiness

Sure, I'm happy to invite people. Until then shall we start up an rp - dialogue between the Cheshire Cat and the Hatter, perhaps? :)

4/13/2011 #4
Latest From The Asylum

That could work! :D Bwahahahaha... this should be fun...

4/13/2011 #5

This. Is. Awesome. xD

Thanks for showing me it, Angel~

Can I join?(:

4/13/2011 #6
Captain Happiness

No probs, thanks for checking it out!

4/13/2011 #7

Hmm, this place seems like it could be pretty interesting ^^

4/17/2011 #8
Captain Happiness

Well..I think it is! :D Hiya - I'm Elsie...or Angel. You are?

4/17/2011 #9
Latest From The Asylum

Yesh, welcome! :D

4/17/2011 #10

You can call me Ink or Phantom, or anything else you can come up with ^^ :3

4/18/2011 #11
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