Oh, the places we could go RP
Who are going insane in the small town of Brekenbridge? Why, the victims of the looking glass, of course. Every night, another is pulled into it's mirror world. But not a one has returned with their mind. -RE-STARTED APRIL 12 2011 NOW OPEN-
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Welcome to Brekenbridge. The side where the grass is always greener, where the wind only kisses and never blows, and the flowers bloom tenfold. Summer has recently opened its doors, and under the June sunset Brekenbridge is dyed a thick and salty crimson. A very apt color, seeing as the solstice is mere weeks away. A mettalic chiming, not too unlike a churchbell, echos in the distance. But it's tone is far from the steeple, and few ears are so blessed to hear it.

Or would it be cursed?

It's Friday June 24th. The Solstice is July 8th, my dears.

Welcome to the first night.

4/13/2011 #1
Captain Happiness

Sketcher was, as usual, in the town centre. She was sitting in the lotus position, flicking a deck of cards from hand to hand with small, elegant strokes placed just so, meaning that the cards seemed to simply glide of their own accord into her pale fingers.

4/13/2011 #2

Maria walked through the town centre, a dark brown stuffed bunny with button eyes latched between her arms. Having lazy time to spare while her mother was at work, she walked over to the mysterious woman at the center of the square.

Most were afraid of the older girl, who seemed to have wasted away before there eyes at her return. Maria, however, knew that she was just tainted, with traces of Black Magic and from Rorrim.

"Hello, uu~."

(Sorry. Bad character intro. xD And think of "Uu~" as a voice tick, I just use that as a representation because I've heard it form an anime before.)

4/13/2011 . Edited 4/13/2011 #3

Neko walked through the town,idly playing with her chocker. She walked into the town square and noticed someone sitting in the center, dressed in all black and wearing mask.Everyone seemed to avoid her. Her curiosity piqued,Neko walked to the person.

4/13/2011 #4
Captain Happiness

Sketcher's head snapped up, her eyes seeming to glow under her mask, as bright as the moon itself.

"It's coming, you know." She said conversationally, her voice soft but certain.

4/13/2011 #5

Maria titled her head. "Uu~? Rorrim?" she asked.

4/13/2011 #6
Captain Happiness

Sketcher seemed to be about to respond, when she saw Neko approaching and turned her head slowly, watching the newcomer with interest.

4/13/2011 #7

Seeing Sketcher's interest switch focus, Maria turned around, her short, black-and-pink dress swishing with the movement. The approaching girl had choppy, black hair and slate-gray eyes, but what intrigued Maria was the black choker. After a moment, though, she turned back towards Sketcher.

4/13/2011 #8

"What are you talking about?" Neko asked curiosly

4/13/2011 #9

"Rorrim." Maria replied, grinning widely - almost sadistically, her eyes darkening.

4/13/2011 . Edited 4/13/2011 #10

"Rorrim?" Neko blinked "I'm not from here, what's that?"

4/13/2011 #11
Captain Happiness

"The solstice-land." Sketcher replied, her voice descending at the end into an almost serpentine hiss. "Why..." She smiled slightly. "Would you like to visit it?"

4/13/2011 #12

"Sounds intresting." Neko said "The question is:after visiting,can i come back?'

4/13/2011 #13

"Maria would! Uu~!" the young girl interjected, the unnatural - and somewhat sadistic grin erasing itself, replaced by a childish smile.

(Maria's "twisted" side loses the voice tick, by the way.)

4/13/2011 . Edited 4/13/2011 #14
Captain Happiness

"Can you, will you, shall you, won't you?" Sketcher murmured, almost to herself. To any outsider it would look like she was concentrated solely on her cards, but she eyed from under her lashes. A crafty grin flashed onto her face for a few seconds before it was replaced with her usual half-smile.

4/13/2011 #15

"Does it have cake?" Neko asked

4/13/2011 #16
Mystique Fox

"He's not in Nazca, Peru," Alice announced confidently, leaning forward to cross off the small city on her large wall map.

Her mother walked by with a hamper of laundry, hardly glancing at the map on the wall. "Another city down, how many to go?"

"I only have a few more places in Peru before I move on to Brazil," Alice grinned excited.ly, turning to look at her mother, "and then once Brazil is done, I can move on to Africa!"

Her mother sighed and rolled her eyes. "Alice, it's been 12 years since he's been missing, shouldn't you relax?"

Alice took in a deep breath, looking away from her mother. She shut her eyes and shook her head, her voice relaxing. "No, he's out there somewhere- alive. I can feel it, I'll find him." She knew it had to be true, those dreams she had been having had to be right. She had seen her father, working somewhere, in a forest. He was alive, and he needed her.

"He's gone Alice," her mother shook her head, "and there's nothing you can do about it. Focus on your career- your writing career. You used to write such beautiful poems, Alice, and now it just seems like this is taking over your life."

"This is my life," Alice answered sternly, opening her eyes to look over at her mother, "I've come so far, I can't give up now."

"Please," her mother begged, blue eyes reflecting off of Alice's own, "I love you. If you cared about yourself and your family, you would let him go."

Alice grinded her teeth together, her jaw clenching tight. She strightened up and whipped her head around, looking right at her mother. "How could you say that," she declared gravely, her eyes turning to slits, "you loved him! Why are you talking like he's never coming back?!" Her voice was starting to crack as she started getting more upset. This was her fathet they were talking about, the man who had started Alice's passion for writing, the man who would always love her unconditionally.

"That's because he's not," her mother answered back, a sadness etched into her voice.

Alice blinked away a few tears, her mind in a blurr. She stood up stiffly and marched out of the apartment, being extra sure to slam the door. Her mother was being so unfair! She was confused and hurt, could all these years she had spent searching for him been a waste? But he was alive, those dreams had meant something.

There had been one where she was lost in a strange forest, a dead silent one. That was until she saw a cat, a violet one, that beckoned her to follow it. So she did, and after traveling for a good distance, it stopped a a fork in the road. One seemed to lead to a calm park of fountains, while the other had a castle far off in the distance. She remembered looking to the cat for assistance, and to her surprise, it opened its mouth and told her:

"Do you choose the left, or right?"

Just as she had opened her mouth to answer, she heard hoofbeats behind her, the last thing she remembered was a flash of red, and she woke up.

The memory of the drams had distracted her, and she suddenly found herself alone on the sidewalk. It was getting close to sundown, and it had just rained a couple of nights before, so her worn converse were splashing about in puddles, dotting the blue dress she was wearing with mud.

"Oh,fantastic," she muttered, trying to wipe off the spots, "this was new too."

(Whew, that was a lot, sorry... XD I'll find a pic of her dress and post it asap XD)

4/13/2011 #17
Captain Happiness

"When the cups are clean." Sketcher replied off-handedly.

4/13/2011 #18

"Wha?" Neko asked

4/13/2011 #19
Captain Happiness

"If they're not then there is no cake, you see." Sketcher said calmly.

4/13/2011 #20

"Sorta." Neko shrugged

4/13/2011 #21
Captain Happiness

Sketcher rolled her eyes in disgust and returned her attention to Maria.

"Are you coming to the solstice-land?" She asked, her voice switching to a more melodic tone.

4/13/2011 #22

Maria nodded energetically, her hair bouncing slightly with the movement. "Uu~ uu~! Only if Sora can come too, and Mommy isn't sad!" she tightened her arms around the bunny in her arms, presumably "Sora."

4/13/2011 . Edited 4/13/2011 #23
Latest From The Asylum

Telleo had found himself a nice little nook under an awning at town square, seated on a bench and bent over his sketch book. Presently, he was working on his latest 'masterpeice'- a dress for a slender young woman that would, in a way, mimick water. He thought himself quite clever, actually, in the way he mapped out the folds and seams.It'll be perfecthe thought.

But his sunny mood was quickly bashed by a frightingly familiar word.

"Rorrim"he heard a girl say. His head snapped right up, locking onto nearby troop of girls. Regularly, he would ignore them(especially Miss Mask. She had always given him the creeps)but... no.

"Are you coming to solstice-land?"Miss Mask practically sang, and he couldn't help but jump to his feet. He made his way to the group, "No." Then he faced the inquiring newcomer, ignoring Miss Mask and the little girl, " And neither should you, dear."

4/13/2011 . Edited 4/13/2011 #24
Captain Happiness

The Sketcher hummed a tune softly, eyeing Telleo with a little, secret smile.

"Why not follow the ones you know.....or knew..." She asked, quirking an eyebrow upwards slightly.

4/13/2011 #25

Maria looked up. "What's wrong Telleo? Uu~?" she asked. The usually sunny boy wore a frown on his face, which was directed at Sketcher.

(Also, most people don't know that Maria's somewhat twisted, or that she knows about magic.)

4/13/2011 . Edited 4/13/2011 #26
Latest From The Asylum

(Ah, I'll edit the above post, then!)

Telleo's bit his lip at Mask's comment. Ignore her... He took to adressing Maria, who had always been such a sweetheart. "Just... worried. That's all." He sighed, offering the small girl an equally small smile. The pages of his sketchbook fluttered in the breeze, subtly reminding him that it was still open. He shifted it between his hands, making sure not to drop his handful of pencils as he pulled the cardboard cover over his artwork. I'll get to you later.

Pages tucked away and writing untensils accounted for, he knelt down in front of Maria, as to be on her level. His expression was as soft as the dying daylight, "You shouldn't be talking to this girl, she may hurt you, no?" Hurt us all, I reken.

4/13/2011 #27

"Uu~?" Maria blinked confusedly, tiling her head.

After a moment, though, she avidly shook her head. "Uu~ she won't hurt me! She's the only one who really believes in Sora, not even Mommy really does anymore." the girl explained, lifting up the bunny in her arms with a bittersweet expression on her face. "Anyone who can see Sora can't be bad!

4/13/2011 #28
Captain Happiness

The Sketcher watched with interest. Sitting cross-legged as she was, she was at the perfect level to hear, and so she just smiled dryly as she listened. Maria was the golden child of the village to all those who didn't know her well...at least the solstice might release her true colours.

"I am not the one who will hurt." She said suddenly. "It is not my duty. This is the first solstice of none...and likewise none will follow it." She said, her eyes focused on Telleo.

4/13/2011 #29
Latest From The Asylum

"Yet you are the one who embodies this nowhere-place the most out of us three, are you not?" The words came tumbling out of Telleo's mouth before he had a chance to even register what they meant, let alone to stop them. He glanced up at Miss-Mask, whose gaze felt more or less like a bullet in the head to Telleo. Solstice. Matthew often spoke of the Solstice before he clammed up. And while most of him was horrified to be hearing all of this... an obscure part of him was intrigued.

"None will follow..." Telleo repeated, turning back to Maria and her little... is that stuffed thing Sora? He hadn't a clue. "I can only hope."

4/13/2011 #30
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